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The Club (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Smut with a dash of fluff.
Word count: 3.6k 

Part one: Kitchen Counter, Part two: Laundry Room.

» Song: Love In This Club part II

Summary: ”Or we can just do it here.“ He hummed, his fingers immediately latching onto his belt and working as quickly as ever to get it loose. “Jeon Jungkook,” You quietly scolded with a laugh, placing a hand over his and looked around. “People can see you.” Once you looked back down at him, he shook his head slowly, “It doesn’t matter, baby,” He reasoned, his tongue flickering over his lips. “Everyone’s wasted, I promise. I just…I want you so bad.” 

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(Request) Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know

Title: Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Requested by: @babyblues915

Could you write a one shot of Negan and Rick’s daughter playing pool and then Rick shows up wondering what the hell is going on? 😂 I love the negan x Rick’s daughter dynamic

Warnings: NSFW, swearing as usual lol


Note: Such a fun story to write! Keep ‘em requests coming! Hope y’all enjoy reading this, especially you babyblues915! xoxo

You were in Judith’s room playing with her when you heard the sound of Alexandria’s main gate being pulled open. Frowning, you went over to the window to check out what was going on. As expected, the Saviors had paid your community another surprise visit on the day that your father, Rick, and the rest were out.

When you headed downstairs with Judith, you saw Carl about to leave the house and immediately called for him.

“Stay in the house, Carl. I’ll deal with them.” You told him as you carefully handed him your youngest sister.

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Snapchat Mishap{Part 3}

 { Warnings : S M U T & NSWF GIFS ;) } I hope you guys like it, feeback & ideas are  always wanted!

{ Part One }  { Part Two } { Master List }


   It’s girls night &  you just came clean to Wanda & Natasha about the game with Bucky. Natasha just smirks, but Wanda is not pleased with the fact you waited this long to tell them. Questions begin shooting from her, no space In between for you to even answer her. When she finally finishes, she’s out of breath, and giving you a  'well I’m waiting bitch ‘ look. You answer them all, telling them how it started with an accidental snap, about the snaps since then and about the other morning in the kitchen before Steve and Sam showed up.

  It’s been three days since that happened, and the snaps have increased between to two of you. While you drink with the girls, the boys are having their own night, which usually includes beer & poker . Girls night is so much better; you have booze, face masks, pizza & movies. Tonight though Nat suggest something new,

  ” what do you guys think about crashing the boys poker game?“

” I thought the point of girls night was to ignore the guys!“ You groan .

” yeah yeah , but how funny would it be to kick their asses at poker ! Plus it could be a good chance to play with Bucky a little y/n, I heard Thor sent them some as guardian mead… you could win this thing tonight .“ Shit, she’s so right.

” I don’t think it’s fair if I do it when he’s drunk natty.“

” but your drunk too!“ Wanda cheers. Well she’s not wrong .Nats secret stash of vodka was strong as hell, barely 45 minutes in you& wanda were about to cross the border from tipsy to drunk. Time for some fun .

  When you step off the elevator on to Tony’s floor, you hear the boys voices echoing through the halls . All eyes turn to you and the girls when you appear in the doorway

” got room for three more guys?“ Nat asks with a smirk .

” did girls night get too boring for you ladies?“ Tony asks as he pulls three more chairs to the poker table

  ” we can only experiment with each other so much Tony.“ You tease with a wink. You pick the seat next to Bucky, sending him a quick smirk before turning away .

  You suck at poker , absolutely suck . But you don’t feel too bad, wanda is just as bad. You both opt out of playing after a while and just watch Natasha kick the guys asses. You notice the guys drinks are getting low & the bowl of chips is nearly empty so you decide to busy yourself .

  ” I’m going to refill everything , I’ll be back.“ You grab the empties and and head down the hall to Tony’s kitchen . You place the bottles on the counter, as you go to turn and grab the liquor bottle you feel two familiar hands on your waist . Game time .

  ” need help doll?“ Buckys voice was rougher than usual , making you shiver at the sound .

” sure Barnes .“ He Hunms in response, he doesn’t move though, his hands tighten on your waist instead .

” buck what are you-“

” these shorts look amazing on you doll.“ He whispers into your ear . Between the vodka and his voice you’re turning into a puddle too fast. When you don’t answer his hands crawl from your hip to the front of your pants, popping the button open and sliding under them. His hands just rest for a minute over the front of your panties , before moving even farther down until they are over your clit. His finger start slowly pressing against you, the friction from your lace panties causing you to squirm . ” what’s the matter doll ? Don’t you like this?“ 

He nips at your ear, resulting in your head falling back against his shoulder . His lips trail down to your neck, placing kisses in the crook of your neck .

” James -“ he placed more pressure on you clit , now starting to run fast circles against you.

” say it again y/n" oh no, you’re not getting the upper hand here barnes . You remove his hands from your shorts, then spin around and grab onto his shirt. You flip your positon, pressing him against the counter now . Your eyes don’t leave his as your hands play with the bottom of his black V neck. You run your hands underneath, and find the band of his boxers . 

You slip your fingers under the band and move them across is waist . Buckys breath hitches and you hear it, sending him a quick wink. You stop above his growing bulge, and go to slide your hand but he stops you. Your position is changed again and your back against the counter . You both stare at each other , lips parted as you breathing quickens. His tongue darts out to lick at his lips and you lose it, you need to feel his lips on yours . You fist your hands in his shirt and tug him to you, but before you lips can touch you stop. You know once you kiss him, you might not be able to stop yourself ; and you aren’t about to lose . Not tonight .

  “ everyone’s waiting for us .” Is all you say as you duck out of his grip. You grab the bottle of booze from the other side of the counter and go back to what you initially came here to do.

“ you’re driving me crazy doll .”

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“ that’s the idea sweetheart.” You hand him the bowl of chips and grab the tray of drink and head back to your friends .

   Poker doesn’t last much longer , Natasha’s winning streak finally made the guys quit . By now you’re all drunk , but not completely trashed .

“ let’s play hide and seek!” Wanda says through her giggles . Surprisingly everyone agrees, tony has Friday randomly select someone to be It first , and lock the floors that aren’t part of the playing field . So far the only floors to use for hiding are Tony’s, the communal level & the party room level. FRIDAY selects Sam To count first, and after 5 minutes of him bitching he finally begins counting . You all dart out of Tony’s living room to hide . You know how sam thinks , he’ll probably assume no one would be obvious enough to hide on Tony’s floor( since that’s where he’s counting) but you do . You go to hide in Tony’s massive closet , but find it already taken.

“ well hey there doll face.” Of fucking course he’s here. You hear Sam call the last number and fling yourself into the closet . The door shuts quietly behind you leaving you in th dark with Barnes . He manages to find you , startling you when he tugs you against him.

“ mmm doll, I haven’t stopped thinking of you all night .”

  “I don’t think now is the time for-” your words turn into a gasp when you feel your shorts being popped open . Buckys metal hand slide under your panties, going right to your core. “ fuck y/n , you’re drenched ! Is this all for me? ” his fingers roll your clit , making you whimper . 

“ god you smell good Angel. ” his fingers dip into your pussy, making you arch your back.

“ fuck.” You whimper , his fingers pick up speed , plunging into you at a harsh pace. His thumb presses against your clit and you feel the coil in you tightening .

“ are you going to cum for me doll? ” he asks, his lips hovering over yours now . Fuck it . You lean up , pressing your lips to his . His lips are soft and warm against yours , he doesn’t waste time and coaxes your lips open for him to slide his tongue against yours .

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His finger are fucking into you , and you know you only have a few seconds before you finish. Using all the self control you can muster up in this moment, You tug his hand out of your pants. You guide them to your mouth, and proceed in sucking your wetness off then. Bucky moans at the feeling ,

“ I’m not ready to lose just yet James .” You purr

“ oh for fucks sake Y/n.” He breathes out . Before he can kiss you again the door whips open , revealing a smirking Natasha .

“ I didn’t know we were playing 7 minutes in heaven guys.”

  “ where’s Sam?” You ask

  “ him and Tony got into an argument so they quit. But on the bright side , you two are the last ones to be found!” You roll your eyes and exit the closet , buttoning your pants as you do . You hear Natasha giggle behind you and Bucky grunt . This fucking sucks .

  Everyone says their goodnights and goes to their rooms, but before you leave Bucky grabs onto your wrist , “ I’m not done with you just yet gorgeous.”

 He drags you to his room , slamming the door shut behind him . His lips are on yours a second later , his tongue slipping in & swirling around yours . Your head is spinning at the feeling, and you barely register falling onto his bed . His lips are only off yours for a few seconds before he reattaches them in a desperate kiss. You weave your hands in his hair, tugging it hard and making him moan into your mouth. His lips migrate from your lips to your neck , then stop when they get to your shirt . He sends you a wicked smile before moving down your body until he’s level with your pussy. He spreads your legs , and tugs your shorts off . You’re positive there’s a wet patch on your panties , but you’re too flustered to be embarrassed. Bucky nuzzles his nose into your heat making you whimper .

