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fic: forget your perfect offering

I wanted Carol to wear a pretty dress (this is the one I was thinking of, in case anyone’s interested), and then this happened. If you’re expecting any sort of plot or wildness like that, please don’t even click the read more, because you’ll be so disappointed as it’s pretty much allllll smush (with a tiny bit of angst). Idk, apparently I just have ~7k worth of random feelings about them is all.

The title is from Leonard Cohen’s ‘Anthem,’ which is one of my favorite songs in this universe.

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boxers or briefs?

“So…” he said leaning in close to me. “Boxers or briefs?”

I almost laughed in his face…two reasons. For one - we were at a shitty basement dive bar. Hardly the gay cathedral that you might pick up a guy with that kind of question. Sure we were both gay and so were a couple of the other guys in the bar, but montana isn’t where I expect to hear that

Second, I was exacty the kinda guy you expect to see in a dive bar in montana. Late 40s, trucker hat, button down plaid shirt. Grey in my hair and lines on my face. What the fuck kind of underwear do u think a guy like me wears anyhow.

He didn’t belong here tho. This young stud was just blowing thru town. Here today. Gone tomorrow. Good for a beer, maybe a blow, but gone before you could even get your dick lubed.

I tilted my beer, looked him right in the eye, and said “Boxers”

He took a long pull from his beer.

“Wrong answer honey,” he said. And my whole world changed

Right in front of me Danny…that’s the bartender here… he just changed. He should be in his sixties, just polishing beer glasses for somethin to do, and suddenly he was twenty five again. But the kind of twenty five that Danny never was. Six feet tall, ripped with muscle, and I could tell cause he was shirtless now. Short black hair that joined up with a perfect chinstrap beard.

“Hey Danny! can we like get some shots over here!” yelled someone at the end of the bar. There was a cluster of three young bucks…had they been there a second ago? I looked close and realized it was Sam and Greg from down at the gas station, and Jesse who managed the bank. But young. And…well, I don’t think they were going home to wives anymore.

Sam was wearing a tank top that looked painted on. And Greg’s youthful biceps were straining at a pink t that had a picture of a rooster on it. I hadn’t ever seen anyone dressed like that…except in porn. Greg was even worse, standing there in nothing but a pair of leather pants with a leather cuff on his arm. I didn’t even dare to rent that kinda video

Danny hustled down and poured them something strong. These boys were out for a party tonight.

And the party was starting. The music had stopped coming from that old radio up on the shelf, and something with a heavy beat was pounding. I felt something wake up in my body…shit I wanted to dance to this crap.

The whole bar was starting to look different. Hadn’t it been mostly tables? When had they put in a disco ball and all those lights? And all these guys I knew…why were they twenty years younger and grinding against eachother. There was stu from church, making out passionate with Pastor Edward. Or was it Eddie, that slut?

I was all so confusing. I felt so disoreented. And in the mirror behind the bar…there I was

Maybe 19.

Wearing like this red tank top with white piping. And these tiny little shorts, like I used to wear in gym class back in the 80s.

My hair was like platinum blond. Like I’d done that on purpose…

Wait…of corse I did it on purpose. I look fierce with this dye job

It make me like the perfect twink…cuz lol I was. u gotta work hard to be this fabulus

I took a little sip of my appletini. Can’t drink too fast…I’m such a lightweight and I get even sluttier when I’m wasted. More than once i’ve ended up in bed with two or three guys who all want to use my tight ass

“So…” he said leaning in close to me. “Boxers or briefs?”

The guy was a total hottie. Like the exact kind of fresh blood I wanna meet when he wanders thru town. Who cares if he’s gone tomorrow…tonight my ass gets used

“What makes u think I’m wearing any?”

Must have been the right answer.

Optimizing Clothes For Lifting

This is one thing I haven’t seen so I’m doing it. I am not a roleplay blog and all of these have been personally tested by me!

1. Oversized Underwire Bra: Slip small things into it. Works best with an underwire because the band will hug your torso no matter the cup size, which prevents your items from falling out.

2. Boots: Only really works in winter/fall for obvious reasons. Slip things like sticks of eyeliner, lipstick, or pencils (hah I love lifting art supplies) in there. Pretend there’s a rock in it or something and bend down with the item concealed in your hand.

