pants hang low

Jeff walks into the bathroom, his flannel pants hanging low on his hips, a gift from you earlier that year. His torso seemed to radiate heat as he walked up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing the back of your neck. you giggle before spitting the toothpaste in your mouth out and turn yourself in his arms, kissing his collarbone and he sighs into your hair, running his hands down your back and reaching under your shirt when he reaches the hem. you wrap your hands around his abdomen and leave your hands to rest on his lower back as he rests his head on top of yours, swaying gently as if there’s music that only he can hear. “I love you” he whispers. “a lot” he adds. and you can’t seem to do anything but smile and rest your head in the crook of his neck as he continues, “Happy birthday, sweetheart”.

Dirty Thoughts

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (mind reader)

Warning: Language, smut… (I’m not sure how good this is. Work with me it’s only my second time writing it.)

You swore when you joined the Avengers you would never invade their thoughts, but what happens when you get drunk at Tony’s birthday party and hear the things Bucky Barnes is thinking, about you?

This was a request from @imagicana

“Come on Y/N,” Tony trails after you as you continue your way down the hallway. “they have hidden secrets.” Tony pleads with you, hoping you’ll give in and use your gift to pick through the team’s minds.

“Tony, I can’t pick through someone’s thoughts. I can only hear what they are thinking at the moment.” You remind him for the millionth time.

“But it could be something so good. Call it a birthday gift.” He grins at you.

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silk | chapter eight

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chapter song | masterpost | next chapter

ceo au - jimin x reader - angst | smut

word count : 4.9k

warnings : smut

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The Damned- Part 2 (Joker x Reader)

“Imagine being raped and left alone to die in streets. Your savoir comes in the form of Gothams most wanted criminal. What will happen once the two of you start to get closer?”

Requested by @iknowyouwuvme​: “One shots where the joker finds a raped reader fallen on the road & saves her & slowly starts falling in love with her.”

A/n: Heres part 2! I hope you guys enjoy this. It might be awhile until the next part.

Warning: Mentions of Rape, trauma, and abuse.

“Please, stop…I don’t want this…”

You flung up into a sitting position, your hand clutching the front of your nightgown. Soft pants escaped from you as your (e/c) orbs darted around the room, trying to understand where you were. You’re head pounded as your realized that your bad dream was nothing compared to the nightmare you’d actually experienced only the other day. Your skin was cold despite the sticky sweat that covered your body.

You inhaled slowly, trying to calm yourself. Concentrating on your breathing, trying to think of anything, anything, but that night. You didn’t want to remember any of it, you wanted to forget.

Forget and move on.

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Are You Finished?

Author: an-obrienhoe
Pairing: Non-famous Dylan O'Brien/Reader
Disclaimer: This is my first smut/imagination I’ve ever written. My grammar is complete shit, but I’m working on it. Be prepared to cringe. You have been warned. Also, this may me kind of hard to follow and I’m sorry for that :( I’m not 100% confident in this but I’m 100% confident that I will get better at this the more I write! Please just stick with me through this process :))

Warnings: smutty smut, swearing

Originally posted by hothothotgg

There he was, in all his glory. He was leaning against the wall talking to someone I couldn’t care less about. All I cared about was him and how hot he looked. Black t-shirt clinging to his body in all the right places. Khaki pants hanging deliciously low on his hips. That stupid Mets hat he had worn every other time I’d seen him. Dylan was hot and he knew it. Him and all his hotness was all I’ve been able to think about since we’ve met.

“God you’re so hot.” He breathed against my lips. His hands were gripping tightly at my hips, keeping me flush against him and the wall. A moan rumbled in his chest when I pulled at the roots of his hair.

“Dylan. My names Dylan.” But I already knew that. His words were rushed, our intense kissing causing a lack of breath. I struggled to tell him my name as his lips traveled across my jawline and down my neck. His hands were rough against my smooth skin, leaving goosebumps in their wake as he bunched my tight, red dress around my hips.

“Are we really going to do this here?” I asked, the realization that we were in a hallway secluded from the party but anyone who came down here would be able to tell what’s happening.

“How about we take it to my place?” This sounded like a much better idea. I nodded my head and pulled my dress back down as he lead me out the hallway to the front of the house. We were so close to the door, so close to taking this ‘party’ somewhere else whenever Dylan’s name was called. He turned around to meet a tan boy with brown hair. God damn, all the fine men are bred in this town. They conversed for a few minutes before Dylan turned to me with a mad expression on his face.

“Sorry princess, but I have to leave…” I couldn’t focus on his reason as to why he had to leave because the ache between my thighs was so prominent. I was snapped back to reality whenever his phone was put into my vision. A contact with my name, him waiting for me to put my digits in. I took the phone and put the numbers in before saving the contact.

“I’ll call you soon so we can finish what was started.” He gave me a quick, but hot kiss on my lips before he walked out the front door with the boy from earlier.

That was on of the many times Dylan and I had crossed paths, but for some reason  we never got to finish what was started. Each time he promised to call or text whenever he was free to do something, but that never happened. I was pissed he never lived up to his promises because he was a sex god and looked like he’d be so good in bed, but I would never reach out to him because I don’t want to come off as desperate as I probably am.

I stood at the alcohol table with my back faced the majority of the crowd, mixing a drink that I’ll probably regret later. My plan wasn’t to get drunk, but who knows what the night has in store? 

Hands roamed along my backside and forward to wrap around my torso, a head resting on my shoulder. I knew it was him because of the way my body reacted to his touch. Where his hands were and had been left a burning sensation, an ache forming between my legs.

“Hey princess.” He whispered in my ear before taking my earlobe between his teeth and biting gently. Goosebumps arose all over my skin as he lightly grazed his lips along my neck and collarbone. I remained silent and tried to not relax into his body. I was not going to get lured into his trap just for him to have to leave again.

I slipped away from his grip and walked toward the kitchen to find some ice for this room temp drink, but mostly to get away from him. He was more intoxicating then any drink I could ever make. Just being in his presence made my mind go foggy and my body buzz.