“ fuck doll. I just want to taste you.” You buck your hips towards his face , making him chuckle . He moves down , mouthing over your covered cunt . You can feel his tongue against you and you have to fight not to beg him to just fuck you . He wraps his arms under your thighs and drags you to the end of the bed, kneeling on the floor in front of you

 " just say the words doll,please.“ He begs .

 Neither of you are ready to lose , you’re not ready To give him that satisfaction .

” I don’t think so Barnes.“ He moves away , locking his eyes with yours . Fuck , I can’t do this . The anticipation is killing you , mixed with the sexual frustration you feel like every inch of your skin is on fire . You sigh, deciding on your next step. You roll off the bed , and shed all your clothes . You lay down on his bed like you where before , on the edge of the bed . Buckys eyes go straight to your bare, dripping pussy.

  ” holy shit.“ He breathes out , ” thank god .“ He goes to strip but you giggle & stop him

” oh no sweetheart , this isn’t me caving .“ His eyebrow raises in question , but quickly drops when he sees your hand go to your core.

  One hand plays with you clit , rubbing circles while the other hand roams up your body , stopping when it gets to your nipple. You tug on your nipple, moving to slide two to tour fingers into yourself . You whimper at the feeling , moving your fingers faster and faster . Bucky is moaning, leaning forward and watching your every move .

” James “ you moan , he lets out a whimper at the sound.

” Say the words and you can have this Bucky. You can be fucking into me , over and over -“ You thrust particularly hard, making your words fall into a whimper as you tumble into your orgasm . His name repeatedly falls from your lips as you do, Bucky panting the entire time as he watches . He’s rutting himself against the bed as he watches , which is hotter than you’d like to admit . You finally pull your fingers out , and you can feel yourself spilling onto the bed . You hold your fingers out to him , he moves forward in a blur , sucking Your fingers into his mouth with a moan.

” you taste even better than I dreamed .“ He leans in closer , flattening his tongue and licking from your pussy to your clit , a loud moan ripping through you .

” what are you-“

” just cleaning you up sweetheart.“ Fucker.

 When he stands you see a wet patch on the front of his pants . ” looks like I’m not the only messy one .“ You giggle , getting up on you knees on his bed . Your hands fly to his pants , undoing them and pushing them down his legs along with his boxers . His tip is still slightly leaking and he looks painfully hard still . Must be the serum. You slide off the bed to your knees, then without a warning take his tip into your mouth, sucking at it while flicking your tongue against it in your mouth .

  ” ohhh- stop stop , I can’t -“ you fee him tense up, and you know he’s about to release again. So you let go with a wet pop, sending him a smile before standing . You grab your clothes off the floor , and his discarded v neck. You slip into your panties and his shirt .

  ” where are you going ?“ He asks . You give him a quick kiss ,

” it’s late , I’m going to bed duh.“

” you could stay .“ His words catch you off guard , he wants me to stay? His hand gently grabs onto yours , turning you so you face him again . His hands are cupping your cheeks now , his lips landing on yours in a sweet kiss. This kiss is different from the other ones, it’s not rushed or dirty . It’s sweet , slow and addicting . When you part you open your eyes and see a glimmer of something unfamiliar in his eyes .

  ” okay, I’ll stay.“

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Drarry Smut

Warnings/Information: Harry Potter, this takes place in Deathly Hallows (Part 2), is when Harry, Hermione, and Ron go in to look for Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem in the Room of Requirement and Draco and Crabbe and the other guy come in, modified canon stuff, mildly nonconsensual but also consensual idk?, Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter, gay shit, gay smut, two men doing sexual things, gay gay gay gay gay, kinda angsty/saddish at the end, and warning: IT’S LIKE, LONG, SO YEAH XD, also the indentation is fucked up because I copied and pasted it from Google Docs because I don’t trust Quotev not to delete my shit again.

Also I don’t own Harry Potter. Obviously. Or Drarry would be canon af.

An Even Exchange

Harry’s face lit up with a victorious smile as he fiddled with the diadem, caressing the metal and feeling his heart leap. He was now so close to being one step closer to killing Voldemort

Suddenly, he felt as though he, Ron, and Hermione weren’t alone anymore… He turned around, letting the diadem fall back into the box, and met Malfoy’s gaze.

“Well, well,” murmured the blonde. “What brings you here, Potter?”

Harry straightened himself up. “I could ask you the same,” he responded.

“You have something of mine,” Draco stated “I’d like it back”

“What’s wrong with the one you have?” Harry retorted passively, gesturing towards the wand Malfoy held in his hand, pointed at him.

“It’s my mother’s. Powerful… but it’s… not the same. Doesn’t quite… understand me. Know what I mean?” Draco’s words hit Harry deeper than Harry meant to let them go. His own wand had been splintered to pieces earlier in the year when Voldemort’s snake, Nagini, had attacked Hermione and him in Godric’s Hallow.

“Well too bad, Malfoy. I won it from you, so it’s only fair that I keep it,” Harry responded finally.

Malfoy’s face twisted into a frown, but then softened slightly, a smirk making his lips turn upward. “Fine then, Potter. I’ll just have to take something else.”

Harry laughed, amused. “What else could you possibly take, Malfoy?” The words slipped from his lips incredulously.

Malfoy didn’t respond. “Crabbe, Blaise! Get Granger and Weasley out of here.”

Almost instantly the four afore-mentioned people were fighting, shooting hexes and curses at each other. In the midst of all the chaos, Harry was caught by surprise as Draco quickly hexed him, grabbing him by the collar and dragging him away from his friends.

The moment Harry recovered from being stupefied he began struggling against Draco. “G-Get off me!” he growled.

“Accio wand,” Malfoy muttered.

Harry’s wand flew out of his pocket, into Malfoy’s awaiting hand, which tucked it into his pocket. Before he could protest, however, Malfoy was pushing him backwards. Harry landed on something soft: a bed. Wait. A bed? That surely hadn’t been there before. Why would a bed be in the Room of Requirement? There was no need for a bed…

And that’s when he looked up to see the smirk on Malfoy’s face. “I’ll just have to take you, Potter.”

Harry’s eyes widened at the dangerous implication the Slytherin’s words held.

“You don’t mean… Malfoy…!” Harry sputtered out the other’s name, his cheeks flushing rather quickly.

“Ah, shut it Potter, it’s not like you’ve never imagined this.”

Harry’s mouth opened, then shut. It wasn’t like he could deny it. He mustn’t tell lies, and to say that he’d never wanked off to Draco’s incredibly handsome face would be a complete and utter lie.

Malfoy was removing his shirt now, undoing his green tie and tossing it aside carelessly when it was loose. His other free hand held Potter’s wrists above his head. He was straddling Harry, his hips settled on top of the Gryffindor’s crotch and his legs keeping strong control over Harry’s ankles, making sure he wouldn’t kick.

All the while, Harry stared at Malfoy, unable to think straight. Draco’s elegant fingers popped open the buttons of his own shirt.

“Fulgari,” Draco murmured, pointing his wand at Harry’s wrists. Harry’s wrists were instantly bound in shining ropes, and now Malfoy was free to shrug off his shirt, throwing it to the right.

Harry jerked, his mind being yanked back to reality rather quickly as he heard some curses being shouted in the distance, Ron and Hermione’s voices standing out.

Before Harry could even turn to Draco to say something along the lines of ‘let me go!’, Draco had muttered a silencing charm, and all was quiet once more. Harry’s mouth opened, but then snapped shut as Draco’s nimble fingers skittered down Harry’s shirt, undoing buttons along the way.

“Malfoy, stop,” Harry hissed through his teeth as the large field of skin littered with bits of sparse, dark hair was exposed.

“Yeah? Why?” came the response. Draco’s fingers were twisting the hair gently

“B-Because,” was the half-assed answer.

Malfoy laughed, amused. “Yeah, right, Potter. Maybe if you had a good reason I’d actually give it a thought, eh?”

His fingers found Harry’s nipples, and now they were tormenting them, sending little sparks of something throughout Harry’s body. Harry bit his lip rather harshly.

“Scared, Potter? Scared of me defiling you?” He paused, his eyebrow quirking upwards. “Or perhaps, you’re scared of the noises you’ll make while I’m fucking you?”

It was a rhetorical question; Malfoy wasn’t seeking any answers. His words, however, had caused Harry to flush a deep red and bite his lip even harder as Draco dipped down to suck on one of Harry’s sensitive buds.

