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In Heat - Alpha!Stiles Stilinski [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien 

Character(S): Alpha!Stiles Stilinski/Reader, Scott McCall, Malia Tate, Lydia Martin, Derek Hale, Liam Dunbar and my sons Mason and Corey.

Word Count: 4661

Notes: Man this is so filthy and it was so fun to write, I hope y'all really enjoy it. We got extreme sparking, marking, bring, cutting, scratching, bruising, oral (both receiving) and over-stimulation as well as masturbation (male) and finally teasing. Thank you so, so much to my best girl Steff, I don’t know what I’d do without her proofreading, editting and help on writing. (She’s even helping me write Kiss My Ass because I’m THAT useless!) so big shout out to my girl. I love you Steffy, Rick to my Rock. ❤️ @dumbass-stilinski 

Gif by @bonniebird and I’m still shook because damnnnnn 

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Spilled Coffee || KakaSaku

This is a bit late @do-you-even-kakashi but here is your little gift. I hope you like it. Happy birthday 😚💖


Sakura Haruno hummed quietly to herself as she waited in line for her coffee, foot tapping out a rhythm on the floor.

It was a good day, summer was coming to an end and the weather was a pleasant mix of sunny and cool. She finally was on a break from uni and being out in a crowd and seeing people was a nice change of scenery after being holed up in her apartment studying day and night for the past three months. The fact that she graduates after one more year was a bonus.

Of course, the good day couldn’t possibly last.

“Well if that isn’t Sakura!” The sound of her name made her look up, and oh boy, she wished she didn’t.

Walking her way was a couple she was all too familiar with. A dark haired man with black mysterious eyes and a lean strong build known as Sasuke Uchiha. Also known as her ex-boyfriend. He had his arm wrapped around a redhead’s waist. Karin Uzumaki, the name came to her without much struggle. The woman was a famous actress and a gorgeous one too.

She didn’t hate Karin, not really. It wasn’t her fault Sasuke was a cheating bastard. But she couldn’t help but resent her a little for ruining her perfect image of said man. Of course, that all was years ago, when they were still in high school.

Now, three years later, Sasuke was still with Karin. What was it that Sakura lacked, exactly? The rosette couldn’t help but wonder as she studied the approaching couple.

They were now within greeting distance and she steeled her nerves. It wouldn’t do to let him know he still had a small effect on her. “Oh, is that you Sasuke? Wow, it’s been so long!” Wish it’d been longer.

He smirked easily, guiding the redhead into line. “It has indeed. I haven’t seen you since graduation.”

Sakura hummed, mentally preparing herself for an emotionally exhausting conversation. She wondered iff she could somehow escape as soon as she got her coffee, and wished the workers would hurry up. “well, you know how life works. I’ve been busy.”

He nodded in agreement, with that same familiar smirk she once liked. Ugh, puke. “Hmm, I know. What are you studying?”

Sakura could help but smirk, she worked damn hard to get into a good university and she was proud of herself and her achievements, “medicine. Almost done with it… you?”

Sasuke shrugged nonchalantly, but there was a slight stiffening along his shoulder line, “finished law school and went back to playing football.”

Yikes, the last thing anyone wanted was for Sasuke to be a cop. That spoke of disaster.

“Yeah, maybe stick with football.” She agreed, moving to accept her drink with a barely concealed sigh of relief. “Well, I should get going, I have an appointment. Nice catching up with you.”

She was about to leave— scramble the hell out of there because his presence brought back really unpleasant memories of an insecure past-self she wished to banish— when Karin’s voice caught her attention, “go on. Invite her.”

Sakura reluctantly turned back to face the couple with a curious eyebrow raise, “invite me to what?”

“Our wedding. It’s next week.”

Sakura froze, and she had to make a conscious effort not to look like she walked into a solid brick wall. Wedding? …wedding!?

That little bastard— piece of fucking trash— asshole— little fucking— “oh. Oh, congratulations you guys!”

Her voice came out a little strained and she winced. Ugh, way to show him I’m over him.

“It would be lovely if you’d attend.” Karin said, smiling in that same pretty way she did on camera. Ugh…. “bring along a date too.”

“Um,” Sakura was a breath away from declining, claiming she needed to be on the other side of the country because she sure felt like it at that moment but then she caught sight of Sasuke’s challenging gaze and wow, fuck him, fuck that asshole, I’ll show him, “sure. I’ll be there. Just text me the details.”

She finally waved and hurried out of Starbucks. Once outside, she paused to take a deep breath and violently swear in her mind for agreeing. She was already regretting her decision— She didn’t even have a date! She’d rather die than show to his wedding with a dating. I’m a fuckin’ idiot.

“Hey, watch out!” She didn’t think this day could get worse but lo and behold, a man on a bicycle was hurtling towards her at insane speed and she barely had time to jump out of the way and avoid an early death.

Her coffee slipped out of her hold, splashing both her and nearby passerby’s pants and Sakura fell backwards, and it all seemed to happen in slow motion, much to her horror. She shut her eyes tightly, waiting for the shocking impact.

Firm arms however, caught her just in time and she and another person went crashing into the ground. Her back met something firm and warm, knocking the breath out of her and something sharp dragged across her palm causing her to she wince. She was only dimly aware of the feeling of a warm liquid trickling down her hand.

She looked down dazedly to see a piece of glass sticking out of her hand and gasped, a pained cry echoing from her throat.

“Hey— hey, are you okay?” A quiet voice rasped worriedly from behind her and she slowly turned to come face to face with…

She gasped again, and not in pain. The man holding her was Kakashi Hatake. One of her favorite authors of all time. Oh hell, apparently this day could get worse.

“I-I…” she stuttered, biting her lip to stop from letting out a pained sound. Her palm was pulsing and throbbing like there was no tomorrow and much to her displeasure, it was staining her clothes.

His dark irises slid to her palm then and they widened slightly, “damn,” he breathed reaching to carefully hold her palm up to inspect, “hey that looks pretty serious. Come on, you should go to the hospital.”

The pain had numbed her brain and she was barely aware of him lifting her up to her feet. “H-hospital?” His words suddenly registered in her mind. “W-wait, it’s fine. I'm— I’m a med student.”

He stared at her, somewhat surprised. “Med student?”

She nodded in confirmation, staggering out of his hold. She needed to get out of there, take care of her hand and hate Sasuke’s gut for the entirety of next week. And speaking of that bastard, the last thing she needed was for him to walk out and see her in her miserable state, hot coffee soaking her coat and blood dripping from her hand. “I’ll just go home.”

Kakashi eyed her disbelievingly for a few seconds before sighing in acceptance, “come on, I’ll drop you.”

She stared at him, speechless. He was even nicer than she expected, and he looked even better in reality. She’d only ever seen him on TV doing interviews about his new books. The scar running down his left eye looked even deeper face to face. She wondered how he could still use his eye… okay, she was drifting off topic here and he was now staring expectantly at her.

“Y-you don’t need to…” she stammered, embarrassed at having zoned out. “It’s a two block walk.”

He snorted and completely ignored her. He boldly wrapped and arm around her waist and began to guide her away, “don’t be silly, you’re leaking blood everywhere. I can’t leave you like this.”

