im like confused as fuck why people are saying they dont wanna support Dream Daddy cause the Game Grumps had help in making it…

Dream Daddy had an awesome representation of the LGBT+ community. Its probably one of the best for gay and trans representation too. You have the choice to be a to be bi/pan because you choose whether or not your spouse who dies in the beginning was the mother or father, as well as adoption or giving birth, meaning you can have a trans male as the father who gave birth.  As well as to that, you can be a trans dad. Ive seen countless posts of people saying they were crying at the fact that a game represented them. You dont see enough trans characters, as well as a trans dateable dad in the game as well. And a lot of games that are considered to have gay options make a big deal about the whole gay thing, but this game is accepting and doesnt give it a second thought. There is so much good representation in all of this and despite if you like the game grumps or not, please dont not support the game because of them. 

Support the game because its such a good representation for the LGBT+ community! 

Makeup shouldn’t have a gender. It’s not something to determine your identity. It’s just simply something you like. So if I start liking any kind of makeup, I’m not considering myself any more of a girl than I already feel.

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Descendants 2

Harry Hook might be high key in love with Uma, but I’m pretty sure he was just flirting with literally everyone he pointed his hook at.

Gender Questioning? 🚹 🚺

• Don’t rush yourself

Questioning takes time for some people and most people, some know their identity right off the bat, but that doesn’t mean you will too. Take your time to do other things in life, questioning can cause stress.

• Experiment with different identities

Try on different gender identities from time to time, maybe say for a month or week for each gender you feel you might be.

• Experiment with names and pronouns

Names and pronouns are important for gender identity too. There are many pronouns people use and you can try them to see if you feel comfortable with them. This also goes for names.

•Talk to someone about it

Only if you’re comfortable with it. Talk to someone close, a friend, maybe someone online who supports the LGBT community, such as myself, etc. Keeping your feelings bottled up lets out multiple feelings, things like sadness and stress and even anger. Writing is a good idea too if you don’t want to speak to someone about it.

• Do research

Looking up terms and definitions for gender can help with gender identity too. Taking out some identities or names or pronouns that you feel might be right for you can take you a few steps closer. Another thing you can do, is find a genderqueer/nonbinary/transgender person, and ask them politely how they figured out their gender and what their gender means to them personally.


No matter who you are, no matter what gender you identify as, you are valid. People may say your gender’s fake, but you know yourself better than anyone. ❤️💛💚💙💜


Hey @ cishet white girls *ahem* please don’t treat pride parades as your ‘hens night" or “lol girls night out”

Don’t get me wrong, please go enjoy yourselves at pride really, but dont forget how hard people fought for LGBTQIA+ rights ESPECIALLY trans WOC.

Pride is a triumph for the LGBTQIA+ community. Not your excuse to get wasted.