Harry’s head thudded back against the pillow. He was breathing too heavily, getting too caught up in the moment. Don’t get hard, don’t get hard, don’t get hard, he repeated to himself in his mind, reciting the mantra but in vain. Don’t get hard, fuck, you’re getting hard, it’s failing, maybe he won’t notice…

Alas, but with Malfoy’s position on Harry, his hips perfectly aligned with the other’s hips, he could feel the way that Harry’s pants were tighter than they used to be, could feel the growing bulge. Harry glanced down at Malfoy, his breath hitching when he realized that the blond was smirking back up at him.

He didn’t even notice the way that Draco subtly scooted backwards, the way that his hand was snaking downwards at a rather alarming pace, until he felt the button on his pants be popped open.

“Merlin,” Harry whispered, the words almost coming out as a whine.

Next thing he knew, the zipper was coming down as well, and then in a blur his pants were gone. His maroon boxers were strained, and Harry panted slowly as he stared steadily up and nowhere else.

It was quiet for a moment, and so Harry gasped as his boxers were brought down sharply and quickly without any fair warning. He closed his eyes, his face scarlet, as waves of humiliation thrummed through him. He refused to look Malfoy in the eye while he was in such a vulnerable state.

“Want me to stop now, Potter? Because your prick says otherwise,” Malfoy’s voice rang out.

Harry trembled as Malfoy’s slightly cold, smooth hand wrapped around him, jerking him off at an agonistically slow pace. The brunette wanted to say that he wanted Draco to stop, he really did, except if he did, it would be a lie and both of them knew it.

The slow pace started gaining speed, getting a bit quicker, and Harry’s jerking breathing morphed into a series of breathy pants and gasps. “M-Merlin,” Harry whispered again, his hips moving against his will.

Then it all stopped, and Harry let out a whimper of disappointment without even realizing it.

“Look at me, Harry,” Draco demanded. Harry grit his teeth, his arousal spiking at the use of his first name. “Look at me,” he repeated when Harry shook his head adamantly.

“Harry, if you don’t look at me I’m not going to let you come,” Draco warned.

“Bloody hell,” Harry groaned quietly, slowly letting his eyes flutter open, meeting Malfoy’s grayish blue gaze with his own, greenish blue eyes.

“That’s a good lad,” Draco praised, his lips turning upwards in a smile.

Before Harry could come up with a retort, Draco’s lips were on his own. Harry’s mouth fell open in shock and Draco moaned softly as he shoved his tongue into Harry’s mouth. Harry was trying not to think about how good Malfoy’s lips felt against his own, of how soft his skin was and how wet his tongue was as it explored Harry’s awaiting cavern. It proved to be an impossible task.

He started gently and instinctively kissing back, a hint of shyness evident in the way he did so. His lips parted again as Malfoy’s hands snaked downwards again, once again taking hold of his erect cock and stroking it at a rhythmic, even pace.

Harry started succumbing to the pleasure, his hips thrusting upwards at an erratic pace with no rhythm at all, and he whined childishly as the touch slowed. He stopped though, when he saw that Malfoy’s hands had instead gone to his own pants, undoing the button and sighing in relief as the tension was lessened slightly. For the first time, Harry realized how tight Malfoy’s pants had been, and as Draco ditched the pants, his eyes traveled down the Slytherin’s body without being able to help it.

Potter’s trance was broken with Malfoy’s voice, causing him to start to attention. “Enjoying the view from down there, Potter?” he drawled, a hand slipping beneath the hem of his boxers.

He slid the boxers down confidently (or at least, if he had any worries he hid them quite well) and Harry knew that Malfoy was smirking down at him, reveling in the look on Harry’s face, but he didn’t care. All he knew was that Malfoy was hot. His cock wasn’t any less beautiful than the rest of his body, and it matched the rest of him beautifully.

Malfoy was a masterpiece.

All these romantic thoughts were thrown from his mind as he realized Malfoy had ducked down to start kissing at his chest again. He lingered a little at Harry’s nipples before licking and sucking and nipping his way up to the brunette’s neck and then stopped to loiter there. Harry let out a quiet sort of gasp which was magnified to a moan as Draco straddled Harry once more, his hips matching up with Harry’s and causing their cocks to slide against each other in the most pleasurable way.

Malfoy was unabashedly moaning, vibrations traveling up his neck. He bit down slightly, making Harry’s back arch in a painful pleasure, before Malfoy’s lips made their way up Harry’s jaw and finally landing at their destination on the other’s lips.

The feeling of Draco thrusting and rubbing against him while he pleasurably abused his lips with his own was incredible. Harry’s mind wasn’t sure where to go and what to think; all he knew was that this felt amazing.

He was so caught up in the pleasure that he didn’t even see the way one of Malfoy’s hands was caressing his thigh, dangerously traveling between his legs slowly. The feeling of a nimble finger prodding at his entrance was enough to jerk him back to reality, and Harry jolted backwards nervously. He glanced up at Malfoy, who had broken the kiss, and found himself oddly comforted by the gentle smile that the blonde was giving him.

“Don’t worry about it Potter, I’ll make you feel good…” the Slytherin murmured in a low, lusty tone.

This time, as Draco pushed a finger into him, Harry didn’t stop him. Instead, he took a deep breath and lay back, relaxing. The Gryffindor wasn’t exactly a complete stranger to this feeling. He had gotten a little curious a couple times, and it had just… happened, he supposed, while he was having a little time to himself. But someone else doing it? And Malfoy, for that matter? This felt completely different, and a lot more pleasurable…

Malfoy had added another finger, now scissoring them and curling them and stretching him in the most divine way, searching… searching for the spot that would make Potter see stars…

Harry’s back arched suddenly, and a rush of air escaped his lips, forming the word ‘Malfoy’ as he did so. Harry had tried, but never quite found, this place within him. And now that Draco had found it, he wasn’t stopping at relentlessly pressing up against it with, now, three fingers.

The brunette’s hips were thrusting forward, essentially doing the task of fucking himself upon Malfoy’s fingers. His head lay back against the pillow, his eyes closed in bliss.

But then his eyes flew open as the fingers left him. Malfoy wasn’t replacing them with something better, bigger, and Harry whined in protest.

“Merlin, please, M-Malfoy,” he panted, his hips left thrusting against air.

“Please what?” Draco responded oh-so innocently, a smirk playing at his dainty lips.

“Y-You know what,” Harry responded with a huff.

“Ah, but I can assure you that I don’t know what,” came the teasing reply.

“Fuckin’ hell,” the Gryffindor hissed.

“My, such language from the chosen one,” Malfoy smiled, running his fingers across Harry’s lips. “Beg for it, Potter.”

Harry’s lips set in a firm line, and he shook his head. His pride was so far gone at this point, but he still had a shred of self-respect and he did not want to beg for Malfoy’s cock. His beautiful, pale, hard, delicious…

“I want you,” he murmured weakly.


“In…. in me…”

“What in you?”

“Your… m-merlin, Draco, you know what I want!” Harry burst out, exasperated and embarrassed.

“Yes, but I’m not going to give it to you until you assure me that you want it,” Malfoy responded slyly.

“You can’t m-make me.”

The Slytherin hummed in response, his head lowering. Harry’s breath hitched: Draco’s lithe tongue had darted out and lapped up the pre-cum beading at the tip of Harry’s cock and was now forming little circles around the tip.

Sparks like electricity were rushing down to his groin, and his hips jerked upwards. Malfoy relaxed his throat, going down deeper on Harry, who let out a high-pitched whimper.

Harry was utterly defeated. Having Malfoy sucking him like so was heavenly, but Draco knew what Harry really wanted… to come with Malfoy inside him, filling him up and fucking him into the bed.

“Dracoooo,” he moaned.

“Hm?” came the response, sending vibrations through Harry’s cock and putting him near the edge.

“F-Fuck me! Please, merlin, fuck me… please, I want to c-come with you in me, please,” the brunette gasped, finally breaking.

Promptly Malfoy’s mouth was removed from Harry’s cock and the blonde was straddling Harry, spreading his legs and using one hand to guide his cock towards Harry’s entrance. The head of Draco nudged at the hole, causing Harry to let out a string of curses and whimper to Malfoy to “Just do it already”, to which Malfoy abided by quickly.

As the head breached Harry’s entrance, Harry struggled to keep his hips under control, knowing if he thrust himself towards Draco it’d be too fast and too big. The Gryffindor did, however, let out a strangled moan. He looked upwards, seeing Malfoy’s head tipped back in pleasure, his bleached hair falling in just the right positions, his eyes closed and his lip caught between his teeth as beads of sweat trickled down his body. Malfoy was the perfect picture of what pleasure looked like, and Harry’s eyes couldn’t help but to travel down his body, his mouth agape in awe of Draco’s beauty.

