twenty one pilots songs that fit with what you’re feeling/thinking

Blasphemy filling your words? Struggling with doubt of your hope and/ or faith?

Listen to “Implicit Demand For Proof”

Trying to fit into society? 

Listen to “Fall Away”

Feeling like life is passing by too quickly?

Listen to “The Pantaloon”

Feeling empty in your mind? Struggling with your faith?

Listen to “Addict With A Pen”

Trying to stay alive?

Listen to “Friend, Please”

Tired of following everyone else's judgements and ’rules’? Trying to find individuality?

Listen to “March To The Sea”

Feeling that your life is unimportant? 

Listen to “Johnny Boy”

Your thoughts going into an unknown ‘dangerous’ space?

Listen to “Oh Ms Believer”

Afraid of admitting something important?

Listen to “Air Catcher”

Loneliness surrounding your emotions? Pretending you’re alright?

Listen to “Trapdoor”

Emotionally drained? Understanding your faith?

Listen to “A Car, A Torch, A Death”

Fighting you depression? Relying on your faith for hope?

Listen to “Taxi Cab”

Facing your insecurities? 

Listen to “Before You Start Your Day”

Feeling like your not living up to your potential? 

Listen to “Isle Of Flightless Birds”

((regional at best



special shout out to: chocolatechippringle