pants are over rated

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Clint/rescuer prompt: Clint growled lightly “Not that I don't mind giving a good show once in a while, but doesn't this violate I don't know, some kind of doctors' ethics or something? Or don't I rate pants?” His rescuer/jailer laughed over the small fire in the corner of the cavern that they hid in. “You've only been fully awake for less than thirty minutes and what has you worried is not having pants?” “Hey I know where my priorities are."

run the world (girls), clint/darcy

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AKA the one where the Avengers are all women, and I don’t mean gender-swap (inspired by this post)

Okay, I’m sorry this took so long. The muse started out on fire but left me high and dry by the end. Also I had to tweak the dialogue a little to make it fit. :)

Darcy fiddled with her bracelet for at least the sixth time, only to be rebuked by a stern voice in her ear.

“Darcy, you need to relax.”

She huffed and rolled her eyes in response. “I’m trying, Maria. This isn’t really my element, you know. I’m much more comfortable stealing things out from under someone in the board room. Except, you know, not literally.”

Another voice chimed in to reassure her. “Which you do very well, Darcy.”

Darcy rolled her eyes fondly. “Thanks, Pepper. Is everyone listening to me suck at this undercover thing right now?”

There was a long pause. With a sigh, Darcy eyed a nearby waiter who was passing out champagne glasses. She flagged him down and huffed, “I guess that’s a yes.”

“You’ll be fine, milaya,” the Black Widow purred in her ear. “Do you remember what your target will be wearing?”

Darcy accepted the glass from the waiter with a charming smile. She took a tiny sip of the champagne. Hiding her mouth behind the slim glass, she responded, “Yeah, he’ll be the guy in a purple suit. Seems a little ridiculous to me, but at least he should stand out.”

One of the Avengers—probably Peggy—started to admonish her for not taking the op seriously when a voice behind Darcy exclaimed, “Excuse me! Are you Darcy Lewis?”

The chatter from the comm abruptly ceased. Darcy turned slowly, hoping beyond hope that it wasn’t the guy in the purple suit. That greeting couldn’t even pretend to be in the same realm as subtle, much less stealthy. She caught sight of him, and—yeah, hopefully the nation’s security was not in the hands of this lost little puppy. He was cute, in a little kid sort of way. And luckily for her, not wearing a purple suit.

Which meant she had no time to talk to him about his superhero crushes. She asked coolly, “Can I help you?”

The young man—surely he wasn’t even eighteen—practically vibrated with excitement. “You’re Darcy Lewis, right?” Without waiting for her to respond, he gushed, “You work with the Avengers! Black Widow and Captain America, and—”

Darcy cut him off sharply, lowering her voice and enunciating clearly. “Look, kid. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m Vice President of Potts Industries, not a superhero.”

He nodded conspiratorially and winked. “Right. By day, you’re VP of Potts Industries, right-hand woman—” he snorted at his own joke, “—to Pepper Potts, who’s only the leader of the greatest superhero team on Earth.”

Darcy’s comm crackled to life. “I like him,” Pepper cooed, laughing under her breath.

Simultaneously, Peggy grumbled, “We’re co-leaders, thank you very much.”

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Liam Dunbar imagine

[[ Mini note: Have you ever wondered what it’s like to cuddle with the wolf pup? Just imagine cuddling with Liam himself! ^^ and.. Doing a couple of things cx ]]

Plot: You spend the night at Liam’s house.

Liam wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into his bed with him and snuggled into you. You looked at Liam and giggled softly; you pecked his lips and grinned at him.

“Stay here tonight…” Liam murmurs, nuzzling his nose against yours. You smiled at him and pecked his lips, Liam grinned at you and you found yourself being pinned beneath Liam’s body.

“Liammmm! What if my parents—” Liam cut you off with a kiss, he caress your cheek with his right hand whilst his left arm was holding him up. Liam slowly pulled away and looked down at you, Liam gently bit his bottom lip and smirked.

“Your parents are out of town. Plus it wouldn’t hurt if you stayed over night. And it’s the middle of the night also.” Liam looked at the clock then back down at you. Liam gently pecked your cheeks and smiled at you, you began blushing heavily at his sudden action.

“But I don’t have any clothes to wear to sleep in.” You muttered, looking down at your jeans and hoodie. Liam smirked down at you and got up and walked towards his closet and grabbed out his white shirt and basketball shorts.

You raised your eyebrow and grabbed the clothes from Liam’s grasp and walked towards the bathroom to change. You took your hoodie off and slipped on Liam’s white shirt on and took off your jeans and put on Liam’s basketball shorts on. Once you put Liam’s basketball shorts on, the shorts immediately fell down to the ground.

“Oh well! Who needs pants anyways?” You shrugged your shoulders and grabbed Liam’s basketball shorts from the ground and walked out of the bathroom and placed Liam’s basketball shorts back into his closet.

Once you placed Liam’s shorts into his closet, Liam snaked his arms around your slim waist and pecked your cheeks. Liam picked you up bridal style and carried you towards his bed and placed you down gently and grinned down at you.

“Why aren’t you wearing pants?” Liam cocked his eyebrow at you, you began blushing at his lip bite and cleared your throat awkwardly.

“It didn’t fit… Plus pants are over rated.” You grinned up at Liam innocently; Liam shook his head and laughed quietly. Liam laid down next to you and wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you towards his chest.

Liam began spooning you and nuzzled his nose against your neck, you began laughing softly at the tickling sensation. Liam pressed his chest against your back and began pecking your jawlines.

You turned around and faced Liam with a smile on your face. You poked his nose and smiled up at him innocently; Liam chuckled at you and wrapped his arms around your waist and pinned you against his bed and looked down at you.

“You’re such a tease, [Y/N]. Wearing a black bra so it could be seen through my white shirt. And no pants? What are you doing to me?” Liam growled playfully, his eyes glowing slightly. You smirked at Liam and bit your bottom lip and pulled him down and kissed his lips.

Liam began kissing you back hungrily and wrapped his arms around your waist. Liam pulled away to catch his breath and looked down at you; your lips were red and swollen. Liam laid down beside you and pulled you closer to his chest, you laid your head on Liam’s chest and listened to his heart beat.

Liam’s fingers combed through your thick [Y/H/C] hair, you closed your eyes and sighed contentedly and wrapped your small arms around his torso and snuggled closer to him. Liam pulled the duvet up to cover half of your and his torso and pecked your forehead.

“Goodnight, [Y/N].” Liam murmurs into your ears, slowly falling asleep.

“Goodnight, Liam.” You responded back softly, closing your eyes and slowly fall asleep in Liam’s arms.

[[ Mini note: omfg imagine falling asleep in Liam’s arms! He’s messing with my mind! I love his eyes :3 so pretty (/////∇/////) ]]