panyachon kon krua

I know it’s a pretty small detail, but I absolutely adore the seconds he takes to just breathe her in and appreciate the moment. I mean, they had that awesome connection since the very beginning in episode one when she inadvertently pulled a Cinderella type thing on him and neither knew who the other was, then they start all over, from square one but with prejudices in place. And eventually,after 12 freaking episodes and roughly 19+ hours of my life, they get to this point: after all the misunderstanding, distrust, rescuing, white lies, grey lies, outright lies, tears, demands, scolding, yelling, jealousy, everything. He’s so near tears and it’s completely understandable I for one am nearly bawling in unadulterated glee at this point.


Mark & Kim - Yaa mong ma dai mai 

My love for how cute they are in this is NEVER ending!