He appeared back into my line of vision whenever I turned away from the freezer. His eyes were burning holes into me as he stared at me, but I wouldn’t look up to meet his gaze. His footsteps could barely be heard over the music as he sauntered towards me. A hand gripped my chin and tilted it forward so our eyes would meet. He studied my face for a few moments before he finally spoke. “Is there a reason you're ignoring me?” I just looked at him blankly for a few seconds before answering.

“Yes.” He looked a little taken back by my response. His hand left my chin as it ran through his hair. “And why would that be sweetheart?” He was such an ass and so cocky, but it was turning me on so much.

“Well where do I start Dylan?” I rambled on and on about why I was ignoring him. The whole time he just stood there, that sexy smirk plastered on his face. After I was out of breath from the rant I just went on, I leaned against the counter opposite from him.

Dylan tilted his head to the side and ran his tongue across his teeth before his sexy smirk was plastered on his face for the umpteenth time tonight.His eyes raked over my body before he spoke.

“Are you finished?”

His words shocked me. Did I really just say all that shit just for him to ask me if I was finished? Now I was livid. “Yes.” I said through my gritted teeth. Dylan pushed himself off the counter and within two long strides he was in front of me with his hands on either side of my head, caging me in. I took my bottom lip in between my teeth as his eyes bored into mine. His eyes then trained on my lip before his hand came down and his thumb swiped across it to release it from my teeth.

“How about we finish what should’ve been finished awhile ago?” He whispered seductively, his lips going to work on my neck again as one of his hands snuck around my body to squeeze my butt. I shook my head yes, afraid that my voice would betray me because of how good it felt to have his hands on me again. He removed his hands from my body and laced his fingers with mine as he walked towards the front doors of the house.

We didn’t say anything as we made the journey to his car. The tension was palpable, but we both stayed quiet. Whenever we reached his car, he opened the passenger door then walked around to the driver’s side and slid into the seat.

The car roared to life and he pulled out of his spot and started driving down the street. One of his hands had a tight grip on my thigh while the other’s knuckles were turning white because of how hard he was gripping the steering wheel, The hand on my thigh was massaging the skin gently, slowly moving towards my core.

The car came to a halt as the traffic light turned red. Dylan turned to face me, his hand finally coming in direct contact with my heat. “No panties?” The expression he wore on his face was a mix between shock and lust. “No panties.” I stated and bit my lip. “Fuck, you’re going to be the death of me.”

The car accelerated again as the light turned green. With a newfound feeling of confidence, I placed my hand on his growing bulge and began to palm him through his khakis. For a second his eyes closed and his head tilted back in pleasure. “Better pay attention to the road, baby.” I whispered as seductively as I could while I kissed along his jaw. “Fuck.” His response made me smirk and just encouraged me to continue.

His hand that was on my thigh left and joined the other one in gripping the steering wheel. I continued to palm him through his pants until he gripped my wrist and yanked my hand away from him. “If you don’t stop I will cum in my pants.” I sank back into my seat in triumph.

Luckily we pulled into the driveway of his house, I’m assuming, a few seconds later. He hopped out the car and came to my side of the car to open the door for me. When I got out of the car, I was pushed up against it and was trapped between it and Dylan’s body flush against mine. “I haven’t kissed you yet.” It sounded more like a statement to himself, but he said it loud enough for me to her. His lips molded into mine while my hands tangled into his hair, pulling at the roots. A moan virbrated through his chest but was silenced by my lips on his.

“Dylan, take me inside please.”

His grip on my waist was released before he took my hand in his and lead me inside. The house was dark, but Dylan had no problem navigating to his desired destination. He ushered me into a room; the walls were decorated with a few picture frames and posters, the bed not made.

“I’ll take my time with you later, but ,” he took a step toward me and I took one back. “Right now,” he took another step towards me and my back hit the door, “I’m going to fuck you senseless.” His lips came down onto mine as his hands went to work on ridding me of my dress and, leaving me in my heels and bra. He took a step back and let his eyes rake over my body, suddenly making me feel self conscious. 

He bent down in front of me and took off my heels. I was now almost completely naked and he still had all of his clothes on, expect his shoes that were taken off by the front door. “You’re wearing too much.” My voice was raspy for some unknown reason, but it made me sound like I have more confidence than I actually do.

“Mhm, you’re right baby girl. Mind helping me fix that?” His voice was so hot, so sexy; he was so hot and so sexy. My hands gripped the hem of his shirt and pulled it off his body. I dropped to my knees in front of him, a moan coming from Dylan at the sight. I popped the button of his jeans, puling both his pants and boxers down slowly. My hands massaged up his legs gently and a little too slowly for his taste as he groaned impatiently above me.

My hand stroked his member a few times before my tongue licked a stripe along his vein from base to tip. His hands tangled in my hair, gently guiding my mouth on his member. The sounds coming from him encouraged me to take more of him in my mouth, his tip touching the back of my throat. My nose was buried in the dark hair at the base whenever he removed my mouth off of him and pulled me to a standing position. He was breathless, face and neck flushed, and there was a slight sweat on his temples and chest.

He gripped the back of my thighs and mumbled for me to jump as his lips went to work on my collarbone. I complied and was soon dropped onto the bed, my hair splaying in all different directions. He starred at me for a few moments before he went digging in the pocket of his pants that were lying on the floor. After a few seconds he took out a foil packet and set it down on the nightstand next to the bed.

His eyes met mine as his hands trailed up my body. Hands were rough against my smooth back as he went to work on the clasp of my bra before sliding the straps down my arms and throwing the article of clothing somewhere in the room. He showed attention to both my breast attention; the left one with his large hand and the right with his lips attached to the pink bud. The pleasure elicited a moan from me and made my back arch up towards the ceiling and into his touch.

“As much as I enjoy this,” I wriggled out from beneath him and grabbed the condom from the night stand and Dylan sat up on his knees, “I really need you to fuck me.” I pushed the foil packet into his chest and I swear I could hear his breath hitch at my words.

“Yo- you can’t just say st-stuff like that and expect me to no- not cum right then and there.” he stumbled over his words as he tore the foil packet open and slid the condom down his member. Anticipation coursed through my veins as Dylan slotted himself between my thighs and lifted my leg up to rest on his chest.

“Are you ready?” The cockiness that usually filled his demeanor was now replaced with sincerity. I met his gaze and shook my head, waiting for him to slide into me.

