pants are too tight

Coran: we need a real show stopper! Give the crowds a little eye candy to ogle.

Lance: well I know who the hottest one here is

Allura: I will not be reduced to-

Lance: I mean Hunk is clearly the best choice, have you seen his arms!

Allura:… oh yes that makes sense

Coran: hmmm Hunk can you do any acrobatics involving a pole? Or perhaps silk?

Hunk:*blushing mess* n-no But Lance can!

Coran: really now? Well lover boy Lance I have a plan for you.


*later with the BOM*

Keith: oh it’s time for the teams show.

*Lance coming down the silk*


Kalavan: Keith are you sick? Humans are not meant to be so red


Just a Little Tummy Ache - Part 2

Pairing: Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil (Phan)

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Pastel!Dan, Punk!Phil (slight)daddy!kink.

Word Count: 4500

Warnings: Sexual Content. 

Summary: Phil meets Dan in probably the most unconventional way. And despite being polar opposites, maybe they’re more alike than they ever thought. The biggest difference? Dan can’t tell a tummy ache apart from a different kind of ‘ache’. Perhaps too innocent for his own good, until he meets Phil that is. 

Author Note: This picks up exactly where Part 1 ended so I highly suggest you read the 1st chapter, Just a Little Tummy Ache

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Period talk

Everyone with a vagina knows they gotta put up with some bullshit from mother nature every month (usually). If you’re like me, periods can be celabratory because BITCH U AINT PREGNANT! Ima give u some tips to make your period a lil less hellish and hopefully even a lil shorter.

1- Wear pads at night. I know they arent the most comftorable thing but TSS is far more uncomftorable I promise you. I don’t trust sleeping in tampons because of the risk of them staying in for too long. (Always change your tampons every 5-7 hours) 

2- Heat relieves cramps and also helps blood flow. Soak a washcloth in hot water and put it over your abdomen, sit in a hot bath, take a hot shower, sit in a sauna ect 

3- Stick to drinking strictly water and tea (same thing) this will help with breakouts, fatigue, headaches, bloating, ect. Peppermint, ginger, and chamomile tea are great for cramps. 

4- Ive noticed that the less I snack on shitty foods, the shorter my period is. I cant back this up really, but cutting out candy, chips, soda and replacing them with water and fruits has helped end my period quicker.


6- Wear cotton underwear and preferably not too tight pants/shorts just so you can let your cootchie breath. 

7- Lmao y’all are gunna hate me for this but honestly working out on your period works wonders. It gets the blood flow going, gets rid of cramps, andddd (my fav thing about periods) your metabolism is fastest during your period so eating healthy and excercise can actually help you lose a few pounds. When I was trying to lose weight i hit a platue and my period helped me get past it.

8- Carry 5 tampons with you, an extra pair of panties, tylenol, and a water bottle wherever you go. Also mark your calender or get Period Tracker app so you can be as prepared as you can for when your period decides to ruin your day. When you are on your period, wear dark clothing and bring a jacket/long sweater so you can either tie your jacket around your waist to cover your ass if you bleed through. This is also great if you’re like me who need to wear pads and tampons and want to cover the underwear lines.

9- MY FAV TIP. Masturbating atleast twice a day (but no ones stopping you from going on more) helps with cramps and speeds up blood flow to end your period quicker. Amazing. Sex is also good for this but I personally hate having sex on my period, that dick be high fiving my period cramps like they a team or some shit.

This is all I could come up with so hopefully it helps you. Stay smart, fresh, and beautiful my lovely hoes.

Black Nails and Thick Thighs

Summary: When Dan grows his nails out to paint them, it sparks a chain-reaction of fantasies in Phil’s head.

Genre: Smut

Word count: 5,056

Kinks/Warnings: Feminisation, mild degradation, my weird obsession with Dan’s Tits™

Notes: Special thanks to @darlingimwhipped as most of this is recycled headcanons taken from our ridiculous antics. Based off this prompt.

The idea first comes to Phil after a lapse in his usual anti-gender-role mindset. Normally, he sees these lingering effects of years of conditioning as problematic, but in this case…well, he’s going to give this one a free pass.

