I want you all to look at this picture. What do you see?

Let me tell you what I see.

First of all, yes, I see that her breasts are cupped by armor that appears to resemble demon hands groping her. I also notice that she’s not wearing pants. While the overall wardrobe is unique in that I’ve never seen anything quite like it before - no two fantasy armors are ever really alike - it’s also a typical fantasy armor for a female character, with quite a bit of sex appeal to it.

But you want to know what else I see?

I see a tiara. This tells me that either she’s a regal figure of utmost importance, or she’s a successful adventurer with enough gold to afford expensive and enchanted equipment. I see demonic imagery all over her - her pauldron, her belt, and particularly the beelzebub-looking faces on her swords, meant to inspire fear in her opponents. I see a pair of double-edged longswords, and the person holding them has the muscular, toned body of a woman who knows damn well how to use them. The emblem on her cloth tells me she fights for some kind of city or homeland, so she fights with the lives of thousands in the back of her mind. Most of all, I see her face. Strikingly beautiful, but wearing a look of battle-hardened, steeled determination. She’s about to fight something, she’s about to kill something. This is a woman I would not want to fuck with.

And yet, what would feminists, and critics of fantasy games see?

Just a slutty-dressed woman in a sexual outfit with breasts too big.

Feminists, critics, they would reduce this woman to what she’s wearing. Hell, not even what she’s wearing, but strictly how ‘sexy’ what she’s wearing is. They’d reduce this woman to the size of her breasts and how much leg she’s showing. They would reduce this character’s value as a woman down to one single factor: how sexy she is.

Now tell me, who is really objectifying women - the people who like this kind of attire, or the people who don’t?

All of Mello’s Glorious Outfits

Whattup Tumblr, so I was looking for a post that detailed each outfit Mello wears in the manga and couldn’t find one smh, so here it goes. Please enjoy the high fashion of our favorite pint-sized criminal.

Alright, so when we first meet Mello as a lil bb, his clothes are pretty plain:

Black shirt, black…jeans? I’m having a hard time deciding what fabric this is. And he’s barefoot.

When he leaves Wammy’s, the look is completed with a denim jacket…and shoes:


WOW, THAT FEATHERED PARKA. You’ve got the drug dealer steez down Mello, great job, my boy. Let’s peep those details:

Leather gloves, Catholic symbolism, that flawless bob, damn!

Detailing on the boots:

Alright, last shot of this getup just so we have the profile view, since this is his best known look:

Parka has pockets likely filled with discarded chocolate wrappers, pants tucked into boots, overall nicely done, 10/10 look.

Now onto an often overlooked ensemble, Mello’s spring alternative to the usual leather complete with white pants:

Now it looks like these are the same boots as the first look, just not tied up all the way.

Here’s detailing on the pants:

Decorative stitched seaming details the pockets and…zipper? Cause Mello is fond of drawing attention to the crotch with a variety of accoutrements. Fiendish expression completes the look.

Alright, so you know earlier when I said his iconic look? I lied. That’s a completely different outfit. THIS is his signature outfit:

So this top looks similar to the last, but this one is obviously leather, the last one looks like cloth. Also, this one has the peekaboo cut in the midriff that the other lacks. New belt (last one was square, this one is circular), and we see him in dress boots for the first time instead of combat boots. I think these are new pants, too. They’re frayed at the bottom and flare out like bellbottoms:

(The pair in the first look were tucked into his boots, so I’m assuming they were bootcut—would be awkward to keep tucked.) Also this is the first appearance of the bracelet rosary and the chain on the side of his pants. Still, Mello must be proud of his arms cause he’s really fond of sleeveless vests??

Alright, so this panel I like cause it gives us a detailing on the belt, plus Mello’s amazing expressions are the gifts that keep on giving:

So then we don’t see our mini-mafioso for a hot minute, till he reappears in Hal Lidner’s apartment….and he’s got a new jacket!

Another jacket with a furry hood, although the fur on this one is much more lowkey and less…feather boa-ish. It’s also got some ~sick flame decals around the shoulders and down the arms; frayed edges; and those…throwing star looking decals on the side of the arms:

If anyone knows what that symbol is, feel free to holla at ya girl.

