pantography  asked:

If there was 1 thing in this world you could do what would it be?..

wow that’s actually really hard omg.

This is going to sound really conceited and I’m so sorry about that

but I have this terrible fear that no one will ever fall in love with me so I think it would have to be for me to find someone to marry me and love me for who I am.

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1. What is your fave movie?
Too hard to pick one! Either Can’t Buy Me Love, Breakfast Club, Bridesmaids, Easy A, Harry Potter

2. Top 5 bands/artists?
EVEN HARDER THAN THE FIRST QUESTION! Passion pit, foster the people, imagine dragons, daughter, ed sheeran, matt and kim, and manyyyy more

3. What type of music do you listen to?
Rock, alternative, indie type

4. Top 3 actors?
(Basing this on talent)
Tom hanks
Leonardo dicaprio(pretty sure i spelled his name wrong whoops)
I can’t think of a third oh well

5. Top 3 actresses?
Mila kunis
Emma watson
Ellen degenerous (not really an actress but i love her anyway)

6. Describe your boyfriend/girlfriend. If you don’t have one, describe yourself.
Describing myself: really shy and guarded. You have to show me you really care for me to tell you about myself. Personally, i think im hilarious but not everyone else thinks so

7. Fave food?

8. Role model?
I dont have one :/

9. Describe your emotional state in the last week.
happy but kinda stressed because school freakin sucks ass

10. Describe your crush. If you don’t have one, describe your dream guy.
Dream guy: trustful and caring- one who i can tell anything. Someone who like the same music as me and someone who makes me laugh

11. What do you like/hate about the owner of the blog pleurvoir?
I didn’t know much about them until i read their answers! They seem very really nice and we’d get along well! Plus pleurvoir’s blog rocks

My questions:
Favorite tv show?

1. Favorite color and why?

2. Top 10 favorite songs?

3. Pet peeve?

4. Any pets? If not, do you want one?

5. Person your closest with?

6. What are you being for halloween? If you aren’t celebrating it, why not?

7. Anything that’s red within 10 feet of you? What is it?

8. Who’s your best friend and why?

9. Do you prefer one parent over the other? Why?

10. What’s one talent you wish you were born with?

11. What do you like about the blog karaelisabeth?

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