panting heavily

Pinned Down*

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: Mature
Summary: Steve and Reader train together until things get heated between them and for the sake of every member of the Avengers team.
Words Count: 2.4k
Warnings: What you can expect in a softcore smutty fic, but protected.
Author’s Note: The beginning is a rewriting of a training scene in AoS, season 3.

“Steve, I’m not gonna fight you… again.” You panted heavily in the late evening as you finished thirty minutes of hard training with the super soldier, after a quick workout session with the rest of the team.

“It’s not fighting, it’s training.” He ran a hand through his hair, brushing the locks out of his forehead.

“The last time we trained alone, I had to stop my powers because you were too sweet,” you made your best puppy eyes, and he chuckled as he drank some water.

“You won’t hurt me, Y/N because you won’t use your abilities,” he came back to the mats, ready to fight. “And I can be dark sometimes.”

“We finally found a night off in three weeks, and this is what you want to do?” You threw your hands in the air dramatically as you exposed your annoyance. “We could be lounging or binge watching some show. Or…”

“I need to blow off some steam, and you said training was the core of a partnership when you worked with S.H.I.E.L.D. So, that’s what we are doing.”

“You’re such a workaholic, you know that?”

“I miss you too,” he smiled and you mimicked. “I know, a friend shouldn’t be away for this long, so you can hit me,” he quipped, yet he wished it wasn’t true and you were his girlfriend.

“If I didn’t know you any better, I’d say you only do this because you know how I- wow!” You exclaimed as Steve swung his fist to your face, but you dodged backwards and looked up at him, your eyes shinning bright icy-gray.

“No powers. Okay? Just you and me.” He clenched his fists as well and you turned around each other on the mats for a few seconds, analyzing your fight moves. You swirled unexpectedly to hit his jaw with your elbow and his hand stopped it, pushing you.

“Wow, you don’t hold back,” Steve blurted out and ducked again, avoiding another hit.

“But you are holding back,” you breathed. “Is this how you’ve been spending your free time without me?“ You teased and the super soldier grunted as he swung a leg to sweep you off the floor, yet you jumped in a backflip instantly and landed in your usual defensive position.

"What free time?” He scoffed, swirling in time to avoid your next move and he finally elbowed your stomach, an unpremeditated moan escaping your throat.

The way his muscles flexed as he fought distracted you, yet you tried to stay focused on your training. You were there for a reason, saving people and that needed some hard time, hitting the gym. You tried to erase some dirty thoughts from your head as his bulging biceps locked you close to his chest, but once again, those biceps were a major turn on.

You grabbed his head first in an attempt to take him down, only he used your weight to flip you over him. Fortunately, you landed on your feet and got on your knees, flipping him over your own shoulders and letting out a deep grunt because of his weight.

“Did you just…?” Steve blinked, gasping silently and you shrugged, teasing him again.

You both got up at the same time and smirked at one another, breathing heavily and wiping away the thin sweat on your skins. You knew Steve could very, very easily take you out and then leave the room like nothing had happened, but he told you he was only doing this because he wanted to improve your skills, and he liked to spend time with you.

Bringing you back to reality, you kicked his arm and blocked the back of his neck to knee his stomach. Catching you in surprise, the soldier bent down and pocked your sides, releasing himself from your grip as you yelped in surprise.

“Hey! That’s not fair!”

“Sorry, there was no other way,” Steve laughed, yet didn’t wait long to attack again as he threw a punch to your shoulder.

You turned, avoiding his move, ready to swing your fist to his face when he grabbed your arm, twisting it behind your back. He brought you to his chest, tensing as he was keeping you so close to him. The familiar fight technique he used on you.

“I think I’m starting to like that rush of adrenaline you always loved.” You whispered, slightly turning your head to him and you both looked at your shiny lips with saliva.

As you were too focused on his soft breathing, blowing on your shoulder, the super soldier swept you off the floor and pinned your hands above your head while he was on top of you.

“Not so sure the adrenaline is what I love.” Steve sighed and your eyes never left his mouth.

“What do you love?” You nipped your bottom between your teeth as feeling his torso so close to yours, radiating a welcoming warmth had you aroused.

"Don’t know,” he murmured in a low voice. “Maybe it’s you.”

“W- What?” You parted your lips and realizing what he had just confessed, Steve moved his hands away, quickly rising to his feet. “Wait! Steve, what’d you just say?” You asked, following and tried to stop him from walking any further.

Steve and you had been friends from the moment he’d been defrosted and ever since then, you’d been here for him. From the day he’d found Bucky was still alive to the one he’d lost Peggy, you’d stuck by his sides and you’d grown closer at each traumatic episode.

Some of your teammates teased, saying you both felt something more, and Tony and Clint thought it was love while you said it could only be a crush. You’d tried to stop your feelings, but they were too strong and you’d decided to keep them for yourself, afraid to lose Steve.

“Y/N… I just- I always wanted to tell you, but obviously, you- you don’t feel the same- hey!”

You grabbed his wrist and yanked before you kicked behind his knee. Caught off guard, Steve lost his balance and tripped down with you closely following behind

As his back hit the fight mats, you supported your weight on your palms, your knees at each side of his waist as you were lost in the gorgeous blue of his eyes and you approached your head closer to his.

