pao racelis


This is a Nissan Pao
On the roof are a set of Watanabe’s and a set of SSR MKII’s
And in the back are some legit Riverside Riverge 5 holes 
Holy fucking shit.

All Japan Day 2014 - Glenelg, South Australia


Bruja teaser

Videography and Photography by Pao Racelis

Styling by Bacs Arcebal

Special thanks to Kristian Heruela and Alfred Perez

A teaser video of the shoot I had with the most creative people I know and I know that one day, they’ll be known to all for their creativity. <3 Please watch the video and watch out for the photos! (posted the first teaser here.)

Also, follow them and view their works! I’ll be blogging about Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 collections that I have watched within the week. Get ready for tons of photos! :) 



‘Nuff said. 

Photography by Pao Racelis

Styling by Box Arcebal

Assistant Styling by Kristian Heruela

Model Trisha Duncan

Post-processed by Pao and Box

Hey guys! How’re y'all? I missed blogging! <3 School is occupying most of my time and applying to colleges and universities is making my ass go around everywhere like crazy. lol. Well anyway!

Remember the teasers I showed you here and here? After what seems like forever, well, my shoot finally came out!! haha This is, by far, the most avant-garde shoot I’ve done and I love it! It’s so unique and I got to look different than my usual cup of tea. Not your usual Trisha here. :) 

Thank you Box, Pao and Kristian for messaging me one night to have me for your shoot 2 days later. I never thought I would ever get to shoot with you gals - yet alone meet! Thanks for believing in me and have me done something out of the box and out of my comfort zone. So honored and proud to be part of your portfolios! Till the next! <3