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out of all the sausages do you think any of them have the sausage skin... if you know what that means.. yes it's the sausage anon again

Omfg I was searching for this ask for like ten minutes. Hello darling sausage anon you now have your own tag btw lmao. The saga continues

Sausages with skin

Atsushi → That orphanage couldn’t afford soap I doubt they could afford that surgery

Fyodor → He just seems like he gives 0 fucks and he’s a villain so he probably has a villainous sausage.

Hirotsu → He’s too fancy for that shit like his sausage needs a home when it’s in his pants.

Lemon – kun → He can’t afford to cut off any inches lbr.

Akutagawa → Would you want a doctor in the slum cutting your sausage with rusted child safety scissors?

  • Onoda: Cough. Look over here.
  • Manami: Yes? What is it, Sakamichi-kun?
  • Onoda: I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party.
  • Manami: Excuse me?
  • Onoda: The…party. With the…pants. Pants party?
  • Manami: Sakamichi-kun, are you saying that there’s a party in your pants and that I’m invited?
  • Onoda: That’s it.
  • Manami: Did Toudou tell you to say this?
  • Onoda: No. Yes. He did.