Her mind was grumbling about how troublesome he was being but who was she even kidding, she definitely wanted this man’s company for a little while longer.

Kakashi walked her to his car, a shiny black thing that was rather enchantinh. She had no idea what kind it was, she really wasn’t into cars. But it looked nice, and the seats felt even nicer. She gave him the directions in a daze, her eyes roaming his side profile, mapping every detail.

His hair was darker than it looked on TV. In every interview she watched it was almost white, but looking at it now, it was a platinum shade that really complimented his pale complexion.

Faint freckles dotted his nose and cheeks and why wasn’t he a model, anyway?

Sakura stumbled her way out of the car when Kakashi parked outside her building and to her doorstep, aware of said man following her, looking ready to catch her if she fell.

They made it up the six flights of stairs and she fumbled for her keys until they unlocked her door, her fingers now shaking in pain.

She faintly remembered her manners and she turned to him as she hurried towards the kitchen, “make yourself at home!”

Once inside the familiar walls of her kitchen, she retrieved her first aid kit and got to work, grunting in pain as she extracted the glass shard from her skin.

He showed up just as she drenched her hand in antiseptic. They both winced.

The silver-haired man moved to inspect her work. “Will it need stitches?” He asked curiously, a hint of worry in his tone.

Sakura shook her head. “No, I just need to wrap it up.”

He nodded and watched her work. A few moments passed before he broke the silence, and sounded a little awed. “I didn’t imagine you were a doctor, what with the pink hair.”

She felt her cheeks flush slightly but didn’t look up from her injured hand as she wrapped it up, “it’s just pink hair, it doesn’t impair my ability to learn.”

He nodded absently. “Well it’s nice that you can take care of your injuries by yourself. I wish I could. I hate hospitals”

Her mouth quirked up and she comforted him, “I don’t do this often. I rarely get injured, but today’s just a bad day it seems.”

“Something happened?” He wondered, and when she raised her eyebrow, amended, “other than this I mean.”

Sakura sighed dejectedly and got into explaining her morning. “I ran into my cheating ex-boyfriend and his fiancé. He invited me to his wedding. And I don’t have a date. I really shouldn’t have accepted.”

“Then why did you?” Kakashi arched a questioning eyebrow and she was momentarily distracted by how attractive that simple action was.

“Because… I don’t want him to think I’m not over him or something.” She muttered embarrassedly and got up. “I’m going to change,” she announced, looking down at her coffee stained clothes. “There’s tea and coffee in the second cabinet, cups in the third, help yourself.”

As she hurried to her bedroom, it occurred to her that Kakashi was a stranger—an incredibly attractive one at that—and yjag it was unwise to have strangers go through your belongings unsupervised but somehow, she didn’t mind that much. Besides the fact that she desperately wanted to jump him, the man was a living breathing legend. His books were bestseller worldwide. She doubted anyone could call themselves a thriller fan and not know who Kakashi Hatake was.

His books were turned into movies, and he even acted in one of them. It was almost disorienting being in the presence of someone so great and successful.

She made a quick work of shedding her clothes and replacing them with a clean red dress that reached her knees.

When she made it back to the kitchen, she found him by the kettle heating some water, back facing her. The sight of his muscled shoulders was definitely distracting. She could almost see every detail, every dip and corner of his beautifully contoured body beneath his tight shirt.

He turned and smiled almost sheepishly at her when he noticed her there. Ridiculously, her stomach knotted.

He pointed at a blue book on top of her microwave as he stated. “You read my work.”

She wondered why he looked surprised. Most people read his work. “Yes. I love your work.”

He grinned in that way she was sure gave a few females a heart attack along the way. What with his sharp canines and dimple, “what’s your favorite?”

“Um,” she paused, going over her mental list of every book of his that she read. It really was hard to pick a favorite, “I really liked House of Crows… Will Of Fire too.”

“Ah,” he said, almost delighted, “my old work.”

“I like your recents too,” she assured, “especially Icha Icha, I didn’t think you’d ever write romance.”

“How badly did I fail?” He joked easily, turning to pour water in his tea cup.

“Oh hush,” she rolled her eyes. Silly man, it was a bestseller. “It’s awesome. I’m glad someone is continuing Jiraiya’s work. It was really unfortunate he quit.”

Kakashi shrugged and admitted, “he asked me to continue his work— his wife isn’t too fond of his more… lewd literature.”

Sakura snorted and moved to get herself a cup and a teabag, “too bad. But hey, you made them even better so I ain’t complaining.”

Kakashi smiled as he took a sip of his tea, “honestly I’m facing somewhat of a writer’s block lately. Everyone is demanding a new Icha Icha book but I’m not very inspired. I hate repetition. I want to write something different.”

Sakura poured herself tea and turned to regard the incredibly sexy man in her kitchen. How desperate is she that she almost entertained the thought of him having her on the table… “take your time. A good book is a well-thought out one.”

He hummed thoughtfully. He then started, “oh, wow, I didn’t get your name?”

Sakura couldn’t help but laugh, “right, it’s Sakura.”

“I’m Kakashi… as you already know.” He said with a slight awkwardness that was really funny coming from a man who’d written and published erotic novels.

He was slowly proving to her he wasn’t all what he showed in interviews. He always looked so self-assured and confident. And yet, here he was in her kitchen, smiling almost bashfully at her.

“Let’s make a deal.” He suddenly said, almost seeming like he’d gathered his thoughts. “If you let me… base my next character on you— forgive me but you’re just terribly intriguing— I’ll… accompany you to your ex’s wedding.”

Sakura nearly dropped her tea cup. Her mouth fell open and she stared at him in astonishment.

He hastily began to apologise, thinking he’d offended her but she quickly interrupted him, “you’d do that? You’d be my date if I just let you base your character on me?”

Kakashi paused, eyes wide in surprise, probably at her acceptance of the idea, “well, yeah… it’s a big deal to me. Just like your ex’s wedding is a big deal to you.”

“Nice.” She grinned and hopped onto the counter, excitedly, “please feel free to then. I expect a nice male protagonist.” Preferably you.

Kakashi threw his head back and laughed. “You got it.”


The next week blurred by, and Sakura saw Kakashi every day. A sudden bout of inspiration appeared to have hit him and he started spending more and more time with her, claiming that talking to her is keeping his inspiration running.

She really didn’t mind, he had a brilliant mind and she immensely enjoyed bantering with him. In that single week they seemed to have built something like a friendship with the undertones of sexual tension.

Sakura tried to convince herself that only she was aware of that tension because there was no question when it came to wanting to jump his bones but hey, you can’t blame her, he was a really attractive man. However, she could’ve sworn she’d sometimes catch him staring at her mouth like he might lunge over the table and kiss her. She surely wouldn’t have minded.

She held onto his arm as they walked into the reception. It was packed and overflowing with people dancing and drinking themselves into a stupor. Strangely, it didn’t feel as bad to be there anymore, especially with the company of someone like Kakashi.

She led him to where Sasuke and Karin were greeting people.

They both stared at the silver-haired man next to her, looking almost gobsmacked as she introduced him as her date. “Sasuke, Karin, this is Kakashi. Kakashi, these are Sasuke and Karin.”

