About to be nerd hq live stream supernatural j2m2

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Gems from this video:

- Iain tells the story of planting a fart emitter on Chloe in the room during a readthrough (she was in on it)
- Clark tells the story of Liz falling in the pool at the EW party the night before
- Zachary Levi’s look of horror while Clark is telling said story

I love Vriska and Terezi because they’re both like, really gross and sloppy lesbians honestly. Like theyre the opposite of the cute aesthetic moodboards they like, kiss on Terezi’s bed while rolling over all her homework and dirty clothes and they can never seem to plan a date more formal than going to the movies and throwing popcorn down at the people in the seats below them 

Theyre messy and I love them 


Nerd HQ 2016: Conversation with the Cast of Supernatural @SDCC2016

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