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Ryoutarou had a fun and successful 21st birthday event!  Among his special guests was Sakamoto Kouta (Kindaichi) ~

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ma lot of you really wanted more heacanons and i’m happy cries

  • eliza’s instagram is nothing but pictures and videos of maria around the apartment followed with captions like “my girl <3″ 
  • eliza likes to slow dance, and whenever she’s having a bad day maria puts on some music and pulls her in
  • the two laugh and stumble around when they dance because how in the world are you supposed to stay calm with such a cutie patootie in front of you?
  • they TRY to do each other’s makeup but the two keep laughing during it and can’t take each other seriously like i’m trying to put lipstick on you can you please be serious for like five seconds
  • maria hates storms, but eliza adores them
  • eliza cuddles maria when it storms and hums cute songs in her ear to calm her down
  • eliza wears button ups and floral pants to formal events and maria wears dresses
  • sometimes they switch it up to make the other flustered
  • their double dates with john and alexander involve laser tag
  • spoiler alert: they always win against the boys

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13 and 27 ;) + nalu...oh boi

13. 7 minutes in heaven + 27. go commando

Sod’s law always came knocking at her door. They were supposed to go clubbing tonight, instead, they were crashing around Erza’s. And Erza was drunk, meaning the evil dominatrix cometh. Adding to the situation, Jellal and his posse had arrived – with cases of beer. A classy night out turned into a typical student house party. Music, beer, and embarrassing drinking games.  

Her pain didn’t stop there.

Natsu arrived with Jellal, closely followed by his best friend Gray (to Juvia’s delight). At the start of her second year she decided she needed to keep on top of the beer weight, multiple nights out had consequences past a bad hangover. At the fresher’s fair, she spotted a mop of pink locks among the throng of students. On closer inspection, she found the man was delicious, a meal she would happily partake in any night. He was manning the MMA society stand.  

Lucy may have joined a testosterone filled society that day because she fancied the pants off their events manager. Arriving at the gym she was right in her assumption of it being male dominated, however, the president was the one and only Erza Scarlet.  So rather than convincing Natsu to teach her, Lucy found herself taken under the wing of “Titania”.

The good side to this, she’s now fitter than ever (Erza’s brutal training regime made sure of that).

The bad side, she was no closer to getting laid.

Settling for stealing glances of her crush practising across the gym, Lucy looked forward to socials. It was socials that gave her a chance sink her claws in. If she had the guts to maintain a prolonged conversation.  Today was the day. Lucy Heartfilia would make a move on Natsu “fuck me now” Dragneel. Not that she would ever say that to his face.

Getting back to her pain, two hours had passed into the evening. Teetering on the verge of tipsy and wasted, Erza demanded they play spin the bottle, seven minutes in heaven. As luck would have it, the spinning bottle landed on a certain pinkette.  Hearing the door click, she jumped into action. If she waited her brain would start thinking instead of her vagina, that wouldn’t do. No, she wanted him.

“It’s okay Lucy. We don’t have too.” Swivelling in the direction of his voice, reaching blind to find his position in space. Feeling her fingertips contacting his warm body she flattened her hands. Toned perfection under her palm felt divine, she could hear taking a sharp inhale. Trailing curious fingertips over his obliques, she pressed herself flush against his body.

Seven minutes is all she had to make the most of this man. Craning her head, feeling her nose hit his underjaw, soft skin and teasing bristles giving it away. Lucy placing gentle open kisses, allowed her tongue to play occasionally. Natsu went stock still, his lack of participation niggled at her mind. She didn’t think of the possibility of him not wanting her. Nevertheless, she wasn’t going down without a fight.

“Natsu.” A purr against his jaw, sober Lucy would be embarrassed at the needy whine.

“Lucy, you…“ He didn’t finish. Instead, she found herself backed up against the wall. Strong hands now gripping her thighs squeezed, getting the hint she jumped wrapping them around his waist. She gasped. Desire and embarrassment shooting through her simultaneously. Wearing a little black dress, underwear wasn’t part of her outfit. A necessary sacrifice for no panty lines. It had to be the day she finally made out with Natsu.

Hot lips found her own, pecking at the corner of her mouth. She captured his top lip between her teeth, giving it a quick suck. Natsu groaned, running his tongue over her teeth pressing her further into the wall. Lucy let a strangled yelp, feeling his hips push into her bare core. Instinctually grinding back, her hands dug into silky pink locks.