Kakashi nodded politely, a small charming smile tilting the corner of his mouth, “congratulations. I wish you happiness in your marriage.”

They continued to stare until the silver-haired man quirked an amused eyebrow.

“A-ah, forgive me but… are you Kakashi Hatake?” Sasuke asked, eyes drifting between Sakura and the tall man holding her.

“The one and only.” Kakashi winked and Sakura had to admit he surely could charm about anyone. “I’ll see you two around, yeah? It was nice meeting you. Come on Sakura, I’ve been dying to try that strawberry tart.”

Sakura giggled, following him away. She gave him a thumbs up when out of the newly wedded couple’s view. “That was perfect. I can’t thank you enough.”

“You sure you don’t want to make out where they can see for the final touch?” He teased lightly, but something in his eyes told her he wasn’t entirely joking.

Her heart pounded. It was moments like this that convinced her the silver-haired man found her attractive, too. “That would make a terribly convenient Icha Icha scene wouldn’t it?” She raised a challenging eyebrow despite the heat pooling in her belly.

Kakashi paused and now they were at the edges of the room, next to a pillar and was it just her or was Kakashi backing her into a corner? “Hmm,” he hummed contemplatively. “It depends on whether I would have to drag you back to the car and peel this lovely dress off.”

His voice dropped to a smokey whisper and her breath hitched. She hadn’t realised how badly she wanted him until she could practically feel the heat radiating off his body. His hands landed on her hips and he gently pressed her against the wall, keeping her hidden from view.

“And then what?” Her voice wobbled slightly as she felt his hot breath on her face, electrifying her skin.

She felt his hand on the exposed skin of her thigh, where the slit of her dress extended all the way up to her hip. “And then,” he murmured, their noses almost brushing together. His thumb traced the waistband of her panties, “maybe find out if you taste as nice as you look.”

He swallowed her gasp as his mouth captured hers in a hungry kiss and she couldn’t help the embarrassingly needy moan that escaped her as his hot tongue traced her lower lip and slipped into her mouth to tangle with her own in a heated dance.

The sound of the wedding faded from her ears to be replaced by the sound of her heart pounding in her chest. His hand traced her sides, pinching her hips closer to him so that their bodies pressed together.

Sakura was about to completely lose herself to the raging fire in her body when Kakashi pulled away from her, lips kiss-swollen and eyes mischievous and dark with something that made her toes curl. “So… car?”

This man was going to be the death of her. “Definitely.”

Can’t quite make it

WWE Imagine

Finn x Reader- Finn wants to claim you as his, super smutty and Dominant.

Word count: 1636
Warnings: Smut, Language
Author’s Notes:  I Love me some Finnabon, sorry for the silence, I’ve had a lot going on in my real life. Love you all.

     The tour bus was your favorite of all the ways to travel to the U.S shows for many reasons, but the most prominent of those reasons, was currently sitting in front of you, his dark brows knit together in concentration as he carefully placed a tan Lego block on top of a stack of staggered grey ones to form the pentacle of the Death Star.

   You smiled as he let out a long held sigh of relief and placed the blocks down on the ever-swaying fake wood table of the tour bus and smiled at you, blue eyes shinning brightly.

“Hey, we are stopping for lunch, and to take a quick break, we will all meet back here at 8.” The driver announces as the bus pulls into a little mom and pop diner off the interstate.

 The bus rocks back and forth as groggy wrestlers stumble their way out of the bus onto the cool street.

“Right, ya wan to go get some grub den?” Finn teases you, standing and stretching his arms over his head, pulling his tight black t-shirt up, exposing his well toned abs.

  Of course you had seen Finn in a near state of undress many times being his body painter, and best friend, but it never ceased to make your mouth water and knees clench together. Ripping your eyes away from his stomach, you smile up at him, and nod your answer.

 “Good, cause I’m famished!” Finn teases, “Look et meh, I’m witherin’ away righ before yar eyes!” He gestures towards his lower body, and smiles his lopsided grin as he leads the way off the bus, you hot on his heels.

  “Finn!” You hear Becky before you see her, but it doesn’t take long to spot the fire haired Irish-woman.

“Finn, wait up! I needa ask ya something!” She catches his arm and drags him away, throwing a finger and a grimace over her shoulder, apologizing for the sudden interruption.

 You let out a sigh and lean onto the front of the bus, twirling the zipper on your jacket as you wait for Finn to return.

“Ahh!” You nearly scream as a large hand clamps your left shoulder, startling you.

“Woah, easy there little lady, I didn’t mean to scare ya! Not just yet anyway!” Aj smiles at you sweetly, winking a blue eye at you as he moves to stand directly in between you and where Finn had followed Becky too.

 “Jesus, a little warning next time Aj, you nearly gave me a heart attack!” You chuckle, smiling up at him, you talk for a few minutes, shifting impatiently from foot to foot, getting tired of waiting for Finn to return, and more anxiously, wondering what he is doing with Becky.

       “Whatcha waiting out here for? Wanna head out of the cold and get some coffee or a beer? There is a bar right down the-”  Before he can finish his offer, he is interrupted by a very stern Irish voice.

   “She was jus waiting far me, we’ll be goin’ den.” Finn pushes past Aj’s bigger frame and wraps a arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer to him.

 Before you can protest, Finn is dragging you by the arm back into the now empty bus, his grip on your wrist almost tight enough to hurt.

 “Ow, Finn! Let me go!” You growl as you yank your arm free of his grasp, your eyes locked with his light ones as he spins to face you.

  “Wha is tha all about huh?” He demands, his hands wresting on his jean clad hips. He looked angry…it was distracting, in more ways than one.

 “What was what all about? Aj stopped to talk to me after you ran off with Becky! We were just talking!” You growl. Why were you explaining yourself to him? He wasn’t your boyfriend, as much as you wish he was.

  You turn away from him, confused. “Aye! Where are ya headed?” His large hands are on your hips, pulling you backwards into him, your ass pressing into his front hard, hard enough for you to feel a swell in the front of his jeans, straining to break free. Oh.

  “I don’t-” You start, but he stops you by kissing your neck softly, then harder, his teeth biting down on the sensitive skin hard, making you yelp out in pleasure and pain.

  “Finn, I don’t understand.” You finish, closing your eyes hard as you try to focus, his hands traveling under and up your shirt, the rough skin of his palms making you squirm, and grow ever more aware of the dampness in your panties.

 “Yar mine, and I wan ta prove it. Ya think ya can jus flirt with who ever ya want when I walk away for a second?” He growls, dragging you to the back of the bus, and pushing you down into a bunk, laying you flat on your stomach.

  “Finn!” You exclaim as he climbs over you, his hardening erection pressed into the small of your back as he drags your shirt over your head.

 “Finn! What if someone comes back? We are on the bus-” You exclaim breathlessly as he unsnaps your bra, sliding it down your shoulders, releasing your hard knobs to the cool air of the bunk.

  “Let them hear ya, they needa know yar mine anyway.” He snarls into your ear, his teeth grazing your ear lobe as he shimmies out of his pants, pushing them to the corner of the bunk, his hot cock pressing into the thin material of your leggings, making you writhe under him, need growing in the pit of your stomach.