The cuffs on the sleeves are darker and match the color of the flames. You can also see the fraying better here. The pants have laces, which we didn’t see in the previous scenes at the Mafia’s hideout. And just for added measure….

The buttons are skulls, LMAO.

The next new outfit we get is after he appears with Matt wearing this badass moto jacket:

I honestly can’t tell what the design is supposed to be. At first I thought they were zippers, but it looks like they’re either studs or a braided motif (or both):

Also, some pretty sweet new shades he’s rocking, and he’s letting his hair grow out, nice.

Still confused by this design, but it’s likely braided.

This next one isn’t actually in the story, it’s just a chapter illustration, but it does feature Mello in yet another jacket, this time with what for sure looks to be a zipper appliqué:

This is definitely different from the one above—not a moto jacket, and looks like it might have a hoodie attached (or it could be a different piece layered underneath, as we see some of the white fabric at the bottom, and the hoodie is white).

Back to the plot! So Mello kidnaps Takada and blesses us with yet another jacket:

This seems like more of a true motorcycle jacket. Nothing fancy, has padding at the shoulders and elbows. The front zips up and includes a snap enclosure at the neck. These are also different gloves that go to the mid forearm. Also can I just say, Mello looks like…ten years older post-scar. 

Ok, last but not least:

Mello looking clandestine af in his parcel deliverer uniform.

Thank you for your many costume changes, Mello. Each delivers. What a guy.

Imagine you're an intergalactic scientist

You’ve been studying endangered alien species for years and you jumped at the opportunity to try to successfully raise four eggs of four nearly extinct alien species. You took the eggs and the instructions and were given paid leave and would be given quadruple your salary if you successfully raised them to adulthood. When you got home, you set up the necessary incubators to properly incubate each of the eggs. You were so excited, you checked everything you could about the eggs every day, and wrote down your observations. Every day you made sure that the conditions were perfect, and to your immense joy, you noted how all four of the eggs showed signs of development. Finally after months of caring for the eggs, they all began to hatch. You were so excited, you nearly cried, and when they all hatched, all four of them imprinted on you as their “mother”.

Over the next four years, you took the best care of them that you could, and luckily, they all seemed to respond and grow well. This went on for four years, and you were overjoyed because you had always wanted kids, but none of your boyfriends stayed after they found out you were a hermaphrodite. You had tried to tell them that you had never had a period, as you were born without functioning ovaries (something that made living as a man easier), but they didn’t want to listen.  One look at your vagina and they were gone. None of that mattered now as you were about to celebrate the “birthday” of your “children”. When you got home, the kids all gathered around you and hugged you out of joy, it seemed that they loved you just as much as you loved them.

Then all of the sudden, they all started growing and changing rapidly. You were excited because you hadn’t expected their metamorphosis so soon. You watched in awe as the kids you were raising became the most handsome men. What surprised you the most was that once they had finished growing, they all started looking at you lustfully, their phalluses growing erect. It never occurred to you that not only would they all be so handsome, but that they’d all find you just as attractive. That’s when you found yourself surrounded by them again, but this time, they were making quick work of removing your clothes, their intent clear. When they had successfully removed your clothes, they stopped for a moment to take you in. They then positioned themselves in such a way that all four sexual areas that you had were being administered to. The one stroking your cock seemed determined to get you to full hardness as quickly as possible, but wasn’t having much trouble as the one filling your ass kept relentlessly hitting your prostate, and the one in your vagina was pumping in and out ruthlessly. Then just as you were on the brink of cumming, you felt a sheath slide over your dick before you felt something slide down the inside, expanding ever so slightly. At this point, you felt so good, you came harder than you ever had, but that was short lived as you began to feel what you would come to realize were eggs sliding into you from all four aliens. That’s when you realized that they had determined that you’d be the perfect incubator for all of them. You moaned in delight as you felt your stomach, ass, womb, and testicles all fill with multiple eggs. When they all finally pulled away, you never felt so empty despite your newfound rotundity. You were already about the size of someone three months pregnant, and you could tell you were going to fit in pants again. Overall, you felt heavy, but happier than you’ve ever been. This was it, you were finally starting a family, and with four men that you had just realized you loved more than anything. You decided that from that point on you’d happily be the “mother” of their children as long as you lived.

