pantera fans

drabble series; big bird

part eleven; pg; early msr, maybe season 2? post abduction; Our duo are on a journey to see a huge fucking bird.

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No no, you’ve got it all wrong. The big bird doesn't fly. No one ever said it flew

You are so full of shit, Jenna, of course it flies

No it don’t, I swear that on my own life. It just runs real fast. Extremely fast. I think it came from Australia with all those criminals and it hid away for a long time till we started developing crap and now it don’t got no where else to go.

You hug those trees any tighter you’ll get bark burn on your tits.


Girls! Get your butts back in this house!


It breathes fire, man. It breathes. Fire. Scorched my house, do you see it? Mine’s the one with the –

That one at the end, with the boarded up windows? You a big Pantera fan, Luther?

Yeah man, but I didn’t paint that shit. I owe some money to this guy who – wait, who’d you say you are again?

You’re fucking Feds?


Anyone ever tell you you’re depressing in all that black? It’s ninety degrees out. Those sunglasses are awful. You’re just going to sit here, looking for the bird? Tax dollars well spent, then. Clinton was an omen. Do you have a cigarette? I haven’t been out of the house in days. No cigarettes? You’re just going to die of sunstroke, then, not lung cancer. Okay.

The bird isn’t real. Everyone here is crazy. I never should have moved back here, but mother won’t let anyone else come take care of her. She’s too proud. She also buys into this bird stuff but she’s losing it, so of course she does. Talk to her.


Sorry for all that mess about the bibles, dear. It’s just they never quit. I got so many I have to bury ‘em because I don’t believe in throwing them away, even if those people are madder’n sin.

I’ve lived here longer than you been alive and the bird’s been here longer than me. It never meant to cause us no trouble and most of the time it doesn’t. But when food gets scarce and huntin’ season starts back up, well.

I remember about thirty years ago, a young woman lived here with her baby. Real quiet and smart like Brenda, and it happened to her, too. Minding the garden with the baby crawlin’ through the grass. She looks up and the baby’s gone. I seent the bird flapping away and I hear the baby crying and we’re all running at it, everyone one of us in the park, with our hands out, hollerin’ for the Lord. But ain’t nothing nobody could do.

Thank heavens it dropped the baby, same as Brenda’s, in that little pond there. I think it needs to drown its prey cuz it be old. It scared that woman straight out of her little head. She took the baby’n left. Never did know what happened to her or her little boy, alls I know is she ain’t the first, ain’t the last to be flew out by the big bird.

iNSABiLiTY. A Kylo Ren playlist.
    ↳    Listen here.

01.  KoRn - Here to stay //  02. Pantera - No good (Attack the radical) // 03. Black label society - Stillborn // 04. Pantera - Message in blood // 05. KoRn - Coming Undone // 06. Disturbed - Violence fetish // 07. Pantera - Mouth of war // 08. White zombie - More human then human // 09. Megadeth - Train of consequences // 10. Metallica - The unforgiven  // 11. Savenage genetics - Silent Hill substep // 12. Type O negative - Black no. 1 // 13. KoRn - Get up // 14. Metallica - Hero of the day // 15. Disturbed - Darkness // 16. KoRn - Love & Meth // 17Metallica - The unforgiven II // 18. Alice in chains - Black gives way to blue // 19. KoRn - Narcissistic cannibal // 20. Megadeth - A tout le monde // 21. Korn - Did my time // 22. Pantera - Shedding Skin // 23. Terror Dome - Silent hill dubstep // 24. Pantera - Cemetery gates // 25. Disturbed - Indestructible // 26. Rob Zombie - Superbeast // 27.  Hollow - Pantera


Photographs from the crime scene of Nathan Gale, who opened fire in a club during a heavy metal show. He began shooting during the performance of Damageplan, which featured Dimebag Darrell Abott who was an old member of the famous band Pantera. Allegedly Gale shouted out something about Pantera prior to the shooting, he was a known Pantera fan and it is thought that the break up of the band three years earlier may have been some form of motivation for the crime.

In total he killed four people, including the guitarist Dimebag Darrell. Gale himself was killed at the scene, after a police officer shot him in the face with 12 gauge shot-gun.

let’s drop a bunch of pantera fans and nails fans in a stadium and have them fight to the death to see who the realer men are

have it be sponsored by tag body spray and monster energy so we know they really mean business