He let his hips move forward slowly, jolts of pleasure going straight for his cock as Malfoy filled him. He felt himself gradually opening up to welcome Draco’s hardness willingly. The pain was little, the pleasure vast, and he scooted forward more to fill himself up more, needing more of Malfoy in him. Then he slid back, letting instinct take over, and began fucking himself on Draco slowly at first, then faster. Malfoy let him do the work at first, partially unable to do anything for a moment as he was full of shock and intense pleasure, and then he started thrusting his hips into Harry. Both of them let out long-awaited groans and moans, their voices mingling into one. Harry’s fingers at first clenched the sheets, but then found comfort in holding onto Malfoy’s arms, which were planted on either side of Harry.

The Gryffindor hissed in unadulterated pleasure as the thrusts sped up steadily. Draco jerked, a strangled moan escaping his lips. Malfoy stopped abruptly, panting heavily and clearly trying to regain control of himself.

“Fuck, Harry, don’t d-do that…” he stuttered out.

Potter’s hips gently continued thrusting up against Draco, who whimpered in pleasure and squeezed his eyes shut.

“Do what…?” the brunette responded, mildly confused but smirking.

“The.. hissing…”

Oh. So Draco was affected by hissing, was he?

“So oh-so perfect Draco Malfoy has a weakness, hm?” Harry let the Parseltongue slither from his lips easily, and Draco positively mewled… Harry chuckled. “You don’t even know what I’m saying yet you’re still so affected… I could be reciting potions ingredients for all you know, yet you’d still be getting off…”

“H-Harry…! Stop, please… fuck, I’ll come…” Malfoy’s hips jerked and his body trembled, tensing.

Harry obliged, chuckling lowly. Malfoy’s eyes opened, a mild glare but much lust hidden within them. “How long has that been a thing?” he prompted, subtly drawing out his S’s.

“Since… s-second year…” came the reply.

Harry’s face turned a red comparable to the rubies within the hilt of Godric Gryffindor himself’s sword. “That long…?” he whispered, half to himself.

“F-Fuck off,” Malfoy growled.

Harry swiveled his hips, and the growl swiftly shifted into a whimper. Potter was in control, and both he and Draco were aware of this fact.

“Come on, don’t stop…” Harry hissed out, thrusting his hips so Malfoy would get the idea despite the fact that he didn’t verbally understand Harry’s words. “Fuck me!”

Oh, and Draco did. The thrusts sped up quickly and soon the air was filled with the moans and gasps of the two young men.

Harry’s head lay back, his calloused fingers grasping at Malfoy’s own delicate ones as he lay with his mouth open, eyes closed.

“H-Harry… Parseltongue…” Draco stuttered out in a whisper.

When Harry opened his eyes to gaze at Draco, his face was contorted with pleasure, his hair damp with sweat.

“Come for me, Malfoy…”

Malfoy whimpered and came, his hips jerking one last time as he panted heavily, his eyes closing.

When he’d come down from his high, he pulled out gently, before leaning down.

“You haven’t come,” he observed, watching as Harry touched himself, giving himself long strokes. “I’ll fix that, love…”

And Harry didn’t even have time to process the fact that Draco had just addressed him as ‘love’… ‘love’, for Merlin’s sake… because Draco was prying Harry’s hands from the unsatiated cock and replacing them with something better, more… His lips were opening…

Harry welcomed the familiar feeling of Draco sucking him, gasping but feeling terribly empty. Malfoy, thank Merlin, seemed to sense this by the way that Harry’s legs spread a bit, and started fingering him, massaging his prostate gently but just enough to make him see stars as he hit the edge.

“M-Malfoy…” Harry whispered as he came into the mouth that belonged to the name he’d just let loose from his own lips.

The blonde swallowed, licking his lips, before hastily casting the countercurse to undo the silvery ropes around Harry’s wrists, then laying down somewhat nervously beside the Gryffindor.

The two just lay there beside each other quietly, not exchanging any words.

For just having received the best sex of his life, Harry couldn’t help but feel a bit broken inside…

Malfoy and Harry were on opposite sides, you see… It was incredibly and painfully likely that this would only be a one time thing. Yet seeing as how this was the case, Harry didn’t get up and run off… this was why Harry was laying here, his hand now tracing Malfoy’s hand.

Just them.

Harry Potter, and Draco Malfoy.

I Still Get Jealous

Originally posted by drawien

Artist/Person : Kim Jiwon

Group/Crew : iKon/MOBB

Genre : Angst/Smut

Word Count : 2010

Requested:  Can i please request a bobby smut? something where reader and bobby are classmates and are secretly having a no-strings-attached kind of thing. but you get strangely jealous when your best friend and him are flirting with each other >.<

A/N: I’m sorry for the wait.

Breathy moans filled the humid room, along with the distinct sound of the bed frame hitting the wall and soft whimpers. It was dark, only moonlight shining into the room through the open window. Then everything went still, the only sounds were quiet huffs and puffs of uneven breathing. A loud groan pierced the silent room, the male moving to the side. Then the sound of ruffling blankets, then another groan, then the soft sound of bare feet hitting the wood flooring. More rustling ensued, before the soft whisper of a girl bid goodbye, walking out of the room and through the house. Finally getting to the front door, she looked at the time on her phone. ‘02:59’ glared at her, causing her to squint her eyes in discomfort. At the time, she kissed her teeth and rolled her eyes, slipping the device into her back pocket and walked out the door. The air was slightly chilled, making her hug herself just a bit tighter as she hurriedly made her way across campus to her dormitory.

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울고 싶지 않아 {PCY}

Description: After four years with Chanyeol, SM intervenes with the relationship and makes you break it off.

Genre: Angst / Smut (why is like all of my angst for Chanyeol what the hell)

Word Count: 2,270

Pairing: Park Chanyeol x Reader

Author: Admin Xiufairy

(A/N: I was rlly inspired by Don’t Wanna Cry by Seventeen so this is what I came up with. 울고 싶지 않아 (ulgo sipji anha) literallyyyy means I don’t want to cry just so everyone knows.) (Also this gif is really nice oh my)

Originally posted by sehunoh

To the world around you, you were okay. To yourself, things were a bit more complicated. You hated seeming weak in front of people but you had been with Chanyeol for almost four years. The company had split the two of you up - you weren’t going to let him risk it with the SM staff for you.

So instead, you had to show him you were okay. Everywhere you went was a constant of reminder - EXO was everywhere, which also meant that he was everywhere. He was your other half…how could you live when half of you was gone?

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EXO Reaction to you waking them up


You snuggle closer to him unconsciously and he hums a bit before drifting into a further sleep or so you think. You stare up from the embrace he has you in to kiss his chin multiple times, before he surprises you and leans down so you kiss his lips.

“You were awake?”

“Mhm, you’re a heavy sleeper, you know” He laughs leaning over to kiss your lips.

“Why don’t you wake me up then?”

“No, I like hearing you make unintelligent sentences and noises.”

“Why are you like this“

“You’re all like ‘Minseokie show more abs’ and ‘EXO baby comeback’.“ He laughs as your cheeks begin to redden

“I’m sleeping with ducktape from now on“

“Oh Y/N, isnt that a bit cliche, I’d rather do ropes“ he teases, getting off the bed quickly before you can kick him out.


Originally posted by yixingsosweet




“You need to get up” You shake him uselessly.

“Why? The guys already know about you - they can survive a day without me spending the night there”

“No Suho you need to get up and put on a shirt and pants.”

He pops one eye open from his comfortable place on the bed. “I thought you liked my body.” he teases smiling smugly.

“Um - The boys just called and say they want to spend the night here too,” you smile innocently as his smile turn into an expression of pure disbelief.

Originally posted by sooranghaes


You spend over an hour trying to find Lay, He texted you to come to the SM building because he wanted to spend time with you, but that was the last text you’ve heard from him. You rang his phone again with no answer when you bumped into his manager

“Hello” you bow politely “you wouldn’t happen to know where lay is?”

“He was in the practice room a while ago, when your there can you tell him to not to -” he stopped mid sentence as you bow and start heading for the room.

You walk into the practice room to see him lying down on the floor

“Yah, do you know how to answer your phone?”

You see him jump up and get up to turn towards you. His wide shocked eyes returned to their sleepy state and a smile appeared on his lips

“Ah Y/N, how’d you know i was here? We must really be soulmates”

“What did you call me in here for?” you walk over to him and sit next to him. He pulls you down to lay down and cuddles you in

“This is a good spot to nap, right?”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai


You meant to wake him up gently, but your foot got entangled in something causing you to trip over and literally fall on Baekhyun. Needless to say, he woke up automatically and grabbed your arms to stabilize you, thought he didn’t let you go when you wanted to stand up.

“Y/n give me time to prepare, you can’t just jump on me like this unexpectedly” he joked.

“Ha Ha very funny, the food we ordered is here.”

“That can wait - Come here” he pulled you with him completely next to the bed. “Why did you really come to wake me up?”

You start to laugh pressing a kiss on his pursed lips. “Baek, I’m hungry. Seriously let’s go eat.”

“I am too” You see his smirk appear “,but let’s take care of you first then the rest.”