“I love you too, Rogers,” you whispered, smiling and a beautiful beam took control of his features. Shivers went down your spine and your breath stopped as you sensed his irises roaming over your body like he had never done before.

“You really drive me crazy,” Steve chuckled lightly, rubbing his hand in circles on your thigh and you closed your eyes slowly as his thumb ran along your lips and you kissed it in.

He propped himself up on his elbows and taking it as a right signal, he met your lips, kissing you like you were made of porcelain. Finally feeling what you had dreamed of for so long, you exhaled, pouring all your love into the kiss. His lips were comforting, like velvet, perfectly formed against your own.

You slowly dragged your tongue along his bottom lip, asking for entrance and he happily complied. A soft noise of delight tickled his lips as you deepened the kiss, dancing your tongue with his in a kiss that had become quickly more passionate.

His hands gripped your sides, closing the small gap between you as he took control of the kiss and you moaned into his mouth, feeling him smiling as you did so. You moved your hips, testing the waters and the response his groan gave you was enough for you to keep it, pushing your crotch fast against his growing erection.

“Y/N, if you don’t want to do this, you have to stop me now,” Steve growled as you both came up for air and he rested his forehead against yours, stroking your cheeks.

“That day when I was drunk and I said I could ‘totally do’ you… I still mean it,” you chuckled shyly and he laughed, pressing his lips to yours one more time.

Your fingers snaking around his wrists, you kissed him in pure desire to finally being one with the man you loved, yet nothing felt rushed or wild. It was just you, discovering your needs and finally enjoying what you had secretly fantasized during lonely nights.

“I love the fact I could just flip you over,” the super soldier admitted, looking at you with a smug smile and you quirked a brow, excited as you kept moving your hips, creating friction.

“What are you waiting for?” You whispered with seduction in his ear, holding his hands above his head and you bucked faster against him.

God… Y/N, keep going.” He clenched jaw, grinding his perfect teeth together and you could only feel even more turned on at this moment, your arousal sending a wave of lustful satisfaction to your throbbing core.

You rubbed your clothed clit as his hard member made surface and you both moaned at this enjoyable sensation. Steve released his wrists with a sly smirk and you gasped as he pulled your top and sports bra over your head, letting you use him to grind your soaked leggings.

He started kissing your collarbone, hooking an arm around your waist to drag you closer and his mouth traveled up to your neck where he easily found your sweet spot.

You panted on top of him and he helped your hips rocking faster against him, moving you back and forth as you verged upon climaxing. His curious fingertips caressed all over your figure and stopped at your breasts, pinching the nipples lightly.

“Ah, Steve,” you breathed, pressing your forehead on his. “I’m coming!” You eventually moaned, kissing him deeply to not attract your teammates and the super soldier’s hands stayed firmly at your waist as your body trembled lightly, your orgasm released.

“That was hot,” he watched as your face nuzzled in the crook of his neck and you flashed him a smile, gaining your breath back.

As you moved your legs out, your hands reached quickly for your pants and slipped them off along with your panties. Steve lifted his Under Armour shirt over his head, his biceps bulging as he revealed his chiseled abs and smooth pectorals.

You licked your lips unconsciously, your eyes trailing across his muscles and watching as you dragged down his sweatpants and boxers, his thick erection springing free.

“Do you have a…?” You asked, wandering your lips from his jaw to his neck and he nodded.

“In my pants,” he indicated and you searched in his pockets, finding the silver foil.

“What, you planned all this?” You rolled the condom down onto him and he choked back a groan as your hands stroked him a few times, waiting for his response.

“Always carried a condom when I’m with you in case… you know,” Steve shrugged, biting his lower lip as you pumped faster and you giggled softly, finding his mouth one more time.

“I guess someone told you to do so,” you rolled your eyes, amused.

“Enough talking, come here,” he urged and your whole body shuddered, hearing his tone.

You sat on top, positioning yourself over him and as you kissed his lips, you slid onto his member, both breathing moans. Your hands lacing on the nape of his neck, you lifted back up until the tip of his hard length was resting at your entrance and you sunk back down again, teasing him just enough.

“Open your eyes, Y/N, I want to see you,” Steve whispered and you obliged, fitting around him snugly. You felt him slipping back into you, a long whimper leaving your mouth as he filled you up completely and started thrusting into you.

Your warm wetness helped you ease yourself on his shaft as you began to move as well, circling your hips and he held your waist as he exhaled, feeling himself finally good inside.

You leaned onto his chest, kissing his throat and Steve gripped your waist as you rode him, moving up and down, breasts bouncing slowly as he thrust deep inside you.

“You feel so good,” the super soldier growled again and you clenched around him.

As his hand touched your breast, Steve kneaded your butt cheek with the other. You rocked your hips and moaned, your fingers scratching the mats underneath you as he sucked kisses on your collarbone, careful to not leave an obvious mark.

He moved in and out, pushing, pulling and holding you tight. Your nails gripped into his chest while he kept one hand entangled in your hair. His face was buried in your shoulder as he pushed you on his member.

“Ah, yeah- Steve,” you let out a moan and bit on your bottom lip. You eventually shoved yourself up and down, him slamming into you hard as you felt your climax running after you to take you in its arms.

“You’re close, aren’t you?” He panted, looking into your eyes and you nodded, not trusting your voice to tell him comprehensible words.