  “Ya want me Y/N? How wet are ya huh?” His voice is husky as he pushes his hand under you, and inside your panties, his expert fingers parting your soaked folds quickly, and rubbing your swollen knob in fast and harsh circles, making you moan out his name.

  “Fuck, Finn please, I need you, please?” You whimper, bucking under him as he shifts his weight, moving backwards enough in the small bunk enough to pull your leggings down to your ankles, leaving them wrapped around you there.

 “Mmm, I wan’ ya tied up, but this’ll have ta do far now.” He growls, his hands gripping your hips, pulling you up slightly so that you are resting in your knees, you ass slightly in the air.

  “Fuck! Oh my god!” You nearly scream as he his suddenly buried deep in your soaked mound, your fingers gripping the plaid sheets hard as your body tries to adjust to his size, his cock pumping in and out of you hard, rocking the bus slightly.

  “Jesus Christ! Ya’r so tight Y/N, ya feel better than I imagined.” He moans as he grips your hips hard, pulling your ass back to meet his thrusts hard, your pussy clenching around his thick cock, his length stretching you.

  “Oh my god Finn, Don’t stop, right there!” You moan with abandon, not caring who hears you as you are lost in the pleasure of his cock pumping into your dripping cunt, his hand moving up your body to wrap around your throat, gripping you tightly.

 “Dat’s it love, say my name, scream it, let everyone know who’s pussy dis is.” He slams into you hard, his body pressed into yours as he keeps up his torturous rhythm, his other hand smacking your hard on across the ass, making you yelp loudly.

 “Finn, Finn, oh God, I’m going to cum!” You moan loudly, pushing hard back into him as you explode over the precipice, your body shaking and your toes curling as you suppress a scream of pleasure.

 “Oh, Shid You feel so good, I’m going to cum! Where do ya want it?” He growls huskily, panting behind you. In response you pull forward, pulling him out of you, and carefully spin around to face him, reaching out to grip his cock hard before he can say anything, taking his length into your mouth, and rolling your tongue over it.

   “FFFFuck!” He moans out, his hands gripping your hair hard as you bob you head up and down over his length, the taste of him and you filling your mouth as he cums hard, pushing your head down and forcing you to swallow rope after rope of his hot cum.

  “Shid.” He pants as he falls backwards into the small cot, his head almost hitting the wall as he pulls you down with him.

  “Yeah, I’d say.” You close your eyes, your body still singing with pleasure as you try to catch your breath, listening carefully to see if anyone had returned. After a moment you both come down enough to roll out of the bunk, sliding your cloths back on, stopping occasionally to steal a kiss.

    Just as you are sitting on the edge of the bunk, pulling your boots back on, someone climbs onto the bus, nosily, startling the two of you. You look up to see Aj’s blue eyes passing between you and Finn, taking in the scene, then at the bunk, and back to the two of your nearly dressed forms.

  Finn Snickers quietly and it hits you, Finn’s sheets are red. These are plaid. You look up to meet Aj’s gaze once more, your cheeks turning as red as the afore mentioned sheets. Just as you are about to try to apologize, Finn speaks.

  “Sorry man, ya know how it is sometimes…Ya just can’t quite make it ta yar own bunk..”

Jimin/Jungkook; Coffee Date

read on ao3

Jimin is tired.

He’s had a shitty week, seven days full of exams that weight half his grade and showcases that can decide whether he’s going to pass this year of college or not. The purple bags under his eyes refuse to leave no matter how many times Jimin pokes at them and all his muscles ache from the extra hours of practice he had to put in to perfect his last choreo. He’s working mostly on auto-pilot by this point, shuffling only half-awake through the aisles of the supermarket in search of the only thing that’s kept him alive and kicking through this hellish week.

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Lightning Bolt Soulmate! Barry Allen x Reader Part Three

Fandom: The Flash

Characters: Barry Allen, Reader, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, OC

Word Count: 771

Warnings: Barry Allen being a little creep in a sort of good way? idk just read it and find out

A/N: So this is essentially Part Two from Barry’s POV with a little more information added to it and what Barry does afterwards. This is probably so shitty but I wanted to get it out because it was taking way too long. Enjoy!

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

Originally posted by horcrx-hunter


I was out running through the city, when I heard the shouts. I couldn’t make out the words, but the owner of the voice was obviously a woman. Automatically assuming the worst, I sped off in the direction of the sound. Instead of finding a mugger attacking an unsuspecting woman in an alleyway, I found a couple, arguing on the steps of a crappy apartment building. The guy was attempting to stand higher than the girl, puffing out his chest with every word.

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The Coffee Shop Incident [Tom Holland smut]

Request: “ ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) daddy kink tom holland” -  @shirokirito-sao

Words: 1.7+k

Rating: M

Trigger warings: Smut

Summary: Tom gets jealous and you take advantage of the poor boi’s kink.

A/N: This came from a chat we had on the sin chat with the x-fam so I hope you like this sin.

Tom have been acting up throughout the whole day.  Ever since you left starbucks this morning he hadn’t let go of you, with his possessive grip on your hand or an arm around your waist. He had been grumpy all day.

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Home Away From Home - Part 6

part 5

Genre: straight into smut, romance, bit of a shocker at the end

Previously: His hands snaked around my waist, turning me to him for another lustful kiss as the door slowly closed behind us “I can’t believe we’re doing this.” I said quickly unzipping my dress. 

Warnings: eating out, face riding, blindfolds

“I can’t believe this is finally happening.” Sehun cupped my cheeks and pressed his plump lips to mine. I finally freed myself from the fitted material and let it pool around my feet. He took a step back and stared at my black silk and white lace bra and panty set. 

“Did you wear my favorite colors on purpose?” I smirked, knowing what I was doing. During our little walk on the shore, we talked about all of our favorite things. 

“Very sexy.” He whispered. His eyes darkened from lust and I grabbed a hold of his jacket to pull him in for another steamy make-out. His lips are so sensual. His hands unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his perfectly toned torso. I sat on the bed, breaking our kiss to look at the Greek god standing in front of me.

“Close your eyes for me.” He said. I raised my eyebrow and did what I was told. I felt a soft silky material drape over my eyes. His gentle hands stripped me out of my bra and slowly pulled down my panties. His contact disappeared and I heard the sound of his pants unzipping. I shifted backward until my back hit the padded headboard.

“God, you make me hard just by looking at you.” I smiled at his comment and attempted a sexy pose as I stretched out one leg across the bed, leaving the other bent. Sehun took my hands in his and brought me up to my back was away from the headboard.

“Stand up on your knees, baby. I’ll help you.” His left hand dropped down to my hip, turning me around to face the front of the bed. I got up onto my knees and kept my balance by pressing my hands to the headboard. My mind raced at the thought of what he wanted to do to me. I never pegged him as a blindfold guy. My thoughts were silenced by his soft voice in my ear.

“Spread them a little more, love.” He whispered. I started to get a scene of the position he wanted me in, but I didn’t know why. I felt a dip in the bed, directly between my legs and Sehun's hands returning to my skin. He gripped my thighs and said softly, “Now come down, baby.” I lowered myself slowly. My throbbing core was then greeted by Sehun’s soft lips attaching to my clit.