Their kiss deepened, Natsu rumbling into her mouth exploring her cavern, his tongue dragging across the roof. He responded to her push with a dirty grind of his hips. Lucy couldn’t help the keening moan leaving her lips, feeling the rough texture of his jeans stimulating her so beautifully.

Her eyes shot open as she felt his hand travel under her dress, calloused hands teasing her skin. Lucy anticipation skyrocketed when he reached higher. Breaking the kiss, his hand massaging her hip.

“Are you…going commando?”

The incredulity in his voice would have been funny if she wasn’t so turned on and mortified.

The next installation of Dirty Jenga. 

This turned into a University AU, oh well. I hope you like it, this one turned out raunchier than the others ;) 

Other completed prompts: 10, 23

Jackpot (Nakamoto Yuta)

Rated: M
For Sexual Situations, and Language

Word Count: 4,600+

Reading Time: 15-25 minutes

(A/n: Hello! So, this isn’t my first story (it is my first for tumblr), but it has been awhile since I’ve written anything and actually posted it. I originally wrote this for a friend and revised it so I could share it here. I hope you enjoy it. Hopefully this won’t be the first and last story I share here, but who knows with my lazy butt. Happy Reading!) - Suhspectacles 0-0

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A cool summer’s night breeze drifted over her bare skin of her arms and back as she was escorted from the black limo. She had now set foot in unfamiliar territory for quite possibly one of the best excuses her fiancé had ever giving her; gambling. You see, on every other occasion, ________ loathed being asked to attend some fancy pants event as his arm candy. People were usually very stuck up and snobbish, lacking the fun or entertainment that she much desired. Being the fiancée of a high-powered attorney had its downfalls, like; being dragged around and shown off like a trophy.

 You see, before ________ met her fiancé, she had high hopes of becoming one New York’s greatest reporters. She was in her second year of college, journalism as her major, when she met him. Now usually when it came to overly attractive men, she made sure to look, but keep her hands to herself. She knew no good could come from a pretty face. But this man, one year older than her, was relentless in his pursuits. Flowers, gifts, candy, the works, he gave her everything she could have ever asked for.

 But ________ didn’t have an eye for the gifts he threw her way, no, she took the bait for other reasons. You see, after this young man told his mother just how much he longed for the companionship of this female, she sought to buy ________. So, the young lady struck a deal with his mother. She’d go out with the lady’s son, if she in return helped with her career. Now a few years later, she’s engaged to the dull, spoiled, momma’s boy. And though they met in the states, he had on intentions of keeping here there when his businesses all resided in Seoul. So now she was truly stuck with him, living halfway across the world.

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The Adventures of Percival the Red Panda

This is for an admired author that I follow, @funkzpiel. I know that others have answered your wish already, but the more the merrier right? It’s a bit late to the game too, but eh. I hope someone can enjoy it at least. But here a scene as to how Percival might have got there:


The night was dark. The snowy grounds created a clearer vision of the Central Park Menagerie than it would otherwise be with just the moon and stars.

There was a loud pop, disturbing the ambience of chittering animals. A man wearing a dark trench coat—or at least, what seemed to be one—had suddenly appeared holding a cage the size of a small suitcase, and he continued walking as if he had been taking a stroll through the park the entire time. The animal inside the cage was indistinguishable beyond its tiny black paws that gripped one of the bars tightly.

The man stopped at an enclosure with five sleeping deer inside and an antlered buck. A small raccoon could also be seen scurrying around inside the glorified cage, climbing onto one of the bare trees when noticing the intruder. He flicked his wrist out, and a sleek black wand shot into the man’s grip. Setting the small cage onto the snowy floor, the animal could now be clearly seen; it appeared to be similar to the raccoon, but reddish brown with a very thick ringed tail. The animal became even more distinct as the man used his wand to open the cage and float the auburn creature in front of him. It made growling noises as it tried to grip onto the man, most likely to slash his eyes out from the way it swiped at his face viciously. The man looked at the teddy bear sized creature indulgently.

“Poor little Percy,” the man crooned. There was a wicked gleam in his dark eyes, and the smile on his face seemed almost unnaturally wide. The man leaned closer to the animal hovering in mid-air in front of him to the point where the swiping claws just barely touched his face.

“Do you want to see your pretty little face scratched up that badly? I never took you for a masochist, dear Percy,” the man gazed into the desperate eyes of the animal as it growled loudly in frustration. The meager attempt to cause harm upon his person seemed to make the man incredibly amused, especially when considering the fluffy visage of the one attempting it. “Don’t worry, dearie. I won’t leave you here forever. You understand why I must do this.”

