panthers rage

If I ever get to play P5 one day, my go-to team right here~

(I mean I will still use the others thanks to some new mechanics and all but I like this set up? :D)

In the meantime, eagerly awaiting spin-offs! ^^

With this series, [Marvel] set up the fact that it was going to be the Black Panther in Wakanda. But then it was an all-black cast of characters and I would get called into the office all the time and told, ‘You need to get white people in here, where’s the white people?’.

And I said, ‘This is a hidden African nation, you guys set up the idea of it, where are all these white people supposed to come from?’.

When I did 'Panther vs. the Klan’, all hell broke loose. I was actually in the office one time and very upset, I said, 'For two years you people have been bugging me for white people. Finally I added some. There’s no satisfying you people.’.

—  Don McGregor on working at Marvel in the mid 1970s