I let out a long moan at his amazing suction. He left open-mouth kisses all over my begging core. My hand searched for this head until I laced my fingers into his black hair. His tongue moved in small feverish circles, making my cries intensify. His slender fingers spread out as his hands reached up my back, arching my spine. My chest heaved with shaky breaths. I tugged onto his locks, making him moan. His lips vibrated onto my sensitive bud.

My fingers started to tingle, the knot in my stomach tightened. I could feel every touch, every kiss, every lick. I guided my hips back and forth on his tongue. His hands squeezed my butt, forcing a whine from me.

“S-Sehun! I’m close!” I screamed. He suddenly stopped and came out from under me, ignoring my whine at the loss of contact. I felt his warm chest pressed to my back, putting my mind at ease. His lips barely touched my shoulder before pressing a few small kisses to the skin.

“Now walk backward, just a little.” His hands guided me backward and stopped me in the middle of the mattress. “Turn, onto your back.” He kissed the shell of my ear and I slowly turned and lowered onto my back, just like he wanted. His hands came around the back of my head, removing the blindfold.

His lips were red and swollen and his eyes were completely darkened with desire. He slowly came down on his hands and knees, much like a hungry lion over my now aching core.

“I’m not done yet, baby.” He said in a deep, rocky voice. He stared straight into my eyes and gently sucked my inner thigh. I ran my fingers through his dampened hair as he gave a long lick to my slit. His long fingers thrust into me, twisting and curling along my walls. He repeated his movements before he found my g-spot, making sure to give special attention to the sensitive area.

I lifted my leg to hang over his massive shoulders. My arms stretched out as my orgasm started to rise.


“Let it go, Y/n! Let me feel you on my fingers.” I clenched around him and threw my head back, grinding my hips down on his hands. His fingers are just as heavenly as I imagined. I yelled his name over and over again. He leaned up, kissing from my hip to my chest while his hands worked their magic.

My back completely arched off the bed. I gripped the sheets with all my might. His fingers curved to the perfect angle, hitting my g-spot every time.

“Just like that! Oh!” His soft lips trapped my hardened nipple, sucking gently. His hot breath tickled my skin with each exhale. His kisses continued to trail up my chest to my neck. I couldn’t stop moaning if I tried. Everything he did was perfect. 

I gave a few more shouts until I began to feel weak. My limbs felt like complete jelly. I took several deep breaths in and out to get my heart rate back to normal, but in Sehun’s presence, that’ll never happen.

“How was that?” He asked, his head tucked into my neck.

“That was… Amazing.” I replied while shaking my head in disbelief. His lips pressed to mine, letting me taste myself on his tongue.His fingertips slid up the smooth skin of my stomach before reaching his lips, sucking the last bit of wetness off of them.

His lips. They are so deliciously taunting. I pressed out foreheads together before stealing another kiss. His free hand snaked around my hips, pulling me against his hot, sweaty body. I returned my fingers to his hair, tugging once again. He groaned into my mouth, giving me the perfect opportunity to slid my tongue in.

He grabbed a hold of the sheets and wrapped us both in without breaking our passionate kiss. I moved my leg slightly, just enough to feel his bare erection on my thigh. I had to return the favor. I palmed his member, making his grab a hold of me tighter. I swiped my finger across the red tip, collecting the pre-cum on my thumb. I brought my hand up to lick it off, never breaking eye contact.

“That’s it turn over.” He said with a sexy look in his eyes.

“But I want to taste you now.” I offered. He smirked and held my cheek in his hand.

“The only thing I want is to feel your tight core wrapped around my dick.” His word sent chills down my spine. His lips attacked my neck as he mounted my bare body. The silk sheets slid down, just barely covering his lower back. He tilted his head back, tossing his glorious hair out of his face. His strong chest flexed in front of my face. I lifted my hand to feel the tightened muscle. He looked down at me with a smile and held my hand to his chest. His heartbeat is so strong, and powerful. 

After a moment of being mesmerized by his charm, he brought my hand up for a chaste kiss and said, “Just remember to breathe.”

I spread my legs shakily, still feeling the strain of my orgasm. He hovered over me on bent arms. His right arm lined up his member with my entrance. He kissed me again passionately before sliding in. My mouth fell open, ending the kiss,  as he stretched my walls.

His touch made me feel like I’ve never been touched before. Like I was brand new. He stopped once he was fully inside me. He fit so perfectly. I wasn’t in pain or feeling unsatisfied. We were an exact match.

His warm lips kissed my collar bones, shifting between the two. I massaged his scalp only to feel his start to thrust back and forth slowly. The friction was mind blowing. It only took a few minutes until he found my g-spot once again. My fingers scraped down his back as his speed accelerated. 

“More, Sehun. Give me more.” I said bobbing up and down with every thrust. Our hips moved in pure sync, but a beat out of place. His head buried into my neck while his hands wandered my body, grabbing whatever he wanted. His breathy moans filled my ears.

His bottom lip wedged between his teeth as his hand gripped my butt, squeezing it tightly. I ran my hands through his hair and just let my moans pour out. The bed below me rocked with our movement. 

I started to feel a tightening in my stomach, forcing my back to arch, My legs started to tingle. I Felt my heart beating in my throat. Sehun’s hand lifted my head to kiss him. I moaned into his mouth, his warm tongue massaged mine. I was in pure ecstasy. Within the minute, Sehun’s orgasm sent shockwaves through his body. I clung to him, feeling his separate thrusts take over. My entire body pulses. I couldn’t get any words out other than Sehun’s name. His hot breath made my skin break out into tiny goosebumps.

I settled into the satin sheets and my back relaxed out of the arch. Sehun gave a couple more lazy thrusts and he turned over to his side, propping his head up with his hand. Our breathing slowed down as we just laid in silence.

“This isn’t it for us right? We’ll still see each other after this vacation is over?” He asked. My heart shattered after that shot of reality. I turned to him and started into his warm brown eyes.

“I know we will. I promise.” I placed my hand on his chest and he leaned down to kiss me again. I see no reason why we wouldn’t see each other after we went back to college. The spring semester will start and we’ll only be 30 miles away.

We laid there for a few more minutes until I got a text from my sister.

Y/s/n: Mom and dad are looking for you! I tried to distract them. They want us both in the room by midnight!

I checked the time to see it was already 11:30!

“Oh shit! I have to go.” I said, scrambling to get my clothes back on. Sehun swung his legs over the side of the bed.

“Now? Is it urgent?” He asked. I nodded frantically and put my shoes back on.

“My parents want me on the complete opposite side of the resort in less than 30 minutes.“ With that, he got up and got dressed.

“At least let me help you get there in 10.” He said calmly. I grabbed my dress and hunched over to get it back on when I felt Sehun’s stare. I turned around with a raised eyebrow.

“Are you checking me out?” I asked. He just smirked and replied, “can you blame me?”

I just rolled my eyes and finished getting dressed. He reached out to me and took my hand. I followed him out of his room and through the main area of the penthouse. I was confused when he kept walking past the front doors and instead hurried to the balcony.

