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I’m Big in Japan

That’s actually the title of an old Tom Waits tune, but it’s appropriate because these kinds of shots are very popular on Japanese soft porn sites.  Pantyhose pulled down exposing a shapely butt with fantastic colorful panties.  Honestly, I don’t know how the young women over there can manage to walk around with that constriction on their thighs.  Maybe I’ll head over and do workshops for young women on how to wear pantyhose the right way.   That might make ME ‘big in Japan’.  

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PLEASE write that fic where Scully hands Mulder her pantyhose when she has a date with a coworker. I need more!!!!!

Agent Brewer from Human Resources is a nice enough man. Roguish but polite and if watercooler talk is to be believed, very well endowed with a talented mouth to boot. He’s perfect for a one night stand and Scully doesn’t feel the least bit guilty for standing him up. She’s got a territorial Spooky sulking around with a half hard cock instead.

Mulder tries to act apathetic as she confirms her dinner reservation over the phone but she catches the minuet clench of his jaw when she says “my date and I”. Scully grins. When invited, his jealousy was arousing, sexy, even.

“Thank you,” Scully says to the lady on the phone and ends the call. Mulder looks up from his report and, to his credit, keeps his face neutral but chews the eraser of his pencil, a simple nuance that means he’s nervous. He may be the Oxford-trained psychologist and legend of the VCU but she knows his tells. The man has never once beaten her at a game of poker.

“Tosca?” he asks. “That’s pricey for a first date. Is he paying?”

Scully mmhms and leans back in her chair, arms crossing under her chest to show off her cleavage. She splurged on lingerie last payday, simple lace but effective against a visual creature like Mulder. “Jason is a gentleman,” she says and tugs at the collar of her blouse, purposely revealing a silky black strap.

His tongue flicks out to wet his lips. Another tell. “It sounds like he just wants to get in your pants.”

“Is that such a bad thing? I have a sex drive, Mulder. One that can’t be satisfied with porn.” It can, however, be satisfied with a vibrator and the fantasy of Mulder bending her over the desk but tonight, Scully wants the real deal.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, Scully.”

“And why’s that?”

“Stranger danger.” He takes the pencil from his mouth and rolls it between his fingers. “You never know who might have a possessed tattoo.”

She stands up and moves to his side of the desk. Interrogation 101—make your suspect uncomfortable. “No other reason?” She asks, hand sliding up his forearm. “Nothing of a…more personal nature? Conflict of interest, maybe?”

“Purely professional.”

“That’s a shame. Your possessiveness is only a turn-on when you intend to put it to good use.”

Mulder bristles. “Possessive? I am not possessive for thinking you deserve more than a booty call.”

“And what do you think I deserve, mister with the evil government lackey for an ex wife?” If he can bring up Jerse, then Diana is fair game. All’s fair in love and war, right?

“Someone who sees you as more than a pair of tits. Someone who finds your scientific babbling interesting.”

Scully snorts at that. Such a kissass. It’s a skill undoubtedly learned from his socialite upbringing. “Someone who thinks my autopsy scrubs are sexy? And my skepticism?”

“Those are arguably your best qualities.”

She steps out of her flats. Wine and cheese didn’t work last time so a more direct approach is needed. She slips a hand up her skirt—the tight grey one Mulder always checks out her ass in—and pulls her pantyhose to her knees. There’s no need to take it slow. They’ve had seven years of foreplay.

“Does this person get hard at the thought of me wearing new lingerie that I bought with him in mind?”

Fight or flight is kicking in and he’s visibly shaking from the adrenaline. Scully wonders if she’s gone too far, that he’s going to bolt past her but he surprises her by reaching out and taking her hand. “He’d be a fool not to.”

There’s an undeniable heady, lusty feel in the air now and it only grows heavier when Scully kicks off her pantyhose. She holds its for a moment, feeling the damp crotch before dropping it in Mulder’s lap.

“Then he needs to grow a pair and finally take what’s his.”

Yes Sir Part 6

Yes Sir by evansrogerskitten
Part 6: A Formal Affair

Professor Winchester and his girl attend a black tie gala leading to a night of new ideas.

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Warnings: Explicit smut, alcohol, drunk sex, semi public sex, pantyhose kink, fluff (because apparently this series is now crazy smut followed by precious fluff), feels, a lot of f-bombs, dom!John, NSFW/gifs-thanks to the creators.
WC: 6644 | On AO3

A/N: *elated manic cackling* This one is my favorite. I’m so excited for you guys to read it. Let me know what you think! I wouldn’t be writing it without your support ♥ Also, I’d like to clarify that you shouldn’t be drinking unless you’re a responsible age and you should NEVER drive drunk. Ever. We good on that? Ok cool. Enjoy this smutty drunken good time.

I slipped on my new high heels and twirled around in my bedroom, watching as my full skirt spun around me. “Does this look okay?”

My friend Jo was in the bathroom putting on eyeliner. She looked over at me, taking in my fancy dress and heels. “Yeah, you look so pretty. Come zip me up.”

Jo gathered her straight blonde hair over her shoulder as I zipped up her fitted black cocktail dress and then I turned to look in the mirror at my own dress. Shiny black lace with a fitted strapless bodice and an A-line skirt that accentuated my curves. I’d even added pantyhose with a black seam down the back to keep me warm in the autumn air, and also because they were sexy as hell and made my legs look longer. I’d spent a week’s tips on the fancy outfit. But I never got to dress up and I wanted to look beautiful for a special someone. He’d seen me in dresses and skirts, but this was different. This was a fancy, public occasion where our secret was taken to an exciting new level.

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