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Breaking the rules


Pairing: Peter parker x reader

Summary: Peter and reader get paired up on a project together, while studying together reader might find out Peter’s identity and things get steamy between them.

Word count: 2265

warnings: makeout, swearing?

Hope you guys enjoy!

Part 1  Part 3


Originally posted by winter-hunters

Next day Peter was going crazy. He had in fact made out with the girl of his dreams, and she had kissed him first! He arrived to school with the biggest puppy smile in his face, which was not dismissed by Ned, who immediately dragged him to an empty hallway.

“Please tell me you talked to her”

“Even better”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she- umm- well, we might have kissed”


As they headed towards Chemistry class Peter kept replaying last night’s events in his head. Would it be too soon to go back to yours today? He wanted to talk to Y/n more, and the kisses were always a bonus. He looked for her in the crow, when he finally spotted Y/n he  gave her his brightest smile, the one he had been saving just for her.

However Y/n looked, confused? When she saw him she looked kind of surprised and pleased as she waved her hand at him. He lifted his own hand ready to wave back, wondering why would she look surprised? They had made ou- Crap, crap crap crap!

Peter stopped his hand from weaving and quickly look somewhere else as he realized. Of course she would look surprised! She doesn’t know who was behind the mask! Peter kept his gaze in the floor as he made his way to the classroom. With her sitting in the front at least he wouldn’t be discover staring at Y/n.

The class went by rapidly, with Peter paying none to little attention, at least until the final minutes when the teacher made an announcement.

“Class as you know we will be making the final project on pairs, which I will assign, so stop looking at Mr. Parker, Mr Leeds. It’s due by the end of the week so you better start working now.”

Peter zoned out until he heard his name being called once again by the teacher.

“Mr Parker will be working with Ms. Stark”

The teacher continued calling the pairs, however Peter couldn’t seem to focus anymore. He was working with Y/n? He could barely look at you without blushing, how was he going to talk to you?

Being so distracted he didn’t notice people leaving the classroom, apparently class was over. He saw Ned leaving the classroom as well, giving the boy a thumbs up as he noticed that Y/n was not gone, she was approaching Peter, with one of her classic smiles.

“Hey Peter”

“Hey- I umh- hey”

Peter control yourself! This is your chance to talk to her, at least without the suit.

“Well, I was thinking that maybe we should work on the project at my place, you know my dad will be happy  to see you”

What? How does she know Mr. Stark and him now each other? Does she also know he is spiderman?

“You know since you have the Stark Internship and all”

Right. The Stark Internship. He almost forgot about that too.

“Sooo, my place at 7? You should stay for dinner as well.”

The boy could only manage a nod before the girl turned around and exited the room, leaving him alone. Great, he thought, I really am nothing without my suit, I can’t even talk to her!

Tonight will be a long night.

Peter had been a nervous wreck during the whole day, so when school was over he went to the first alley he could find and changed into his spiderman suit. He had some hours to kill before going to the Avenger’s tower.

Time flied as he stopped robberies and helped a girl get her cat back from a tree. When he finally checked his phone it was 7:10 already! He went back to the alley and changed into his usual clothes, shoving the suit into his backpack and hurrying towards her home.

Mr. Stark was waiting for him as the elevator doors opened. He welcomed him with a smile as he took his shoulder with his hand and guided him towards the kitchen.

“Welcome kid! You know where everything is, so make yourself at home.”

“Thank you Mr. Stark”

“Just remember that my daughter is off limits for everybody, and that includes you”

This time his tone had been more serious and he was staring right at Peter’s eyes, like he could tell what had happened yesterday. Peter felt terrible, Mr. Stark had helped him so much and gave him his suit! He didn’t want to lie to the man!

However this thoughts were quickly erased as he saw Y/n entering the room. She was wearing a beautiful sundress that made her legs look longer. Mr. Stark cleared his throat next to Peter, probably to stop him from checking out his daughter.

“Remember the rules Peter! And Y/n, don’t you think that dress is too short”

“Dad stop it! We are just workin on a chemistry project! We’ll be in my room okay”

“Listen to me young lady, that door stays wide open!Dinner will be ready at 8!”