A moan sounded from both of us as he slid his length into me entirely and stilled so I could adjust his size. After a couple of moments I opened my eyes and nodded from him to move. He slid out of my entirely and rammed back in, automatically setting a fast and hard rhythm.

My head rolled back into the pillows from the pleasure that was coursing through my body and bringing me closer to the edge. “Open your eyes for me, baby girl.” Dylan grunted from above me and I slowly picked my head up to open my eyes for him. Whenever our eyes met his hips bucked into mine so hard I’m sure they will bruise. “Fuck you’re so sexy. I’m-oh fuck- close baby.” I nodded my head in agreement, feeling my orgasm approaching quickly.

As soon as his thumb made contact with my clit, my orgasm washed over my like a tidal wave and I screamed his name. The shouting of his name and clenching around him was all it took for my name to leave Dylan’s mouth and him to release into the condom.

His thrust got sloppy as we both rode out our highs. He pulled out of me and exited the room for a minute before coming back in a fresh pair of boxers and plopping down on the bed next to me. I got up and was almost out of the bed, expecting to just get dressed and leave, whenever grabbed my wrist and his amber eyes meet mine, confusion etched all over his face. “Where are you going?”

“I was going to get dressed and leave. I figured you wanted this to just be a one time thing.” Dylan let go of my wrist and sat up to come face-to-face with me. “What? Why would you think that?”

“I don’t know. I guess because you never called or anythin-”

“Oh baby,” he cupped my face and pulled me in closer to him, “I was scared. You’re Y/N. Sweet, smart, and unbelievably sexy, and everyone in this town knows it. I would get a surge of confidence for a few minutes then it would go away and I would talk myself down. I didn’t think you would want to hookup with me.” He mumbled the last part and broke our gaze. I know who Dylan is and he obviously knew who I was, but we weren’t in the same crowd. I giggled at the thought of both of us reading the situation completely wrong. His head snapped up at the sound of my laugh and he opened is mouth to question what was so funny, but I cut him off by placing my lips on his. This kiss wasn’t like the ones we’d shared earlier; this one was slow and passionate.

He broke away from the kiss, both of us breathless. “So, you’ll stay?” I giggled again and pressed my lips to his. “I would love to.”


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“Someone like me doesn’t get happy endings.”

Bucky x Reader drabble

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1606

A/N: I might make a part 2 to this?? Send me a message if you think I should. I’ve never really written any sort of drabble before so let me know what you think!!

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You wander around the compound the way you usually do at night, especially when you couldn’t sleep. It always entranced you to watch the change from a busy, loud building change to a quiet, peaceful place when the sunset. The darkness was welcome to you and you were happy that it was silent. After a few hours of wandering, you decide to head back to your room and sleep for a little bit but a pained grunt comes from down the hall.

Cautiously, you walk forward, following the noise. When you don’t hear anything else you start for your room.

A loud clanging noise sounds from the kitchen just as you walk passed it. The noise immediately sends you into a defensive stance, although you look pretty dumb in fighting stance in just a t-shirt and underwear. You peer around the doorway to see Agent Barnes standing there, hunched over the marble island and you immediately straighten up and sigh in relief.

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Let Loose

Your body moved to the beat of the music in the sea of crowded bodies. You let your mind unwind from all the stress work caused and let yourself be carefree for an evening. A couple of drinks in your system and the friends you came with long gone somewhere you’ll probably find out in the morning. It was a perfect Friday night to spend at the club to welcome the weekend and let loose for a change.  

It just happened to be your luck that you found a dancing partner who was looking more and more like your type. He was lean and matched your rhythm perfectly; a cute baby face with sharp eyes that were making you melt underneath them.

It started out playful and fun with the way he came up behind you, his moves frisky and mischievous making you smile and dance with him. His hands were light on your body but were hot on your skin making you yearn for more as you swayed your hips with his.

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Who’s Stiff Now?

Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,395

Warnings: Smut, Mirror kink, Metal arm kink, teasing, NSFW

A/N: Others wanted a continuation of the imagine, so here it is! Sorry if I haven’t been posting very much, life’s been a struggle for me right now, but I’ll try to post some more soon. :) Thank you all for being patient with me, it means more than you know. 

Based off my imagine: Imagine watching Bucky’s arm as he works out

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Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, things are a little crazy right now. So this is a little one I wrote a while ago. Get pumped for this weekend! A nice, long, fluffy story is coming your way! I’m really excited about it! Happy Thursday! Enjoy!

There were never many guys that I was very into. Sure, nice guys would pop up every now and then, cute guys would walk around every corner, but it was rare to find a kind, handsome man I wanted to spend a lot of time with. 

I’m like every girl. I want someone to care about me, to talk to, to satisfy me. I like to get dressed up and go to bars every now and then. I like to dance and flirt and drink a little. Or a lot.

But then I like to go home. I like to read or watch movies in my spot on the couch. I like to go to the gym in the morning and I like to spend my days at work. I like to make myself dinner and go to bed. 

I like not depending on anyone.

Well I did. Until Bucky Barnes joined the team. Now I want nothing more than for him to depend on me and for me to depend on him. He’s addicting. He makes me realize how much I want someone like him in my life.

And I’ve never even said more than two words to him.

He’s new and he’s shy. His eyes dart around at all times scanning for threats. He never jumps, but I know that he gets startled when a new voice comes into the room or a loud movie plays on the television. Tension always shows in his shoulders.

Steve has told me about the Bucky he used to know. The suave and smooth hunk of man who used to glide from girl to girl. The center of attention who used to tell all the jokes. The knight in shining armor who used to drop in and take care of Steve.

That last one I believe. He’s always with Steve. They train together, eat together, go on missions together. Steve is really the only person Bucky almost holds a conversation with.

I look at him and I don’t see a lost puppy like the others do. I see a strong man who has found himself again. He doesn’t need anyone’s help or pity. He’s doing just fine on his own.

I was sitting in my spot on the couch. The corner where the two ends come together and form a nest. My legs were folded under me and I was reading my book. 

Well I was until Bucky and Steve came in. 

