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I wanted to have a swing at how id personally draw and see everyone!..also everyone has different pupils lmao…maybe ill work on body types & height next since those are always fun n diverse!!

Don’t tag anyone besides Ryan, Antonio, Nathan, and Pao lin as kin/me


A signing with illustrator of the T&B Miracle Jump manga serialisation, Ueda Hiroshi, is currently happening Japan and there are a number of different lovely sketches for the signing.

Pictures can be viewed from the event on this Twitter hashtag





TIGER & BUNNY Voice Actors
Personal Assistant - TiBun, bigwolfpup - Tiger & Bunny [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 44/44
Fandom: Tiger & Bunny
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Major Character Death, Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Barnaby Brooks Jr./Kaburagi T. Kotetsu | Bunny/Wild Tiger, Agnes Joubert/Kaburagi Muramasa
Characters: Kaburagi T. Kotetsu | Wild Tiger, Kaburagi Kaede, Barnaby Brooks Jr. | Bunny, Antonio Lopez | Rock Bison, Keith Goodman | Sky High, Ivan Karelin | Origami Cyclone, Nathan Seymour | Fire Emblem, Karina Lyle | Blue Rose, Huang Pao-Lin | Dragon Kid, Albert Maverick, Alexander Lloyds, Doc Saitou, Florence, Original Characters, Kaburagi Muramasa, Kaburagi Anju, Agnes Joubert, Yuri Petrov | Lunatic
Additional Tags: Eventual Romance, Eventual Smut, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Gender Changes, Alternate Universe - No Powers - Kotetsu, Lemon, Family, Blood and Injury, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Physical Abuse, Murder, Blood and Violence, Fem!Kotetsu, Psychological Trauma, Depression, Healing, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Self-Defense, Past Kotetsu/Antonio, Drama & Romance
Summary: Wild Tiger had been one of the best heroes of his time, that was, until he was killed in action, making him a legend and leaving his wife and personal assistant Kotetsu behind with their daughter Kaede. Years later, the last thing Kotetsu expected was to find herself taking the job as a personal assistant to a new hero; Barnaby Brooks Jr.

From Yoshida Erika’s (writer of the Miracle Jump manga) twitter.

Ueda Hiroshi (illustrator of Miracle Jump manga) drew over 150 illustrations of the different heroes’ portraits for the manga event that took place on 15/03/2015.