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consider this: Hansy 1950's prep school AU

I HATE YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS except no i don’t lmao this is the au dreams are made of b l e s s

  • so.
  • theyre sixteen and it’s early december and a faint ripple of excitement is sweeping through their small new england town because the girls’ school has invited the boys’ school over for a winter dance at the end of the month and that means–
  • well.
  • pansy’s not entirely sure what that means, not really, because all she knows about boys is that they smell like cigarettes and they never call when they say they will and they don’t seem to get in nearly as much trouble for breaking curfew as they should. and she’s watched leather jacket clad bad boys on television, with tight jeans and scruff on their chins, and she’d grown up with fourth-generation malfoys and notts and goyles, with their sailboats and their tie pins and their cut crystal decanters of whiskey, and she’s seen other boys, obviously; seen the boys around town, in their sweater vests and their school ties, seen them loitering outside the diner and slipping food coloring into the ice cream at fortescue’s and calling out lewd, frankly insulting things as her and daphne cross the street.
  • and then there’s harry potter–leftover war orphan, impossibly rich, borderline infamous.
  • pansy knows all about him.
  • she tells herself, though, as she slides on a flouncy pink crinoline dress, curls her hair and applies her lipstick and draws a single sparkly snowflake on the apple of her cheek–she tells herself that harry potter is an anomaly. nothing like the other, doubtless better boys who will be coming for the dance.
  • because harry potter is messy and awkward and mean. he wears rumpled slacks and iron-singed shirts and he slurps his milkshakes and uses his forearm as a napkin and his hair is barely combed and his glasses are always taped together and pansy has never, not once, felt as small or as silly or as insignificant as she has the one and only time they’d met. harry potter is a scoundrel, and she doesn’t care how handsome he is. she won’t be giving him any more of her attention.
  • except.
  • well.
  • he trudges into the gymnasium that night–festively decorated with enormous velvet bows and glistening strings of lights and dozens of paper-mache snowmen–and he stuffs his hands into his pockets and he glances around like he’s waiting to be tortured and when his gaze finally lands on pansy, he freezes. she thinks, a little viciously, that the expression on his face would be comical if it weren’t for the acute sense of dread suddenly pooling in her stomach.
  • he approaches her slowly. warily. of course he does.
  • “parkinson,” he greets her stiffly, brilliant green eyes raking over her body from top to bottom; from the peek-a-boo cutouts at her shoulders, to the nipped in curve of her waist, to the graceful swish of her dress around her knees. he bites his lip. she raises her chin.
  • “potter,” she replies, just as stiffly.
  • “i…didn’t realize you went here,” he says, clearing his throat. “uh. lived here. whatever.”
  • “i didn’t realize you did, either,” she lies.
  • he looks at her doubtfully. “can i, uh, get you a drink?”
  • she offers him a falsely saccharine smile. “no, thank you.”
  • his jaw tightens, almost imperceptibly. “a cookie, then. they’re shaped like christmas trees.”
  • “oh, i really shouldn’t,” she drawls.
  • he rocks back on his heels. “why not?”
  • she releases an exaggeratedly wistful sigh. “well, see, over the summer, someone was kind enough to point out to me that my only redeeming quality as a person was how i looked in a skirt, so–”
  • “maybe he was just reacting to the horrible things you’d just said about one of his closest friends,” potter interrupts through visibly gritted teeth.
  • “and maybe i wasn’t aware this friend was even his friend,” pansy retorts, tossing her hair.
  • potter’s nostrils flare. “maybe that actually makes it worse.”
  • a blush, stinging and fierce, creeps up the back of her neck. “maybe i was just trying to get his attention,” she snaps.
  • “and maybe you already had it!” he snaps right back.
  • and pansy gasps, eyes going wide and heart skipping a beat and hand fluttering up to her mouth; and potter blinks, and then groans, and then grimaces, tone resigned and vaguely bemused as he mutters–
  • “i said that out loud, didn’t i?”
[for the @slytherdornet winter challenge ]

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drarry for the christmas ship meme?

