pants you can sleep in

Hold on to this Moment Forever (Cinderella AU Pt. 3)

Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 2,829

Summary: Alright people’s here is part 3!! I got carried away so therefore it got kinda long and sorry about that, I didn’t want to leave anything important out!! I hope you enjoy! There will be a part 4 soon to come :D 

Warnings: Fluffy fluff, that is all ;)

Part 1  Part 2

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A lazy day with him

Justin Bieber

Wake up the morning to wet kissed being placed on your face, you open your eyes to meet his hazel ones and his sweet smile. He pecks your lips and ask you if you could call in sick because he wanted to spend the day wit you. You call in sick after a long argument with him that you couldn’t but finally agreed when he press you down on the bed and start kissing your neck saying “we will have so much fun if you stay.”

You couldn’t resist this playful side of Justin and finally called in sick. The rest of the day goes really well even though you know he has been really impatient and turned on the whole day but you rejected him every time.

At night, you take off your pants because you can’t sleep in pants and lay in bed waiting for him to join you after brushing his teeth. When he did, you smiled and told him to join you in bed. Instead of laying next to you, he hovered you and leaned closer kissing your neck. Feeling his warm breathe hitting your neck, you ask “w-what are you doing?” but he just hushed you by kissing you lips. The kiss turned to a hot make out sensation and lead to your clothes to form to a pool next to the bed. Then the rest of the night was full of love just like he wanted the whole day and you of course couldn’t resist it.