PantyTec - Pony Slaystation ///

Label: Perlon

Cat#  PEARL28

Year: 2002

Style: Microhouse / Techno / Minimal

As said, the year 2000 found in Germany the “Meca” of house/minimal electronic producers. Zip and Sammy Dee, Pantytec (as very well did Akufen in these years) shows how to produce micro sampling tunes with excellent bass-lines. It is not making only funny noises sampled from cartoons, or tv-shows, is about adding layers of sound with great groove, and also flirt with the dance-floor and ride it deep, disturbed and then devastating.

I find harder for the people to dig the micro-genre today than those years. And I wonder why… perhaps because the underground scene is being displaced for mainstream? Or because the dark minimal cadency in slow 4/4 motion has killed the creativity with the same stoned loop for hours? Maybe yes, maybe not. Many would say that this is a good after-hour album. I partially agree. But when you really want to dance, when you want music that shake the floor on, it is not necessary to run for goa, is just necessary groove, and is groove the best part in this production.