The next few months were the best of your life. You videoed in to your bosses to show that not only had you successfully grown the aliens to adulthood, but had also successfully produced a new batch of eggs. They were so delighted that they changed the parameters of your assignment so that you’d receive more pay than you could ever need each time you successfully bred a new batch of eggs as breeding just those four original eggs had been nearly impossible, and yet you were clearly holding large clutches of the eggs. You were ordered to stay in your home and assured that all your needs would be taken care of so long as your eggs proved viable. With that the video conference was ended and your now lovers carried you to a nest they had prepared during the conference so as yo best insure your comfort and the safety of your eggs. You immediately fell asleep and were shortly surrounded by your lovers. You never wanted things to change.

After the incubation period was up, you felt contractions and the eggs started to make their way back out the way they had come in. You had panicked a little until your lovers calmed you and helped you birth all the eggs. In no time you were surrounded by the quickly hatching eggs bearing your young. You were so happy you hardly noticed when your lovers started to begin the pregnancy process all over again. All you knew was that this was exactly how you wanted to spend the rest of your life.


Title: Madeleine

Rating: PG

Timeline: Home Again

Category: MSR

Summary:For the anon who asked: Since you mentioned it, Drabble of Mulder finding Scully’s Darkness Falls jacket while they are in an established relationship?

Author’s Note: These went in a different direction then I had planned, but these things so often do. The title was inspired by Proust’s “madeleine moment.”

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Hey everyone! Finally part one of my Prompto worklog is ready! I’ve been bouncing around from piece to piece on this cosplay and filming the entire process as I go along! If all goes according to plan there will be two more parts to this set, one covering the creation of his tank, plaid undershirt and gloves. Then a final part showing the creation of the patches and assembly of them to the vest and pants.

Overall Prompto has proven to be a very interesting project because despite being a more simple cosplay (in terms of Final Fantasy standards) it is filled with all kinds of small details and lacks any sort of real 100% accurate reference photos to go from.

Either way, I hope you enjoy it and look forward to the next few parts for our Chocobo boy!

Modern Day Headcanons!

Happy belated Loop Day!

* Hugh has lotsa shirts with plants or bees on them.
* Horace never stops being dapper. Ever.
* Enoch tends to either stick with his overalls or wear baggy t-shirts or hoodies. (He doesn’t even bother with fashion at all. Comfort > style.)
* Fiona starts to wear pants and overalls, many of which are smeared with dirt, mud, and grass due to her garden work.
* Emma makes toast in the mornings. She always has to wash her hands twice before handling the bread, though. (There have also been a few occasions where she accidentally set the toast on fire…)
* Breakfast is an organized disaster. Everyone is passing food and chatting and half-ready for the day.
* Horace once didn’t get a good night’s sleep, and fell asleep face first into his food.
* *Plop* *SNOOOORE*
* Everyone takes turns making meals.
* Hugh and Fiona usually make something with lotsa fruit or vegetables: fruit salad, BLTs, veggie-beef stew, smoothies…to name a few.
* Horace and Jacob cannot cook to save their lives, so they just make sandwiches for everyone.
* Bronwyn, Olive and Claire can produce some nice dishes from the cookbooks the Portmans have.
* Millard says he can cook
* But he actually can’t
* He gets frustrated too easily
* Miss P. usually ends up helping him out
* Enoch is (surprisingly) actually a decent cook.
* He usually ends up making breakfast due to his LEGENDARY PANCAKE SKILLS
* But he mostly ends up making three (3) servings of pancakes (for Miss P., Horace, and himself) and cereal for the poor souls who don’t get the pancakes.
* Everyone is highkey suffering
* They need those pancakes
* Jacob introduces everyone to Just Dance, and they’re all crazy for it.
* Team Fugh and Team Enorace are really hard to beat.
* Enoch and Hugh tend to always do the feminine part of the dance.
* Mario Kart night is chaos.
* Everyone is yelling and laughing and throwingGODDAMMIT HUGH STOP IT WITH THE BLUE SHELLS
* *Evil laughter*
* Emma. Dominates. Mario Kart.
* (Though Fiona gave her a run for her money on the one piranha plant level)
* Bronwyn accidentally broke her controller and apologized to Jacob for two weeks straight.
* Horace is the KING of Rock Band.
* Drums, guitar, all of it.
* The kids actually like playing modern specialty board games
* Munchin is Enoch’s favorite.
* He always plays as a halfling thief and fucking destroys everyone.
* He’s successfully stolen at least fifty things from each player, and has so many cards per game, you don’t even KNOW.
* His favorite strategy is playing a ‘Wandering Monster’, then a 'Mate’, and then various monster enhancers on someone who pissed him off.
* Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Hive (Hugh LOVES Hive), Elder Sign, Pandemic, Fobidden Island, and Castle Panic are also family favorites.
* Many rooms in the Portman house are filled with little air plants and succulents, courtesy of Fiona.
* She loves the little shits. So. Much.
* There are always bees buzzing around and pollinating them.
* Mrs. Portman once accidentally swatted at one of Hugh’s bees,,,
* She REALLY got chewed out by Hugh.
* Fiona gets paralyzed from the waist down after falling off of the cliff, so she has to use a wheelchair now.
* She also learns sign language, so she can communicate non-verbally.
* Horace. Loves. Shopping.
* He’ll drag whoever’ll come with him along for HOURS.
* Enoch doesn’t mind it as much as he says he does.
* Mainly because seeing Horace so excited and invested is actually really adorable…
* …but he’d die before he’d tell anyone that.
* Millard often sneaks into school with the kids, usually following either Jacob or Emma around.
* He’ll sometimes even help them if he sees them struggling with something.
* The kids still celebrate Loop Day!
* They play all the games and stuff, and even still do all of the ridiculous decorating—the area around Enoch’s room looks like it came straight out of Halloween Town—and cake.
* Seriously that’s like 300 candles


