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The Band Perry Is Seeing Yellow

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The Band Perry, the country music sibling trio out of Alabama, approaches each new project with a different visual component. For their first record, they opted for softer colors to match the romantic vibe. Their second album, Pioneer was a bit more intense, which explains the punky black leather outfits they wore on the cover. And then there’s the soon-to-be-released third record, Heart + Beat, which is all about showcasing … yellow? Lead singer Kimberly Reid (@thekimberlyperry) is here to explain.

“For us, the visual is intrinsically woven into the music,” she says. “That color of yellow, which is a very specific one, Pantone C, was the vision we had in our minds while making the music. We thought, maybe for the first time ever, while making Heart + Beat we could do whatever we wanted to do. We were electrified. It was a very spirited recording process — so yellow was just the color that kept coming to mind that brought that to life.”

Over the last several weeks, that shade of yellow has been splashed everywhere: in their music videos, on promo images, on their faces — even in their selection of lip-syncing and karaoke clips they frequently share.

“Karaoke is interesting. We can all make a run for it,” says drummer Neil (@neilperry), on who the best karaoker of the band is.

Reid, the group’s bassist, can certainly make his case — particularly in this clip, where he mimes the lyrics to the band’s new song, “Live Forever” while rocking a yellow tank top.

“I am always a big fan of behind the scenes stuff, so I always try to find a moment where I am like, ‘Hey that’d be cool if people saw this.’”

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