Originally posted by luhaven


Even though you were both asleep, he wakes up first when you accidentally hit him in your sleep.

“Yah, Y/N - This is the second time this week, I’m going to need a helmet if you keep this up.” He grabs the pillow from under you causing you to wake up immodestly

“Hey!” He gets on top of you as you try and push him away playfully “You’re mean in the morning”

“Says the girl who slapped me in the head” he clarifies leaning down to kiss your forehead, “Make it up to me”


“Don’t know - didn’t really think that far.”

Originally posted by kaisanity


You are sitting down on the bed staying down at you boyfriend, who is breathing loudly in a deep state of sleep.

“Park Chanyeol, Why did you wake me up at 3 AM just because you couldn’t sleep?” You kick him softly, but he doesn’t wake yo ”and now you’re having a good sleep while i can’t.”

You get up from the bed, first to pace and then to head out to the kitchen

“Y/N?” You turn around to see your boyfriend still half asleep walking over towards you.

“I couldn’t sleep so-” You begin to explain, but are cut off when he pulls you into a hug, “Hey, what’s wrong?” you pull back to stare up at him and finally notice the horrid expression on his face

“I - I don’t know” his eyes start to squint “I just expected to find you next to me”

You blink up at him and a smile start to form on your lips, “Lets go back to bed, I’ll wake you up overtime i have to go to the bathroom at night then.”

He breaks into a wide smile and pushed you to the bedroom, “Never mind, I think I’m still asleep, so don’t listen to my sleep talk.”

Originally posted by chanyeolaconda


“I got a plane ticket for the summer so i expect ballots at the airport” you joke, after an absent remark from his side. you walk over to your computer to see your boyfriend sleeping soundly with his headphones still on. “Or I could just surprise you,” you whisper to yourself.

You put your feet up on the bed, ready to fall asleep as well when Chanyeol deep voice woke both you up “Kyungsoo, have you seen my hat?”

D.O’s eyes stare directly at him for a second before he looks over at you and looks back at channel to answer. “Is it on your head?”

“No the other one.” D.O closed his eyes and signed deeply, he pulls his laptop closer towards him.

“Who’re you talking to? Oh Y/N! When are you coming? I have this new -”

“Bye, Y/N!” he waves really quickly, “Chanyeol she doesn’t care, how would I know where -” the video message ends.

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You were in charge of walking Kai’s dogs every night for them to get their expertise and it was also a nice way to explore more of the new neighborhood.

Once opening the front door,  the dogs wait patiently until their collars are undone for them to charge into the bedroom. Usually they all go owards the kitchen to hydrate themselves but this odd thing had you chasing after them to discover them charging at a sleeping Kai

“Guys your dads asleep, stop - no” you try holding on to them but they wiggle their way out.

Kai wakes up laughing taking them all in his embrace, “I missed you guys too.”

You walk over to sit next to him and pat them all on the head, “I’m sorry, you must be tired and -”

He pecks your lips and laughs again, “Not really, welcome me home like this all the time, Y/n - seriously.”

He leans over to kiss you but is interrupted by the three hyperactive pups.

Originally posted by yixingsosweet


“He’s  in his room” Suho tells you “I wouldn’t go in there if i were you - he’s moody in the morning.”

You disregard his warning and go straight to his room. You knock twice before entering his room.

He’s sprained out on his bed, blanket obviously kicked off, and his hair flattened. You pull his feet slightly already waking him up and sit down next to him.

“Y/N, you’re suppose to wake me with a kiss” he puckers his lips as you put your hand up to cover yours.

“Wrong fairytale” you mock, getting off the bed but not quick enough as he catches your arm and brings you back to his bed..

“Ew Sehun, you’re sweaty” you try pulling away from his hug. ”Go shower”

He stays silent for a minute, “Alright, let’s go shower”

“No you don’t” You hear Suho shout from the other room.

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Before The Maze - Smut

Originally posted by space-ing-out

Author: @dumbass-stilinski and @writing-obrien
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Thomas/Reader
Words: 4,429
AN: Another collab from me and Chloe! If you like it and you want to see more let us know, we have an idea for a potential sequel. (Also this was my first Thomas fic like what was I waiting for?!)


“A-Two! Step Away from B-Fourteen! Perimeters A-Two.” A voice shouted loudly over the intercom, all eyes snapping up to us, smirks on a few of their faces and some giving a judging glare. My head dropped with a sigh and I stepped away, hands raised in the air and I looked up at the camera with a pointed look.

“Yeah, Tommy, perimeters from the girlies.” A British voice teased and I rolled my eyes.

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I Need You, Now

| Norman Reedus x Reader | Smutty, Smut, Smut | 18+ Only | NSFW |

Summary: I will say it again this man makes me trash. This is just a little fantasy I had that I needed to write out. Norman and his girlfriend (the reader) reunite at a con, after being apart for weeks. Norman has to have her now, so they race off to the basement to find a place where they can be alone. Smutty Smut ensues. Enjoy!


You stared lovingly at your man as he smiled and posed for pictures with fans in the autograph line. You rarely got to come to the conventions with him, due to your busy work schedule, but you made an exception this weekend because it had been nearly three weeks since you two had seen each other. Between him filming all week and you travelling for your job, it didn’t make it easy on the two of you. But, you watched the fans faces light up when he held their hand or talked with them about his character or the show. You loved how much he loved being with his fans and how much he loved what he did. He was such an amazing man, spending time apart, even though painful was a small price to pay for his happiness.

Norman felt your eyes on him and he looked over at you from behind his table. He smiled sweetly when he saw you staring at him with the hazy eyed, loving smile you loved most from him, although you were impartial to almost any look your man gave you. He waved to you, winked, and then turned his attention back to his last couple of fans. He hugged the last fan and signed her picture, he turned to his handler and said something, she nodded and he stood up and quickly walked over to you, who was standing against the wall all the way on the other side of the room.

Your smile widens and your heart quicken as you watch him stride over to you. You arched your back up against the wall you leaned on, arching your hips forward, as your body reacts to him.

His happy go lucky smile darkened when he saw you arching forward toward him, his feet moved faster and soon his body was right next to yours.

You smiled brightly and threw yourself into his arms, wrapping your arms around his shoulders, and leaning your body into his.

He wraps his strong arms around you and smiles back at you, his deep blue eyes baring into your soul.

“Hey, baby…” You sigh and pull his lips into yours for a short, sweet kiss.

Before you could detach and continue talking to him he pushed his hands onto the sides of your face, slammed his tongue into your mouth, and pushed both of your bodies back into the wall behind you.

“Norman…” You moan into his mouth surprised by his actions, before allowing his tongue to take yours on a wild ride. He sucked and swirled it around at tremendous speed, he pressed his core into yours as his tongue began to fiercely work on you. He lapped his tongue around yours feverishly for another minute, before detaching his lips and staring into your eyes with pure need as he pressed his hard, clothed cock into your body.

He licked his lips and stared you down, breathing heavily; you could tell he needed to let loose inside you as he spoke, “I need you now, Y/N.” He said it matter-of-factly and he pushed his clothed cock into your core harder to emphasize his point.

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pairing: finn balor | original character

summary: you’re on your third date with finn, who is insistent on seeing a horror movie tonight. when finally you concede to him, he sits the two of you at the very back of the theatre and slides his hand into your lap.

The leather jacket hugging his broad shoulders agitates my skin, even through the thick material of my black, long sleeve shirt. He has his left arm around my shoulder blades, tight, firm, so he doesn’t lose me in the throng of other movie-goers. The sunset is just visible over the corner of the movie theatre; the trees sway to and fro heavily, anxious with weight.

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you’ve got another thing coming - joji (nsfw)

Prompt: Could you do one where Joji is surprised how kinky reader is? if that makes sense lol

Also NSFW (but the next one is going to be an SFW)! The anon didn’t specificity kinks, so I ended up going with a few of my personal favorites: public sex/exhibitionism, choking, and some heavy-ish biting (all consensual of course). 

               You have been sitting quietly on the couch next to your boyfriend for the last half hour, just listening in on the conversation he’s having with Max, Ian, Chad, and, of course, the thousands of people in the chat. Max, Ian and Chad are all visible in the chat, but George is just using his microphone as usual. He isn’t the type to want to be live on camera as, well, himself, and you can’t blame him. No camera meant that you could feel comfortable sitting next to him without comments directed at you. You weren’t speaking, so you were invisible to everyone but George. You had the day off from both school and work, a rarity, and George had asked you to sit with him while he did the stream. The living room is brisk and drafty. Joji had forgotten to close the windows the night before after a late-night editing session and there had been a spring freeze overnight. You are both in sweatshirts, and both belonged to Joji, but it was still cold enough to warrant remaining close for body heat. Your head is on his shoulder to so you could see the computer screen and the messages whizzing by, and your hand is on his upper thigh, rubbing it over the soft fabric of his plaid pajama bottoms.