Your orgasm on the verge of exploding, you listened to his beautiful, gentle words murmured huskily in your ear and you came vividly, riding out the waves of pleasure. Steve’s thrusts faltering, he tipped his head back, letting his eyes clench shut as your walls squeezing around, helped him reach his climax as intensely as you.

For a moment, you lied on top of him, holding each other like you were about to leave and you breathed in unison, landing back on earth you had left to search for a paradise.

Feeling his chest rise and fall at the same pace as yours, your finger traced invisible patterns on his skin as the reassuring sound of his heart had you smiling softly, peppering your softest kisses on his pectoral.

“I think we could use a shower,” you pecked his chin, earning a positive sigh.

“And then, you stay with me for the night. Just holding you,” Steve made you look at him and you nodded gladly.

Without another word, he lifted you both up and carried blindly you to the showers, never leaving your lips. You stepped inside the large stall and you sighed in content as the warm water hit your skin and felt Steve’s hand washing and massaging it.

“Captain Rogers, Agent Y/L/N, the boss and the rest of the team ask you to accept their sincere congratulations,” Friday’s voice echoed in the shower and you both gasped at the same time, hiding your intimate parts right away.

Extended Ending

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  • Mika: ah...aah! Y-yuu-chan, stop it... It's too much... I can't... Take it...
  • Yuu: you have to resist, Mika. We can't stop at this point
  • Mika: but I can't breathe! Ngh! It's too much...
  • Yuu: you look so good like this, Mika
  • Mika: saying those a moment like this
  • Yuu: just a little bit more...
  • Mika: I-I need to-!
  • Kimizuki: what the hell are you two doing?!
  • Yuu: oh, I'm just testing Mika's strength!
  • Mika: *carrying two cars with his arms* Yuu-chan...please...let me...go!
  • Yuu: tsk... all right, that's all for today
  • Mika: *throws the cars away* thank God *pants heavily* I might be strong but my body can only resist as much
  • Yuu: but you looked awesome! You are amazing, Mika! Imagine all the things you can do with a body that strong!
  • Mika: you scare me sometimes, Yuu-chan
  • Kimizuki: ...idiots
Dominating Him When You’re Jealous (M) (SCM Version)
  • Featuring: Leon, Scorpio, Dui, Huedhaut and Karno from Star Crossed Myth
  • Warnings: Mature

You wrapped your lips around one of the little pink nubs, sucking hard then biting into the stiff nipple and soothing the sensitive skin with the flat of your tongue.
“Having fun down there? Punishing me?” Leon panted heavily, glaring down at you as you feasted on his body. You hummed your contentment, smiling at how he tried to sound displeased despite the tremors you could feel running through his body every time you sucked at his chest.
“Like you wouldn’t believe.” You ran your fingernails down his sides, making his spine arch, and you trailed your lips down his rippling abs, poking your tongue into his belly button. “Beg me.” You demanded.
“I’m a god.” Leon snapped, cheeks still flushed and pupils dilated from your ministrations on his nipples. “I don’t beg for anyone.” Glancing upwards, you saw the hickeys covering his chest, his throat and one on the underside of his jaw that would be impossible to hide.
“Ah yes, you prefer making others beg.” You bit into the god’s belly button, sucking it into your mouth. “Like those slutty goddesses.” You snarled as you lowered your face even more, his happy trail tickling your nose. Leon growled through gritted teeth as you tugged at the thickening hair at his hips, the sensation being painful but slightly pleasurable. “They all swarm around you and you just let them. I’d almost think you enjoyed it.” You looked up at him and saw him staring down at you, eyes hard.
“I do not.” He denied. “Where did you get these things, anyway?” Leon breathed, jangling his wrists above his head again.
You had wanted to restrain him, to let him know who was in charge. But he was a God. So the normal handcuffs you’d get at a porno store, even a police station, wasn’t going to cut it. Fortunately for you, Karno was willing to help. Happy, even.
“Karno.” You told him, knowing Leon would find out sooner or later.
“That conniving son of a…!” Leon’s spine arched in shock as you nibbled on his ball sack, sucking the swollen globe into your mouth and biting down softly.
“Don’t call Karno conniving.” You scolded, running the tip of your tongue over the painful hickey you’d just left on the juncture between balls and cock. “Karno is kind, thoughtful… handsome.” Leon’s head snapped downwards.
“Don’t talk about another man when you’re on my cock.” He grunted, wrapping his legs around your torso and crunched his torso, lifting his legs and forcing you upwards. “Ever.”
You stared at him, ripples of excitement rushing through your body.
“My, my, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were… jealous.” You asked, reaching down to push aside your panties. “I thought you were only jealous over my tears.” You challenged, taking his length in your hand and rubbing the head of his cock over your lower lips.
“Your tears are mine.” Leon jutted his hips upwards, timing it perfectly to slip inside you. You gasped but allowed the intrusion, sinking down to make it easier for Leon to rut inside of you. “Your love is mine.” He thrust upwards again, pubic hair scratching against your clit in a way that made your eyes water but your toes curl. “And this tight little pussy… mine.” He rolled his hips and you cried out, loudly.
“You are mine, Leon.” You informed him as you began to ride him, slowly, torturously slowly. “Your mouth, your chest, your arms, your love, your legs, your cock… all of it. You’re mine.” You leant down, pressing your lips to his nose as you began to grind against Leon’s hips, making him rub against that sweet spot within you that made you sweat all over. Leon gave you a rare, sweet and genuine smile. He craned his neck upwards and planted an even more rare chaste kiss to your lips, whispering words against your mouth.
“I know I am.”

