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For my thirty-seventh Evangelion book review, here is The Art of Yoh Yoshinari Illustrations, published by STYLE.  This is a new item that came out just last week (although apparently people who went to Comiket were able to get it earlier).  Yoh Yoshinari has done key animation and/or animation direction for a number of beloved titles, including Evangelion.  This book collects a whole bunch of his amazing drawings (as many as possible, according to the book’s introduction), some in full color and some in black-and-white.  In case the above cover image didn’t make it obvious, this book is not one hundred percent Evangelion stuff, but it’s all very good!

The book is not available in English or French (although there’s a very brief English intro, and the table of contents is also in English), but it’s mostly pictures anyway, except for the end which has an interview and notes about each drawing.  This book also has a removable dust jacket, but there isn’t any alternate cover art hidden underneath.  That’s okay, though, because there’s plenty of nice art inside.  For example, check out this illustration of Rei, Shinji, Asuka, and Kaworu hanging out in the forest (this picture already appeared in the book Die Sterne, but it was ridiculously tiny… in The Art of Yoh Yoshinari Illustrations, it is a glorious full page, as it should be!):

Wow, Kaworu looks good in that jacket.  He should dress like that more often!  Anyway, keep reading for the rest of the book review, plus a few more pictures!

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