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Jungkook, smut, jealous guy-John Lennon ( Not the I hurt you part, please. ^^).

Jealous Guy- Jungkook Smut

//Anger is consuming, but so is pleasure// 

(Jealous Guy- John Lennon)

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I yelp as Jungkook pulls me away from Yoongis hug. His hand digs into the skin of my wrist causing me to wince in pain. “Jungkook let go!” I cry, trying to yank my arm out of his grasp but failed horribly. “We’re leaving. Now.” his voice was strict and stern, cutting into the cold icy air surrounding us. I bite my tongue and try to keep up with his fast pace.

I don’t understand why he’s so angry… We were just hugging for gods sake! I mean sure Yoongi has been a little touchy feely today but so what? He’s my oppa, nothing more, and Jungkook should know that too! Doesn’t he have any faith in me at all?

Jungkooks grip on my wrist tightens as we enter the busy streets of Korea. I stumble over my feet as we scramble through the sea of people, trying to get to the dorm. “Jungkook!” I call but all I get is an angry grunt from him.

The next thing I know is that I’m getting pulled into the elevator to the dorm. Jungkook loosens his grip on my wrist but the atmosphere is still cold and thick. “Jungkook–” “Please, I don’t feel like yelling at you in here” he holds his free hand up and shoots me a glare. Just what the hell has crawled up his ass?

I am, yet again, being yanked down the hall to the dorm. I want to protest and scream and Jungkook, but I don’t feel like disturbing anyone on the floor. Jungkook opens the door to the dorm then pulls me in, letting me go in the process, making me lose balance.

“What the hell Jungkook? I know you’re angry about Yoongi being a little too friendly today but that doesn’t give you the right–” “Just Yoongi hyung? Are you kidding me right now?! You had Jimin and Hoseok all over you too! It’s disgusting and you just let it happen” Jungkook seethed. “Oh please! Jungkook they weren’t all over me. Jimin had his arm swung around me for what? Five minutes? And Hoseok? He was teasing me! If you call that flirting then I must be living in some alternate universe.” I returned the icy glare he was giving me.

“You are mine Y/N.” he spat, pointing to me, why must he be jealous all the time? “I am no one’s property! I am not something you freaking claim Jungkook!” My loudness even startled me.

“Is that so?” Jungkooks voice was low and furious. He tightly grips my waist and pulls me toward him. “No one is allowed to touch like this but me” he says the last word sharply. My eyes are wide and frightened, Jungkook tightens his grip on my waist, squeezing the skin beneath my shirt. “Jungkook stop.” he lets go of my waist and I let go of a breath I didn’t even realize I was holding.

“You are mine, Y/N. and I’m going to make sure everyone knows that” Before I can even take a minute to respond, Jungkooks lips are on mine, pressing hard against the plump skin. He slips his tongue into my mouth and takes me, dominating me entirely.

I try to fight against him but I fail, my body falls limp against his as his tongue forcefully plays with mine. I curl my hands in his hair, tugging at the soft strands pulling him closer to me. My nose bumps against his as he continues to devore me, stealing the air from my lungs.

His hands roughly knead my breasts through my cotton shirt, I gasp against his lips as he pinches my nipple through the thin fabric. Jungkooks hands wrap around my thighs and I instantly jump, wrapping my legs around his waist.

Jungkook walks through the house to the rooms and I’m tossed onto the bed, him towering over my small figure. He makes quick work of my clothes; shirt being ripped off my body, pants yanked down my legs, bra discarded, leaving me in my panties, panting and waiting for his next move.

Jungkooks lips move to my neck, harshly sucking on the supple skin. “I’m the only one who can touch you here” his hand cups my sex roughly and I gasp. “I’m the only one who can feel how wet you are” he slips his hand under my panties, running his fingers along my slick lips. I bite back a moan as he slips a finger inside me, slowly moving in and out of my entrance.

He goes back to assaulting my neck, pulling the skin into his mouth, grazing his teeth along it. His free hand comes up to my breasts, taking a nipple between his nimble fingers. I moan loudly from the contact, the feeling of him tweaking my nipple and the painful slowness of his finger easing out of me is overwhelming. My blood heats up and my heart beats faster.