i love crime and being gay

ANYWAY ive been waiting forever to Finally finish my nyma cosplay, i dont have proper face paints (my current white face paint is disgusting) and i had to edit a few things (the yellow on the neck, filter out the crusty white paint, blend the head piece with my forehead, etc), but heres my full costest of her!

i still have to fix the head piece more, make a new top and make pants, but overall shes looking good! maybe youll see me on friday at otakon as her ;0

(my instagram is vrisknya if youd like to see more of my cosplay content)

so i was bored, a tad bit tired, & extremely motivated to expand my vocabulary & improve my writing, so i figured i’d share. under the cut is a LONG ASS masterpost of anything you could think of to improve vocabulary & such. there will most likely be a part two considering i have so much left to write, & i’ll definitely post that if people enjoy this one ! like/reblog as you please, i just hope this helps some people !

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anonymous asked:

I have a question if Hiccup is 19 in race to the edge how old is dagur?

Unfortunately we have no idea how old Dagur is in any part of HTTYD canon, so we have no idea. Given his more mature body shape (compared to Hiccup and co.) in the Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk series, it appears to me that Dagur is a few years older than them. How much older than them can only be up to our speculation.

The closest we can get to trying to pinpoint how much older Dagur is than the others is through Heather’s brief flashback in “Have Dragons Will Travel Part 2.” There, Heather seems to be a little more than a toddler - perhaps five years old - old enough to be having her first memories. We see a little bit of Dagur’s body shape in the memory flashback.

This shows that Dagur is older than Hiccup, Heather, and the other characters who all seem to be about the same age. The question is: how much older?

The body shape we see of him in “Have Dragons Will Travel” can be compared to other characters for us to try to gauge his age. The best body shape comparison to look at is Gustav. We see how Gustav looks when he is both twelve/thirteen years old and sixteen years old, so it gives us a fair comparison of what Dagur might have looked like younger at these specific ages.

So, for starters, check out how the kid looks in “The Flight Stuff.”

And this is how he looks in “Gone Gustav Gone.”

Gustav is twelve years old in Riders of Berk; Art Brown and Douglas Sloan have made this comment themselves (or so I’ve heard, anyway). He would probably almost be thirteen because RTTE is about three years after HTTYD, and Gustav is also canonically said to be sixteen in the episode “Gone Gustav Gone.”

Now, here’s why Gustav is the best comparison for how Dagur would have looked like younger: Gustav’s sixteen year old self and Dagur in Heather’s memory flashback are based on fairly similar models. Check it out.

