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Jade #selfiesnaps Doll Review

Doll Overview


out of box Jade appears to be wearing a flourescent pink short sleeved short with the words selfie across the bust area, and a pink ribbon(i think) with silver rings on the end. Her pants are camo with a jean looking fabric at the knees and zippers at the tops and ends of her sporting what look to be black bootie wedges and a pink purse with a gold strap.

Clothing Quality

So the shirt is made from a nice tshirt material and the jean look on the pants isn’t a weird kind pleathery feeling fabric, but overall the pants and short nicely and securely sewn together. I do however have an issue with this outfit. You’ll notice that the ribbon is nor a separate piece but actually sewn onto the top of the shirt which really confused me as to what that was on the shirt until I saw the box art.

Looking at the box art we see a a few minor changes were made, the shirt was shorter and didn’t have “Selfie” on it. What we also see is that this ribbon was either it’s own piece or was sewn far enough in the back that made it not look like it was part of the shirt. Other than this issue it is a very cute outfit.


As photographed above she is sporting a pig tail look with bangs in the front.

On the back of her hair are light blue streaks which aren’t really that noticeable  :(. far as quality is concern like my other Jade aside from a major brushing needed her color are vibrant and the hair has a lovely shine to it with a soft to the touch feel.

OMG Shoes

Not much to say here, the paint detailing is nice and the shoes feel like they’re made of a hard rubber to correct an earlier statement where i said plastic.

What is a Bratz without accessories?

  • Yellow Lip hair brush
  • Blue hashtag earrings
  • White cat sunglasses
  • Yellow watch
  • White #Kookat necklace
  • White star choker
  • Lipgloss
  • White and green slime phone case
  • Pink Kitty phone case
  • Blue Smartphone
  • Red cat eared hat

What I liked

Both versions of Jade so far are my absolute favorite so far Jade is still the same girl I remember with some upgraded fashion.

What I didn’t like

The shirt which I already explained and though I think a selfie line is a little dated I and disappointed that a doll that should be able to take selfies has no elbow or wrist articulation because that seems like  necessity so consumers can get the most out of a selfie taking doll. I also wish her streaks were more noticeable because people really wont take notice til you look at the top or back of her hair.

Any flaws or defects noted?

Yes. Minor paint flaws


14.99 Toysrus. These dolls will not be sold to the public until July 25th


I would highly recommend Bratz and doll fans who were on the fence about purchasing this doll line actually get the dolls in your hands first. Though these dolls have gone under some changes they are still sticking to the Bratz style that brought fans in in the first place. I won’t lie and tell you the dolls are perfect, in all honesty changes and improvements still need to be made to this product but these dolls can only get better. Jade hasn’t changed much and Jade fans will fall in love with her all over again.