Animal Crossing Asks
  • Apple- How did you come up with your town name?
  • Orange- When did you start your town?
  • Pear- What is your favorite fruit?
  • Peach- Do you prefer Re-Tail or Timmy and Tommy?
  • Cherry- Current house debt?
  • Coconut- How do you feel about the island?
  • Banana- Favorite island tour?
  • Sapling- Favorite salesperson?
  • Pansies- Favorite Villager(s)?
  • Present- Favorite in-game holiday?
  • Town Hall- opinions on PWPs/Isabelle

Around my garden, 4 Aug 2015:

Top: potted Lilies huge and smelling lovely.

Second Row, Left: The gigantic Lily that’s – no kidding – about 6′5″ on just one stalk, covered in flowers that are opening right now. I have no idea what I did to get this Lily so huge, but go me!

Second Row, Right: The lovely bi-color hybrid tea rose, ‘Nostalgia,’ which becomes a deeper red the more it is exposed to sunlight. If you keep a bud in shade, it will pretty much stay white!

Third: Red-streaked ‘Rachel Louise Moran’ aka ‘Peppermint Splash’ hybrid tea rose. I am really pleased with the blooms, scent, and robust growth of this bush, which was a more recent purchase.

Bottom Row, Left: Mesembryanthemum (Ice Plants), purple Pansies, and the strongly-scented Alyssum. I grew the Alyssum from seed a few years ago, and they have been self-seeding and happily growing even in dry, untended conditions ever since. Highly recommend them to help fill in bare patches of your garden beds, and as ground cover.

Bottom Row, Right: My pink mophead Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) bush, doing well as always. Once you’ve got a Hydrangea well established, you are set! Keep in mind that soil pH is important, and can change the color of your Hydrangea flowers. Acidic soil makes blue flowers, and alkaline soil (like mine) goes pink. More neutral soil tends towards a purple. So, if you buy a bush that’s one color, don’t be mad if it changes color the next year. Either amend the soil yourself to raise or lower pH, or make peace with it, and let nature take its course.


HP Lightning Era: Luna Lovegood

At fourteen you understand that there are things more important than yourself. So you stand tall in your acorn print sweater. You join a coilition of children and don’t wait for anyone to come save you.

At fifteen you can feel loss closing in. The halls are darker than they were when you got here. But, you can still make Hermione twinge her nose and Cho smile, even when she doesn’t want to.

At sixteen you raise your wand in mourning.

At sixteen you are an outlaw. A leader. A visionary. A revolution.

At seventeen you are locked in a basement because you are dangerous. You understand anger and evil and grief and love. You understand that none of you will be quite as okay as you were at the start of this.

But you can still make Ginny cackle and Harry snort in to his pumpkin juice so you think that maybe you’ll all be okay enough.

Ginny | Cho | Pansy | Lavender | Luna

Things I’ve heard as a gay man

Why do you act so girly
Boy girl
Your such a girl

All these things are based off of my feminity its based on me acting like they expect women to act like. The homophobia I exerpinced is based on sexist views of women and I am attacked verbally for being like a woman, not for having sex with men but for being like a woman. Masculine tops are beloved and welcomed but if you are “ female acting” you experience homophobia. Homophobia is a small taste of what it is like to be a woman.

so i was tagged by dashippieslacker to post my fav pics. the instructions were nonexistent v vague so i’m assuming these have to be six selfies and/or photos i must be in??? since i’m such a glutton for over-sharing and information, i’m going to post a little caption to accompany each photo. 

so here goes!

this is a photo of my family. i love it and it’s my favorite of this shoot. i’m the one on the far left. 

this is from the last day of my week-long trip to arizona. this trip was so much fun. my school had this program where you get to partake in service programs around the country for spring break (international during the summer). my particular trip was for apache awareness. it was amazing, educational, heartbreaking, inspirational, spiritual, and the people were awesome (both on the reservation and in my group). i miss my group so much! i couldn’t have picked a better set of people to spend my spring break with. it really was a great experience and i wish it could’ve been longer. pretty sure i’m the second from the left. fun fact: tim, our only guy, isn’t pictured bc he was off peeing in some bushes. v classy.

so this is my squad (most of it//there’s only like 2 not pictured here). aren’t they gorgeous? i might talk about them every now and then on here mostly in tags and you’ll definitely see them on my snapchat story if you’ve added me. this particular picture was at our high school graduation 2 years ago oh my god i feel so old saying that!! (i’m the one in coral)

idk i just like my face in this one. i don’t often post photos of myself in glasses so here’s a rare gem for ya. i’m just so used to contacts. i like being able to wear sunglasses and not have to move my entire head just look in my peripherals. 

me in my día de los muertos makeup suckin’ on a paleta. what’s not to like? i mean really, need i say more?

ok i know, another squad pic? YES. i’m so in love with my friends. how did i get so lucky? this was our (4th?) annual secret santa party. they’re an interesting fucking weird bunch. i think i’m going to keep them.

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i recently reached 3k (3.3k actually wow), and that’s freakin huge! i love every single one of you and special thanks to those who’ve stuck with this loser blog since the beginning <4 so… i’ll just get tagging now. :P

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One of the things that always gets me about Harry Potter now that I’m not their age, is just how young all of them are? Like even Draco and Pansy and all the Slytherins, by the final book they’re all 18 at most. Like really up until the 7th book it’s really like you want to smack everyone for being dumb or ignorant or making mistakes but they’re all just teenagers being forced into their parents’ war. Like honestly it’s really only in the 7th book that I’m holding them to a higher standard for most of it (and honestly that really only applies to Crabbe and Goyle bc they’re of age and they aren’t being driven by fear like Draco and Pansy are at this point). Like yeah they were bullies and Ron can be a bit of a tactless prat and Lavender can be clingy and Cho jumps to conclusions (tho Harry is also a dumbass 15 year old there so) but they’re kids.


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by nikadd

Draco picked up a hobby over the summer before he and the other students from his year returned to Hogwarts to finish their education.

Finding a hobby was an impulse. Finding a secret place to practice was sheer luck. Finding a friend was something else.

Falling in love was everything he ever needed.

Words: 3855, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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