We have obviously the same boots, the same tunic color, the same pants color, and the overall same lanky body shape. Dagur is wearing a long sleeve shirt while Gustav is wearing a short sleeve shirt, Gustav has knee protection, and their belts might be a little different. But they’re still modeled fairly similarly after one another.

I wouldn’t say that Dagur is sixteen in the flashback simply because his body is similar to sixteen year old Gustav, though. It’s to note that Dagur has always seemed to be a little buff and large for his age. Gustav, meanwhile, seems a bit small for his age. And, even more importantly, when we meet Dagur in ROB and DOB, he’s young enough to still be growing. 

There is a huge maturity difference in his appearance between Riders of Berk and Race to the Edge, despite the seasons being only three years apart… suggesting he’s young enough to be going through such physical development still. Sure, there is something to be said about bulking up changing his physique, but it’s not just his arms and chest size. It’s the broadening of his chin, the growth of his nose and eyebrows, and other elements that make him obviously older.

My personal headcanon for Dagur’s age in the past, before I made this analysis post, was about three years older than Hiccup and Heather. That’d put Dagur at about nineteen in Riders and Defenders of Berk and twenty-two in Race to the Edge. But that’s just my own speculation. I think those numbers make a lot of logical sense… any older in ROB, and it could start feeling odd.

Upon looking at the flashback picture, though, it might not be too bad an idea to add one or two more years to my guesstimate: if Heather is 5, then by my old age gap headcanon, Dagur would be about eight or nine years old. That body shape is definitely not the body shape of an eight year old, though. Especially not when we compare him to how he looks next to Gustav at older ages. I’d be more likely to put flashback!Dagur in the 10-13 year old range. (Pushing the age up a little also explains why he would have the mental state to do something like ditch his sister in the ocean). 10-13 wouldn’t be toooooo odd for someone who seems to have good physical development early like Dagur.

So, if Dagur is around ten years old in the flashback, that would make him about four and a half or five years older than Heather - not an odd gap range for siblings at all. That would make him barely twenty in ROB and twenty-three or twenty-four in RTTE. Still not too bad. Now, if we put him at thirteen years old in the flashback scene, then he would be about twenty-three in ROB (I say that’s too old) and twenty-seven in RTTE.

So maybe it wouldn’t be the worst idea to suggest that Dagur is about four-ish years Hiccup and Heather’s senior? It would put him juuuust at the end or outside of teenaged years in Riders of Berk… any older than that, and I think that would be odd. Early to barely-mid-twenties in RTTE seems like a fair estimate for that time period, too.

Conclusively, I’d estimate that Dagur is somewhere in the twenty-two to twenty-four years old age range when Hiccup is nineteen in Race to the Edge.

But those are all personal estimates and nothing canon.

Terrorists [Shinobu x Miyagi]

A/N: Junjou Terrorist (Miyagi/Shinobu, lee Shinobu) -  25. “Don’t touch my back, that tickles.” - It’s almost 1 am and I should sleep. So I am writing this :)))) logic of my life.

Summary: Shinobu gets angry one time when Miyagi tickles him to death, which escalates a little. Good thing: it results in Miyagi not tickling him anymore, at all. Bad thing: Shinobu now wants him to. Actually. Really, really, reaaally bad!

Word Count: 1987

‘Little terrorist-kun’

Shinobu stared down at the lunchbox in his lap, prepared with love by his dear boyfriend, who probably really felt the need to put his name on it like that.

Little terrorist hm? Shinobu understood pretty well that the way he barged into Miyagi Yoh’s life and seduced him into their current relationship may be seen as terrorist-like or whatever silly terms Miyagi used for this.

However, if anyone was a terrorist in this relationship, it was probably that damn Miyagi himself.

“S-stop. Don’t touch my back, that tickles.” They were just sitting in the car as Miyagi was on his way to take Shinobu to school, when Miyagi’s free hand stroked his back lightly while they waited for a traffic light. Shinobu had been leaning forward to study the terrorist-nickname on his lunchbox in disapproval when this happened. Big mistake to keep his back uncovered.