               It hadn’t started as anything sexual really, but Joji couldn’t exactly help his developing hard-on. A natural response to your hand being where it was. He didn’t slap it away though, he enjoyed being touched. However, your mind was beginning to wonder from reading the chat to the situation in George’s pants. You hadn’t ever mentioned most of your kinks to Joji, at least not yet, finding it much more fun to surprise him. Now, however, seemed to be a perfect time to clue him in on your interest in semi-public sex. “Joj?” You whisper in his ear while Max’s voice is drifting over the speakers. He looks over at you, smiling comfortably. “Would you mind if I touched you?” His eyes go wide and he quickly looks from the computer screen, to the bulge in his pants, then back to you.

               “While I’m streaming?” He mouths, seeming a little taken aback by your request. You nod. It would be a good foray into your slight public sex kink, not too crazy but just enough to expose Joji to your interest. The thought of George trying to hold himself back so no one would hear was so fucking hot. He bits his lip and you can almost hear his brain whirring as he thinks over your proposition. Finally, he winks and you and brings his thumb and index finger together in a circle, giving you the okay.

               You don’t waste any time in moving your hand from his thigh to the button on the front of his pajama pants, popping it open, and pulling his cock out through the flap. You knew he wasn’t wearing underwear as you’d watched him get “dressed” that morning. He was quickly filling out the rest of the way as you played with his foreskin, gently pulling it back to expose the sensitive head of his cock. He let out a little hiss, but it was quiet enough the mic didn’t pick it up. You thumbed the tip carefully, trying to keep him just on the edge of the point where he couldn’t help but make noise. George didn’t like to sit still and be idle, and he didn’t like to have to be quiet. He was speaking now, answering a question in that low voice of his, disguising a whimper of pleasure as a cough as you use some of the precum on his tip as lubricant as you begin to slowly pump his cock.

               He was so used to letting out any sounds he wanted to, especially in his videos, where he would make any noise that really came to mind, and watching him struggle to keep himself in check was quite the sight. “Hey, George, the chat keeps asking about when you’re going to drop another Pink Guy music video!” You hear Max’s voice through the speakers of the computer. Joji looks at you helplessly, but you don’t stop. He lets out another fake cough as you twist your wrist just a little on the upstroke to tease him.

               “S-soon,” he manages to get out. The way Max looks into the camera makes it seems like he knows exactly what is going on, even though he couldn’t possibly know.

               “Are you alright over there George?” The Australian asks, and that chat floods suggestions about why George suddenly seemed so quiet and agitated.

               “I had weird,” he lets out a little moan that he turns into simply clearing this throat “hot dog for lunch. Stomachache and shit.” Joji is leaking into your hand enough that you have to slow down or the motions of your hand on his cock will make too much noise. He doesn’t seem happy with that, and moves his hips up to try and fuck your hand. You push his hips back down with your free hand and you can see his frustration written clearly on his features. Max however, seems to take the bait, and launches into a story about the last time he got food poisoning. Suddenly Joji is reaching for the string on your pajama bottoms and pulling them down quickly and quietly. You respond by yanking off his sweatshirt, and suddenly you’re naked on the couch while Chad laughs at Max’s story in the background.

               Joji pushes you back on the couch and starts sucking kisses all over your chest, one hand fondling your left breast while the other fingers at the bundle of nerves between your legs. It feels fucking divine but you really want him to… “Joji, could you bite me? Mark me up?” You ask him nearly silently so no one will hear. He goes right it for it, taking your skin in between his teeth and nipping little places in your flesh before soothing over the bites with gentle kisses. Everything feels so heightened and it’s amazing. You’re trembling under his touch and you can feel his cock rubbing against your thigh. He’s just about to push into you, when you both pause when you hear Joji’s name come from the speakers again.

               “George? You’re breathing really hard, are you feeling okay over there?” It’s Ian this time. Joji drops his face against your chest for a moment and sighs in frustration before turning his head towards the microphone and letting Ian know that he was okay.

               “Just ran upstairs to get something, I’m out of breath,” he says. His arms are shaking as he holds himself above you, his cock just centimeters from your entrance. You move your hips a little, trying to bait him into snapping and fucking you now like you both want. He gives in like you knew he would and thrusts into you all at once.

               You want to try out just one more new thing, and it seems like the time, especially as you have to be quiet. You grab the hand he had on your breast and bring it up to your throat and squeeze it. His eyes go wide and he looks unsure. “Just a little Joj? Please?” He gives in and squeezes his hand just a little, but it isn’t quite enough. He’s afraid to hurt you. You squeeze your hand around his until he’s got the pressure right and he goes with it this time, choking you with his left hand just enough to make your vision blur. It’s just how you like it and it heightens the sensation of his cock moving inside of you. His forehead is against your chest and he’s panting into your chest. You can feel his little moans vibrate against your skin because he can’t help it anymore. You would be just as loud if it wasn’t for that hand. He needs to slow down, he’s getting too loud, but you can’t bring yourself to ask him and you’re sure even if you didn’t he wouldn’t be able to at his point. His hips are moving erratically as he grinds his body against yours. He grips your throat a little tighter and you cum, contracting around him. He’s pulling out before you’re even done and his face goes slack as he cums onto your lower stomach. You need to get on birth control because holy hell that was close.

               “I’ll be right back, I gotta pee,” Joji suddenly announces to the mic, and suddenly you’re on your feet and his pulling you into the bathroom with him. He wets a warm wash cloth to wipe you clean, his grin so wide you aren’t entirely sure his cheeks aren’t hurting. “Jesus Christ that was actually pretty kinky. I did not expect that to come out of you.” You breakdown laughing and he looks at you confused.

               “George, if you thought that was kinky, you’ve got another thing coming.”  


“Erm, give us a serious moment, Calum. Do you… like this?” You ask, and that immediately makes Calum’s eyes pop open and look at you with bewilderment. A deep shade of pink spreads amongst his cheek bones as his mouth falls slightly; his nose flares and his eyes never seem to stop staring at you in shock.

Originally posted by hemmoxhood96

Words: 3.7K

Rating: R 

Request: No

A/N:  I greatly apologize for not being active on Tumblr anymore, I’ve been really busy with school and after school activities that I barley have time to write. Hopefully this New Year I stick to my New Year’s Resolution and post more and if I can’t, I immediately apologize and give a reason on why. Anyways I hope you enjoy this smut!

The atmosphere around you was excruciating, your lungs felt like they were being filled with water as you tried to grasp onto any form of oxygen near you in the heated air. To say it was hot was an understatement, you felt like you were boiling in hot water, the steam from the bubbling heat melting into your skin and causing droplets of sweat to cascade down the side of your forehead as you opened your mouth to let a lengthy sigh slip out of your lips and try to suck in cool nitrogen.

Your baby hairs were matted to your forehead as you tilted your head up to the ceiling and let a whimper slip out of your mouth, soon your tongue followed, it escaped your mouth and ran over your fleshly bottom lip that had mint lip gloss coated over it but, you didn’t care. Your tongue ran over the plush bruised skin before taking it into your mouth, the taste of mint welcoming itself on your tongue along with the taste of cigarettes.

It didn’t help that the windows that were spread amongst the area around you, just happened to be open and letting the hot summer air into the poorly unconditioned school, you felt like you were going to burst apart from the heat. You never were someone to keen on the weather, it always dragged you down in the worst of ways and you hated it.

The hatred only grew more when you had to deal with the fact that you were burning in this thick clothed uniform and someone being pressed against you.

Your hand slipped away from tugging against your plaid skirt and brushed against the rough padding of his khakis, the rough feeling of it causing you to grasp on to the rough material as your other hand, which was occupied by loosening the plaid tie that was hanging around your neck, come down to grasp the thick member that aligns with your heated core.

A rush of air flows down your neck making you sigh with happiness as you feel cool air rush over your chest for moment. Your eyes slam shut when you feel the suffocating heat wash over your body once more along with the feeling of rough fingers grasping your waist into their hands and shoving you against a wooden bookcase which causes the jostle of books shifting around to be heard in the small space around you.

“Easy tiger,” You mutter as your spine curves against the cool wood of the shelf as you release your lip out of your mouth. Your hand continues to rub over the growing member in your hand as the constant feeling of steady breaths of air floats down the junction of your neck, along with warm kisses.

“Sorry but…” He voices, causing warm air to tingle the small hairs of your neck which causes you to moan out. A sigh flows from his lips before you feel the warmth of his neck and his hair tug away from your throat.

Your eyes peeled open, the lamps that hang from the dusty old ceilings stare back at you until your eyes tear away from them and look towards the brunette boy with grabby hands and bruised plump lips.

His autumn eyes stare at you alluringly, they flicker from your eyes to your lips that are just as bruised as his, but that doesn’t stop him from surging forward and crashing his lips onto yours. Your teeth clash together before your lips slump against one another, a moan slips out of your mouth as a groan flees from his.

