this paragraph from a deleted scene in an early draft of the raven king still haunts me and tbh?? we were robbed

My friend, who doesn’t know anything about Be More Chill, said this about the screen cap: ‘middle age Santa walks in to get little twink Timmy and beat his ass for being a naughty boy but little twink Timmy ain’t havin’ it and fights the bastard’

Pidge and Lance Headcanons
  • Pidge using Lance as a back rest
  • Lance uses her as an arm rest in turn
  • Pidge constantly piggy backs on him
    • Lance has a niece and nephew it doesn’t phase him at all
    • He doesn’t even notice when she does it
    • She’ll sometimes just sit on his shoulders and hang upside down by her legs along.
    • If she wants to not walk on a mission she’ll use Lance. (Hunk is also a great option but she switches it up sometimes)
  • Lance seeing anyone eye Pidge wrong: I think the fuck not you trick ass bitch
  • Pidge sees him as an older brother fight me on this
    • Matt: *does something cringey*
    • Pidge: This is why Lance is my favorite brother
    • Lance: *does something cringey*
    • Pidge: This is why I’m an only child
  • They both play co-op video games but they both talk so much shit they just end up laughing for five hours straight still stuck on the same level.
  • Lance will listen to her info dump and puts in his thoughts and questions so he can understand better.
    • Pidge doesn’t mind since she loves the thing!!!!! And has someone to listen to her talk about the thing!!!!
  • Take each other’s shit under the guise of borrowing
    • Lance: Pidge do you have my jacket again
    • *The sound of a zipper slowly being pulled closed and sounding loud af since it’s quiet*
    • Pidge: …no