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Rebus Chapter 13: Gentleman’s Evening.

written for @xxdustnight88 and @starrnobellaCover by Starrnobella xx
When Draco holds a Gentleman’s evening it does not sit well with his wife, Hermione. Pansy suggests a way to make her point.

Pansy’s elegant gloved fingers curled around the handle of the door, tugging it silently open.  Fingering the leather of the leash in her right hand, she turned her head slightly to her left, winking at Daphne, the heels of her too-high black stilettos clicking against the pristine white marble as she lead the way into the lower west wing drawing room of Malfoy Manor.  

The three women glanced around the room, their gaze drifting over the casino tables as cigar smoke wisped lazily around the room.  Pansy pouted her painted lips as she schooled her features in a look of disdain.  Across the room, as if on cue and sensing the intensity of her gaze as it settled on him, Draco shifted in the stool where he was sat at a blackjack table.


anonymous asked:

The fuck do you mean fiction doesn't exist in a vacuum? Of all the bullshit you have spewed out on this shitshow blog, this has to be the most ridiculous. People enjoy fiction because it's fun, it's engaging, and most of all, it's entertaining. They don't enjoy it because it appeals to their political views or social agendas or whatever precious little feelings they might be holding like little bitchy pansy babies. Read my lips, stop-yanderedev. It's just. Fiction. And nothing more. Period.

abusers use fiction to normalize what their victim is going through with them. people idolize characters in fiction and pick up traits from them. fiction molds our world and sets the bases for a lot of our moralities. people get famous off of fiction. fiction really does not exist in a vacuum lol. a really fucking tame example is how sex and romance is portrayed. no one with experience in sex or romance only has fiction to go by. romance is filled with hetero relationships that would be actually abusive in real life, and gay characters usually end up dead, like…. idk man thinking that fiction exists in a vacuum is just really irresponsible. im a straight girl and ive been growing up with this shit for awhile and i really didn’t have a fucking clue about most of these things, it’s impacted me and we just look at that media and go. yup. thats the kind of thing i want my kids growing up with and being impacted in this way. i want my daughter to know that it’s totally okay to be pined after the guy she isn’t interested in. im certainly not going to tell her otherwise, she’s much too young ):. she’ll just naturally grow up with the random ability to know what a healthy relationship is!!!

also “ Read my lips, stop-yanderedev. It’s just. Fiction. And nothing more. Period.” is our new group chat title thanks