3. Baggy Sleeves: Preferably elastic-cuffed, or you can slip a hair tie over the sleeve to keep things from falling out. Pick up the item you want, hold it as if inspecting it, then casually slip it into the sleeve.

4. Cargo Pants: If you didn’t know, these are the pants with pockets all up and down the sides. If they have buttons, have all the buttons undone before you enter the store. Pick the item up, bend down as if to tie your shoe or adjust your pant cuffs, and slip it in on the way up. This method also blocks your movement from any cameras.

5. Snug Underpants: So you can hide flattish items there without them falling out.

6. Snack Bag: I don’t think this is a very well-known method but it’s super effective and if you get caught, SAs won’t think to look in it. Carry a bag of chips/Cheetos/Smartfoods/whatever, preferably empty or half-eaten. In a blindspot, shove the merchandise inside. (Note: some stores may not allow food inside, but most do)

7. Scarf: If it’s warm out, you can opt for a lightweight fashion scarf. Pick up the merchandise you want. Start by fiddling with the scarf a bit, acting like you want to pull it off. Remove the scarf and quickly wrap the merchandise in it. Ball the scarf up and place it on your bag.

That’s all I have right now. If anyone has more add them! Happy lifting :)

some fahc wardrobe stuff ill always be a sucker for
  • jack with freckles and constantly wearing jean shorts
  • gavin in crop tops and off the shoulder sweaters
    • consider: thigh high boots with a heel
  • ryan in sweaters and those grey sweat pants that have cuffs around the ankles. 
    • protect him
  • geoff wearing a suit 22/7 but those extra 2 hours are devoted to a hoodie and jeans because fuck it
    • he then becomes a joel heyman replica
  • michael in joggers
  • jeremy in the ugliest fucking shit he can find in a thrift store 
    • but when he’s not in The Getup: a tank and those bomb ass shades
  • ray wearing e v e r y o n e s shit
  • lindsay in a suit god help my soul
  • meg in literally anything
  • trevor
Silver Silence Part 5

Pairing: Bucky x shy enhanced reader

Summary: Bucky finally finds himself able to live at the compound with the team, but finds it difficult to repress his feelings for his new very shy and gentle teammate.

Word count: 1,520 (sorry its short)

Warnings: swearing, mentions of pain and surgery.

By the time tony finally called you into the lab for a pre treatment examination you where not only over the hills with happiness but also burrowed 10 feet beneath your extreme nervousness.

Your hands pressed softly against the cold surface of the examination table as you sat at the edge of it. You where absent mindlessly swinging your feet over the edge and looking down with jaded breath, along with the silent remains of fatigue that promptly washed over your eyes, in thick, purple rings.

“You sure you’re ready?” from behind you, Bucky came into view laying a soft hand on your shoulder and gently applying pressure.  His face was overcast with concern, yet gently covered by a sheen layer of eagerness.

“More ready than I’ve ever been for anything.” You replied. “Do you know what this means?”

Bucky stood there looking at you with a soft smile, as if to urge you to tell him even if he knew the answer.

“I’ll be able to run…” you smiled, “I’ll be able to fight, and have sex and play football.” You felt tears prick at your eyes. “I can have kids now buck…” tears where flowing down your cheeks as you laughed through them. “k-kids…” you whispered.

Bucky’s smile grew, and with it, a soft expression formed in his eyes.

“I never thought I’d see the day where my body would be able to function like a normal person, and now that day is just beyond the horizon.”

You knew at this point you where rambling, but in this bubble of hope that had floated into your grasp you couldn’t bring yourself to care.

To think in only a few moments Tony would come in and tell you all about the procedure, to think you where mere hours away from turning glass into titanium.

When your series of hope filled sentences had died off into silent beams of smiles, the doors to the lab opened and in strolled tony, an uncertain smile on his face.

“How’s it going kid?” he asked, taking a seat on a stool in front of you.

“Better than I’ve ever been, knowing what’s coming.” You answered.

He gave a breathy chuckle as he reached for a remote beside him and pointed adjacent to him, willing a screen to fold down at the click of a button.

“I know you’re eager (y/n) but there’s a few things I need to run by you first.” He let his eyes narrow in sincerity. To which you uttered a simple “of course” in acknowledgement.