The usual tastes of smoke and cigarettes seep into your mouth, making the feeling of water in your lungs seem so real so your senses are just being filled with the poisonous smell. His lips curve against yours perfectly as you suckle on his bottom lip, the soft feeling of the redden skin delicate on your tongue as you peel away and let your tongue now slip into his mouth.

Your tongue that has a minty taste amongst your taste buds meets the taste of nicotine as it tangles with it; a hum escapes your mouth as you feel the tip of his tongue run against the rough padding of your tongue, it soon peels away to run along the tip of your tongue to circle against it before running under the underside and then tangling around yours.

A high pitched moan wisps into your wet cave and you suck it in, the feeling of a little breath of air sinks into your lungs which causes a relieved sigh to slip out of your mouth.

As his tongue continues to swirl around your tongue, your hand slides away from the defining bulge in his pants to pop open the multi-colour button from the slit which undoes his jeans. Your finger slides down the sliver zipper to then slip your hand into his boxers, your hand immediately grasping his thick member into your hand.

“Fuck,” He moans into your mouth, his tongue slipping away from yours. Causing a string of saliva―a mixture between the both of you―to spread between your tongue and his. Your eyes flicker between the transparent liquid and his alluring eyes, his pupils blown wide as his gaze is staring at you intensely.

Your hand spreads amongst the warmth of his member, the feeling of his wide shaft overcoming the palm of your hand as you begin to stroke his rigid member. The feeling of a pulsing vein against the underside of his cock draped against your thumb which causes a hum of pleasure to escape his lips which makes him close his eyes for a moment before opening them wide again.

His tongue overlapped his bottom lip, causing the string of spit to break and fall slowly against your chin. A faint smile spread amongst your lips before your head leaned forward and pecked his, a wet squelching sound emits from the way your lips press together, causing a high pitched whimper to slip out of your mouth until you pull away. Your head twisting around from left to right to make sure that nobody heard or saw.

“Anybody can come and see us, are you sure you can’t wait until later?” You breathe out, voice quiet and soft as you continue to stroke the pulsing member in your hand.

As soon as those words slipped out of your mouth you watch as his eyes slip shut, a look of pure serenity overcoming his features as the fingers that dig into your hips feel so tight against you that you won’t be surprise if you wake up tomorrow with bruises on your hips.

Your freshly plucked eyebrows come together in pure confusion at the sudden change of his facial expression until you realize. Your mouth opening then closing before a smirk tugs on the end of your lips.

“Erm, give us a serious moment, Calum. Do you… like this?” You ask, and that immediately makes Calum’s eyes pop open and look at you with bewilderment. A deep shade of pink spreads amongst his cheek bones as his mouth falls slightly; his nose flares and his eyes never seem to stop staring at you in shock.

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Cold Jealousy (Snart x Reader)

Request: 1) Hi, I loved your Leonard snart imagines, so I wondered if you could do some more, maybe if like he gets jekous of you and Barry, and then you have sex when he’s a Dom! Thanks xx

2) Snart smut at star labs please?

Authors Note: I decided to combine these two, seen as they are pretty similar :D I hope that’s alright :3 

Originally posted by daydreamer-2002

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Sorry. He’s Busy Right Now [Teaser]

Norman Reedus x Reader | NSFW | 18+ Only

I was naughty guys…

Summary: Reader and Norman hook up at a con… (pre-teaser summary)


“Yeah. Sure. You haven’t been with anyone in that long. Riiiggghhttt.” You scoff hysterically and roll your eyes.

Suddenly, his arms wrap around you and he pulls you up and twirls you around.

You wrap your surprised arms around him and lean into his should, pulling your legs up, increasing the gravitational pull around the two of you, making you spin even faster.

Norman laughs and hugs you even tighter as he spins another circle or two before dropping your slightly dizzy body and mind back to the earth. You stare up at him hazily as his eyes dance with amusement.

“Just because you’re havin’ sex with someone doesn’t mean you are truly with them. Most of them don’t know me from the next guy. I’m just ya know somethin’ to do. It doesn’t mean much.” He shrugged and his smiling eyes turned a little disheartened, but only for a second and then he perked up his eyes for you and nudged his head up, “Only makes sense that you take care of yourself, in this world…”

You heard slight dismay in his voice as he finished his sentence and saw his eyes flicker down just as yours had down before. You rushed into his arms, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and pushing him back against the door this time.

You stared him straight in the eyes as you pressed your body against his, “How quickly we forget what a true connection feels like, huh?” You say staring huskily into his eyes as you leaned into his lips and let your tongues dance together as one once more.

Norman groaned as your tongue played with his in such a loving manner, he wrapped his arms around your body and pulled you as close into him as he could. His hands began to roam your back up and down until he has the courage to run them down and around your ass, pulling it around as he pulled your core into his even harder.

“Oh, Norman!” You groaned and re-positioned your legs so that you could ride your bodies together even better.

He grabbed and pulled on your ass as you both made love to each other’s tongues, desperately passing one another faster and faster as your body’s ignited with every grinding motion.

Suddenly, you felt a vibration on your leg as you continued to grind onto him, you feel Norman’s body tense and your eyes and mind are forced back to reality. You look down and see the light inside his jean pocket as his phone rings. He slowly, painstakingly detaches his lips from yours as he notices his phone ringing.

You move your leg so that he can reach down and grab it, you lay your head on his shoulder, licking your lips and smiling in pure delight, he made you feel so damn good. As soon as he has the phone out of his pocket you return your left leg to his thigh, rubbing it intently, as your left hand slowly runs up to his shoulder, caressing it daringly.

He smirked at your sudden willingness to show him what you needed, he nudged his nose up and stared at you intently, almost forgetting the ringing object in his hand.

You giggled and looked down at the annoyance, you noticed a name you knew all too well, Brianna. Rumored to have something or another with the man in your arms, but known to have little class and a reputation of hurting the men she dated.

You notice Norman look down and see the name, his body slumped a little and he sighed.

You licked your tongue up his neck ever so slightly and kissed his earlobe, whispering as softly as you could, “Turn it off.” You began to leave small kisses up and down his neck as you rubbed his chest up and down, more boldly than before; staring up at him with a hard longing he had not yet seen in your eyes.

He licked his lips and nodded, he quickly ended the call and pressed down the power button, powering down the device in seconds flat.

You smile and nod, grabbing his phone and walking into the hotel room for the first time. You set the dead device on the microwave in front of you and grab your own phone from your pocket, unlock it, and power it down. You smile back at him as you put your phone next to his and slide your key card on the table, from the inside of your back pocket.

He stares you down with wild eyes, still stuck on the door, as he watches you reach for the button of your pants, pop them open, unzip, and shimmy them down. He stared in awe as you kicked out of your sandals and kicked the fabric off you, leaving you only in a black tank top and your white panties, which already shone through for him. He rubbed his index finger over his lips as he watched you, his hips slightly arching in your direction, as you pulled your finger at him, beckoning him toward you, with a tempting smile.

He nodded and swiftly pushed his body up and walked over to you, who was now right next to the bottom of the king sized bed.

You stood there scantily clad as you stared him down. You reached underneath your tank top and unclasped your bra. You stared into his eyes as you slowly pulled down each strap and reached under and pulled it off down your stomach, throwing it aside haphazardly, not taking your eyes off his for a second. You smirk when you see his legs shift and his arms start swinging slightly beside him.

You nudge your nose up, “What are you waiting for? Pounce on me.” You cocked your eyebrow up and playfully pull at the bottom of your tank top, exposing bits of skin as you swirl the fabric around.

You smile giddily as you watch him groan internally at your words and walk up, right into you, holding his body to yours. He wrapped his arms around you, pushing his arms under your tank top and slammed his tongue back into your mouth, plunging into it as if he found the best treasure in the world…



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Winter is Coming - Smut - Nerdgasm Part 3

Originally posted by biancappter

Author: @dumbass-stilinski

Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,214
A/N: Part 3 of the Nerdgasm series! Some GOT and more Star Wars nerd stuff here. Enjoy! Also the gif has nothing to do with the story I just really miss Kahl Drogo okay?

Part 1
Part 2

If someone would have told you that you’d be spending your Saturday lying naked on Stiles Stilinski’s bed telling him how good his mouth feels on your neck in High Valyrian (aōha relgos feels sȳz), you would have told them they were insane. But here you were, and he was using that beautiful tongue of his to draw patterns on your flesh.

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I Know! Isn’t It Great?

Title: Isn’t It Great?

Pairing: John x Reader

Words: 1,472

Summary: Reader and John are both hunters, but they never work together. Their tempers equally matched they find they have no chemistry for hunting. When it comes to sex however…

Prompt: “I know. Isn’t it great?” for @one-shots-supernatural‘s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge.

