New board that another-empty-hearted-notion found in some dumpster, really glad she gave it to me!

GUYS THE 8-WAY SPLIT “Love is For Chumps” is out now! It features new songs from Kill the Intellectuals, Personality Disorders, Little Tyrant, Chill Corea, tombo crush, peaches davenport, Randy’s got a playdough Face, and Mrs Hopewell


Watching Futurama again and I just realized...

Mr. Panucci helped Fry take care of his dog (even after he disappeared), let Fry live in his building when he was homeless, and even introduced Fry to someone who can help him find his narwhal.

Considering that Fry’s family were mostly jerks toward him, Mr. Panucci is the closest friend Fry’s ever had in the 20th century.

put ur music library on shuffle and list down the first 10 songs and tag 10 people 🎤 i was tagged by @0nlytoldthemoon - thank you lovely!!

1. humming- turnover

2. swimming pools (drank)- kendrick lamar

3. me- the 1975

4. fuck ‘em only we know- banks

5. green eyes- wavves

6. going nowhere- fifth harmony

7. knuckles (acoustic)- moose blood

8. naruto themed sexting- panucci’s pizza

9. caroline - amine

10. drag- day wave

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I Wanna Fall In Love With The Stars In Your Eyes // Art by Pachu-Yep

Naruto Themed Sexting by Panucci’s Pizza // Joanie by The Front Bottoms // Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby by Cigarettes After Sex // Tonight You’re Perfect by New Politics // Apartment by Modern Baseball // Guillotine by Jon Bellion // Galaxies Will Be Born by Say Hi // My Love by Modern Baseball // Stop The World I Want To Get Off With You by Arctic Monkeys // Jenny by Studio Killers // Let’s Talk About Spaceships by Say Hi // Starry Eyes by Cigarettes After Sex

[ listen here ]

singing at the top of my lungs wearing earphones

jamming in my room to some Frankie Cosmos

to some Frankie Cosmos

the outerspace is my head

my heads in outer space

the universe might be infinite

this song might end

but I have Kleenex and lipstick

flower crowns and self help books

you can’t destroy this

on you I scrape me knees

on you I scrape me knees

on you I scrape my knees

on you I scrape my knees


Just one more because it’s a golden guitar :)

Here’s a solo chord version of Days Of Wine and Roses.

This solo rendition showcases the sound of the guitar really well!

Hope you like it!

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