An answering bark disagreed with him, along with an intensified attempt to maul him. The man frowned. “Don’t be like that, Percival.” But it seemed like the contradiction ruined his playful mood. The man sighed and flicked his wand hand sharply. To the naked eye, it appeared as if Percival was blasted by an invisible force. The creature was thrown pass the barrier of the large cage as if it were intangible. Percival landed on a snow mound and sank within the small white dune. His snow covered head quickly popped up from the mound, and he struggled to escape from it.

The man watched his failed attempts, but quickly grew bored. “Since you seem to have your paws full, I shall now take my leave. Zum Gröβeren Nutzen, Percival Graves.”

The man turned sharply where he stood, and disappeared with a crack. Percival, after finally escaping from the heap, ran as he were a human on his two back paws and grappled at the bars of his new prison. The gaps were too small for him to even have hopes of squeezing between the bars. He threw his little arms out in frustration, but fell onto the snowy ground as he no longer had a support. The winking stars from above seemed to be mocking his predicament. All Percival could think was, “That goddamn bastard. He definitely won’t get away with this!”


My design for @bdjjbagemsevent !

Bixbite ( or Red Beryl) is the closest Gem to Pink Diamond @decentlydrawndiavolo. She’s it’s right hand and will likely talk for Pink Diamond itself. 

Recently, she saved a corrupted gem from shattering @poorly-drawn-dinopants. Ever since, they’re as close as they can be in homeworld. Pink Diamond even allows them to fuse for battle, Labradorite and Bixbite become Bi-colour Tourmaline.

Needless to say, she’s a high rank gem and will likely help her Diamond out until she dies.

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Wedding Kaider

              For the first time in hours, Cinder could relax. She sagged limply against Kai’s side, half out of her chair and into his, and sighed heavily, stifling a yawn in the back of her throat.

               It was over.

               The vows had been said, the rice had been thrown, the cake had been eaten, and here they were. Married. Sitting at the head table at the reception hall as the last few guests danced the last waltz of the night under the fading light of a thousand paper lanterns and trying desperately to keep their eyes open until the hover meant to bear them away on their honeymoon arrived. Weddings were exhausting…especially when they were as absolutely disastrous as this one had been.

               Thorne’s suit pants had mysteriously disappeared when he went to change for the ceremony, resulting in a frantic search that upturned half the palace’s guest wing, but yielded no trace of the elusive pants. Luckily for all involved, Wolf had an extra pair in his luggage, and Thorne somehow managed to saunter through the day despite the rolled-up hems and carefully belted waistline that came with wearing pants much too big for him. Cinder snickered at the thought, making a mental note to catch the royal photographer before Thorne did; she had to have a copy of those photos before Thorne wheedled Cress into destroying them.

               The skies above New Beijing had opened up and poured barely an hour before the wedding was to begin, soaking weeks’ worth of elegant decorations in minutes and dashing all hopes of a romantic gathering in the palace gardens. Cinder had declared it was a sign they should elope, but Iko had thrown together a hasty replacement venue in the grand hall. A few flower garlands quickly woven by android hands, a simple stage, and a healthy dose of ambient lighting from leftover festival lanterns, and all was well.

               Cinder herself had started to overheat as she walked up the aisle, her heart pounding and her temperature spiking at the very thought of the step she and Kai were about to take. A million nasty what-ifs swirling through her brain had threatened to send her system into panic mode. Thorne, however, had noticed first and—in front of the cameras broadcasting the event live to two entire planets—took off his boutonniere and flicked it at her. It had been enough of a shock to jerk her out of the downward spiral of a system overload, but Cinder would bet any amount of univs that the footage was already viral online. She’d have to thank him for that, later. After she’d properly yelled at him for throwing things during her wedding, of course.

               Kai, who hadn’t stuttered over a speech in years, had stumbled through the vows like a second grader giving his first book report. He kept staring at Cinder in her wedding dress and trailing off in the middle of his sentence, grinning like a fool until the officiant gently reminded him to stop gawking at his bride and continue.

               All in all, it had been a train wreck of a royal wedding.

               And yet here they were, curled up together in the uncomfortable portable chairs common to reception halls of any quality, exhausted, but happy. Cinder smiled to herself as Kai’s arm slid tighter around her shoulders. Somehow, it fit. Their relationship had never been about perfect dates and immaculate events; dirty mechanic booths and ruined ball gowns had always been more their speed. Apparently, a trivial little thing like a marriage didn’t change that. All it did was prove a point Cinder had come to realize a long time ago.

               Happily ever afters don’t have to be perfect to be happy.