“Does it?” Shinobu blushed when a creepy smirk was seen on his lover’s face, and he tried to lean back and squeeze Miyagi’s hand between him and the car chair, but when Miyagi started to wiggle his finger, scratching and scribbling the sensitive places on his back, he arched away and gasped.

“N-no dohohon’t! T-the traffic light!” he giggled, but Miyagi merely started driving and only used one hand to steer the car. His other hand remained on his back and tickled Shinobu into an embarrassing squirming-dance with arms moving weirdly and elbows trying to fend Miyagi’s hand off.

“Stop I said! It tihihickles!” Shinobu finally got to grab a tight hold of Miyagi’s arm, but right at that moment Miyagi made a sudden turn and came to a halt at the side of the road. He then immediately took off his own seatbelt so he could attack the hysterical brunet randomly. Shinobu screamed.

“Daaahahamn stahahap it!” Shinobu cried out when instead of five fingers, ten fingers danced all over his upper back, lower back, between his shoulder blades and sometimes scratching at the back of his neck. It was nothing new that Miyagi enjoyed to tickle him, but lately it was becoming too much.

“Didn’t you provoke me by saying it tickled?” Miyagi asked, seriously in a trance from Shinobu’s melodious laughter, and Shinobu panicked when instead of only his back, the rest of his body fell under attack as well.

“AHAha I told you don’t! Miyagihi please no!” Shinobu lay sprawled in his car seat, trapped by the seatbelt and with a predatory lover lunging over him and tickling him without mercy.

“Why not?” Miyagi asked, piercing his fingers into Shinobu’s sides in a way that made the poor boy jerk so heavily that the lunchbox got launched off his lap and the bottom of the car got covered in rice and veggies. 

“MY luhuhuhunch!” Shinobu laughed, but Miyagi did not stop here. He continued to tickle him, and he huffed tiredly and tried to fight away the wiggling fingers from his tingling body.

“It already fell,” Miyagi mumbled, and Shinobu shrieked when the demanding fingers wiggled their way under his shirt, tickling his bare tummy.

“T-too ticklish!” Shinobu wheezed, but Miyagi only clawed mercilessly at his bare, vulnerable stomach under his shirt, and Shinobu nearly bruised himself from thrashing so wildly under the seatbelt.

“Ticklish enough, I’d say,” he answered. Shinobu felt tears pricking in his eyes, his face was glowing as he was blushing fifty shades of red, oh and also, his hair was probably a big mess from thrashing and shaking his head so much. Not the ideal pre-school situation.

“BECAUSE I FUCKING HAHAATE IT!” he exploded, oh and now he stopped. Shinobu hit away Miyagi’s hand and huffed furiously.

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Haversack SS17 Lookbook

Apologies for the recent overload of Japanese brand’s lookbooks, but I must come to terms with my passion for the unique sensitivity, attention to detail and aesthetic they deliver in each of their garments. Simply put, for me, the vast majority of contemporary exciting projects in menswear, come from the land of the rising sun - it seems they are constantly one step ahead in what regards textile technology, fabrics and plays on shape and proportion.

Haversack’s upcoming SS17 collection is a perfect example: unexpected yet sophisticated layering, a return to wide-legged pants and an overall casual tailored feel that embodies everything I love, even if with an exaggerated accent.

Dir en grey Tour Mode of MACABRE Osaka Day 1 live report

Well most of it was the same as in Kochi and apparently the prohibition was a misunderstanding, so let me repost this live report with a few precisions:

- Of course they began with Deity.

- Then came Macabre right after, if I remember correctly. Two great songs, but you could tell that the energy had really not been stirred yet.

- In Kochi, sadly for Macabre, the audience definitely became more awake after the first four or five songs, when Dir en grey played Hydra 666 followed by Uroko. In Osaka, thankfully Kyo was really more into the songs this time, so the fact that he danced a lot during egnirys cimredopyh +) an injection really helped hype everyone.

- As I mentioned in the preliminary thoughts, Kyo’s hair is now dyed turquoise, still somewhat bowl cut, definitely in the back. It is not just blue, definitely a little green. Kaoru is blond and it fits him so well, especially with the eyeshadow.