Steve said hello and Bucky gave me a quick smile which I returned. Steve asked permission to watch the news on the TV which I granted. Anything to keep Bucky in the same room, though I would never admit that to myself. 

Steve plopped down on the couch in front of the screen while Bucky gently lowered himself to sit. He was closest to me, though on a separate couch, which was intriguing. 

It shouldn’t have been, but it was. I rolled my eyes at myself and tried to turn my focus back to the pages in my lap. I really need to stop looking so far into things.

I couldn’t help it though. Usually if anyone else was in the room Bucky sat as far away from them as possible. He normally glued himself to the arm of the couch near the wall, sitting straight, his arms safely folded in his lap, ready to pounce at any second.

Today, he was in the middle of the couch. Steve was on the other side of him, giving me a full view of the man I just loved to stare at. My brain cursed the situation while my heart praised it.

And the staring commenced.

It’s not that I’m creepy… well I am but I’m not trying to be. I don’t check him out, or eye-fuck him as Natasha would say. He truly fascinated me.

He looked more relaxed than I’d ever seen him. He leaned back into the cushions of the couch, his strong shoulders buried in the beige material. He was so slouched, I could see the light of day between the small of his back and the cushion. It almost made me laugh.

My eyes traveled down his lounging form as I tried to ignore my lungs collapsing as my body clenched in attempts of holding in a scream. His legs that were usually pulled together and tense were now wide open in a v, the foot closest to me resting on the coffee table.

His legs were long, but thick with muscle. Even as he was sitting I could tell his pants were hanging low on his hips. For a brief moment I wondered what they looked like when they weren’t hiding under fabric. I had to quickly raise my eyes from the lower half of his body before my mind wandered too far and got me excited about something that would never happen. 

When I look at his face watching the news, something overcomes me. A feeling of warmth passes through my body. Maybe I’m blushing at the way his jaw cuts his profile or the way his cheekbones line his dark stubble.

Maybe the warmth is simply joy. He seems happy, even with me in the room, intruding on his time with Steve. He’s grinning at a funny commercial and it makes me think of the rare times he shares his toothy smile. I live for those moments when his smile is white and perfect, blinding even. It doesn’t come very often, so I’ll settle for the little grins life brings him.

Whatever the warmth is, it comes and goes and leaves a darker notion in its place. One of longing. Like I’m watching everything from afar. A feeling of nostalgia washes through my veins and I feel like I’m swimming against the tide to be closer to him. Like he’s a lifeline. I fear that if I breathe wrong it’ll upset the moment and he’ll get up and walk away, never to return.

I honestly have trouble finding the words for it. The way I feel about him. I don’t know why I feel so strongly. It’s rather ridiculous, but I feel like I’m head over heels for this man. Like I’ve jumped off a cliff expecting him to catch me and he doesn’t even realize I’m missing.

I rip my gaze away from him and plant it back to my book. I try to ignore the feeling that overwhelms me once again. The urge to rub the tension out of his shoulders and smooth the worry marks on his forehead and please and pleasure him until my lungs give out.

Without my consent, my eyes peek around the top of my book just once more to see Bucky’s eyes already on me. I quickly look down, trying to hide the grin on my face and the red on my cheeks and the squeal in my throat.

I try so hard to read the words on the page for the tenth time and maybe pay attention to what it says this round but I can’t see anything except his blue eyes floating off the pages. His eyes are like a portal to another world. Those eyes that have seen New York City almost a century ago first hand. I wish I could swim in them but whenever I look into them, I struggle to even stay afloat. 

It’s truly amazing how they’ve stayed so blue when everything around him seems to have fallen into the darkness he’s seen. Their sky is surrounded by dark clouds of lashes and brows, long hair that attempts to rain on his light skin.

When I was brave enough to look up from my book he suddenly smiled over at me. Well, grinned. But it was warm and lovely. His lips are the most perfect shade of pink that’s ever existed, bright against his light, rough skin. They’re round like little pillows waiting to be stroked. Pink and round, though a bit chapped. I couldn’t help wondering how wonderful they would feel against mine, a juxtaposing texture from my own that could keep me busy for hours on end.

His behavior encouraged me to say something to him. But what would I say? And when was a good time? 

The second I thought about speaking, my heart was thrashing in my chest, sending adrenaline rushing to all extremes of my body. My hands began to shake against my book and my breathing was labored and eventually hitched in my lungs. I couldn’t imagine what I looked like over in the corner in my little nest, and on top of that I was absolutely sure both Steve and Bucky could clearly hear my pounding heartbeat. 

I tried to calm myself down, but eventually decided not to talk to him.

Maybe tomorrow, I thought to myself.

It was beyond my comprehension that Bucky had been having the same thoughts about me since he sat down.



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anonymous asked:

Can you do a super daddy!kink namjoon fanfic pls! Like the reader (gf) didn't text him or some shit like that so he doesn't touch or anything to punish her But she ends up masturbating to porn and he catches her "punishes" her ( ^^ sorry)

This rude fucker here like just ugh. ugh. HERE YA GOOOO ANON


Namjoon pursued his lips looking at his phone for what seemed like the hundred time that day. You were suppose to call him, text him, any fucking thing to let him know when you had arrived to your friends house. You told him you were going for a girls night out. Which he understood he couldn’t expect you to always be under him in the house 24/7 but what he didn’t expect was you to completely ignore him and not tell him anything. What if you were hurt? Dead? He knew he was overreacting a little bit but he set rules for a reason and he knew that you had guy friends who were going to be there. He trusted you but not them, and he would kill anyone that put hands on what belonged to him.  With a frustrated huff Namjoon went to his room slamming the door shut laying to sleep. 


As soon as the door opened he was on the couch waiting for you to come into the front room. You stilled a bit dropping your bags on the floor smiling widely as if nothing was wrong. “Hi daddy!” 

“Shut up.” He growled eyes dark, bags under his eyes and you frowned wondering why he was being so harsh.

“What’s your problem?!” You asked him walking towards him slowly.