Y/n rolled her eyes as she took his arm and leaded the way towards her room, answering with a “Whatever dad” before closing the door.

“I’m sorry about that, he is just really protective”

“Yeah sure- don’t worry”

The both stood in the entrance of the room until she moved towards her couch, the same he had been on yesterday. He blushed at the memory and tried to think of something else before his pants go too tight. He followed her, sitting next to her as they talked about their project.

“So I was thinking we should do something related to DNA maybe? Like how it can change and stuff. I don’t really know it was just and idea-”

“No yeah, I like it, we should do that”.

The girl got up and brought her laptop to the couch so they could gather information together. Peter found it had to focus on the project when he could catch a glance at the hickeys on her neck, but he managed. About 20 minutes later they had gather enough information to at least get started on the actual presentation.

“Peter you’ve got a pencil I can borrow?”

“Yeah, just let me get my backpack”

“Where is it?”

“I leaved it by the door”

“I’ll go get it”

With those final words she stood up and headed towards the door looking for said pencil. Peter stayed alone for a while, waiting for her to come back. She was taking a while, maybe she couldn’t find it? As he was standing up to find the girl he saw her come back empty handed, but with a wide smile.

Her hair was now in a ponytail, and he could clearly see the hickeys from last night. Also, had her dress gotten shorter? It was barely covering her legs anymore, and he had to remind himself to look somewhere else before she noticed his drooling.

“Did you find it?”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t matter anymore. I was thinking we should get a break, you know, talk and stuff. Get to know each other”

Why did everything reminded him of last night? He got a big dejavu as the girl seated next to him but this time it was only to take his hand and lead him to her bed, seating down on it, with her back on the header as he took the place next to her, facing each other.

“Mmmh- so, what would you like to know?”

“Tell me about your Stark Internship Peter, it’s kinda funny how we’ve never runned into each other in the tower, since you spend so much time here.”

“Well I just- I stay mainly at the labs you know? And help your dad with stuff”

“So you spend a lot of time with my dad?”


Peter was growing more and more nervous. The girl hadn’t stopped looking at him while biting her lip. Was she doing it on purpose? Did she know about his crush? He wanted to be the one biting those pink lips. Her hand traveled from her leg to her neck, stroking it while making small moans, claiming she was hurt. The noises distracted Peter as he tried his best not to get a hard on. Why was she doing this? Did she enjoyed to get guys in her room and seduce them?

“You must know the Avengers then”

“I’ve met them a couple times”

“Even Spiderman?”

Where was she going with these? Did she wanted to see Spider Man again? Maybe that was why she was asking about him, trying to seem nice to Peter so he would give him some info.

“I’ve talk to him a couple times”

“Well, I’ve been wanting to give him a  secret message, could you do that for me?”

The girl had gotten closer than before, taking Peter’s arm and stroking it, going up and down, while her other hand was on his shoulder, holding them close. She leaned into his ear as she whispered.

“You should tell him to hide better his suit”

She pushed back a little, just enough to catch Peter’s lip into a kiss. What even? Oh shit, she must have found the suit on my backpack! Well, he couldn’t really argue as she kept kissing him. How come she always surprised him? The boy refused to get left behind as he finally bit into the girl’s lip, making her open her mouth for his tongue to get in.

The girl got up and she straddled his hips, making them both whine at the contact. He got his mouth to hers once again while he took her legs into his hands. This time he could touch a little bit further. He slid his hand up and down, placing them in the back of her tights as he brought her closer to him.

He finally let go of the girls mouth as he headed towards her neck, sucking and biting at the same spot, leaving it even redder than before. He could hear her soft moaning right next to his ear as he slid a bit of her dress to kiss her collarbone. Meanwhile the girl had began unbuttoning his shirt, stroking his stomach as well, getting way to close at the band of his boxers. He could feel his pants getting a little too tight.

Did she feel the same? He wanted to touch as well, but he didn’t want to scare her off. He got his hands off from her thighs going for her waist instead, however the girl had other plans. She seemed to notice his thoughts as she took his hand and placed it under her dress once again.

“Don’t think too much Peter”

She went back to kissing him as the boy gather enough courage to move his hand upwards. He brushed his fingers slightly at the fabric of her underwear, making the girl throw back her head as she let out a series of whimpers, this time louder than before.

