pap list

Which of these do you think the UT, US, UF and SF bros would do if they wanted to get out if a job?

In order of the list:

  1. Swapfell Pap
  2. Underswap Sans
  3. Undertale Pap
  4. Underswap Pap
  5. Bonus: Chara trying to get out of school
  6. Underfell Pap
  7. Swapfell Sans
  8. Underfell Sans
  9. Undertale Sans

With this list in mind, I’d like all of you to take a moment of your time to form the mental images of Swapfell Pap with the entire first scene of Macbeth tattooed to the left side of his face like the worst Phantom Of The Opera cosplay in the world. 

Imagine Underfell Pap whipping the backs of the interns’ chairs and shouting commands as they wheel him to the breakroom for coffee. Think of his self-satisfied smirk, perched straight-backed and mighty on his rolling chair.

Imagine Underfell Sans getting fucking sick and tired of the company and the printer paper jamming was the last fucking straw. First he hits it. Then people start staring and he gets pissed.
“FUCK THIS PRINTER AND ALSO YOU.” He declares, sinking his teeth into the machine. He’s tearing it apart, shoving parts into his mouth. CRUNCHCRUNCHCRUNCHCRUNCHCRUNCH
“SANS! What is hell are you doing?”
“paperjam.” He replies, shrugging, before promptly getting fired.

Imagine Swapfell Sans vibrating with excitement as his monster truck is delivered at the company parking lot. He teleports straight into the drivers seat as the higher ups are yelling about who the hell ordered this?
“MOVE YOUR DERRIERES, PEASANTS!” He yells down at them, starting up the roaring engine.
“Sans! What is the meaning of this?” His Boss bellows.
“MEANS I’M LEAVING!” He answers, jamming his foot down on the reverse.
“I WON’T MISS YOU!” He declares, cackling as he accelerates out of the compound. He can’t drive. The seat is too high. He slams into a lamp post. He curses. He reverses and slams into it again. Once more then he’s zooming out of the company compound, eyes bright and shining with manic energy. 

Dax Chat, 12 May 2016 

Dax: So we’ve got Nicole [next to me], lots to talk about, got lots of One Direction fans up in arms today about these photos we posted. 

N: You guys, it is so crazy when Dax does One Direction tweets, the twitter-verse just goes insane, so I’m super-excited to talk to you about it.

(full transcript follows; only one other gif)

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