“My problem?!” He growled standing up towering over you. “You were supposed to fucking call me last night! And you didn’t you didn’t say shit nor inform me! I thought I could sleep but all I could do is think of my baby girl and what she was doing. So don’t come in here asking my damn problem when you disobeyed my rules. I do not ask for much, just a little but if it is too much for you then pack your shit and leave because I refuse to have someone who can’t even fucking follow directions.” Namjoon snarled, his veins popping out of his neck as he stormed to the room. His words hurt you, made your eyes water as tears feel down your cheeks. You didn’t mean to not follow orders, you were just having fun and you forgot and when you remembered you figured he was sleeping. Tired and groggy you grabbed your stuff going to your room, knowing he didn’t want to be bothered with you.


For a month it was complete hell, Namjoon had forgiven you but he was still pissed at you. He didn’t even let you kiss him for too long before he was walking away from you. You hated it, you were beyond sexually frustrated and you felt your pussy getting tighter with each passing day. Namjoon did shit on purpose too, just to piss you off. Walking around without a shirt. Letting his pants hang low on his waist as he sat beside you. And you heard him at night not even needing porn, but playing the tapes of you two fucking jerking himself off hard until he was ruining his sheets.

One day, while he was gone you sneaked into his room finding the sex tapes between the two of you, already being naked from taken a shower as you laid on the bed spreading your legs. You had gotten a rotating dildo to help you relieve yourself shoving it deep inside of your pussy to stretch you back out as the scenes on the screen in front of you showed Namjoon pounding into you against the wall. The way his hips lifted you up and down always did wonders, because he knew to spots to hit to get you wound up. Your mind wandered as you licked your lips thrusting the toy in and out of yourself faster, your release becoming much closer since it had been so long since you had anything. It was easier for you to cum. Almost, you were /almost/ there. 

“Having fun baby girl?” You damn near jumped out of your skin, with widen eyes looking towards the door. Namjoon wore a dark expression, shirt and pants already shed as he leaned against the door frame. He watched you eyes raking every where as he tsked to himself shaking his head. And you could slowly feel your orgasm dying down. 

“I suppose it’s been long enough, but you knew not to fucking play with yourself with me. Always breaking rules. I guess I can punish and fuck you.” Namjoon smirked to himself, watching as you laid still for him. He went and grabbed a pair of handcuffs lifting your hands above your head flipping you on your stomach. He leaned over you moaning in your ear as he grabbed the toy pushing it in and out of your pussy in a fast motion the wet sounds of the toy fucking you causing his erection to harden and precum to streak against his boxers. Fuck he missed you, and the way you moaned and shook under him made him want to tear you apart. As soon as your back arched he was yanking to toy from you sucking off your juices watching as you protested from not cumming. 

“Y/n I bet you’ll obey me next time.” He warned before going to his closet. He got out a few things before walking downstairs and coming back to place a bucket of ice on his night stand with a water bottle on top of it. He grabbed it pressing it against your pulse point to let your orgasm and arousal die down. After a few minutes he was taking it from you to place it back on ice before he grabbed a sleek purple vibrator to turn it on the lowest setting. He slipped it inside of your pussy as well as lubing up some weighted balls that were big slipping one inside of your ass letting the other hang. “You know how this goes, if you don’t squeeze around this and hold it in, it’ll fall out. Hold it in or I will not let you cum, for the next two months.” He threatened before getting off the bed grabbing his belt from his pants on the ground. 

You were in complete hell, your body trembled, your nipples were hard and to perky from how he was treating you. You felt so full with the weighted items inside of you, and you had to squeeze around both but it caused the vibrator to slip deeper inside of your pussy pressing against your spot, to make matters worse Namjoon came up behind you to spread your legs on the bed the only thing holding your upper body was the damn handcuffs and they dug into your skin from how hard you tugged to have them off. But it was all in vain, he was in control and he loved every bit of it. 

Namjoon gripped his belt, and started to give you hits to the ass and you didn’t need him to tell you what else to do. “One.. Two!” You started to count out as he spanked you with his belt, causing your ass to feel on fire as he created whelps on your ass from the belt. He watched your ass jiggle groaning as he leaned down to turn the settings on high one hand coming up to play with your breast as the other spanked your ass, he made each hit harder and made sure to angle his wrist different ways so that he didn’t mark just one spot. He looked down at your body trembling under him, your juices slipping onto the bed as your eyes brimmed with tears. 

“Aww baby.. Don’t cry..” He feigned concerned as he pulled away from you. Namjoon opened a bottle of alcohol and after go a silver bullet pressing it on your clit causing more stimulation to your already throbbing pussy as he poured the alcohol onto the whelps causing screams of pain to fill the room, he watched the lines from his hits outline your skin in a frenzy of designs and he smirked proud of his works. “Almost.” He called out before he took the bullet from your clit and he turned the vibrator off but left it inside of you. 

He went into the bathroom and grabbed a candle from under the counter before he grabbed a lighter letting it get hot walking back to you, Your body was going limp and he knew soon, your knees would give out. He sat the candle down before he slid the weighted ball from your ass only to replace it with a crystal clear butt plug that was way thicker than the balls. Another scream ripped from your throat and he spread your legs even wider going under to pull the small vibrator from your pussy using his tongue to flick and suck up the wetness from your sensitive pussy. He pulled back licking his lips before he got out another dildo with a butterfly on it. He pressed it into you, letting it turn on to fuck your insides while the butterfly bobbed up and down against your clit to tickle it. 

“FUCKING HELL PLEASE! I’M SORRY NAMJOON! IT WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN!” You sobbed weakly. He kept building you up to tear you down and you couldn’t handle the tug of war with him. You were a mess crying and shaking only wanting a release and your pussy was so sensitive anything near it set you off. You looked at him watching that shit eating grin appear on his face as he grabbed the wax. 

“You’ll behave from now on. I’m sure.” He purred letting the wax fall on your back. Your cries fueled him, it brought the monster out of him, and made him want to own you. He first let it fall down both of your legs and traced wax on your arms, before he was spelling his first and last name down your back using almost all of the candles. He watched as you shook with pain and pleasure under him setting the candle down and blowing it out. He let the wax cool letting his finger press the butterfly hard against your pussy before he pulled away making sure it was cool before he grabbed a whip that he had under his bed. He brought it up against your legs first, breaking the wax there up causing more whimpers to fill his ears, he was too far gone now not even worrying if he was going overboard or not. 

