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Which of these would each of the skelebrothers be most likely to get their S/Os for their anniversary. (UT, US, UF and SF)

You know, it really pisses me off that I can read this once through and immediately picture who is who.

  1. Underswap Sans
  2. Undertale Pap. The skull is him. He is the gift. You’re welcome.
  3. Swapfell Sans
  4. Swapfell Pap. They’re James’ friends. 
  5. Underfell Pap
  6. Underswap Pap. He trained them himself.
  7. Underfell Sans
  8. Bonus Chara = )
  9. Bonus Asriel
  10. Undertale Sans

Dax Chat, 12 May 2016 

Dax: So we’ve got Nicole [next to me], lots to talk about, got lots of One Direction fans up in arms today about these photos we posted. 

N: You guys, it is so crazy when Dax does One Direction tweets, the twitter-verse just goes insane, so I’m super-excited to talk to you about it.

(full transcript follows; only one other gif)

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“why does louis keep going to the same places to get papped”

list….en….listen, if i were a famous celebrity, paps would know to camp outside of mcdonald’s bc im a huge fan (gross i know) and that’s where they’d catch me some days of the week but….that’s not gonna come inbetween me and my morning hashbrowns? like i’m still gonna go to mcdonald’s and deal with the paps because i like going there??? so is it weird to think that louis simply likes going to that place in calabasas and that’s as deep as it goes?