Panzerlied: Tanks are awesome, we’re awesome

Battle Hymn of the Republic: God is on our side and He’s so going to kick your ass

Katyusha: Some girl misses her soldier boyfriend, how sweet

The British Grenadiers: Demoman is the Best Class

Funculì, Funiculà: Hey gurl let’s go climb a volcano and get married, this is totally not a euphemism

Säkkijärven Polkka: Let’s have a nostalgic dance party

Yuki no Shingun: Hahaha we’re gonna die cold and starving :)


Panzerlied (Tank Song), a march popular with German tank crews during World War II.

If it storms or snows, or the sun smiles on us,
The day burning hot, or the icy cold of night.
Dusty are our faces, but happy is our mind, yes, our mind.

Then roar our tanks in the storm’s wind.

With thundering engines, as fast as lightning,
Towards the enemy, sheltered in the tank,
Ahead of our comrades, In the fight all alone, yes all alone.

So we push deep into the enemies ranks! 

When before us a hostile tank appears,
Full throttle is given and we close with the enemy.
What does our life matter but for the Reich’s army? Yes, Reich’s army.

To die for Germany is our highest honor. 

With obstacles and tanks the foe blocks our path,
We laugh about it and don’t drive upon them.
And even if his hand shakes morosely and furiously, yes, his hand.

We search for ways, that no one else found.

And if we are abandoned by treacherous luck,
And if we don’t return home again,
If death’s bullet finds us, and fate calls us away, yes, us away.

Then our tank shall become an iron grave!