He let all of the wax break and fall from your skin before he went to your arms to break the wax there. Lastly he was at your back whipping you painting your skin with more pretty marks and finally you gave in falling against the bed as your knees gave out. He hummed surprised with his work finishing cracking the wax. He next grabbed ice tracing it over your wounds to soothe them and hear more cries from you. 

You closed your eyes, trying to hold on a bit more, but the mixing of the pain and pleasure as well as the heat had you about to pass out. He was ruining you, your tears soaked the sheets, your orgasm was back at full blast wanting to release and as you expected he cut the dildo pulling it from you but still you hoped that he would let you cum. It was in vain. Always. He shoved the dildo in your mouth watching you choke as he face fucked you pulling the butt plug from your ass slowly. He lifted your hips before shoving his boxers down to his knees grinding his dick up and down your sore slit. You were done, your limbs were jelly, he had to hold you up because you were too weak. 

Namjoon slammed into you, filling you up in one go. He didn’t even let you adjust since you had, had so many toys inside of you he felt you were stretched enough. He started to relentlessly plow into your pussy pushing his hips hard against yours with brutal force as if he was seeing if he could break you. His name mixed with daddy fell from your lips and he loved it, hearing the weakness there how you gave into him. It made him pulse inside your pussy. He knew you were close but like a good girl you would hold out for him. So he gripped your hair tangling his fingers into the strands to yank your head back crashing his lips against yours in a sloppy and rough manner. 

His free hand moving to rub your clit as he let you fall back against the mattress his hips fucking yours into the bed. He pinned you under him with his hips, grinding his at a fast pace to keep the drill going wanting you to release. His tongue shoved down your throat while he let you taste the faint remains of yourself on his tongue. Namjoon growled feeling you squeeze around him, your clit was throbbing, he felt your orgasm clenching into your stomach. 

You writhed under him against the sheets trying to keep up with his kisses. Your mind was blank and the only think you chanted was yes and more. You spread your weak legs wider as they started to tingle, your orgasm starting a slow fire inside of you. 

“Cum baby. Soak my dick.” Namjoon grunted as he pulled away from your lips to moan against your ear. He licked the shell of your ear biting and nipping on it before he went to your neck sucking on his mark on your skin as you nodded giving into him. 

“DADDY!” Was all you had the strength to scream out as your orgasm took over your limbs. You cummed on his dick not even arching your back but dropping your head forward in tiredness. Namjoon continued fucking you like a rag doll grunting and growling until he was cumming inside of your pussy stilling his hips. He shuddered as he released long thick ropes inside of you making sure it was all out before he slowly pulled out. Namjoon uncuffed you after awhile seeing that you couldn’t even keep your eyes open. 

In a blur you watched things as Namjoon cleaned up the space around you, you heard the running of water, the smelling of lavender and then you felt the water on your skin as you were getting cleaned. You could barely keep your eyes open and everything screamed, every limb burned but you let Namjoon take care of you. Once you were clean he dried you off and laid you naked on the bed. You felt his strong rough calloused hands putting cream onto your body and it was to soothe all the markings he had made. The monster was gone and your sweet loving boyfriend was back. Once he was finished he was scooping you up in his arms and you heard the words uttered to your ears only falling asleep after tiredly saying it back. 

“I love you too Joon.”


I need to take my ass to bed, what the fuck did I just write.

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Hi! So I know you don't have a tag for it but I've one through all the podfics you've listed on the blog and I'm in need of some more! Is there anyway you can do another list? They're great for work

DAMN SON!  That was a lot of podfic to get through, I salute you  ;)  Anything for a fellow connoisseur, here’s part 2!  These are all on my ipod, and ones I’ve enjoyed.  Again, this means they’re all rated mature at a minimum so lots of porn, lol.  Enjoy!  -Emmy

Originally posted by foxyconda

Monday I Can Fall Apart But By Friday I’m in Love read by RsCreighton 

(30-45 Minutes I Mature I Sterek)  *mpreg, a/b/o, modern au

It’s just past five in the morning and Stiles is barely awake, wearing only sleep pants that hang low below his pregnant belly, and he can’t get the damned brand new jar of decaf coffee open. But he has a neighbor, and he’s too tired to think that waking someone else up at this hour might not be the best (or politest) of ideas.

Boy Next Door Nice read by RsCreighton 

(30-45 Minutes I Explicit I Danny/Stiles)

Saying Stiles was weird was like saying space was big. It didn’t nearly do it justice. But he was the sort of weird that knew Danny could be bought. So what if his excuses were terrible, his hands were warm and his mouth literally begging to be shut up? Danny can deal. Right?

Let the Cameras Roll read by chemm80 

(30-45 Minutes I Explicit I Danny/Stiles)  *porn au I LOVE THIS FIC!!

Danny adjusted to college life quickly, eventually working his way into the amateur porn industry. Things are going great until he unwittingly books a shoot with Stiles.

The Alexandrian Solution read by Hananobira  

(30-45 Minutes I Explicit I Sterek)  so cute omg

“I accept your body!” Stiles says hurriedly. “I accept you. Sexually.”

There is a pause. Derek says, “Thanks.”

A surprise comedy knotting story. You have a lot to answer for, Twitter fandom.

Touchpaper read by dodificus 

(45-60 Minutes I Mature I Sterek)  *voyeur Danny

Danny is bruised. Their werewolf drama has officially bruised Danny. This is the worst day ever.

Our Imperfect World read by readbythilia (thilia) 

(1-1.5 Hours I Explicit I Steter)  *agoraphobia

Not long after his eighteenth birthday, Peter wakes up with a small, white scar on his finger. Most people are born with scars that match their soulmate’s, or get one in their early childhood. Peter thought he just wasn’t meant to have anybody. The sudden arrival of his soulmate (in Beacon Hills, no less) is just the beginning of his life’s complications. After the fire at the Hale House, Peter’s subsequent coma, and death, he comes back to life to find that his mate has developed a crippling case of agoraphobia. Will he learn to be the sort of person a scared young man could love, or will he remain a monster?