“Peter do it again”

With some new gained confidence the boy move his fingers once again against the fabric where he guessed was her clit, stroking it, making the girl even wetter than before.

Y/n started moving her hips along with his fingers, trying to get more friction, until she finally got his hand off her and she seated in his lap. The contact of his dick and her clit made them both let out groans a as they moved their hips in unison.


She continued to moan his name in his ear. If she kept on doing that he would be in a very sticky situation very soon. Peter tried to get back on her neck and maybe slide the other strap off her shoulder when a voice interrupted him.

“Peter better have some clothes on before I get in!”

Fuck, Mr Stark! He had completely forgotten about him. Both teenagers stared wide eyes at each other as her father entered the room, without giving them time to fix themselves.

She quickly got off him as he buttoned up his shirt and adjusted his pants. The last thing he wanted was for Mr. Stark to see he got the hots for his daughter. She tried to fix their hair but was stopped as her father stormed into the room.

“Are you serious kid? I welcomed you into my house, into my team! and this is how you thank me?”

Peter looked down at this words. He couldn’t believe he had gotten Mr. Stark down. He probably hated him

“Dad stop it! It was my fault!”

“How could it be your fault?”

“I kissed Peter okay? I just really like him” ay/n shrugged her shoulders and looked at Peter as she said this words. It was true, she really did like him and his dorky side.

“I’m really sorr-”

“I gave you one single rule, stay away from her, and you go and do the exact opposite!” Y/n’s father closed his eyes as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “We’ll have a long talk in a moment, if you are gonna be dating my daughter we must settle some rules first, but now let’s get down for dinner, We’ll talk later kiddo.”

Mr. Stark finally left the room. Y/n looked at Peter as she said.

“Sooo, we dating now?”

“I’d love to”

The girl smiled at Peter before taking his hand, leading the way towards the kitchen.

“Did you really break my father’s rules?”

As he stared at her he realised she looked perfect with her messy hair, swollen lips and her hand interlocked with his.

“Well, I learned from the best”

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Thank you so much to everyone!

Territory (Dogboy Hybrid AU) | Taehyung x You

Rated: M 

Warning: Graphic hybrid smut. Please don’t read this if you’re not into it because I don’t want to scar you

Summary: Dogboy Tae gets extremely possessive when “that time of the month” rolls around and find’s it hard to control his natural instincts and his dominating nature during the monthly occurrence.

Note: Ah, okay, so this is my first time ever writing about Hybrids and stuff like that, so please bear with me. The idea came to mind while I was surfing the interwebz, so I just thought I’d write it up. What a thing to be my first post lol, but oh well.. Idgaf. I’m pretty much uneducated on “Dogboys” but I’m giving it my best shot.. HUZZAH!!~ 

Words: 2,932

You were driving him insane. The intoxicating scent of you calling out to him, begging for him to mount you and claim you as his own before any other male could get to you. It was hard to fight his natural instincts, but he knew better than to force you into anything and you had told him you didn’t feel well, stating you had ‘cramps’ or something along those lines. But your body was crying out for him to dominate you, your body needed him, he could sense it, and it was taking every ounce of his willpower to refrain from mounting you whenever he was in your presence. And that was quite a lot.

It was already hard enough not to mount you, so he really couldn’t help his need to follow you around everywhere, his possessive nature having to make sure no other male could get near you, his precious bitch. Just the thought of it made the hair on the back of his neck raise, his hands clench into fists and a snarl appear on his lips, slightly revealing his canines hid beneath. 

He was in no mood to be tested today in particular. He could sense you were at your peak of ovulation, which was when it was most hard for him to suppress his feral desires. It was so strange to him how humans were so unaware to what their bodies needed. Couldn’t you sense even a little bit how badly your body was yearning for him? He could only shake his head, perplexed by your utter oblivion. 

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Requested ages ago by @grace-for-sale​. Hope you like it!

Summary: AU in which Dean and Cas are both high school teachers. Dean has a crush, but no courage to do anything about it.

Word Count: 1600ish

Warnings: None. I wrote something without smut. What??

“You’re late, Mr. Winchester.”

