Siblings COSMO (Utopia) and GALE (Ok:Go) wows netizens in trendy W Korea photo shoot

K-Pop idol brothers: Utopia’s Cosmo (@cosmojnkyu) and rookie group, Ok:Go’s Gale (@jnwoog) have recently been featured in fashion forward magazine, ‘W Korea,’ in which the two are draped in clothes by French contemporary brand 'The Kooples.’

While Gale exudes exotic and psychedelic charms, the oldest among the two: Cosmo, lures in the viewers with his mysterious and sexy charisma. The siblings blended British punk and French fashion perfectly in the fashion forward images for the upcoming January issue of W Korea.

Meanwhile, Gale had recently released a cover video with 2K trainee: Albie, while Cosmo is currently preparing for Utopia’s comeback in January 28, 2017


  • paoXI:  These two are just gorgeous together as a sibling nshgvvjeb 
  • october1991:  They look amazing <3 <3 <3 
  • winnerbae: THEY ARE BOTH SO GOOD-LOOKING!! I wonder what their older sister looks like!! I hope cosmo can post a pic of the three of them together on his ig
  • wazzaaaapp: such genes!
  • lesliroxx:  They’re absolutely adorable. Too cute for words! Hope they get to feature in a sibling-themed comedy drama. I’d be happy to see them together in magazines, movies, dramas and variety shows. 
  • ghexxvix: Gale looks gorgeous. Cosmo looks so fucking ugly. he lost weight too? bye bitch!