- Drawings coming up, but here were the outfits:
* Kyo: A trenchcoat with a harness on top, and really ample clean pants. Overall a bit too much like a slim Kim Jong Un. Underneath the trenchcoat with studs like on a leatuer biker jacket, he seemed to have a shirt with two cute animal blobs on it. People who were closer may know better. In Osaka, he wore the skinny black jeans with torn knees, and he had a long large coat with a big hoodie, tied around his neck. He used the floating sides to create the illusion of a winged creature when, during Macabre, each member gets illuminated by a huge spotlight behind them, creating odd shadows on the veil in front of the whole stage. Underneath, he had some shirt with a triangular pattern on the shoulders and top.
* Kaoru: A very nice top with naked shoulders, the sleeves were attached to the sides of the abdomen. He had either very ample and low sarouel pants or a sort of long skirt, but what is more interesting is the leggings he had underneath that were like bandages, with some black showing under. * Shinya: white blouse or whatever, as usual essentially. * Toshiya: sort of marshall jacket, similar to what the singer of Lost On You is known to wear, with tight black pants. At Osaka day 1, his jacket seemed blander and he definitely wore a white shirt with a thin black tie. * Die: some long coat with a fur scarf even though it’s a heat wave? With tight pants that resembled the relief you would get if you were to wrap bandage around your legs, with skin actually looking like it showed through in some places. ! – The back of his left leg actually shows a lot of skin. The coat might actually be short and the part below was definitely some sort of long skirt cut on the sides, at Osaka. For the encore, Kyo wore the same pink and black blouse as in the sukekiyo niconico interview, with tight black pants and a sort of bow with two ribbons dropping from it. In Osaka, they were white, rather than black. Die and Shinya wore the cat shirt from the tour goods. In Osaka, Die wore the jam shirt instead. Kaoru had a black long-sleeve long shirt and you could really see the leggings then. Toshiya removed his jacket to reveal a white dress shirt, I believe. - Berry was fun, in the sense that Kaoru and Die took this opportunity to come on the side ramps closer to the audience. All the members seemed to have fun in this song too. The English dialogue in the middle of the song was either cut entirely or way too low to be heard. In Osaka Grand Cube, of course there are no ramps, but Kaoru and Die still exchanged their side of the stage. Overall less fun for the other members, in Osaka, during Berry.

- Overall again the only songs that brought everything out if the audience were more recent ones, but they ended the main setlist with Wake and then Zakuro, which was very emotional. They left and we did not know what to do at all, what was happening. It was silent. After a minute, the chants for the encore began. You could feel that Kyo was not bored at all during those two songs, whereas in others, he would move less, sing just the same rythm as in the album recordings, like in the Psychoconnect Gauze tour. In Osaka, there was less silence, so members left to fans clapping, at least.

- The encore was packed with energy, having notably Kr Cube (Kyo loves this one, he danced and came to the side ramps in Kochi, while he danced a lot but mostly teased the audience with the original arm moves for this song), un deux and Utafumi, ending with Rassetsukoku. In Osaka, un deux was replaced with SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH and he had us sing along a lot.

- Kyo left early, but Kaoru threw a lot of picks.

- During Ain’t afraid to die, a video of a man getting burnt alive was played, and it was very emotional. It seemed like it might have been refering to some Tibetan cause. Apparently self-immolation is commonly used to protest things. In this and another song, in Kochi, all members except Shinya turned and faces the back, the screen. In Osaka, Kyo was clearly crying at some points.

- A huge disco bell came down near the climax of Zakuro and somehow it felt just right.

- In Osaka, there was almost a back collision between Kyo and Die.

- Also in Osaka, Kyo wanted to walk to the right side of the stage but his mic cord got stuck in the central cage. A staff member came put to help but he tugged it out while singing like a pro, as if it was nothing.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions or tell me what to focus on more, as this is literally my first live report.

Overall, a great show of course, but it did not necessarily make me like my ‘least favourite’ songs more: I loved what I knew I would love.

I cannot say this enough: I do not understand how anyone, but especially the Japanese audience, can simply remain immobile during Dir en grey’s ‘slower’ but so emotional songs. Know that, friend or stranger, I will never remain unmoved and not stretch a hand in your direction if you display sadness. You are deserving of my shoulder muscles cramping progressively.