“No one can have you but me” Jungkook whispers hotly into my ear, taking my earlobe between his teeth. I moan again, arching my body into his hand, trying to create more friction. “What do you want Y/N?” he asks, running his tongue along the expanse of my neck. “You” I say shakily, taking my bottom lip between my teeth.


Jungkook strips his clothes off in the speed of light. “Get on all fours” he commands darkly. I quickly do as I’m told, I place myself on my elbows and let my ass stick out in the air. My groin clenches in anticipation and then there’s a sharp smack to my ass, making me yelp in both pleasure and pain. Another hard smack comes into contact with my cheek and the vibration goes straight to my groin, making me cry out.

“Mine” Jungkook grasps me the exposed skin of my ass and I moan. “Yours” I breathe, trying to calm myself down. Jungkook glides my soaked panties down my legs then swiftly enters me, settling in the deepest part of me.

His member stretches me and fills me up entirely. Jungkook starts to move in and out of me in an unfathomable pace. “You.Are.Mine” he groans in my ear, wrapping my hair around his hand, tilting my head back. I moan in response, the pleasure in my body building in the fiery pit of my stomach.

His thick member brushes against my walls and reaches so deep within me, grazing that sweet spot just to drive me insane. “Jungkook!” I moan loudly and he smacks my ass again making another call of his name leave my lips.

“Louder” he whispers in my ear, slowly his movements slowly easing in and out of my dripping heat.

“Ngg, Jungkook~” I moan again, biting on my lip, this is pure torture.

“Louder” he commands, picking up his pace, slamming back into me.

“Ah fuck! Jungkook!” I loudly moan, gripping the sheets under me.

“Louder! I want fucking Africa to hear you call my name! So they know who’s fucking you right now!” he circles his hand around to my clit and rubs it furiously while he rams himself into me, losing control.

“JUNGKOOK!!!” I cry, the pleasure inside me exploding making me shake violently. My walls spasm and clench around Jungkooks member, milking him for all he’s worth. My orgasm rips through my body, in a whirlwind of overwhelming erotic pleasure. Hot tingly fire travels through my body setting it ablaze. The pleasure pulses through my veins as I collapse, feeling Jungkooks white, hot, liquid ooze down my legs.

Jungkook slowly pulls out of me, collapsing beside me in bed.

My breathing is heavy and uneven, my lungs are like a empty tank of gas and it’s all because of my idiotic jealous boyfriend.

“Come, we need to take a shower”

“I’m too tired to shower, thanks”

“I’m planning on going for round two”

~Admin Tomato 

//Someone please baptize me in holy water// (I am officially done with myself) 

Hi new Clique members.

I know a lot of old clique members don’t seem to like you, and at first i was the same, i know with the recent popularity of Stressed Out and Ride there are so many new fans that have either come along for support or simply jumped on the band wagon because the song is popular. I support new members that are here for the right reason - you find comfort and safety in this music, you love and respect Tyler and Josh and most importantly you are here to make a difference. But. There are some people who are here that i do not like. When i first joined the clique in 2013 i remember everyone was so nice and it was like a small community, i talked to some people online through fan accounts and i enjoyed the music. Now its 2016 and what  i have heard and gone through honestly disgusts me. There are people who call themselves “in the clique” but really it makes me ashamed to say i am part of the clique because of these people. I recently went to my concert in April and the people there were not supportive at all. I was pushed, pulled, dragged, stood on and hurt in that mosh pit. I know people say “its part of the experience” but honestly i do not think that people treating other people like a piece of shit is “part of the experience”. There was a girl next to me who was about to pass out, i held her upwards in my hands for two songs because i wanted to know that she was ok, i asked people around me if they knew here and i got told to leave her be and let her fall to the ground. I was disgusted that someone said that to me, i eventually lost my space in the mosh pit to take this girl somewhere safe but i was glad i was out of there anyway, i had already been dragged to the ground twice just because people were not getting their ways. This concert experience was not the same one from 2014, it was much harsher and not the environment i had expected. As well as the concerts i have heard stories of Tyler and Josh being groped, clothes torn off them, falling to the ground, stalked, sexualised and just given no respect. I have heard of people sending Josh and Jenna death threats, Tyler falling to the ground, Josh’s pants being ripped off, and just people being plain ignorant. This is not the way they deserve to be treated. We are here to support them, not let them fall. We are here to love them and their music, not sexualise them. We are here because we have found safety in their music, not to make fun of others mental disorders or their capability. We are the clique. I do not want to be ashamed and say i am part of a group of screaming girls that obsess and sexualise, grope, disrespect, and harass others. I want to say i am part of a group that supports, loves and cares for Josh, Tyler and one another. 

