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United boots passenger because her Black Panther cap and A$AP Rocky shirt made the pilot ‘uncomfortable’

Amanda Stevens, a freelance e-sports writer, tweeted United staffers talked to her and asked her to remove the shirt, which was pulled from stores over its upside-down American flag design, while traveling to Chicago.

These things only happen in American based airlines, always! This is very much racist. Why don’t we see the pilot or the flight attendants kicked off as well? The airlines policy is so lopsided they can boot you off for anything they want with no accountability.

So United Airlines needs a new slogan - “You must be white to take our flight.”

Why is this world such a discriminatory place?

Beyonce is honestly an icon. And I really do feel like MANY people hate on her just for the sake of hating.

Like can you imagine the drama behind the scenes that must have gone down between her team and the Superbowl organizers for her to perform “Formation” at Super bowl 50 on the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther party’s formation (1966) in the BAY AREA where they were founded? And her dancers did so in full Black Panther Party regalia to boot?! Talking about loving her negro nose in front of over 100 million people on live television! The Superbowl people probably wanted NOTHING to do with that, but she pushed it through and made such a powerful statement for BLACK people for the world to see.

This woman is a legend, and I feel so inspired by her bravery in her art. This is a moment that people are going to be talking about decades from now. Wiki articles, you name it. So amazing. Love her.