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This is Chaka Khan appreciation. Without Chaka, we might never have heard of the (still-underrated) Rufus. We would’ve never had Kanye’s “Through The Wire.” We would’ve just missed so much. Whether you call here Yvette Marie Stevens (her birth name) or Chaka Adunne Aduffe Hodarhi Karifi (adding the Khan after marriage), the name she received when she became a member of the Black Panther Party and friends with Fred Hampton, you’d have to acknowledge that lovers of music owe her so much. 11 solo albums. Another 11 with Rufus. A career that spans more than 42 years. 10 Grammy Awards. 22 Grammy Nominations. When you look at this pictures, know that you’re looking at greatness. I mean, even after all that, she’s so bad that a 60-plus-year-old Chaka Khan looks like a lot like a 31 year old Nicki Minaj. (You’ve been told: it don’t crack.)  Her beauty, her hair, the face, the energy, the presence–these things would define a mere mortal. But Chaka is no mere mortal: she is every woman, and her musical and artistic accomplishments are so great that even her beauty cannot distract you from her talent for long. She’s been quoted as saying, “I’ve always struggled so much just to appreciate myself.” That one quote explains so much. But Chaka–Yvette– and this is no substitute, but you should know: we appreciate you, for who you are and what you’ve done. Let me tell you something good: you are one of the best ever to do it. Chicago stand up. Everybody stand up.



we thrifted and estate saled. I met this cat, who I’m pretty sure is actually a man, and whose wife was in the shop. It was a witch shop. (It was actually an antique shop, owned by witches)

I took a stupid hike and walked straight up a mountainside for NO REASON – and then walked back down and took a better route up the hill. But I still inflamed a tendon. Dummy.

Tonight: work and writing and drinking rum. I have been awake forever (since 7:30)

anonymous asked:

i keep hearing about a "panther" scene, can you give me a link to it?

Here is every trailer or clip so far:

The 100 Season 3 Hunted Promo

The 100 Season 3 Official extended trailer

The 100 “We are Survivors” iTunes feature   <– panther scenes

The 100 sneak peak Raven + Abby + Gina + Macallan

The 100 “Hunted” Extended Trailer

The 100 is returning Fox8 trailer 

The 100 sneak peak Raven & Bellamy

The 100 Season 3 Promo + Lexa punching Roan 

The 100 Season 3 Eliza Taylor 

The 100 | Inside The 100: Wanheda: Part One