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Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon is best-selling author/photographer Paola Gianturco’s fifth illustrated book featuring activist grandmothers worldwide fighting courageously and effectively to create a better future for grandchildren everywhere.

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Paola Gianturco

In Her Hands: Craftswoman Changing the World

In Her Hands: Craftswomen Changing the World is a book of color photographs and intimate text about the courage and spirit of women -all poor, many illiterate-from around the world, who have taken charge of their lives by creating and selling traditional crafts. Women from South Africa to India, Bali to Peru, from twelve countries in all, talk about their diverse lives and surprisingly universal aspirations. They share joy and optimism, plus the determination to provide better nutrition and education for their children. Including an eloquent, provocative Foreword by Alice Walker, In Her Hands celebrates a global women’s movement that promises a better life for families and communities, and, over time, our world.

It’s always interesting to me as an artist - especially an artist from a working class background - how lines are drawn between “craft” and “art.” What makes fine art so much better than simple craft? Is it because one is associated with the rich and the other the poor? I think that that may be the case.

Either way, I really enjoyed looking trough Gianturco’s work documenting craftswoman all over the world.

Not only do we get a whole chapter in Grandmother Power by Paola Gianturco, our Granny Gail is pictured in a photo by Paola from the book on the site Women You Should Know. That’s our Granny Gail in orange at the microphone. Like the rest of the Raging Grannies, she always has a lot to say!  

In the photo above, a grandmother activist waves hello. Proceeds from the book go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation for African grandmothers raising children orphaned by AIDs.

Grandmother Power is an International Book Award Winner for Multicultural Non-Fiction