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  • Blake: *Within Blake bedroom in her hometown, she and Yang lay in bed making out furiously with Yang on top before she pulls away from her faunus girlfriend.* Whuh? Why'd you? What's wrong?
  • Yang: *panting heavily* Is that... Really okay? *gulp* I mean your parents are home aren't they?
  • Blake: *Blake leans up captioning Yang's cheeks with her hands as she kisses her lips.* Don't worry. My parents went to bed early. *Kisses Yang again as she wraps her arms around her to pull her down.* Plus, They are across the house.
  • Yang: *Yang moaned as she feel Blake's tongue move passed her lips to dance with her own before pulling away again.* B-But don't they have really good hearing like you do?
  • Blake: Our bedrooms are sound proof.
  • Yang: ...
  • Blake: Yang? Why are you smirrraaAAH!~<3
  • ~Ghira and Kali bedroom~
  • Ghira: *Ghira lays in bed, eye twitching with annoyance, as from the small air vent across the room he hears faint moans and giggling of his daughter and her girlfriend.* First thing tomorrow we are getting the ventilation redone.
  • Kali: Agreed. But until then Why don't we drown out their noise with our own?
  • Ghira: ... Very well.
  • Kali: Heh, OkaaaaAH!~<3
  • *needless to say it was a very awkward breakfast the next day*

shut eyes, bruised lips. that was you, panting heavily at the intense pleasure youre having. silently muffling your dribble moans at your boyfriends arms, with your fist clenched at the edge of your black lace dress.

“Jihoon” you plead lowly, biting your lower lip. moving his delicate fingers in your hole, massaging. thrusting, so good to make you see stars. forgetting that your out with his members.

snickering to what he heard and glances at your side, seeing how utterly pleasured you are that made him licks his lip, eyes piercing with your soul. “yes?” he sang darkly, stopping his self from pounding at you.

feeling him pinch your clit that made you wrap your hand at his wrist, smirking in reply and pushes his two long fingers inside of you. sweat was running in your forehead.

breathing unsteadily and looks at your boyfriend who’s wearing a black long sleeves with two unbuttons on. perfectly perfect that anyone in here say he’s fuckable hot shit.

“i- Jiho-woozi your such-” making it hard for you to say what you want, pace increasing, torturing you with full of pleasure.

“i’m what?” raising his right brow and drinks his one shot vodka. “you just have to stop” you looking the people around you, obviously all of this people are busy, dancing at the dance floor. enjoying there time, after all. thats what a Club is?

shaking his head and scans their surrounding, other hand on his tighs. resting it there. “really? you want to?” removing his fingers, looking straightly at your state. face on mess, mouth formed to an Oh. Amazing, greatly mess.

catching your breath,trying to sit upright. your heat was throbbing painfully, wanting to have a release. but still, this isnt the place you should do this things.

leaning his face and licks your sweat on your cheeks, feeling his minty breath on yours. pushing him a little away from you. “you shouldnt really have done that.” you said, seeing Seungkwan smiled at you and smiles to him back. bringing your look back to woozi.

“well i just did? Jihoon just fuck you with his fingers.” he said, challenging you with his stare. pecking your neck and bites it softly, making you moan softly.

“i’m pretty sure my little baby here wants to cum.” whispering at your ear and grazes his teeth at your earlobe. putting your hands at his chest.

“ill fuck you senseless baby, you want that don’t you?” your faces were inches away, its like your bodies were on fire to ignite. “Yes, but not here.” you shyly answered. being afraid that someone might hear the both of you.

“why dont we-”
“Jihoon hyung, come over here.” hearing Dino called out him over. pushing him away that made him chuckled. knitting his brows and looks at his soak fingers, slightly licking it while gazing at you. “tasty.”

your breath was hitching,the show he was putting was just so hard for you, sighing and nods your head. “hurry up so we could be home.” you said with a clench teeth.

rolling his eyes in return and gives you a teasing yet smug look.
“who says i want to go home?” leaning his face and gives you a wet smooch kiss, feeling his tounge darted in your wet cavern, wanting you to have a hard time, nibbling your lips and bits your lower lip. giving you a sweet peck for the last touch.

“ill be back.“said he.

leaving you panting.

so since we all know (maybe) that drinking blood can be a v. sexual thing for vampires (according to alec at least) pls do imagine raphael being simon’s source of blood until he gets better control of himself and awkWaRd sexual tension !! and i mean if they somehow end up dryhumping on the couch like a couple of teenagers then pfft w.e

On The Run

(Captain Boomerang x Reader)

prompt:  You were chased by cops and took me as a hostage but you didn’t realized the cops were after me

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @sserpente @equalstrashflavoredtrash

Air kept being pumped into your lungs but it felt like it hardly reached them. You were panting heavily as you hurry down the street and run into a dark alley away from the main street. The noises all around you are too loud and there are too many to determine from which direction they are coming from exactly.  

A hand presses down on your mouth, the other holding you close. You try to struggle, scream but to no avail, he was too strong and had surprised you.

“Don’t scream and I won’t hurt ya.” You almost laughed at that but kept your mouth shut as he spun you around, his hand leaving your mouth, and backed you up against the cold stone wall of the dark alley you had taken.