He clicked a button on the remote twice, and the screen clicked on and moved to a slide with a female autonomy body model on it. “The problem with your body, the reason it’s so frail is because all your energy, bone marrow, enamel, is stored in your chest, in this strange sort of pocket that your powers had formed”

You knew some of this already, but to understand that your body had a physical pocket of stored energy rather than a metaphorical one was a bit shocking.

He clicked the slide again and it zoomed in on the chest, showing a soft glow over  the heart.

“This is where it gets tricky” he sighed, and stood up, walking over to the screen and enlarging the heart and bringing it out of the model onto a bigger screen. “This sort of, energy pocket is actually attached to your heart.” He spun it around to show the back where a strange dark mass now stood prominently on the side. “it’s like a growth, like a tumor, and we have to cut it out… which means…”

“Open heart surgery” Bucky interrupted, his eyes softly bitten in sorrow and you felt a wave of fear run through you.

“That’s right tin man, open heart surgery. And when removing this pocket where energy is stored, is also removing your powers.” tony replied softly. “But that’s not the worst part…”

Your chest constricted in fear as he went back to sit down and turned off the screen, his eyes fixed on yours in gentleness. “If everything goes as planned, your body will start to develop strength, your bones will become stronger, your teeth, your energy they will all skyrocket in strength, but slowly… And unfortunately painfully.”

You looked at him lightly confused and not being able to bring yourself to ask questions proved easier when Bucky spoke up before you. “Painful?” he asked.

Tony looked up at him with a sigh and then back at you.

“yes… very, very painful” he ran his slender fingers through his chocolate hair, “your body will slowly begin to take in energy, but it’s incredibly slow, and by my calculations the years of being so fragile makes your bones and body so unused to this energy that you will likely be in pain for months..”

You sat there in the hauntingly thick fog of silence that had pressed upon your shoulders. Pain, pain was nothing; pain was something you felt so often it was like a second personality to you. It was the fear of everything going wrong, but you knew one thing for sure, you would rather live normally then live everyday in a glass coffin.

“Let’s get started” you replied. Causing tony to give you a soft sincere smile and put a hand on your knee.

“Im going to take care of you, kid.” He said softly. You gave a nod in response.  “I promise”

As tony got up to go get Helen and Bruce to set up the surgery room, and hopefully round up his surgeon friends, Bucky took a step in front of you.

He put two gentle figures under your chin and moved your head to look up at him. “Are you SURE you’re ready?” he asked again, worry obvious on his chiseled features.

“100%” you smiled up at him. He gave a short soft smile before unexpectedly, leaning down to place a softly crafted kiss to your lips.

When he released your eyes opened, even without knowing they had closed and you felt warmth spread through you. Up until this point you dismissed your small fascination with him as a result of his kindness. However feeling the warmth of his lips on yours, that small gesture of intimacy told you that both you and him had found a comfort in each others demons.


The procedure went by smoothly, naturally their where bumps in the road, a surgery that often took 3-4 hours ended up taken 7, and by the time it had concluded and a series of exhausted nurses and surgeons poured out of the room,  it became night fall.

You now laid in a hospital bed, out cold with an IV slowly dripping beside you and the bulky bandage that covered the giant line of stitches on your chest poking out of the gown that clung to your sweating body.

From beside you, Bucky sat with his fingers intertwined with your own, he watched your chest rise and fall in slow breaths and listened to the gentle beeping of the machine beside him, that imitated your heartbeat.

He lost count of time as he stared at you, feeling a warmth radiate off him in waves, because he knew one day you would have the life you always wanted, and he could only hope you would want to spend it with him.

Your hand gripped his tighter as the beeping sped up, and with panic starting to settle in him, he reached over to push the panic button.

Your breaths became sporadic and heavy, as your head began to tic in a slight manner.

When tony, Helen and Bruce rushed in, Bucky was casted aside to watch as your body began to thrash violently, and the constant beeping of the heart monitor turned into a series of quick almost blended tones.

“What’s happening?!” Bucky yelled in a panic over the series of voices and mechanical screeches.

“It’s happening..” tony replied in a pant, grabbing padded cuffs and strapping your arms down, and that’s when the screaming begun.

Your voice broke the chain effect of the chatter of technology and people with a burst of a blood curdling scream.

All Bucky could do was sit and watch as eventually everyone backed out of the room, with sorrow forming in their eyes, at the sight of your body thrashing against the bonds.