  • who starts putting up decorations in October? Harry. Draco can’t stand how early they go up because the Malfoys made much more of a thing about celebrating Halloween, so when Draco comes home from work to find the entire house covered in tinsel and fairy lights before Halloween’s even started Harry! he’s absolutely mental. But then he starts to actually look at the decorations, and they’re all just so pretty. There are red dragons and little golden snitches and colour changing baubles and little chocolate frogs hung all over the tree for Draco Teddy. So Draco can’t stay mad and agrees to hold the ladder whilst Harry puts the star on top of the massive tree in the entrance hall, even though you could just do it with magic for Salazar's sake Harry. *eyes roll* 
  • who buys the advent calendars? Draco. Pansy told him all about them, chocolate for breakfast Draco! For BREAKFAST! And Draco obviously figures out that Harry’s never had one, because of the Dursleys obvs. So he goes into this fancy looking muggle chocolate shop and buys two of the biggest fanciest looking advent calendars ever and wraps them up and puts them under the Christmas tree for Harry to open on Christmas because Pansy didn’t actually explain all that well, and how was I supposed to know Harry?
  • who places mistletoes all around the house? Neither of them. I don’t need a daft excuse like mistletoe to kiss my boyfriend. Oh really? What if I refuse to kiss you without mistletoe? Don’t be an arse Harry, come here. *muffled scuffling noises as Harry runs away pretending to not want to kiss Draco* *Harry swearing when Draco catches him round the waist, pins him against the wall and teases him* Oh alright just fucking kiss me then Draco.
  • who wraps the presents for other people? Draco, with magic, because Harry tries and ends up with a stuffed dragon sellotaped to his leg and 2 presents wrapped so badly it’s basically just a sheet of wrapping paper on top of some books.
  • who puts the final star/angel on the top of the Christmas tree? Harry. Draco always used to do it at Malfoy Manor and so pretended to fuss about it but really loved watching Harry’s face light up when he got to put the star on the tree for the first time ever. 
  • who’s the one that hates eggnog? Harry doesn’t like it but he does like to watch Draco drink far too much because he doesn’t realise it’s the alcoholic kind but does eventually have to intervein when he tries giving it to Teddy.
  • who’s the one that bakes Christmas cookies for guests? Draco. He’s surprisingly good at it too and so supplies Pansy and Hermione with them, as they’re incapable of following a simple recipe without destroying their kitchen.
  • who sends out the Christmas cards? They meant to send Christmas cards, really they did. But Draco started doodling inappropriate pictures instead of Christmassy illustrations so the cards were forgotten.
  • who knows all the words to twelve days of Christmas? Draco but only when he’s very very drunk. So yeah all the way through Christmas
  • who’s the better snowman builder? They’re both crap at it because they never practised as kids but they have fun attempting it. 
  • who starts snowball fights? Harry in a desperate attempt to make Draco’s hair look bad. (it doesn’t work)
  • who’s the one that wakes the other on Christmas morning by playing Christmas songs really loudly? They invite Teddy and Andromeda round to stay at Grimmauld Place from Christmas eve until the new year so the adults are woken by Teddy and Draco jumping on the beds at 5 in the morning begging to go open presents.   

Thanks for asking this one. I love Drarry at Christmas.

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about that pansy being racist thing:: not only did she openly support Voldemort but she was prejudiced against muggleborns, made fun of hermione's teeth and said she was ugly constantly and was blatantly racist like this racist comment she made on angelinas hair (probably was wearing cornrows) "Hey, Johnson, what's with that hairstyle, anyway? Why would anyone want to look like they've got worms coming out of their head?"


Most likely happened in Beacon
  • Summer: *With her cup of cocoa* Sometimes I add rainbow sprinkles.

hey does anyone have the Gorgeous series at Gracie’s right now? I’m looking for the Stool and would really appreciate letting me visit! ☺️ I’ll bring pink roses, blue pansies, black tulips, you name it! ❤️

which is of course not to say that you can’t like pansy as a character/write her redemption/etc but like…… she’s not some feminist badass

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I just want to say thank you so much to all the really lovely people who have been tagging me (and my beloved @eromai and @dorianism!) in your lovely DARPA things! I’ve been having an extremely tough night, and seeing all your kind words has been so incredibly encouraging, I almost regret not joining so I can say marshmallowy things about you guys, too. 

[ @brokenbiirds @fulluponcrazy @snowball-with-knives @dirthelgar  and @commanderhopeless for arranging this whole kit and caboodle ]

I know I tend to keep to myself, but all your lovely words are duly noted. Thank you so much for making this night not as terrible as it seemed. I don’t forget kindnesses.

Special shoutout to @chelleinhelle for giving me a rude little pug toy, listening to me weep like a pansy on the phone, then making me laugh talking about John Steinbeck and anime F Scott Fitzgerald. Look at this lewd thing he’s not wearing any pannies disgusting


Chapter 1 Your imagine dating Draco Malfoy

Imagine you sorting into Slytherin a become friend with Pansy.

This your first year

“Hi what your name"Pansy ask you

"My name is Y/N and what your” you replied with a smile

“My name is Pansy Parkinson” Pansy said

“Nice to meet you"you replied

Then a pale blonde boy walk over to you guys "Hello my name is Malfoy, Draco Malfoy I what to know if we can be friends"say Draco having his hand out to you to shake it so you accept


It was getting close to Halloween you were so excited because well of course candy.

You were head to the Slytherin dungeon when someone who you really hate come by a see you

"Well look who here miss Y/N , how the world you got your self in Sytherin in the first place” She said

Then you hear"H/N leave my friend alone" the voice of Draco who with Crabbe and Goyle

“How are you friend with her” She replied

“You just jealous of her because she in my gang you not” Draco said with a smirk on his face while he look right at you.

H/N storm off and left

“Thanks you Draco” You said


You were outside in the snow throw snowball at Pansy while everyone was packed up for the holidays.

“Pansy, Y/N come the train about to leave in 20 minutes"Draco yell

"Coming"You said

(On the train)

"I hope you like this present” Draco said to you

You open it up and saw a beautiful necklace.

“Thanks you” you comment

“Your welcome” Draco said


You return back to school and you become best friend with Pansy while you learned she has a crush on Blaise.

You might have a crush on someone to and you know who it is Draco Malfoy.

Its the end of your first year everyone was excited because Gryffindor won the house cups but Slytherin was not happy.

You told everyone goodbye and see them next year

End of chapter 1

Chapter 2 coming soon


I what to tell you guys that you what see more I tag ‘Your imagine dating Draco Malfoy’ their be chapter of it

Oh btw I have redone this story somehow got delete

And other thing H/N mean Her name so you can make you own character who your worst enemy