The sirens in the distance got louder and he got more and more nervous by the growing sound. You didn’t move, didn’t try to run nor scream as you watched him with confusion. Why did he look so scared when you were the one being threatened.  

“Do I know you?”  

“Shut up!”  

“You look familiar.”  

“Damn it! Be quiet would ya.” He peaks around the corner, scanning the area for any policemen nearby before he grabs your arm and pulls you along with him.  

The door to an old warehouse a few blocks away is violently burst open and you are shoved inside. It was dusty and dark inside but didn’t look empty or abandoned, more like a hideout for someone on the run. You furrow your brows as you look at the guy, nervously pacing around. Where had you seen him before? The memory had to be somewhere in that head of yours, you just couldn’t quite grasp it yet.  

“Wait a moment…” You tilt your head as something suddenly clicks, falling into place, “You’re Captain Boomerang, right?”  

“Yeah.” He looks out of the window, without really taking notice of you, “Got that right.”  

“Looks like today is my lucky day.”  

“Huh…?” He turns in your direction with a sceptical look. You stride over towards him, a sweet smile appearing as you stop right in front of him. You let your hands move up his chest, wandering around his body while you look up at him.  

“Looks like it’s my lucky day as well.” He says as he pulls you closer, hands on your hips. He smirks, licking his lips as he watches you. You give him a seductive look before one hand moves behind his neck and you stand up on your toes to reach up to him.  

Leaning in close you whisper into his ear, “I don’t think so honey.”

“Ugh…” You step back, letting go of the knife you had been holding in your other hand. Blood pools down onto the ground, the end of the blade barely visible sticking out of his stomach. He falls to his knees, unable to keep himself standing upright.  

“You’ll buy me just enough time to get away from the police. I’m sure they’ll be happy to catch the famous Captain Boomerang, so thanks for that.” You kneel down to him, pressing your lips to his in a passionate kiss before you pull back with a smirk. You quickly stand up and leave without bothering to look back, there was no time to waste. You had to get away.


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Nudity, implied smut, angst, a little fluff

Word Count: 798

A/N: This is obviously my first posted fic. Feedback is welcome and appreciated!! I wrote this for @avasmommy224 Christmas Challenge and a huge thanks to her for being such a huge support and betaing this as well. Hope y’all enjoy!! ♥♥

“Wow! That was…” Dean dropped his head to your naked chest, panting heavily.
“Yeah. It was.” You looked up at the ceiling, trying to gather your thoughts and catching your own breath.

The flames were blazing in your fireplace, casting a soft flickering glow over both of your bodies. It was mid December and the power had gone out due to the heavy blizzard. Dean had been in town with his brother working a case; you knew the minute he called that you were in trouble. Since the first time he came through your small town, you and Dean had a touchy relationship. He wanted nothing but to swing into town, get the job done, find you, and satisfy his post-hunt needs. You knew there would never be anything more between the two of you. You tried to tell yourself to let him go and you shouldn’t waste your emotions. He would never be able to reciprocate the feelings. He would never be what you wanted him to be, but here you were again. His breath caressing the sweaty skin on the swell of your breast.

“Dean, will you please get dressed, I have something I need to say and I can’t do it if you’re naked.”
He nodded his head, knowing it wasn’t going to be good. It never was. You had tried to have conversations similar to this in the past but they always ended with the same answer. He couldn’t bring you into his life. His work was too dangerous, you would get hurt, or killed. You knew what his work was, you were no stranger to demons, ghosts, vampires, or even angels for that matter. You knew it was dangerous but he was something you were willing to sacrifice for.

Not bothering with your panties or bra, you pulled your shorts and shirt back on. Dean was shrugging back into his faded button up, taking a deep breath you decided it was now or never.

“Look Dean, you know how I feel about you. I know you can’t – won’t give me more. I’m not asking you to this time. I need this to be the last time you contact me. After you’re gone, I’m changing my number, don’t show up at my door, I won’t answer.”

Dean’s eyes slowly made their way from your face to the floor as he processed everything you had just said. Nodding his head slightly in understanding he fidgeted with his hands and sighed before closing his eyes and rubbing his hand up and down his face in frustration.

“(Y/N) I never meant to hurt you. I never meant for things to go this far. I have never had feelings for anyone else like I have for you… I mean that, I really do. I wouldn’t come back to you if I didn’t. To be truthful, other than Sammy, you are the only thing in my life that has real meaning. I come to you for peace with myself. I understand if you need to do this but I want you to know, for a while now, you have been the only woman I have been with. I want this, I want you with me all the time but I have to know you are safe. I have to know that nothing will happen to you in my care, and right now, that’s just not going to happen.”

You sat in stunned silence for what seemed like hours. You had never expected this reaction. Dean was confessing his feelings for you after you all but shoved him out the door. Tears started flooding your eyes as you stared into his.

“Sweetheart, please say something.” Dean pleaded, afraid of your response.

“So what are you saying, Dean? Do you want me to go with you?”

“I can’t take you with me right now. Lucifer is free and anyone close to me is in danger. I have kept you a secret, even from Sam, and I just can’t risk Lucifer finding out about you. His demons are everywhere and I just need to know you are safe. I love you, (Y/N) I need you to know that. Don’t give up on me, not yet.” Dean’s green eyes bore into yours, he was staring straight into your soul.

