Based on this prompt! X 

I have been wanting to do this for so long jesus christ :”) I love this idea too much and literally all I could think about even in the shower pfft 

But yeah articulate and logical Dee even in the prime age of 7? and Winnie trying to speak- also- a little surprise on dan’s finger! (mainly cause dost srsly) 
I guess this could be for a play that Winnie has to do in primary school? 

I’ve finally decided to completely just succumb to these nerds srsly what is work what is life jesus christ 


pantherart figurine giveaway

Time ago pantherart did a giveaway that i had the fortune to win

The prize was a polymer clay hand-sculpetd figurine plus stone.

I could choose the animal and the stone also the artist was enthusiast to sculpt a stag even if it was her first attempt. Pantherart was also really professional: used to send photos of the progressing work, explained me the meanings of the various stone i could choose, and answered me really fast (even thought the time zone) and always in the most politely way. 

The shipping was a little troubled, the first time the package has returned to the artist because the address wasn’t right (my bad) and at the second attempt i had to pay custom fees because as at the post office was told me, if a package is suspect or on it is written the cost, officers can open it and check it so they have to close it again and customers have to pay more fees to receive it (and this was italy law’s fault, so remember it if one of you had to shipping something to italy).

The packaging as you can see is really cute and i love it, it contained business cards, tiny little shiny purple and white stars and of course the hand-sculpted figurine.

The figurine is beautiful, detailed, well crafted and the stone is awesome (it’s a labradorite). I did some photos but they can’t represent how stunning this stone is.

So please go check and follow pantherart artworks, also on Etsy and DA :D