“Are we gonna Bungee jump to my suite?” I questioned sarcastically. He just continued to walk on the stone pathway until we reached the outdoor elevator overlooking the garden.

“It’s you! You are the guy who owns the private elevator!” I said.

“And you’re the girl who’s always stealing free rides.” He shot back, making me smile. We rode the elevator down to my floor and ran for our lives. I paused a second to take my shoes off for better traction. We reached the door to my suite and I turn to Sehun.

“I’ll call you tomorrow, Okay?” He said before kissing me goodbye. I savored the feel of his lips and slowly broke away. The door swung open revealing my little sister staring at me with worry.

“Thank God! You cutting it close! Come on!” She said pulling me in.

“Okay. Good night, Sehun. Love you!” She door slammed shut behind he and I nearly collapsed.

“Did you just say ‘I love you’ to him?” My sister asked. I turned around and looked through the peep-hole to see Sehun’s expression. He just stood there, frozen in time. He backed away from the door and looked around before smiling to himself. 

“He smiled! He actually smiled after I said something completely insane.” I whispered to my sister.

“Is it that insane? Do you actually love him?” She asked. I looked at her and thought, Do I love him? Already?

To be continued

Westerberg Class President Elections
  • *Heather McNamara is tallying the class president votes*
  • Heather M: Alright, remind me again. It's red for Heather Chandler and blue for Veronica?
  • Heather C: Obv. Do you think you can handle that? I only gave you the job of tallying votes because I thought you Rain Man types were super good at counting. Or are you one of those idiot savants that's heavy on the idiot, light on the savant?
  • Heather M: I am neither, thank you very much! Years before the psychoanalytic society of America decided there was money to be made by creating what they called "the autism spectrum", I would have been considered a day dreamer or quirky, like a young Zooey Deschanel. I am not an idiot OR a moron, I am simply a victim of my times.
  • Heather D: Are you aware your pants are on backwards?
  • Heather M:
He never left the house unless he was done up pretty. “Marilyn Monroe never left the house without full makeup,” he told me, as if no other explanation was needed.
Sneakers were for basketball, period. He always showed up for rehearsal in high heels, makeup, good hair - the works. There were no jeans, ever, around Paisley Park in my era. He wore a jean jacket on “Sign o’ the Times,” and I tried to give him a hard time about it, but he said, “That’s custom. That’s different.” 
Bottom line: You never ever saw him looking wrong. Knowing this, I felt a cold shiver down my spine when I read in the Minneapolis StarTribune that when his body was found in the elevator at Paisley Park, “Prince was wearing a black shirt and pants - both were on backward - and his socks were inside-out." 
This made no sense to me. The sheer irony of it broke my heart all over again.
—  The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince

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headcanon: leo is a fantastic dancer. actually, he's the only member of the seven other than piper who can dance at all. he's the reason the hepheastus cabin started having weekly dance parties. leo and piper are both mainly hip hop, and they have occasional dance battles that are judged by the apollo cabin (none of whom know anything about dancing) (the winner gets out of dish duty) ((nico can also dance but it's mostly older stuff, swing and other 40s dancing)

wow I am loving this. guys send me questions and headcanons! Also NICE, leo in baggy pants and a backwards cap to keep is hair out of his eyes. Piper and Leo have joint dance parties once a month where the whole camp joins in. The Hephaestus cabin created technology to give off cool lights. Nico also teaches Will how to swing dance (and Nico’s mom and Bianca taught him to dance [:(]). Will loves swing dancing (mostly because it’s with nico). 


Unfaithful : part two

Pre-apocalypse romance : Negan x Reader

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Once you finished your bath, you dried up your body and got dressed fast so you won’t keep Lucille and Negan waiting for you to have breakfast, and you couldn’t deny you were so eager to catch up with Lucille and get to know Negan better!
You opened the bathroom ’s door then headed downstairs, when you got closer to the kitchen you accidentally heard Lucille talking in an agressive tone to Negan, you slowed your pace, they didn’t hear your footsteps because you were wearing flipflops .
“I said we will talk about this later Negan! Not now! My niece is here and the last thing I wanna hear is your shitty excuses!! So back off!” Lucille hissed.
“You know, that’s why marriage is so goddamn hard! Because, you women make it fucking hell!!! You complicate every fucking shit!!!”
Negan seemed to be real angry and he tried to keep his voice down!!!
You felt completely nervous and confused, you were torn between going back to your room and waiting for them to finish their conversation and they’ll call for you eventually or walk in and interrupt them pretending that you didn’t hear anything, last thing you wanted is to get caught in the middle of a married couple drama!!!
After a little moment of struggle, you decided fast, you cleared your throat and before you walked in the kitchen, you coughed so they end their conversation which they did. You smiled at them and they smiled back.
“Feeling good?” Lucille blurted as she handed you a plate.
“Never felt better! You guys have a comfy bath tub!” You extended your hand and took the plate from Lucille then you took a seat next to her.
“I made your favorite breakfast! ”
“Uh.. thanks Lucille but I don’t eat pancakes anymore, just eggs and coffee, I’m on a diet! ”
“Are you fucking kidding me, you look great!” Negan interrupted chuckling before adding “you women are crazy! Seriously (y/n ), you look absolutely sexy, no need for fucking diets!!!”
You felt flattered, especially that you felt it wasn’t just some compliment that most guys say to women, you felt that Negan was honest and that ,for a reason you ignored , made you feel special. However, Lucille shot an annoyed look at Negan and it made you feel weird, so you changed the topic.
“So!!! Lucille, what did I miss?? What did you do all these years? You work?”
Lucille took a sip from her mug, then put it on the table and sighed while Negan stared at her smirking while eating his eggs.
“No! Negan refused the idea of me going out to work, he is old fashioned, he thinks that a man shouldn’t let his woman work and that his duty is to provide for me everything I need!” She narrowed her eyes at him in a funny way and both you and Negan chuckled.
“Damn fucking right!!! I’m the man of the fucking house, I get you whatever you fucking need, that’s why I’m between jobs, did you ever need something I couldn’t get for you dear wife?!!” He smiled as he rubbed his beard.
You couldn’t help but to admire him and his bluntness , men like him are rare these days, a man who provides for his woman and treating her like a princess! Not to mention he’s sexy , funny and speaks his mind. You’d do anything to have a man like that, your chest clenched once you remembered your ex and how mean and abusive he was to you!
“Negan works as a coach in a primary school and and he helps his cousin Jack in selling used cars after school, of course Jack pays him well . ”
Lucille ’s voice brought back from your thoughts.

You nodded with an “oh ” was shaped on your mouth as you continued eating.
“So college girl! What are your plans for the future?!” Negan asked.
“Um … I’m going to med school next year! ”
You replied.
Both Negan and Lucille seemed impressed.
“Atta girl! We’ll have a fucking doc in the family! Can’t wait to tell uncle Bernie, but that fucker is dead!” Negan giggled “ uncle Bernie always called me a loser when I was a kid, he said unless I became a fucking doctor in the future, I’m a shame to the family! ” He laughed out loud and almost chocked in his eggs.
His laughs were contagious and you laughed along with him .
Once the three of you finished your breakfast, Lucille stood up and started collecting plates, you intended to help her but she stopped you.
“No I got this!! I’ll clean this up sweetie! Negan , why don’t you take her to the garage and you two play ping pong , I’ll join you as soon as I finish this!”
Negan mumbled a “yes, sure” and headed outside, you followed him .