He didn’t sleep that night, only left your side when Steve dragged him away, and even his own protests to stay with you didn’t convince him that it was good for him. Your screams would be only thing that would occupy his ears if he stayed. Yet as much as he wanted to hold your hand and sooth you as you cried out, his being would not have handled it, and Steve knew that.  But your screams never stopped, and through the entire compound they echoed.

It was a silent dinner that night, all except the distant high pitched voice of you that kept everyone’s stomach churned so much that it made it impossible to eat.

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Dress Codes and What They Actually Mean

Have you ever started a new job and been told that what you’re wearing doesn’t fit with “business casual”? Or have you received an invitation to a party with a dress code like “garden attire” or “creative black tie” and had absolutely no idea what to wear? Dress codes can be really confusing, especially when you’re growing up and suddenly have to deal with a lot more than everyday casual. But worry not, because we’re about to break them down one by one so you’ll be the best (appropriately) dressed at your next party.

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Fred x Fem!Reader::. Truth or Dare

It’s been so long and still zero requests!!? Guys, I’m all open. Shoot me some requests or review my work/give me feedback please! I love you all so much!
xo, claire
Warnings: bra through a wet shirt, lite truth or dare, so much fluff
A particularly sunny spring Sunday at Hogwarts had drawn nearly the entire school outside. Everyone was basking in the sun, playing games, reading, studying, doing anything and everything really. And why not? Why waste such a perfect day?
You yourself are outside by the lake, far from the castle, sitting in a circle with Angelina, Lee, and the twins, playing truth or dare. You’ve read those books in which girls with secrets always choose dare so they don’t have to give out information about themselves, but you’d rather choose truth and not humiliate yourself. So far, nothing bad has happened to you…yet-only a few simple questions that made you blush for a second before moving on.
When George finishes his dare, jinxing a bird to yell obscenities and sending it towards the school, he sits back down in between Lee and Angelina, who is seated next to you. On the other side of you is Fred.
You’ve known the Weasleys since your first year at Hogwarts when you became friends with Fred and George. Since then, you were accepted into their loving family with open arms, and you relished it. But of course, there was one problem. As the three of you grew older, your feelings started growing involuntarily towards Fred. Recently, being in the same room as him gives you butterflies. Butterflies that you want to destroy as quick as you can before it ruins your relationship. Having Fred as a friend is better than not having him at all.
George thinks for a while before a devilish smirks spreads across his face.
“Fred, truth or dare?” Fred looks up from pulling at the grass and meets his brother’s eyes quickly.
“Dare.” he responds with his confident, lopsided grin. The butterflies pick up again and you imagine yourself stabbing each of them until you regain control.
“I dare you to kiss the hottest person in the circle.” Fred’s confidence falters for a split second, but it’s long enough to let the smallest blush rise to his cheeks. Nobody else seems to notice, however. He looks around the circle as if sizing each player up. You are the last person he studies, and when his eyes meet yours, you feel a heat rise to your cheeks. It might just be the fact that he makes time seem to slow down, but you feel as if his eyes linger on you a little longer than they had on anybody else. He grins at you and smirks at George before kissing his own hand.
Everyone starts laughing and George scowls. You feel as if the whole world had been holding its breath for this one simple answer to a stupid question. Of course you wanted him to kiss you, but it could’ve been worse-he could’ve gone for Angelina. Realizing this, you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.
A strong wind blows from behind you ruining your hair and blowing it in your face. You huff and do your best to fix it. When another wind comes right after you fix it, once again blowing your hair everywhere, you hear a low chuckle coming from your right side. Fred. You try to glare at him, but your hair blocks your face. Reaching your hand up to pull your hair back, your hand brushes against another hand tucking your hair behind your ear.
“Thanks” you say quietly, absolutely sure your cheeks are bright red. Luckily, no one notices your exchange, but seconds afterward, the group composes itself enough to move on. Unfortunately, the previously perfectly clear day has become overcast and gray. Clouds hang heavy in the sky looking as if they’ll start raining very soon. Too soon.
“Okay… Y/n” you hear Fred say. “Truth or dare?”
“Truth” you respond without hesitation. You can tell that he was ready for your answer.
“Tell us about your first kiss.” He demands. Blushing, you look down quickly.
“I, uh, I haven’t had mine yet” you say quietly. Your whole face is bright red, and you don’t have to see it to know. Taking a chance, you lift your eyes up to Fred to see his reaction. He’s looking at you with his lopsided grin on his face. George whistles. Lee laughs at the awkward situation. Angelina tells everyone to shut up because they don’t control your life and ‘she’ll kiss someone when she wants to’.
Thunder rumbles above you, and by now, many students have gone inside. The ones remaining outside are prepared to run inside the minute the rain starts to fall. Your group doesn’t seem to notice the changing weather, and the game continues with Lee picking dare.
'Y/n,“ Angelina says eventually, "truth or dare?”
All too soon, it was your turn again. You didn’t like the way the questions had been leaning recently. Too personal. Things you weren’t ready to tell /certain people/ in the group. So, with an out-of-character-move, you chose dare.
Angelina is surprised, but not for long.
