Diamonds and Big Cats

I have a light and fluffy theory about the Diamonds coming off from researching about them for my last long post. 

There have been a lot of posts, including mine, that point to some sort of relationship between Lion and Pink Diamond. The possibilities vary from Lion’s being a repository of information to Lion’s being a corrupted PD. 

Lion’s bears marked similarities to PD’s hair.

And in Buddy’s Book, Rose had an affinity for lions. We don’t know if they looked exactly as Steven pictured them because from the beginning his renditions of Buddy and the gems were, by his own admission, his imagination. But it’s rather clear that Rose, one of PD’s more important quartzes, had a thing for lions.

It seems the big cat affinity extends to another Diamond as well. The Lunar Sea Spire is heavily connoted as BD’s territory, not only because of the colour scheme but because of its purpose. Bismuth said she built “Spires for thinkers to think in,” and it would make sense that Blue, who handled diplomatic matters, would mange this “haven for gems” as Pearl calls it in Cheeseburger Backpack.

On the walls of the spire pillar, we see this image as the Crystal Gems enter.

The heads of these creatures look like dogs’ or horses’, with their long faces, but the legs and tail look undeniably like a cat’s portrayal. Much like PD’s wild, five-pointed hair, lions had the big manes. For someone like BD, with smoothed down hair and a sleek silhouette, she may have preferred a big cat that suited her aesthetic, like a panther.

Now imagine the Diamonds’ seeing reports of the wildlife on Earth for the first time and falling in love with the big cat family, like giant kittens. YD I’d peg for a tiger-lover and WD probably had dozens of leopards. 

A universal love of cats that spans lightyears. 


Phantom Cats of the U.K.

We all are familiar with the animals that we live around. For some of us it’s squirrels and rabbits, for others it’s bears or wolves. But in the United Kingdom, the last thing you’d expect would be panthers right? Well according to many encounters, photos, and even attacks, panthers and other big cats are believed to roam the English countryside.

Many of these wild cats are assumed to be the result of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act of 1976 which resulted in many owners of exotic animals releasing their pets into the wild. The famous circus owner Mary Chipperfield admitted to releasing three pumas free into the forests of Dartmoor in 1978 after her zoo was forced to shut down. Many of these cats have been killed or captured throughout the years, such as in 1980 a puma was captured, in 1989 one was hit by a car, in 1991 a lynx was shot which had killed 15 sheep in the two weeks prior to its death. An ocelot was shot in 1994, in 1993 a puma was captured in Scotland, in 1996 a caracal was shot, and in 2001 a lynx was captured. In 1988 Royal Marines were sent to hunt big cats who were killing livestock, but they were unable to make a successful kill. Aside from capturing and killing many photos and videos can be found around the internet of phantom cats. In 2000 an 11 year old boy was attacked by a large “black cat” which left 5 claw marks across his face. In 2005 another man was attacked which left him severely wounded. In the summer of 2012 in Essex, a lion was spotted roaming the area. And several other witnesses claim to have heard lion roars in the area.

There is no doubt that there are exotic cats roaming the U.K. but could these numbers be rising? And could more of them continue to be released into the wild? Or perhaps enough have been released that a breeding population has been established. Let me know your thoughts, stay curious.


Claude Giroux

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