Once you two stepped inside the garage, Negan joked “I’m gonna show you how to play ping pong like a motherfucking pro!!! I had enough playing with the little fuckers from school, thank God it’s summer holiday!!! No more seeing them for a couple of months, phew!!”
He chuckled as he handed you a small bat and a ball.
“Ladies first!! Now play by the fucking rules, rules are important! You try not to let the ball fall off the table and as you bounce it back …”
“Negan! I know how this game is played!!!” You cut him off giggling.
Negan raised his brows.
“So you think you know how to fucking play ping pong?? it’s a sport by the way!”
“It’s easy and stupid! ” you said in a teasing and challenging way!!! And you could feel that he was triggered.
“Oh, that so?! Ok then little girl, lemme see what you fucking got!” Negan licked his lips and positioned himself on the other side of the table, prepared for you to hit the ball. You let the light ball bounce on the table and you hit it towards Negan who bounce it back to you , for a split second, you thought you can handle this stupid little ball, but you couldn’t and it fell off the table.
Negan chuckled as he threw his head back.
“Ha! Thought you said it’s stupid and easy!”
You grabbed the ball and hit it again.
More than ten minutes passed and you struggled to keep up with Negan, he was beating you in the easiest ways!!! He hardly made an effort, while you were a mess, you were sweating and panting from moving forward and backward, from trying to bounce the ball back with the little bat, and also from running and chasing the ball once it falls on the ground. Heat wasn’t helping too .your see-through shirt stick to your body because of the sweat, your cleavage was showing, you tugged strands of your hair behind your ears and wiped sweat from your forehead with your forearm. Negan couldn’t help but to stare, he couldn’t look away, his smirk fell off his face and his hazel eyes were burning and fixated on your cleavage, he didn’t realize that you noticed him staring, somehow you didn’t mind and you let him look, it wasn’t like you to let men especially married ones , stare at your body but for an unknown reason you made an exception for Negan. But then you felt ashamed for doing so, he was your aunt’s husband and it felt so trashy, so you pulled the collar of your shirt up , it was a desperate attempt to cover your cleavage because your sweat and the see-through fabric of the shirt weren’t helping much , Negan noticed that, he cleared his throat and looked away as he gulped .
“Uh..I feel so fucking thirsty .. you wanna drink something? Water? Lemonade? ” Negan said as he rubbed the back of his head.
“Lemonade is good! ” you replied fast.
Without looking at you, he nodded and left the garage to bring you lemonade. You muttered at yourself.
“Ugh! What was that (y/n)? ” you huffed.
You’re here for just a couple of hours and you already feel weird attraction towards your aunt’s husband! You never were a home wrecker! You were always a respected and loved gal. But you weren’t feeling stable the last couple of weeks, because of you breaking up with your ex boyfriend, you thought that spending the summer away from Texas will make you forget about the prick who turned your life into a living hell, but instead you felt attracted to a man who is not and never will be yours!!! You internally cursed yourself for having such thoughts! But you couldn’t blame or judge yourself for too long though, sexual tension is a normal thing , you don’t have to fuck every guy you feel attracted to. it’s not like you’re gonna fuck him or anything you thought! It’s just a harmless attraction and admiration, it would probably last just for a couple of hours and once you get to know Negan better it’d go away, it’s probably the first impressions impact. Yeah ,he’s charming and sexy but maybe he’s just another asshole! !!
You shook your head trying to get rid of these overwhelming ideas!
“Hey, here’s your lemonade!” Lucille said as she walked in, and extended the glass to you . Negan wasn’t with her but you couldn’t dare to ask.
“How was playing ping pong with Negan? ” Lucille added.
“Tiring and hard!” You smiled as you pointed to your shirt.
“You’re gonna need another shower !” Lucille laughed .
“Looks like it!!!” You took a sip from your lemonade and then headed out of the garage, Lucille followed you out, you two saw Negan getting in the car.
“Where you going, Negan! ” Lucille asked curiosly
“Uh.. to work, Jack called! See you later ladies!”
Negan stepped on the gas and drove a little faster than he’s supposed to, Lucille murmured a doubtful “yeah right!”
You didn’t know what was that all about, it’s true you didn’t even spend a whole day with them yet but there was definitely something wrong between Lucille and Negan, you wanted to ask her about her marriage but you decided against it! It wasn’t your business and if there’s something that Lucille wants to tell you, she will eventually. So you kept your mouth shut and headed to the bathroom for another shower.

You spent the rest of the day with Lucille, catching up and telling stories to each other , some of them are funny, but neither of you spoke about Lucille ’s marriage and her relationship with Negan or about your miserable love life, you kept talking about casual topics and recalled memories of your childhood.
You and Lucille had lunch and dinner together, alone with no sign of Negan. Lucille pretended to ignore his absence and you genuinely thought he’s caught in work in the beginning , but it’s too dark to be working, even used cars salesmen don’t work late, and it was already 10 pm.
“Lucille, I wish I could stay up but I’m tired today and I need to go to bed if it’s ok with you!” You blurted yawning.
“Sure thing sweetie, I gotta go to bed too! Feeling a little dizzy today, tomorrow we’ll go to the lake and have fun!”
“Oh! Ok then , sounds good to me!” You smiled.
Both of you got off the couch and went upstairs. Lucille opened the door to her bedroom then turned to you and said.
“Good night sweetie! ”
“Good night Lucille! ”
You continued your path to your bedroom, once you’re in you took off your dress and tossed it away then you threw yourself on the bed and in no time you fell asleep.

You were having a good night sleep when a sound of a door being slammed woke you up! Your eyes flew open and you sat on the bed so fast, the sound startled you. You heard loud voices, they were Lucille and Negan’s but you couldn’t figure what they were saying, Negan’s voice was coming from outside the house, curiosity made you get off the bed and without turning the lights on you leaned your head to the wall to listen to what they were talking or better yet fighting about, but voices were still unclear so you moved the curtains and peeked through your window as you slightly opened it.
“God fucking damn it Lucille, open the fucking door!!!” Negan shouted.
“Lower your voice Negan and fuck off, go back to your whore!” Lucille ’s voice was lower than Negan’s, she locked him outside, and he was standing in the front porch.
“Come on baby! Let’s fucking talk about this!! ” Negan was less mad this time .
“No! We talked about this many times, now let me sleep and fuck off!” Lucille hissed.
“Baby you’re gonna let me fucking sleep in the godamn street? It’s 2 am! Where am I supposed to fucking go? open the door before our fucking neighbors call the police!”
Lucille ignored him, and he could hear her footsteps going upstairs and once he didn’t get a reply, he kicked the door once after he let out a string of curses then he walked towards the car, your eyes kept following his steps.
And as if he felt that someone was watching him he turned around to look up and he saw you peeking through the window not to mention that you were only wearing your lace panties and matching bra ,it’s true that your lights were off but it was full moon and you were certain he saw your bra, you gasped and took few steps back as you covered your chest with both of your hands. You breathed hard and bit harder on your lip. Your subconscious was urging you to get back to sleep, after all this isn’t your business but you decided otherwise and you wanted to see if Negan was still standing there or he just left, so this time you turned your lights on and opened the window completely. You placed both your palms on the frame of the window and looked down to see Negan was still there, but this time he was sitting on the driver’s seat of his car , you could see a little red dot and fumes , he was smoking. You got closer to the window till your abdomen was stick to the wall, and you gave him a better look to your bra and shape, you could see the way he was staring at you. He was definitely admiring what he was seeing.
You didn’t understand why you were doing this, why you became so trashy all of the sudden around him but you blamed it on him, why did he have to be so damn sexy ! You broke up with your ex a couple of months ago , it was painful and stressful and you needed something to occupy your brain with. ‘You didn’t find anything better than seducing your aunt’s husband you little whore and you just got here!! ’ you thought to yourself , his eyes were eating you out, you sighed then you grabbed the curtains and enclosed them. Then You headed to your bed and got under the silky covers, you screw your eyes shut as you tightly gathered your thighs together . You couldn’t sleep that night and neither could Negan or Lucille.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ @ali-pennell@negansmainwife
Trust Me (ch15)