“I dare you to wade into the lake at knee deep and stand there for 30 seconds.” You shiver just thinking about what’s in there, and because a small cold drop lands on your forehead. No one shows any sign of backing out because of a few small rain drops, so reluctantly, you remove your socks and shoes, and roll up your jeans. The rain picks up a little bit. There’s hardly enough to be noticeable let alone bothersome, but you glance worriedly at the sky. Your parents sent you a new shirt that was primarily white. Maybe it could hide your y/f/c bra when it was dry, but when it was wet, there was no chance.
Everyone cheers as you walk quickly to the lake. You tentatively dip your foot into the edge and immediately draw it out. The water is freezing cold.
“Guys, can I do this later?” You beg.
“No chance, love.” George smirks. Fred gives you an encouraging smile that gives you enough warmth to force yourself into the lake. Once the water reaches your knees, you turn around and stick out your tongue at your friends. Lee starts counting loudly and only five seconds in, it starts to pour. Angelina yells in surprise. You start trying to quickly make your way back to shore as George, Lee and Angelina start running away.
“What are you doing?” George yells with a huge smirk on his face “You still have 20 seconds!” All you can do is pretend-glare at him while he runs backwards to shelter so he can keep an eye on you.
By the time 20 seconds is up, you are hopping from foot to foot in the freezing water trying not to let the cold get to you too much and keep your mind of the fact that, Fred stayed behind to wait for you. You run to the shore, and Fred grabs your hand trying to pull you to the castle.
“Wait!” You yell over the thunder and the downpour you can barely see through. “I need my socks and shoes!” Fred looks down at you and blushes, but releases his grip on you.
“Okay, hurry up!” You run to find where you put your things and retrieve them quickly. It doesn’t take much thinking on your part to realize why he was blushing. Your shirt was completely see through at this point. When you run back to him, he grabs your hand again, and together, you run through the drenching rain to Hogwarts.
Once inside, the the building, he leads you quickly to the Gryffindor common room. The entire walk there, you can feel heat rising quickly to your face every time a person passes the two of you. 'Why a white shirt?’ you think to yourself repeatedly. When you reach the common room, you are happy to see that it is primarily empty. A few students are scattered around the huge red couches, but the majority of the house is out. You try to pry your hand from Fred’s grip and go up to your dorm to change into dry clothes, but he clutches your hand tightly.
“Y/n, we need to talk.” He whispers to you. You swallow nervously.
“Okay.” He leads you up to his dorm room which is thankfully empty. He seems to have forgotten about your soaked state, but you haven’t. You’re shivering now from the cool air on your wet body and decide to bring it up.
“Fred-um-I’m kinda wet, and my shirt…” You trail off, a full blush heating up your face. Fred glances down at you and blushes along with you before snapping his head up.
“Oh yeah- sorry. Uhh…” He opens his dresser and digs through it for a minute. When he spins around, he’s holding a pair of plaid pajama pants and an oversized knit sweater with a big 'F’ on the front. He grins at you and shoves them into your hands.
“Here you go. You can change in there.” He tells you while pointing at the bathroom.
“Thanks.” You reply and walk to the bathroom. You take off your dripping white shirt and shiver uncontrollably. Quickly, you throw on the huge sweater and change into the pants. It’s all so big on you. You roll the waist of the pants and cuff the ends. The sleeves of the sweater hang over your hands by at least 5 inches. 'Fred gave you clothes to wear’ you think to yourself. 'You’re wearing /Fred’s/ clothes.’ And the best part is, the clothes smell like Fred. You inhale deeply. You’ll never get enough. Suddenly slightly self-conscious, you fix you hair quickly into a messy bun. 'What does Fred want to talk about?’ you wonder. You let your doubt take over your thoughts. He’s probably telling you that you were to flirty, or that he doesn’t like you in the way you seem to obviously like him. But then again, you /are/ wearing his clothes… Butterflies build up in your stomach and you feel the water works getting ready to start if you keep these thoughts up.
Shyly, you open the bathroom door and see Fred across the room sitting in his bed, leaning against the headboard, reading a tattered looking journal. He changed too and now wears a pair of plaid pants not unlike yours and an old t-shirt.
“Hey.” You say as you walk towards the bed. You put your clothes, now folded, on the trunk at the end of his bed.
“Hey.” He responds as he gazes at you. There’s something in his expression that looks just like- but no. Not that. Not admiration. Certainly not love. You smile and stand by the bed awkwardly for a moment before he moves over on the bed.
“Sit here” he says grinning at you. His face looks excited now. Or nervous.
“Thanks” you say and slide in next to him. You pull his blanket up to your chin without thinking about it and your smile grows from how warm and happy you feel right now. “Umm,” you start nervously, “you wanted to talk?”
“Yeah,” he says, “ I was just wondering- about the game this afternoon- you really haven’t had your first kiss yet?” He stammers out. You huff and answer defensively.
“I just haven’t had the chance to kiss the guy I want to yet, okay?”
“No, no!” He says quickly, “I’m not saying it’s a bad thing… I’m just surprised. I mean, a girl like you…” He trails off. You look up from fidgeting nervously with your hands and meet his eyes. Suddenly, you realize how close you are to each other.
“A girl like me…” You repeat, hoping he’ll finish the thought. Still holding eye contact with you, he continues in a whisper.
“I mean, a girl like you who is funny, and smart, and considerate, and responsible, and-”. Unconsciously, you both had leaned close together, and now your faces were now mere inches apart.
“And…” You repeat.
“and beautiful.” He breathes. Your breath hitches and your eyes close. You feel Fred lean in and you mirror him. His lips press against yours firmly, but softly. Desperately, but calmly. Perfectly. You smile into the kiss and feel Fred do the same. When you both pull apart, it’s nearly impossible to resist kissing him again.
Fred wraps his arms around you, and you snuggle closer to him.
“I love you”
“I love you”