So please, all new clique members remember, that we are there for one another and we respect Jenna, Josh, and Tyler. 

And most importantly Stay Alive friends.


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If you haven't done this before can you do one where your Mikeys gf and they just did a twitcam Nd u were behind the camera and turned Mikey on a lot and so he decides to punish you! Pretty pweasee ilyyyy ur blog is my lifee ♡♥♡

asdfghjkl ok ok okay o k a y

 he’d be hella proud to have you as his girlfriend so if he was gonna be doing a twitcam by himself, he would force you into the camera frame despite protests that the fans would hate you because you even hate yourself and michael would just be like, ‘shut up, you’re gorgeous’ (he’s correct) and so the laptop would be on a desk, and the two of you would be very squeezed and cramped onto a stupid leather swivelly office chair and the camera would only be viewing from like shoulders up. 

and tbh he would be the one to start it, like, originally you’d both be really into the stream and engaging with fan questions and all and your legs would already be casually draped over the top of his so you’d kinda be sitting on his lap, but that wouldn’t matter at all until like 10 minutes in and he would have gradually just been leaning back more and more and like you’d still be rather hunched over the keyboard and laughing at the fans things but he’d now be leaning back and quite frankly a bit bored and you would just feel his finger like dancing up your thigh. 

so like you wouldn’t even think anything of it until it kept sliding all the way up and it would bloody go up and into your shorts and his hand would be cold so you’d gasp and he would be an innocent little douche bag like, ‘what’s wrong?’ and you’d have to quickly play it off like, ‘oh, just what this person said,’ and anyway he’d be slowing rubbing down towards your folds and you’d be thinkin gomgomg I’m gonna moan on camera so you’d reach down and aggressively pull out his hand and he would just be smirking behind you, and you’d be thinking he will pay for that later 

but later comes quicker than you think because when he starts talking again to the fans you reach into your back pocket to get out your phone and on the way, your hand brushes past his cock and you feel how god damn hard he is, and i would say it would surprise you, but really he’s always stiff and horny around you, so you come up with a brilliant idea to actually give him a really subtle hand job while he’s speaking and hhhhollllly crap can you imagine your hand in his pants like fiddling with his dick and omg you’d feel like precum all wet in your hands but you wouldn’t even be able to see because your head would be focused on the screen and he’d start biting his nails to stop from making noise and he’d keep clearing his throat and then when you actually full on tried to start pumping his length he’d groan and involuntarily thrust his hips up and then he’d just get angry and be like, ‘oh the bands calling us, gotta go, love you all,’ and slam the damn laptop and you’d like chuckle at how frustrated he was 

but then he’d be like, ‘don’t fucking laugh at me, honey,’ and you would see him gritting his teeth and it’d be like oh shit this is serious, and he’d already be ripping his pants off and have his cock being rubbed in his own hands and he’d be so forceful like, ‘get on the fucking floor,’ and, ‘are you gonna open your mouth for me, babe, or do you want me even more angry,’ 

and annyway it would actually be the scariest blowjob ever because you wouldn’t even be moving your head because he’d be the one violently driving his cock down your throat whilst grabbing your hair and it wouldn’t take him long before, ‘oh, fuck, god, baby, yes, o-open up sweetheart, fuck, i’m coming, baby, i’m coming.’

Today I went to my boyfriends house after not seeing him for two long weeks where in-between we were having conversations about what we were going to do with each other(which lead me to being wet.)

So as we were watching a comedy movie all snuggled up at his house i decide to bury myself in his neck which lead to kissing and the occasional nibble. Half way through I stopped to check my phone but to my surprise when I turn back around I was being pushed the bed with my pants ripped off and he was slowly going down on me, teasing me on the way. Before he got started he got me excited by rubbing my pussy and telling me how wet I’m going to be. The amazing sensation he created using his skillful tongue and finger tricks was unforgettable.

We had a little break until he straddled me on top of him(bearing in mine we just had underwear on) and started grinding which lead us to the best sex we’ve had. It was my first time being on top but by judging was I saw, I think I did good.

—  Anonymous