“Please, just come back for me. I need you, Dean. My number will stay the same, but promise me this. Next time you show up at my door, when you leave, I will be going with you. I love you too, Dean.” You felt your tears hitting your bare thighs, you knew you shouldn’t be saying this. He shouldn’t get that chance, but you loved him and you knew no matter how hard you tried, Dean Winchester would always have your heart.

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Requested by @puredreamist

Pairing: Scott McCall x Reader
Word count: 430
Warnings: None

You started to heavily pant after finally arriving to the lacrosse-field. You saw Scott sitting on the bottom bleachers, shuffling with his feet.

”Why the hell did you want to meet me at the lacrosse-field of all the places in school?” you asked as you approached him. He mischievously quirked one eyebrow while looking at you.

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A/N: I hope this makes any sense at all but I just can’t stop writing things about water. It’s summer, after all. And hot. Outrageously handsome (fictional) men don’t really contribute to that but well… screw it!

Words: 668
Warnings: none

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Midnight Picnics (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

So could you do a fic where we have secret midnight meetups at hogwarts astronomy tower?? Maybe where he confesses his love?? ❤️🙏🏽Thank you !! Xxx-anonymous


(Author’s Note- I don’t know about this one so tell me what you think x)

I climb the last few steps to the astronomy tower, teeth chattering. I hadn’t brought a coat. Shivering, I take the folded note out of my shirt pocket.

“To (Y/N)

Let’s meet at the astronomy tower at midnight.


I read it again, making no more sense of it than the first time. What would the Slytherin Prince want with me? As far as I am aware he’s a popular, extremely attractive, pretentious snob.

I hear foot steps stumbling up the stairs behind me and I turn to see the blonde haired prince panting heavily.

“Sorry I’m late,"He pants, doubled over with his hands on his knees, his hair messy and ruffled "I ran from the other side of the school, trying to avoid that stupid cat,”

I find my self giggling at the whole thing.

“It’s fine,” I say through a small chuckle as he stands up straight, dusting himself off and brushing a hand through his thick blonde hair.

“Nice to meet you,"He says finally, holding out his hand for me to shake, which I do instantly.

"You too,” I smile sweetly.

“Sorry for the random note earlier, I just thought we could be friends, you seem nice and you’re in my classes… I sorta acted on impulse because you’re really pretty and I wanted to get to  get to know you,"He explains making a blush creep up my neck and tingling my cheeks.

"Thanks,"I mumble when another breeze sweeps past and my body reacts on its own as I start to shiver again .

"Are you cold?"His voice is overflowing with concern making me question the rumors I’ve so often been told about the "Slytherin Prince”.

“Um just a bit, my fault though, I forgot my coat,"I admit timidly.

"Oh here,” He says, pulling his jumper off and holding it out to me.

I stare at the jumper for a second then my eyes drift to the owner again.

“I couldn’t possibly…"I say holding my hands up in protest.

"I insist. I dragged you up here after all,"He says, gently pulling the jumper over my head, giving me no choice but to slide my arms into the sleeves, the event causing the tingling sensation return to my cheeks again.

"Thank you,"I mumble.

"No it’s fine really,"He says, smiling sweetly at me.

"Wait aren’t you playing quidditch tomorrow?"I ask, suddenly remembering the Slytherin vs Gryffindor match.

"Yeah,"He smirks

"Shouldn’t you get some rest?"I ask, instantly imagining the dreadful image of him falling off his broom due to a lack of energy.

"Don’t worry, I’ll be fine, I don’t really need much sleep,"He smirks, winking at me suggestively. I groan.

"Aww come on that was a good one!"He argues and I roll my eyes.

"Just come on, let’s get to bed, I don’t want to be the reason the star player falls off his broom,"I say, guiding him by the arm to the staircase and walking him down until we arrived back in the school corridors.

"Lumos,” I whisper, creating a bright light from the tip of my wand which I shield with Draco’s jumper to avoid waking the portraits that hung on the walls around us.

I turn to face him, the suppressed light from the wand beneath the jumper making his features now barley visible.

“If I win, can we meet again tomorrow night?"He whispers.

"Let’s hope you catch that snitch then,"I tease and I can just make out a smirk on his face in the dim light from my wand.

"Come watch?”

“Of course,” I assure him.

“I’ll see you then,(Y/L),"He says, beginning to turn away from me.

"Good luck, Draco,"I say, watching his back as he walks back through the empty corridors toward the dungeons. I can’t help but smile to my self.

The next day Draco easily catches the snitch with his new found motivation and I once again find myself at the top of the astronomy tower at midnight, although this time with the addition of my own coat and a less flustered Draco, already standing at the top when I arrive.

He greets me with a with a wide grin, holding a tattered picnic blanket and a what appears to be a bag of sweets.

”(Y/N)! Care to join me for a celebratory feast?“He says happily and I laugh, nodding my head.

He spreads out the blanket on the floor before clumsily plopping himself down on it and gesturing me to sit with him.

"Well done Draco,” I say as I take my seat. He’s unloading the contents of the bag he brought with him and I find my earlier assumptions to be true as he produces two chocolate frogs from his seemingly endless paper bag.

“Thank you, I’m rather proud of myself if I do say so myself,"He smirks, handing me a chocolate frog that I take gratefully.

