Namesake: “With Catlike Tread” by Gilbert and Sullivan

Appearance: A muscular female humanoid Stand resembling an anthropomorphic black panther, dressed in a gaudy pirate’s outfit consisting of a bright red bandanna, a poofy white shirt, light brown pantaloons and tie-dyed stockings. 

Power: A

Speed: A

Range: D

Precision: B

Staying: C

Learning: B


Memory Erasure: With a touch, With Catlike Tread can “mark” a target with a prominent black paw print. Marked targets are automatically erased from the memories of anyone who senses them in any way, even in terms of short-term recognition. Someone who was marked by With Catlike Tread could walk up to another person while dressed in an outrageously elaborate ballgown, slap them in the face with a salmon and walk away, and the other person would only wonder what had hit them, and why they now smelled like fish. The only exception to this rule are living things that have been marked, who would be able to remember any other such beings normally. The user can apply this effect to as many targets as she pleases, and can remove them at will. She can also apply this memory erasure effect to herself at will, but she can still be remembered by anyone that she had marked previously.

Notes: The user is a cat burglar named Ida Penzance, who happens to be the daughter of a notorious Mafia don living in the United States. She mainly uses her stand in tandem with her own considerable talents at infiltration to rob crooked businesses and properties owned by her father, later distributing the proceeds from the heists among the poor. She runs with a small team of professional thieves and mercenaries who masquerade as the hired help for her luxurious penthouse, and she cares for them deeply. Certainly more than she cares for her father, at any rate.


HHA Name: “You seem confused, darling!”

HHA Effect: This HHA is a counter move. When the opponent takes a swing at Ida, she spins out of the way and uses With Catlike Tread to conceal herself mid-dodge, before slipping behind her opponent and clubbing them to the ground with With Catlike Tread’s monstrous strength.

GHA Name: "This is what it means to not exist, darling!“

GHA Effect: Ida uses With Catlike Tread to deliver a brutal punch rush, while saying, “Nobody can survive in this world alone, darling. We all need people to acknowledge us to stay real. Don’t believe me? Well, you’ll soon see what I mean.” She then blows the unfortunate opponent a kiss before turning and walking away from the now-marked opponent. The opponent staggers forward a bit to chase her, only to be suddenly hit by a vehicle whose driver couldn’t see them in the way. The vehicle changes from character to character, usually having something to do with their story arc. For example, DIO would be hit by the Senator’s car from the final battle of Part 3, while Yoshikage Kira would be hit by the ambulance from Part 4, and so on.


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twenty one pilots songs that fit with what you’re feeling/thinking

Blasphemy filling your words? Struggling with doubt of your hope and/ or faith?

Listen to “Implicit Demand For Proof”

Trying to fit into society? 

Listen to “Fall Away”

Feeling like life is passing by too quickly?

Listen to “The Pantaloon”

Feeling empty in your mind? Struggling with your faith?

Listen to “Addict With A Pen”

Trying to stay alive?

Listen to “Friend, Please”

Tired of following everyone else's judgements and ’rules’? Trying to find individuality?

Listen to “March To The Sea”

Feeling that your life is unimportant? 

Listen to “Johnny Boy”

Your thoughts going into an unknown ‘dangerous’ space?

Listen to “Oh Ms Believer”

Afraid of admitting something important?

Listen to “Air Catcher”

Loneliness surrounding your emotions? Pretending you’re alright?

Listen to “Trapdoor”

Emotionally drained? Understanding your faith?

Listen to “A Car, A Torch, A Death”

Fighting you depression? Relying on your faith for hope?

Listen to “Taxi Cab”

Facing your insecurities? 

Listen to “Before You Start Your Day”

Feeling like your not living up to your potential? 

Listen to “Isle Of Flightless Birds”

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Dear skeleton clique,

The first week of the new year is over! I’m proud of all of you for making it this far. I know it’s a sunday night’s and that can be grim but always feel free to use vessel to fight it,take the pain, and ignite it whenever you are feeling down. I’m always here for you if guys need any help. So here’s a cheer to celebrate you, a new year the anniversary of vessel and the.

Please stay alive, stay alive, for me.

       the pantaloon