Sten [ @stenuniverse ] suggested a drawing meme challenge which is take outrageous outfits from the g/ucci site and draw our characters in them

dont tell me Serendi wouldnt wear this outlandish thing thats totally her aethestic

Alternate Titles For Every Gravity Falls Episode So Far
  • Tourist Trapped: That Awkward Moment When Your Boyfriend Is Gnomes
  • Legend Of The GobbleWonker: If You Guys Break One More Camera I S2G
  • Headhunters: Larry King Tries To Murder Children
  • The Hand That Rocks The Mabel: Lil' Ol' Attempted Murderer
  • The Inconveniencing: Furries and Drugs
  • Dipper Vs. Manliness: Panther Shirt
  • Double Dipper: Soos Is The Best DJ
  • Irrational Treasure: Introducing A President Who Would Do Better For America than Most Of Congress
  • Time Traveler's Pig: Doctor Who If His Aim Was Crap
  • Fight Fighters: 80s Video Game Nostalgia Boner
  • Little Dipper: One Freaking Millimeter
  • Summerween: Congratulations You Now Officially Sympathize With Crappy Candy
  • Boss Mabel: Mabel With Shoulderpads
  • Bottomless Pit: Grunkle Stan Gets Deep
  • The Deep End: Dipper Kisses A Guy
  • Carpet Diem: Grunkle Stan Gives Mabel the Talk
  • Boyz Crazy: Darn Beautiful Zayn, Always Eating Out Of My Trash
  • Land Before Swine: Grunkle Stan Punches A Pterodactyl. Literally. We Are Not Exaggerating.
  • Dreamscaperers: Introducing, The Inexplicably Sexy Dorito
  • Gideon Rises: Giant Robots Vs Grappling Hook
  • Scary-oke: Ron Swanson And Dean Winchester Get Eaten By Zombies
  • Into the Bunker: Agezoned
  • The Golf War: What? No! I'm Not Supposed To LIKE Pacifica!!
  • Sock Opera: Sexy Dorito 2: Puppet Boogaloo
  • Soos And The Real Girl: *insert FNAF joke here*
  • Little Gift Shop Of Horrors: Neil Degrasse Tyson Is A Pig
  • Society Of The Blind Eye: Local Kook Is The Ice King
  • Blendin's Game: Soos' Childhood Could Have Been Better
  • The Love God: Do Not Let Tumblr Get Their Hands On This Guy
  • Northwest Mansion Noir: This Is A Kids Show We Promise Also Thats Jam
  • Not What He Seems: The Greatest 30 Minutes In The History Of Western Animation