Today was such a great shopping trip!!

• Blueberries and raspberries were 2 for $5 so you bet I stocked up on that

• Got this huge cantaloupe for $2.50!

• Trying out pinto beans and lentils, I usually buy canned beans but I want to try actually cooking them for myself lol

• Bolthouse farms smoothies buy one get one free again yess

• The so delicious cookie dough just has to be in the freezer at all times.. @theblondeyogini am I right?

• Found vegan melatonin for less than $3??

• Japanese sweet potatoes… one of them is already in the oven hehe

• Apples, avocado, Clif bars, romaine, oats, typical nomz

• Also I’m trying out soy milk next! And I got some chia seeds to make overnight oats

I still have a lot of staples in the fridge/pantry like rice, russet potatoes, bread, frozen veggies, peanut butter, cashew milk, bananas, rice cakes, etc so this is just me getting some fun things and taking advantage of the not outrageously priced fruit :) 

“From this day forth, you are a Grey Warden.”

The blood is nearly black in the goblet, reflecting a distorted image of her face back at her. There’s some form of symbolism in that, she thinks, with a tinge of bitterness.

She glances at Daveth’s prone form, his face twisted in agony, and wonders if she will survive this.  Some part of her, still back in the pantry with her parents, hopes that she doesn’t. 

She’s ready for bingo! Doors at 7pm at play louisville! Bring a canned good for AIM/house of Ruth’s food pantry and get extra tickets! Bring a can opener and I’ll leave an expensive lipstick imprint on your cheek! See you there!

! Upcoming Series !

Yes, I’m starting my first series, I guess is what I’m calling it. It’s basically going to be smutty one shots based off of the 7 Deadly Sins. And if you don’t know what those are, I advise maybe looking them up if you want to better understand the idea(?) of each story. I’m choosing the idols for my stories based of who I think will fit the plots the best. None of the stories are really related to each other so I don’t even know if this could be considered a series, regardless I hope you guys will like it. You can read a summary of each story down below:

- a spark of jealousy makes for great make-up sex

- what started as a hang out at your place turns into a “I’m hungry and nothing in your pantry can satisfy me as much as you do” sex session

- a threesome involving two dominant guys may as well end up as a greedy fight for dominance over you, right?

- after being away on tour for months there’s nothing that says “welcome home” more than a sexy bubble bath

- he’s a known fuckboy that seems too proud of his reputation, but you’re curious. will he live up to the hype you hear about him?

- it’s one of those lazy Sunday mornings and he doesn’t want to get up, maybe you could persuade him?

- three words: angry make-up sex

Our kitchen will be getting some makeover love in a few months (I hope), but until then, our organized pantry makes life so much easier. It’s week number 2 of our fun hashtag challenge, #justorganizeit ! This week we want to see your beautifully organized *kitchen*! This week’s lucky winner will receive a set of striped kitchen towels as well as both aqua and white bar mops from @cleanmama ’s amazing new product line, Clean Mama HOME! To play along, simply…
1. Follow your hosts: @makinghomebase @11magnolialane @cleanandscentsible @blesserhouse @erin_sunnysideup @place_ofmy_taste @justagirl_abby + our friend Becky @cleanmama
2. Share a photo of your beautifully organized kitchen with the hashtag #justorganizeit by Thursday at noon EST.
3. Check back on Thursday evening to see if you’ve been featured!
We can’t wait to see your gorgeous, organized kitchens!!
#cleanmamahome by blesserhouse

i did that once i spent an entire night, and morning hiding, haunched over in the same position, PUTTING TAPE ON PAPER. and I’ll never forget the 1st time i smoked meth; i organized my entire pantry by color. you know, i dont like staying up past the sun rising, it was something fun at first, but it doesnt feel right anymore. I dont know why i keep doing this to myself.

anonymous asked:

So, my friend just got back from the ER after being locked in an empty room for 13 hours with no phone call because they went to a counselor and admitted to having suicidal thoughts because stress/depression. Do you have any thoughts on this? Is this a thing that happens often?

Good psychiatrists are supposed to be well-trained in distinguishing dangerous acute suicidal ideation (”I will kill myself in one hour using the gun hidden in my pantry”) vs. milder chronic suicidal ideation (”Sometimes I just feel like life isn’t worth living”). But not all psychiatrists are good psychiatrists, and goodness only knows what they’re telling counselors.

Sitting in an empty room for thirteen hours only to be told you’re fine and can go home sounds a lot like every ER visit ever. Being denied a phone call sounds bad, and I’ve never heard of it happening - I wonder if this was just a “nobody can be bothered to give them a phone” thing rather than a deliberate policy.

I’m sorry this happened to your friend and I hope they’re okay.

“It’s like I’m on eggshells all the time. Nothing but stress. I get $696 a month from social security. I could get more if I pretend to be bipolar like some people I know, but they make you take medicine to get your disability benefits. I’m not going to sit around like a zombie to get extra money. When I pay my bills, I have $30 left over. I can feed myself with 59-cent cans of tuna. I tried one of those food pantries but they aren’t even worth the time. I didn’t even know that pints of milk still existed. The bus drivers in the Bronx are cool so they let me ride for free. So that’s good. I can get around. But I can’t afford for anything to go wrong. Some lady is letting me stay in her place for cheap while she lives with her daughter, so I have a place to live. But it’s rent controlled so I’m not even supposed to be there. Every time I go home it’s like four layers of doom. First I’m terrified that my key won’t work. Then I’m terrified that there’s a letter in my mailbox. Then I’m afraid that the elevator won’t work—but that’s just cause I’m a lazy fuck. And then when I finally get to my apartment, I’m afraid there’s a letter under the door. Nothing but stress. I never feel safe. Every time there’s a knock on the door, I think it’s the end.”

  • Me:Okay, so, I found signs of chewing on the oatmeal container, Link, so what I'm going to do is put you on the top shelf of the pantry so you can leave some cat scent and hopefully scare the mice away until I can get some traps.
  • Link:I DON'T WANT TO GO UP HERE THIS IS SCARY NO NO NO- Oh, what's this?
  • Me:Okay, that should be enough. Come down now.
  • Link:No.
  • Me:No, seriously, you have to come down now.
  • Link:I live here now. I am tallest cat ever. HI MISTY I AM TALL LOOK AT ME I AM TALL!
  • Misty:Great. (goes to eat his food while he's distracted)
  • Me:Link, don't jump down to the next shelf, it's too narrow for you to-
  • Link:(jumps)
  • Me:I don't know what I expected when I started this, but admittedly, I was very, very stupid. Misty, I should've sent you.
  • Misty:I would've clawed your face off.
  • Me:And that's why I sent Link. Hey, can you come out now?
  • Link:No.
  • Me:You're stuck, aren't you?
  • Link:NO. There's just- Something. I want to do here. In the super narrow self you use to hold cans of tuna because everything else is too tall.
  • Me:Get off the shelf.
  • Link:NEVER.
  • Me:(sighs, shakes treat bag)
  • Link:(flings himself off the shelf with such force that he takes half the tuna cans with him)
  • Me:You're an idiot.