Podfic of taylorpotato’s Our Imperfect World

(Not So) Pure Imagination read by readbythilia (thilia) 

(3-3.5 Hours I Explicit I Sterek)  *dubcon

“There is a world where whenever someone fantasizes about you, you can physically feel it, but you have no idea who is thinking it about you.”

Stiles knows it’s wrong, but he’s been Fantasizing about Derek and he can’t bring himself to stop. Derek doesn’t know who’s taken an interest in him, but he’s enjoying it way more than he probably should.

By and By (series) read by dodificus

(4-4.5 Hours I Teen-Explicit I Sterek) *dubcon, underage  Heed the warnings, this is a twisted but really good fic, and the companion of seeing it from the Sheriff’s and then Derek’s POV is a trip

Part 1: creepy never looked so cute - or, how Sheriff Stiles accidentally adopted a juvenile offender. (another) pyromaniac au. 

Part 2: Derek isn’t exactly like other people. Stiles doesn’t say that because he’s in love with him, or whatever. He’s not like Scott, who thinks Allison hung the freaking moon, or was the first girl to ever let a guy under her bra. Derek isn’t like other people. Sometimes he’s not exactly sane.psychopaths in love - the story from Derek & Stiles’s side.

Stand Fast in Your Enchantments read by chemm80 

(7.5-8 Hours I Explicit I Sterek)  *forced shift!derek, kidnapping, au, spark!stiles

“Stiles knew damn well what a pissed-off wolf sounded like, and every hair on the back of his neck was telling him that somewhere in this room was a very pissed-off werewolf.” An AU in which Derek is feral, Stiles is magical, and they eat a lot of fast food.

Cornerstone read by Jinxy 

(10-15 Hours I Explicit I Sterek)  *blind!stiles, human au, marine!derek, ptsd

Suffering from PTSD, ex-Marine Derek Hale moves back to Beacon Hills to open a bookshop and find a calmer life. That’s where he meets Stiles, completely by accident. Stiles is talkative, charming and curious. Somehow, despite the fact that he’s blind, he’s able to read Derek like no one else.

Tiny Houses read by Jinxy 

(10-15 Hours I Explicit I Sterek)  *mpreg, rape/noncon. dubcon

 “So this is what Stiles does. He lies in Scott’s bed and waits for Melissa to say she’s found someone to get it out of him, to cure him of the wrongness and the bad, and he dreams.

 God, he dreams.

 He dreams of fire and swollen bellies and that scene in Alien, of giving birth to jackals through his urethra, the whole horrific nine yards. His head is a terrible place to be, he can’t imagine his stomach is much better, why anyone would want to put a thing inside of it.”

Familiar freckles

Pairing: John Laurens x Reader (pretty platonic tho.)
Word count: 1570
Summary: You go grocery shopping with your little brother and meet John. NAILED IT
Warnings: Uhm. Non. I think. Bad writing
Notes: This is pretty lame. It might be cute tho. I should probably right a sequel to that. Ive also only written this to finally have a laurens fic.

“Can I have chocolate?”, a squeaky voice demanded, and you sighed, looking down to your little brother. “Will you stop bothering me after I buy you chocolate?”, you questioned with your eyebrows raised, while taking an egg carton from the shelf and placing it carefully in the shopping cart. “Yes! I promise!” With a cry of joy, he was already racing through the supermarket, and before you could even notice, he disappeared behind one of the refrigerator counters. You didn’t put too much thought to this, you were sure he would come back soon enough, so you continued your shopping. 

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For: @mimigemrose 

Imagine: Being a janitor in Dauntless and the leader of Dauntless, Eric, takes a liking for you.  

Today was another long day on the job, and instead of getting to go home at 4:00 pm, like every other day, you were assigned to clean up after the initiates. Yes, you work in Dauntless as a janitor, and no, it’s not the best job, but when you’re a transfer from Candor and have over 30 fears, it’s the best you can get, you’re just happy that you  got through initiation.

You walk into the training room at 6:00, just as the initiates are leaving, and you see him. Eric, the youngest Dauntless leader and one of your fellow transfers from your own initiation. He is hot as hell, and you may have had a crush on him during your initiation, but you also know that he is a complete asshole. Once all the initiates leave, you are left alone with Eric, and there he stands giving you sympathetic looks, like always. What is his fucking problem?

Eric’s POV

I see her walk in with all her equipment, and as always, I feel myself being drawn towards her. I know I shouldn’t be, I’m a fucking leader after all, and she’s just a lowly janitor. I can do so much better than a girl with over thirty fears, yet, I still want her, and I don’t know why.

I find myself staring at her again, like I always do, but this time, she’s staring right back, the only difference is that she looks very annoyed.


That’s it, this constant staring needs to stop. You put down your mop and walk up to Eric, you look up at him, trying to make yourself seem intimidating, but fail.

“Do you need something?” Eric raises his eyebrows at you.

“Yes,” you say confidently, “I need you to stop staring at me as if I’m some fragile little girl who you feel bad for.”  

Eric smirks down at me as if to say ‘Oh really?’ so I continue, “Just because you’re a leader, doesn’t mean I need your sympathy.”

“What make you think you can talk to me like that?” He says gripping your arm tightly, “You said it yourself honey, I’m a leader, and what are you? Just a petty little janitor. So next time, think twice before trying to sass me.”

“Fuck you,” I mutter.

He clenches his jaw, his grip on your arm tightens, and he hisses, “What was that? You’ll have to speak up.”

You roll your eyes. Bad decision.

“Don’t ever roll your eyes at me Y/N!” Damn, he actually knows your name, “Why don’t we put your little cleaning skills to the test. Be at my place, tonight at 8, and if you don’t show up it might be the end of your life as a member of Dauntless.”

You nod quickly and he walks away. You knew Eric was an asshole, but you never thought he would threaten to make you factionless. You continue cleaning the training room thinking, ‘What have I got myself into?’

You get to Eric’s door five minutes before 8:00, and you slowly knock, he opens the door, staring down at you.

Eric stands shirtless, in loose lounge pants that hang low on his hips, he looks like a fucking God, and you have fight the urge to throw yourself at him, “You’re early.”

You shrug your shoulders, “Better than being late, right?”