"So what’s with the sweets?”

“I didn’t have enough time to make a three course meal so I brought sweets instead, seems a bit childish now…”

“It’s cute,"I smile sweetly and I can swear for a second that I saw his cheeks heat up.

We talk for hours before we say good bye to each other, not before making another plan to meet again though.  

For four  months now, Draco and I have been having midnight picnics at the astronomy tower almost every week. Talking for hours about school, family, friends and sometimes random things like "Who would win in a fight, Unicorns vs Mermaids” or “ Would you rather kiss Aragog or Snape?”. We get on really well with each other, he’s a totally different person at the the astronomy tower.

Tonight is no different. We are sitting on the tattered old blanket again, stuffing ourselves with sweets like children.

“Umbridge is making me go insane!” I grumble.

“I think you are past that point,"Draco jokes and I push him playfully.

"Shut up , you know you love me,"I tease and he goes silent for a second before replying.

"You’re right, (Y/L), I love you,” He says, his voice suddenly serious.

I stare at him with wide eyes. My cheeks burning.

“I-I…"The words get caught at the back of my throat, not sure whether they can leave my lips yet because my mind is still unsure as to whether Draco is telling the truth.

"I’m being serious, I love you,” He repeats, inching ever so slightly closer until our faces are just inches away from each others.

Then the words that I have been to afraid to say are set free.

“I love you too, Draco,” I whisper, leaning in till our lips are touching and we are suddenly kissing. Not strong and lustful kiss, but rather a gentle kiss that is overflowing with emotion.

We kiss for what feels like hours, under the stars which make the sky look full of glitter.


There’s groaning coming from the pile of blankets on your bed, not the usual pleasured groans, but unhappy, hoarse groans. When you pull back the covers and slip in next to him, he looks up at you questioningly, but his eyes get wide when you kiss him and he pulls back quickly. “No, don’t, jagi. You’ll get sick, too!” But he looks so miserable, you just have to try to make him feel a little better.
His cheeks are flushed pink and he pants heavily underneath you, hands resting heavily on your hips as you do all the work, rolling your hips over him and moaning gently as you both take it slow and easy. His voice is rough as he moans. He grinds his teeth together and lifts his hips to grind against you, pressing hard into spots that make you shudder and moan.
A few days later as you’re both lying in bed, a box of tissues wedged between you, he looks over and snickers nasally. “I told you so.”

- Admin J

Marauders Imagine: Imagine getting the Marauders into musical theatre

(This’ll make at least one person as happy as it made me. This is more like just listing things, Ill make a better one later, I need to get this out there)
Musical You Sing With Sirius: Jesus Christ Superstar, he couldn’t sing for shit but wanted to play Judas so bad. He often attempted to perform Judas’s death on the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall, but whenever he got a howler from his parents, telling him how much of a disappointment he is, you two would cuddle in his bed, and while holding him sing ‘Everything’s Alright’ softly in his ear. One day you bursted into his dorm after hearing a scream to find him just sitting on his bed. Still panting heavily you yelled “what happened!?” He looked up at you. “What? Oh, I was just trying to hit that note in Gethsemane, Andrew Lloyd Webber is a blessing” you, still out of breath, sighed, rolled your eyes then walked out of the room.

Musical You Sing With James: West Side Story. He would often replace the words in ‘Maria’ to Lilly and sing it over and over. “Oi, (Y/N) snap battle!” When you all watched the movie together, he was mortified when Riff died (his favorite character.) He had you style his hair like a 60’s greaser before class everyday. “Ya know what?” He asked one day. “What?” You asked back. “Lilly and I are just like Tony and Maria.” He stated smiling. “Oh, yeah? When are you planning on getting sho-” “aht aht aht, We don’t talk about that!”

Musical You Sing With Remus: Rent. He knows every word to La Vie Bohème and you two have competitions seeing who can sing it faster. You walk into the common room one day to find him sobbing. “Woah, woah, Remus what’s wrong?!” You ran over to him and hugged him on the couch, this must be something serious, Remus usually isn’t very emotional. “Did you know *sniff* that Johnathan Larson, the composer died on opening night!” He cried into your neck. “Yeah? and that’s what you’re sobbing over?” “It’s just so sad, imagine how the actors felt, they still had to perform the show! He was so young and so talented!” He cried more and more. “It’s not fair!” You just rubbed his back and whispered “I know, love I know.”

(Fuck Peter, he doesn’t deserve anything fun, the asshole)

Musical You All Sing Together: Les Misérables, you all have your designated parts for One Day More. Jean Valjean/Mme.Thenardier: James, Marius/M.Thenardier: Remus, Cosette/Javert: You, Eponine/Enjolras: Sirius. You and James would randomly scream-sing 'The Confrontation’, usually scaring first years. Sirius would charge the Quidditch field, gripping a Gryffindor banner screaming “RED, THE BLOOD OF ANGRY MEN!!!” Once when James forgot to prepare a presentation for Divination he just spoke the entirety of “Valjean’s Soliloquy”. You and Remus read the book together and it was
amazing. Later when you were all in The Order he would always compare them to the friends of the ABC. “I’m obviously Enjolras.” He stated casually, but then a war broke out. “Are you kidding me!?! I’m Enjolras!” yelled Sirius. “I think we’re all ignoring the real leader here!” said James pointing to himself. “You’re absolutely right, Prongs. I’m actually Enjolras!” you said with a big smile.

