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 The Betalgeusian flipped through the menu as he sat at the table by himself. He would prefer to have somebody eat with him. However; Meow always like having some peace and quiet for one. When you are someone on the Aloha Oe crew, you will take every opportunity for peace and quiet that you can get. Meow flipped through the menu, contemplating what he should get for himself with all the recent woolongs. They had recently had a huge lucky break when it came to alien hunting. 

 It was one of the most rare aliens they had probably ever caught. Most of the alien hunting community thought that it was actually extinct. Thankfully, the creature was not threatening at all, which probably explains how their little group of misfits caught him. Meow’s stream of consciousness stopped as he finally decided that he would just get their spicy ramen dish with a couple of shots of alcohol on the side. He saw a blonde in an official Boobies uniform coming towards him, she didn’t look that familiar to the Boobies regular though, maybe she was some sort of new employee or something. Familiar or not, the stranger certainly fit the bill for a gorgeous waitress.

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ROCKSAR AU BC idk i,,,, i just see it ]

  A cheering crowd of fanatical fans could be heard, as Simon walked through the hallway. It was a big night for the both of them. This was the type of stage where musical acts can only dream of. Yet look at how far they’ve come from a small band playing from club to club. This wasn’t just a well know place, this was a packed house, no less! Everything was set up, Simon had even tuned his guitar just to his liking. The only thing missing was his band mate…

 He noticed the giant P with a large gold star on one door, and all he could hear was what sounded like a hardcore porn being shot in that same room. So, knowing his friend, it didn’t take a private eye to guess what was going on. The lead guitar player knocked on her door. “Hey, Panty! Are you almost done fucking? You do realize this is only our most important gig yet, right?” Simon mocked as he leaned nearby the door.