Warnings: Some violence against John. Reader and John struggle for dominance, though he never hits her. Swearing. Unprotected sex.

I Know! Isn’t It Great?

There he was, the demon you’d been tracking for 2 years. The demon that had killed your best friend… and you weren’t even the one to take him down.

“God dammit, John!” you shouted, turning and shoving John away from you into the wall.

“What? He’s dead! I was just doing my damn job!” he seethed back, pushing away from the wall to come stand in front of you.

“This was my case!” you raged, fighting back tears.

“Look, I’m sorry that I’m not sorry. Dead is dead” he retaliated, staring down at you.

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Let’s Try This Again

Dolph Ziggler/OC. For Anon: Really smutty Dolph Ziggler one where you’re spending a quiet day at his place (he’s your ex but you had a mutual breakup due to you not being with the wwe), watching movies, playing video games when he turns to you and tells you he still has feelings for you and now you’re both with the WWE, maybe you can get back together and smut? Then the next day, your friend Nattie asks where you were the night before and you try to make up an excuse until Dolph comes up behind you and wraps his arms round you.

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Taemin smut~requested

Originally posted by myuux2

          It was almost two in the morning when you were all piled in the back of the van, headed home. There was a big performance and the boys were all tired and sweaty. Onew and Key sat in the first row of seats. Behind them were Minho and Jonghyun. You and Taemin sat in the seats furthest back. You had to admit, SHINee’s van was a pretty sweet ride. The two rows of seats in front of you were parted into singular seating’s so an aisle could lead into the furthest back. The furthest seats were connected as one long seat from window to window. All of the back of the van was closed off from the world. The windows were heavily tinted and the driver was separated from you by a wall and a little window. The perfect hideaway for exhausted idols.

               Onew had his head stuffed inside his sweatshirt and he leaned up against the door. Key had his head leaned back against his seat and Minho and Jonghyun both had their heads lolled to the side. ‘It’s good that they’re resting. This performance must’ve taken a toll on them.’ You thought to yourself. You decide it would be best to follow their example and you rested your head on the window.

               Your eyes were closed, but there was no way in hell you could sleep. Not after Taemin’s solo performance. Every time you closed your eyes you saw him, his toned chest reflecting in the light of the stage. He put his soul into every move he made and when the chorus came around he flipped his jacket over his shoulders just to tease with the glimpse of his biceps. His dark ripped jeans hugged his body line. A pale belt clung to his upper thigh and his hair stuck to his forehead with sweat. You only saw the performance from the monitors back stage, but that didn’t stop it from having an effect on you.

               You felt the blood start to rush to your core and you squeezed your thighs together. Gradually you opened your eyes to look back at the guys. No one had moved. You guessed they were all asleep and you glanced over at Taemin expecting him to be the same. He was awake. He stared out the tinted van window and watched the street lamps fall behind the vehicle. You subtly scooted closer to Taemin and gently placed your hand on his knee. “Tae~” you whispered.

               Taemin’s eyes flashed over to you and you could see the remnants of his eyeliner in the corner of his eye. He gave you a soft smile before reaching over to you and pushing a stray strand of your hair back behind your ear. You gently closed your eyes and reveled in the brief moment Taemin placed his hand on your cheek. Your hand slid a little further up his thigh until you felt the small tan belt around his leg. 'Fuck, why is that so hot?’

               "You did really well today Jagi,“ You said softly.

               Taemin smiled at you in reply. He really didn’t know how else to say thank you without blushing. You saw his light smile and you could tell he really wasn’t getting your true meaning. Looks like you’ll have to try harder.

               "Your solo was … .~”

               You decided to leave the sentence unfinished as you simply sucked a sharp breath of air through your teeth and bit your bottom lip. Taemin’s eyes sparked, and you could tell he was starting to get the message. He looked down to your hand on his upper thigh and let his eyes run back up your arm, to your neck, to your lips, and finally back to your gaze. “Yeah? You liked it?” Taemin innocently asked.

               His voice sounded innocent but you knew he figured out what he was doing to you. He just wanted to tease you. But this was not a fight you were willing to let him win. You scooted even closer to him until your foreheads were pressed together. “Mm, If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you choreographed that song just to tease me.” You said in a low tone.

               Taemin knew you were flirting with him, neither of you were willing to give. “And if I did, …” Taemin said giving you the devils smirk.

               You slowly tilted your head to peck his nose, then his lips, his jaw, the shell of his ear. You ran your lips all the way down to his collar bone and you left wet kisses down his neck. You heard his breathing start to get thicker and you smiled into your kisses. You spared one more glance at the others to be sure they were all still asleep before moving your hand up to palm him through his jeans. Taemin’s breath caught in his throat as he felt your hand apply pressure to his hardening bulge. His eyes also shot up to the other members. Upon seeing for himself that the others were fast asleep, Taemin swiftly reached out to cup your face and palm your ass.

               You felt his fingers message you as his other hand pulled your face up. He pressed his lips to yours. His tongue infiltrated your mouth as he deepened the kiss and you quietly moaned into him. As soon as he was sure your lips were firmly to his, Taemin’s hand left your cheek and traveled down your torso. His long slender fingers pushed up your skirt and brushed over your panties. He pressed his thumb into your clit and you tore away from his mouth to release a deep breath. “Shhhh, baby. You’ve got to be quiet for me.” Taemin whispered.

               You bit your lip as Taemin pulled your panties to the side and tested your wetness. He sighed in approval as his fingers hovered over your entrance. You never stopped palming his erection as he continued to play with your juices. He was growing harder by the minute and your fingers crawled up to the button of his pants. You swiftly popped it open and yanked down the zipper. You could now slip your hand down into his jeans and stroke him through the light material of his boxers. Taemin choked back a groan and moved his head down to the crook of your neck. He nibbled on your collar bone in an attempt to remain quiet but you could still feel the faint reverberation of his voice through your chest.

               Taemin began to think that this new advancement of yours had given you an unfair advantage. Two could play at that game. He slowly inserted one of his fingers into your heat and your eyes grew wide as his finger stretched you open for him. You buried your face in his chest to keep from releasing a loud moan.

              The van took an abrupt turn and stopped. Taemin looked out the window to see they had pulled up at a gas station. He smirked to himself as he looked back over to the others and noticed they hadn’t even moved from when he last looked over. He took this golden opportunity to lean in close to you and whisper; “Ride me baby girl.”

               Your eyes were glazed over with need. You couldn’t even begin to consider anything else in the world right now. You stood from your seat keeping your head ducked so you wouldn’t hit your head on the low ceiling. Taemin quickly pushed the hem of his boxers down to release his cock. You straddled his waist and lifted the front of your skirt while Taemin pulled your panties to the side. You slowly sank down onto his hard member, trying with all of your might not to whimper. Your breath was shaky and labored as you fully sheathed him inside of you, and you tightly gripped onto his biceps for support. Taemin gripped your hips before bucking up into you.

               The shock of his sudden movement caused you to make a small squeak. Taemin quickly covered your mouth with his hand and looked to the front seats. No one had moved. You both gave a sigh of relief and Taemin kept his hand firmly around your mouth. “You’ve got to keep quiet. You wouldn’t want my hyungs to catch me balls deep into my girl, would you?”

               You shook your head. Taemin gave you the okay to start moving by swiveling his hips. You used the muscles in your thighs to lift yourself up and then sink back down onto his length. You angled your hips a different was every time you came down on him so you could hit your g-spot. Taemin’s breathing became heavier and you could tell he was getting impatient. He removed his hand from your mouth to grip onto your hips. He held you up so you were hovering over his cock and he could take control. He bucked his hips up to slam into you. You almost scream and you have to clasp your hand over your own mouth to keep quiet. You give quiet little gasps and cries as he assaulted your spot. You were so close to your peak …

               "Jesus Taemin, don’t break her.“

               Your eyes meet Taemin’s in a flash of terror before you both swiftly turn towards the front.  You turn to see Jonghyun turned from his seat, giving you a smirk that could kill. Onew was still facing his window with a deep blush on his face, Key just shook his head, "Tsk, animals.”

               Minho had his hand over his mouth, trying not to laugh. You and Taemin looked back to each other, both blushing deep red and speechless. Taemin finally found some words, not all of them; “AH, . .Hyung,… . we, uh … I mean, … we, … I …”

               Key just put his head in his palm and called back to you, “Oh, just finish her already!”

               You were about to protest but Taemin had already started thrusting again. He bucked into you even harder than before. Five more thrusts and Taemin grunted as he released. You felt him pulsate inside of you and you felt your climax rise up from within you, only this time there was nothing to stop you from screaming. You threw your head back and let your climax rip through you. You slumped back onto Taemin and panted heavily into his chest.


               "Set of lungs she’s got.”

               "Just keep it in your pants until we get home next time, okay?“


ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this one kind of sucked too~ thank you soooo much for reading my bad writing!!!!!