“The bell was literally ringing as you said that, Lydia,” Dean smiles. “I think we can all let it slide.”

Lydia smiles back and starts sharpening her pencil in the sharpener by the door, where she’s clearly been waiting for him. “I can let it slide,” she agrees, “since you were just out there talking to Mr. Novak.”

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Imagine your ship #3
  • Person A: These pants are too tight
  • Person A: oh please god dont say it.
  • Person B: *on a megaphone* THAT ASS.
  • Person A: *at stage 77 of first hand embarrassment* why do you always have to say these kind of stuff in public you idiot?!?!?
Praise Kink- Part Two

In which Harry’s debut album has been released, and y/n knows just how to celebrate. 

A/N: FINALLY. It doesn’t even feel real that I’m finally posting this thing.  I’ve been hyping this up since like, April so I really hope its good and you all love it.  If you thought part one was filthy… you’re in for a treat.


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Hatefuck C.H.

This imagine is based on this song

You can read part 2 here

Trigger Warning: it contains smut and swearing 

Word count: 2,5k+

A/N: I’m thinking about doing a second part to this. Should i? Anyway, hope you like it.  


That was the only thing I could feel in that moment. Life was slipping through my fingers and I couldn’t do anything about it. All I could seem to do was sitting on the floor, trying to stop the tears from falling.

Numbness came right after. The tears had already dried; my swollen eyes could hardly see anything. I heard the noise that came from the TV, my chest hurt. Everything was a blur, and not only because I couldn’t see anything because of the tears, but because my mind wasn’t even thinking straight. Trying to steady my breathing, I looked around my apartment. There were smashed dishes lying around the floor, a few picture frames also accompanied them.

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     “Shouldn’t it be out on display or something? I mean there’s only so many places someone can hide a cursed broadsword.”

     You spoke in hushed tones as you rummaged through the snobby business man’s office, having decided this was the most likely place for the sword to be after three of his employees had already turned up dead. But what you hadn’t counted on was the shuffle of feet echoing down the empty hallway.

     “Someone’s coming,” you hissed, keeping your voice low but urgent. You quickly slammed the door to the antique armoire you’d been looking in and ran across the room to Sam on silent feet. “We need to get out of here!”

     His eyes flicked to the doorknob that was already turning and he shook his head. “No time.”

     Then the next thing you knew there was a strong arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you into the office’s dark closet and against Sam’s firm chest. “Shh,” he whispered beside your ear, still holding you flush against him as he softly clicked the door back into place and turned off his flashlight.

     The sound of your breathing had become deafening in the quiet, only the muffled sliding of drawers available to drown it out. And if the man on the other side of the closet door wasn’t enough to contend with, you suddenly felt Sam stiffen behind you as you waited.

     “Sam?” you whispered, tilting your head up to look at him. His eyes were shut and his face was contorted with a clearly forced a calm, but when you tried to turn and face him his hands tightened on your waist, grabbing a fist-full of your shirt in the process.

     “Don’t move,” he said through gritted teeth, keeping his arms locked around you to drive his point home.

      At first you were confused - clearly in no place to argue with a potential murder on the other side of a flimsy door and a mountain of a man behind you, but confused nonetheless. And then you felt it. Something familiar and firm pressing into your lower back, a point of pressure that was no doubt the source of Sam’s discomfort.

     You tilted your head up, being careful not to move your body, and whispered, “Seriously?”

     “It’s not my fault. Just – just don’t move.” Sam squeezed his eyes shut further and released the fabric of your shirt, only to change his mind a few seconds later and grab another fist-full.

     You briefly wondered what manner of un-sexy things he was thinking about when you heard the office door click shut. The man had left.

     Sam seized the closet’s doorknob and pushed with a jerk, yanking you both out into the once again empty office.

     You simply looked at him and grinned.

     “So … you’re into confined spaces, huh? Or is it the threat of getting caught?”

     Sam looked completely taken aback, eyes wide as he ceased yanking on his now too-tight pants. “What? No. Shut up.”

     Your smile only grew. “Come on, Sam! Tell me all your weird kinks!”