olicity || ao3 || explicit || smut & angst || 39,402 || more fics

summary: When a prostitute meets the perfect client, she has to remind herself that there’s no room for getting close to someone in her line of work.
chapter word count: 1696
chapters: 15/?
a/n: This is so late, a whole month, but i’ve been working on finishing up my ofbb for this year sooooo yeah. I don’t know if I’m going to update again next Sunday, but i hope y’all enjoy this one. 

[ch1] [ch2] [ch3] [ch4] [ch5] [ch6] [ch7] [ch8] [ch9] [ch10] [ch11] [ch12] [ch13] [ch14]

Felicity tried not to hold her breath as she walked into Merlyn Global. It was a large and very intimidating building. The kind of place that she dreamed of working for, but never got the chance to. She wouldn’t work at Merlyn Global now even if they offered her a million bucks; she would never let Malcolm Merlyn have any hold over her again.

Tommy walked alongside her, so she got in mostly undetected. The security guard at the gate looked at her funny, but Tommy just shook his head and put his hand at her back. Oliver was going to follow close behind. It seemed best to not draw attention to themselves, considering their plan was to confront Malcolm in his office.

She was going to go into the office alone first. That was the scary part of all this, but Tommy and Oliver would be waiting in case things went south. Felicity wanted to give him a chance to back down. He didn’t deserve a chance, but the idea of blackmail and court… it all made her feel queasy.

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Slip and Slide

Title: Slip and Slide
Link: AO3
Square filled: Come Play
Ship:  Sam Winchester x Female Reader
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: nsfw, explicit language, explicit sexual content, come play (the male ejaculating on the female’s chest/face), inter-mammary intercourse (basically sex with the man’s penis between the female’s breasts, squeezing them together to create resistance), minor oral sex (male-receiving), unprotected sexual contact.
Summary: You convince Sam to try something you’ve been dying to do.
Word Count: 1266
Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret
Author’s Notes:  Written @spnkinkbingo; for the sake of this fic, the woman’s breasts are large enough to close around a substantially sized penis.

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Klaine fic - “All the Beautiful Pieces” (Rated NC17)

Blaine Anderson is spending the summer after graduation flipping houses with his brother for Cooper’s total home renovation show. The show features the worst houses Cooper can buy, with Blaine playing the role of lackey so that Cooper can torture him in front of his viewers. The last house Blaine has to renovate is an original Victorian House in San Diego, CA, which is in terrible condition. But this house turns out to be more than just another job. It was once owned by a famous Vaudeville ventriloquist by the name of Andrew Smythe. It houses a very interesting collection of items - among them, two life-sized puppets. Blaine isn’t sure exactly why, but he’s drawn to them - especially to the one with the beautiful blue eyes. He convinces Cooper to give him the puppets, and Blaine starts to restore them. In the course of the restoration, Blaine finds out that neither puppet is simply a run-of-the-mill puppet, and Andrew Smythe was hiding a secret that will be the key to saving two lives.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

Chapter 8 (4190 words)

Blaine was having a beautiful daydream before exhaustion and strain claimed him for their own, wrapping silky arms around him and dropping him into a deep, comfortable sleep. Seeing Kurt walk, talking to him, holding Kurt in his arms as if he were alive - it was the realization of everything Blaine had wanted since he found him.

And his mind gave that to him.

It’s a perfect form of closure before he continues on with the rest of his life, putting away childish things and giving up on fairytales and outlandishly happy endings.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay that way.

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Hiya if u r taking prompts can u pls consider "our grandfathers were mortal enemies during high school and they found out we go to the same school and keep trying to get us to sabotage each other and you’re super into it but like… i kind of have a huge crush on you so i’m having a hard time??” au. It's fine if u don't want to. Thank u. Ur writing is lovely btw.

“—Your international relations papers are in on Friday, and I swear if any of you email me with lame excuses,” Finstock pauses, runs a finger across his throat, “There will be consequences. It’s the first day back, Greenberg, there’s no reason any of you can have for not having done the appropriate research over the summer. You’ve had two months to prepare for this. I mean it, essays in, or there will be no detention too long for you. Now, get out of here.”

Derek squirms as much as he can in his seat, feels his hands begin to sweat, looks up at the ceiling cursing Stiles Stilinski’s name.

“Hale!” Finstock stalks over to him, “I dismissed your class; do you find yourself to be of so much importance you can ignore direct instructions from your teachers?”

“No, sir.”

“Then why are you continuing to sit here?” Finstock rests his hands on Derek’s desk, leans in to glare at him, “I know being seniors leads you all to believe you’re already god’s gift to society, but newsflash, kid, you’re eighteen years old; you’ve barely started growing facial hair—”

“Actually, Coach—”

“Outside of making my life extremely,” Finstock leans closer, coffee stale breath making Derek wince, “Extremely difficult, have you ever even had a real job?”

“No, sir, but—”

“Then what is it you’re still doing, here—defying my direct order—if it isn’t because you’ve gone out and made a start at being useful to society by giving back, paying taxes, working, for a living and looking to confess it to me? That you’re finally letting me have some peace without you in my classes?”

Derek scowls up at him, “I can’t move, sir.”

Finstock pauses, gives him a once over, “What.”

“I’m…” Derek grits his teeth, “My pants are stuck to the chair.”

Finstock squints, gives Derek a look like he’s going to start pulling his hair out, or maybe Derek’s hair, fifty fifty.

“Are you messing with me, Hale? After everything you and Stilinski put me through last year, after the damn bird incident; the water balloons.”

“Coach, I swear, it’s not me, it was—”

Finstock grabs Derek’s shoulders and attempts to yank him upwards. Derek lets out a yell when his knees bash the desk, unable to go anywhere but directly into the damn thing. The chair legs jam into the desk behind him, there’s an uncomfortable scramble as Finstock struggles to take Derek and the desk/chair combination’s weight. It’s one of those moments Derek would love to have on tape to prove it actually happened. It’s mortifying. He suspects it’s exactly what Stiles was going for.

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