He leads you in and your jaw drops at the mess in his apartment, you curse under your breath knowing that he made this place extra messy just for you. He gestures at you to get started and makes his way to his kitchen.

It takes you just over an hour to clean the entire living room and by the end of it, you are absolutely exhausted, you have never worked so fast in your life.

Eric finally walks out of the kitchen, and nods in approval, “Impressive.”

You smile back at him, and he asks, “You hungry?”

At that moment, you realize how hungry you actually are, so you nod at him, and he gestures at you to follow. You walk into his dining room with him and notice two plates of pasta salad sitting on the table.

Eric sits down in his chair and you stare at him, this has to be some kind of joke, why would a Dauntless leader make dinner for a girl like you?

He shoots you a questioning look, then demands, “Sit.”

You quickly sit in the chair across from him and start eating, “Wow, this is really good.”

Eric smirks, and you realized that you just boosted ego even more, “What did you expect?”

“I don’t know, like burnt food, maybe a kitchen on fire or something,” He rolls his eyes at your pathetic attempt at a joke.

“Alright well I should go,” You say putting your dishes in the sink and walking out of the dining room, towards the door.

“Okay, well I’ll see you around Y/N,” Eric smiles, like actually smiles, not the malicious smile he gets when he is torturing an initiate, but a legit, happy, smile.

Your Candor side suddenly shows through and you blurt, “You should smile more often, makes you look hotter.”

He chuckles, and your eyes widen when you realize what you just said, “I-I mean, I’m just gonna go now!”

You walk out the door, and Eric stands in the doorway, looking at you, you can’t help but stare down at his Greek God body.

“Like what you see,” He smirks, and you turn a bright shade of red. He suddenly squints at you, “You have a little something on your mouth.”

You touch the side of your lip trying to get it off, “Where?”

“Here, let me get it,” He leans forward and places his lips on yours, kissing you roughly, eventually he pulls back, leaving you out of breath, “God knows how long I’ve been waiting to do that.”

He walks into his apartment and shuts the door behind him. Leaving you in the middle of the hallway, stunned and in awe. You should sass Eric more often, if it leads to these kinds of punishments.    

A/N: Sorry if that’s not what you were hoping for, I didn’t really know what to write for the request, but I hope you liked it! xoxo

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Yea motherfucker it’s Lil Ugly Mane (uh huh)
That’s right motherfucker, let your pants hang low
(buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, )
Rocks in my socks
Grams gotta bag up
Standing on the corner
Just holding my sag up
Try to touch my dough
And yo, I’m holding the mag up
My peoples are pros, fo’ ‘sho
Your toes will get tagged up
Back up, spit enough crack to kill a fiend
Pants stay low when I’m still rocking little jeans
Man, that niner blow your little spleen to smithereens
Cock back, it’s off with your head, just like a guillotine

What you want, what you need?
I’m in this game for the hoes clothes, and currency
That’s why I keep the heat on me for emergency
Man, I'mma bust a sag till they murder me


If your pockets stay heavy, go and bust a sag
Bust a sag (X5)
If you keeps it one hundred, go and bust a sag
Bust a sag (X5)
Fellas, if you feel me, go and bust a sag
Bust a sag (X5)
Ladies, if you with me, go and bust a sag

Yea, you see them looking
When I bust a sag, metal fist
Knock you out cold
Like mustard gas
Naw I ain’t gon’ cut 'em slack
Catch me looking pretty in the mustard 'lac
Young, dumb and strapped
Man, the souls the only thing I lack

Got a lot of everything, boy got a lot of dope
Gotta check the weather that’s a lot of snow
Catch me busting sags when I rock a lot of ??
All up in you main bitch, told the bitch “sorry ho, I gotta go”
Ugly Mane, you know my pants lower than the mud
Cuz I keeps it one hundred and I got a lot of dubs
Catch him out slipping and I’m covered in his blood
Keep it like OJ I got a lot of gloves



My shirt looks stupid if my pants ain’t low
My pants ain’t low
If my pants ain’t low
Said, my shirt looks stupid if my pants ain’t low
My pants ain’t low
If my pants ain’t low


just some extremely fluffy, domestic ushioi for the soul. 

A gust of steam rushes out from behind Oikawa the moment he throws the bathroom door open, floating around him like a protective cloud before dissipating into thin air. He runs a soft towel through his wet hair, pajama pants hanging low on his hips, shirt three sizes too large.

He makes his way to the living room couch where he knows Ushijima will be, probably watching a rerun of one of their older matches of the season. He’s long since learned that Ushijima loves watching him play, marveling at his brilliance and his accuracy, his killer instincts and overall skill. Oikawa agrees with him one hundred percent - he is an incredible setter - but that doesn’t make him feel any less embarrassed when Ushijima basically calls him a god with a straight face. Iwaizumi teases him relentlessly about it.

When he sees that familiar tuft of soft brown hair peeking out from above the couch, Oikawa’s face splits into a smile.

“Waka-chan,” he croons, making his way around the couch, “there you are.”

Ushijima mutes the tv- as Oikawa had predicted, it’s their match against Brazil, the fifth one they’d played this season. Difficult, intense, exhilarating.

The celebratory sex that night had been unforgettable.

Ushijima doesn’t even flinch at the now familiar nickname, answering Oikawa’s call with a small smile and the softening of his eyes. Oikawa holds the hairdryer and comb out, eyes large.

“Please? You always do it best.”

Ushijima shakes his head fondly, moving across the couch to where the nearest plug point is. “You ask as if I have a choice.”

Oikawa cackles, “I was trying to be nice.”

“Don’t,” Ushijima advises, plucking the hairdryer out of his hands. “I like you the way you are.”

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Tension and Release

Unexpected sequel to Playfighting, after some comments on that sparked a bunch of new ideas. Here we go… more domestic Gladnis with a bit of Uncle Prompto for movie night, and Iggy’s having a bad day. Sassy siblings Clara and Nox are there to make it worse and better at the same time

Find it on AO3 here. 

“Daddy, Daddy, Uncle Prompto’s here!” Clara yelled as she skidded down the hallway, her camo-print pants hanging low on her hips, the black tank top showing off her lean arms.

At thirteen Clara was a menace. A kind-hearted, sweet-souled, short-haired menace.

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