     “I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours,” you said, wiggling your eyebrows in proposition. Sam looked adorably uncomfortable and then shook his head, turning to walk out of the office.

     “Sammy!” you called after him, chasing him down the hall. “Spoil sport …”

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BTS Reaction - Teasing them under the table [NSFW]

I’m sorry I haven’t been updating recently! School just started back again and my teachers have already been giving out homeworks :((( Enjoy x

Seokjin [Jin] -

Jin would repeatedly take your hand off his thigh, scolding you quietly while looking over at the other boys to make sure they weren’t looking. However his efforts were in vain as you hand innocently made its way up from his knee to his belt buckle once again. Jin tried his hardest to ignore you but the way your fingers slithered their way past his boxers to grip him made his face go beat red. He couldn’t hold out for the rest of the dinner, so making up some lame excuse that you were sick, he ushered you out of the restaurant and away from the boy’s eyes.

“You’re going to pay for that princess.”

Originally posted by meandmyopinionss

Yoongi [Suga] -

Yoongi would have a lot of self restraint, so getting him to come undone in public would be quite the challenge. He would become amused at your failed attempts and would only smirk at you as he looked from the corner of his eye. He wouldn’t have a problem with you touching him in public, but once your dainty hand came in contact with his growing erection Yoongi would have no choice but to snatch it away and pull you down, whispering in your ear harshly. Before you made your way to the bathroom he shot you a wink and licked his lips, you were almost sure the other boys knew what you two were up to.

“Go to the bathroom right now, pull down your panties and I’ll be there in a minute babygirl.”

Originally posted by hidden--demons

Hoseok [J-Hope] -

Hoseok would be the complete opposite of Yoongi in the sense of letting out small squeaks and whimpers of pleasure each time your hand brushed past his clothed bulge. His hands gripped the table as his knuckles grew white. With his eyebrows pinched together and breath running short he tried harder to keep his little moans at a minimum. You watched in silent amusement as your boyfriend bit his lip before letting out a small gasp, attracting attention around you. Once they went back to their own dinners Hoseok gave you a lust filled look.

“We’re going home and you are going to take care of my problem, okay baby?”

Originally posted by kthish

Namjoon [Rap Monster] -

Namjoon would become a giggly mess, completely different than his normally composed figure. His eyes would avert from the table while he tried to come up with excuses as the boys asked him what was up. Stutters and mumbles would escape his mouth as his thigh twitched under your touch. You wouldn’t even be able to come in contact with his belt buckle before he dragged you up from your seat, gave the boys money for both your meals and escorted you out of the restaurant. All the while whispering in your ear and gripping your bare thigh from under your short dress.

“You’re so naughty, daddy’s gonna have fun punishing you.”

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Jimin -

In all honestly Jimin would probably start this. He would probably tease you and pull at your skirt while at dinner. He would thrive on the little whimpers that emitted from you and a smirk would form on his plump lips. He’d constantly pull his hand away once you were getting used to the pleasure instead of discomfort. Jimin would watch you, laughing quietly to himself as you squirmed in your seat and begged him almost silently to bring his hand back to your soaked heat.

“Wait until we get home sweetheart.”

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Taehyung [V] -

Taehyung wouldn’t mind your hand resting on his thigh throughout the meal, what he did mind though was the way your fingers brushed past his growing erection. He would try to play it cool and shove enough food into his mouth to block the noises he desperately wanted to let out. You knew that Taehyung couldn’t resist your touches, so the idea of teasing him in public sounded extremely arousing to you. And by the looks of your boyfriend’s tight dress pants he found it appealing too. You loved the way his face would scrunch up and how he whispered what you were doing to him.

“You’re killing me [Y/n].”

Originally posted by hugmetae

Jungkook -

He would be so blushy and cute. Being the least experienced he wouldn’t know what to do in this type of situation. At first he would shift in his chair and fiddle with his thumbs as his face continued to tint a red hue. After some while though Jungkook will become more confident and sat back and let you fondle him. His teeth gnawed at his red lips, looking over at you and teasing you right back. He’d unbutton his shirt claiming to the rest of your friends that he was ‘too hot’, but you saw through his lies as he sent you a smirk.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish darling.”

Originally posted by dream-bts