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Det er noen klassikere som får veldig mye oppmerksomhet, mens andre forsvinner ut i evigheten like overraskende som de kom. Det er vanskelig å sette fingeren på hva det er som styrer dette, men det er ihvertfall ikke så enkelt som at kvaliteten er avgjørende. Mange av de albumene vi idag kaller klassikere burde nok i mer eller mindre grad vært nedgradert, mens det i andre tilfeller er helt omvendt. En av de som ofte får status som en “glemt” klassiker, er Motorbass sitt første og eneste album, Pansoul.


Motorbass - “Flying Fingers”.

Pansoul. Motorbass/[PIAS], 1996

See Etienne de Crecy @ Santos Party House for FREE !

UPDATE - This show has been cancelled because of the hurricane.

On Monday November 5, 2012 at 7:30 pm - Etienne de Crecy will be performing at Santos Party House in New York City.

Etienne de Crécy is a key figure of the international electronic scene. During his 20-year rise to the summit, the French producer has cut some of the world’s most influential electronic albums: Pansoul (under the pseudonym Motorbass), Super Discount 1, Tempovision and Super Discount 2. He has also made around 30 EPs and done some 40 remixes for artists such as Kraftwerk, Air, Moby, Morcheeba, Lil’ Louis and Zombie Nation. As well as being recognised for his versatile and potent productions, Etienne de Crécy is also a keen DJ who is always a hit with the crowd and his live shows with the giant Beats’N’Cubes structure swept all before them on five continents.

More info and music HERE

It is a ticketed show but we can get you inside for FREE !  Here’s what you have to do :

  1. Email
  2. Subject - RSVP Etienne
  3. Body - Your name +1
  4. That’s all !

Your name will be added to a guest list and you will get inside for free.  Please note this is a 21+ show so you must bring ID.  RSVP does NOT guarantee entrance if the venue reaches capacity so please arrive on time !  Doors are at 7:30 pm. Enjoy :)