pantheon bear

(God of secrets and knowledge in elven pantheon of Dragon Age universe.)

“Dirthamen is the twin brother of Falon'Din. He is also known as a "twin soul” to Falon'Din, rather than merely a twin. Dirthamen is the elven god of secrets and knowledge, and master of the ravens Fear and Deceit, having found them in the Fade and outsmarted them both.“ (da-wiki)

i wanna take a moment to think about killjoys and ‘runners in california outside of the socal desert
i mean, what if groups of zone runners left the zones entirely and scavenged through what was left of the mountains outside of claremont, or found their way across and up to the sierra nevadas
killjoys outside of bli’s range but who remember what it was like to live in the desert and tell the children stories
a generation of killjoys growing up outside of the zones, thinking that they’re safe
killjoys living in old mine shafts left over from the gold rush
killjoys escaping from the desert seeing the redwoods and ponderosa pines for the first time, and being amazed by how much green there is
killjoys hunting deer and fish and new gods come to join the phoenix witch in the pantheon, gods based on bears and trees instead of crows
killjoys living where the crops used to grow, before the wars, and trying to plant new things even though the soil is dry
killjoys using up the last of the water in the dams and struggling up to the mountains to find new fresh water
and they think that this is better than the desert, there isn’t as much danger, but then the forest fires start every autumn
or killjoys moving to the coast, southern coastal camps popping up along the dunes and northern settlements finding shelter in the rocky bluffs
and word of them and their new camps reaches bli and one day the kiljoys who grew up with dracs being only horror stories look out and see a line of white cars, and people in white masks, and they’re terrified of what’s going to happen
and the dracs come and round everyone they can up because no one is supposed to know that there is more to life than either the chrome of the city or the dust of the desert