I finally managed to finish writing something, and since I’m exceptionally proud of it, I made a header for it. Yay me! xD


Summary: Change is unpredictable. Unnecessary and necessary. Lance was adaptable, but this? This was something he didn’t know he could handle. He could fail and lose his teammate, his friend. But what if…what if he was powerless to stop that from happening?

Word Count: 15,024 (bruh idefk)


The battle. It was over. It was finally over…

Lance sat down heavily, panting, his bayard on the ground next to him. God, he almost never wanted to use that again, but with the war still raging on throughout the universe, it wasn’t like he had any choice. His helmet thudded against the wall and he stared at the ceiling.


This wasn’t their first battle, but it was certainly the largest, and longest by far. If it weren’t the Altean technology powering his bayard, any normal rifle would have given out a long time ago, too over-heated to cycle.

His body ached. For almost two days straight, team Voltron had been battling through squadrons of Galra, mostly drones, but with the occasional platoon of foot soldiers and a commander. It felt like it was never ending. It wasn’t but for the last few hours that they were finally able to infiltrate the base to free the prisoners there. Lance was exhausted. For forty-eight hours, there had been nothing but shooting, shooting, finding a new location, more shooting. Wash, rinse and repeat. If he had to give the Galra credit for anything, it was sheer numbers. Guess it came with ruling the universe for ten thousand years.

Wearily, he leveraged himself to his feet, bayard loose in his hand before it disappeared to wherever it went when he didn’t need it. Looking around, drone parts littered everything, the walls were cracked, and the purple lights from the Galra base flickered. If everything was going according to plan, this place was going go up in in smoke soon. He had to get out.

“Everyone clear?” Shiro called over the coms.

“Engine room cleared.” Hunk and Pidge were safe.

“Hangar is cleared,” Lance chimed in. He was too tired for his usual jokes.

“Good job, team. The command deck is clear too.” Shiro added after a moment.

That was four out of the five of them. Lance waited. Where was Keith? He was sent to the prison level and was supposed to meet up with him to get the refugees into escape pods. Was he on his way?

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anonymous asked:

I just read gaiden and I have some questions.Why did sakura look kinda sad when it had the three way panel of the family?And also how come during dinner sarada is the only one who looks happy?Sasuke and sakura don't look comfortable,I may be misinterpreting but I'm just curious,and no I'm not an anti I ship ss,if I was anti I wouldn't have bought it.

1. Sakura wasn’t sad in that panel, she was simply tired, unless you also think that this is a “sad” smile:

Sakura had just gotten out of a long and hard battle with Shin, so she was very fatigued. It was seen again later when she told Sarada to stand behind her while she was panting heavily:

She wasn’t sad, she was tired.

2. I have no idea what you mean by saying they don’t look “comfortable”. Why do they look uncomfortable? Is it because they don’t have a grin plastered to their faces? Because you don’t have to be smiling all the time to be content.

Let me ask, do you think they look more comfortable in a scene like this?

Because nothing has changed between them during the time from their family dinner, to Sasuke’s untimely departure.

Barely Breathing [a Barry Allen AU] (Part  21)

a/n: *gasp* another part??? Could it be?? It is! But its short…

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 

Recently, getting Barry up and moving has been quite the struggle. After a couple weeks back, the CCPD has been exhausting for him. Today is one of his bad days. The type where his hands are extra shaky and panic attacks are more constant. It would have been nice if he hadn’t gone to work. Or if Julian hadn’t been there.

Panting heavily, the brunette’s shoulders jump up and down against the wall. He can hear Joe on the phone over the sound of his heartbeat. Through his teary eyes, he watches Eddie squat “Barr? Barr? Hear me? Y/N’s on her way. She’ll be here anytime now. Breathe.” he comforts.


“Hey, hey, handsome, it’s me, it’s me.” you whisper, pressing the palms of your hands to the scruff on his cheeks. Very quietly Barry mutters your name between sobs, looking up at you through wet eyelashes. “Yeah, it’s me, it’s Y/N.” you nod, feeling his trembling hands creep to yours.

That was completely terrifying. A small deep sigh passes his plump lips and he slowly relaxes. “I… I-I wa-want… t-t-to go ho-me.” he begs, sucking onto his lower lip. Gulping, those puppy like emerald green eyes plead silently at you. “I…I n-need…” he trails off, leaning into your embrace.

Rubbing his leg, you fingers meet the fabric of his gray skinny jeans. “Okay, okay, love. We can go.” you mumble, helping him get up. Barry wobbles, steadying himself on his converse and drying his cheeks on the sleeve of his dark blue cardigan. “I’m here, I’m here.” you remind him, noticing Cisco go off on Julian.


Cuddles make everything better. That’s a fact. Barry snuggles his face into your breasts, dark brown facial hair hiding behind your pale yellow tank top. His eyes are shut, mind focusing on your delicate fingers carding in his fluffy chestnut mane. “Y-you ma-make every…everything better.” Barry says in a hushed tone. “I-I l…love y-you. Ju-Julian s-said I…I was n-not fi-fit for t-th-the job…” he frowns.

“Well, he’s wrong, okay?” you mumble, kissing his forehead. “He’s an ass…. Don’t listen okay?” you pout, “I love you too, Barry. Always.”