aishiteru-otome  asked:

Can I request Eisuke x Mc-chan # 55 please (^_~)/ ~ <3

First Night Out
MC x Eisuke Ichinomiya (KBTBB)
Rating: G
Also available on Wattpad

After confessing our love for each other, Eisuke and I have gone to many dinner parties, events and I.V.C.s. But, we’ve never gone on actual dates alone. Warmer weather means more traveling and that meant more travelers staying at Tres Spade. Between that and events hosted every week, I was beginning to feel worn down. My shift just ended and I’m out of uniform when I get paged. But not to the penthouse…

I head to the lobby where Eisuke is waiting for me. Even in casual clothes, his presence is overwhelming and I can’t help but admire the view. He’s talking with Mr. Kenzaki who indicates that I’ve arrived. “Cutting it close, [___].” Eisuke stood with arms crossed and smirked at me as Mr. Kenzaki bowed and went off somewhere.

“You called just as I was finishing changing,” I said, looking at him curiously. “Why are we meeting here?”

“We’re going on a trip,” Eisuke said as he turned and made his way out of the hotel to a waiting limousine. I trotted close behind to keep up and climbed in as he waited for me before climbing in himself and the chauffeur pulls out onto the street.

I sat in silence for a while, watching the scenery pass us by until I noticed that we were leaving the city. “Where are we going?” I turned to Eisuke for answers but all he did was smirk as he glanced are me before going back to checking things on his phone.

“You worry too much,” He said as he pulled me closer to him. “Just let me take care of things and you just sit here and relax for once.”

I furrowed my brows a bit as I looked at his face for clues, but that grin Eisuke wore told me I better stop or else I’ll get punished and that could be a bad thing. I rested my head on his shoulder as he held me during this peaceful ride and drifted off to sleep.

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