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Why Can’t Boys Wear Flower Crowns?!

So I’m a boy. And I am pansexual. But the sexuality doesn’t matter in this case. Anyone should be able to wear flower crowns, and yet, some (most) parents are against boys wearing flower crowns. Like my parents. Are they afraid that we’ll change? That’s called being a human being! Parents may not like it, but too bad! We all change. Here’s what I’ve heard some parents say. (Even my own)

“Those are made for girls!”

“But you’re not gay … right?”

“But honey, you’re not trans!”

I’m pan, and my parents support that, but they are ABSOLUTELY against me wanting/wearing a flower crown. You don’t have to be gay, trans or a girl to wear a flower crown! You can be a beautiful straight boy with a special liking to flower crowns. But then there’s your friends.

“Yo he gayyy”

“Ew this fuckboy wearing a flower crown”

“Is he gay?”

“Get that homo shit outta my sight!”

This makes these boys not want to wear a flower crown anymore. When they expect support from either their friends or their family, they often meet with dead ends. Of course, there is the rare occasion that your parents or friends or maybe even both may support and encourage you, but others aren’t so lucky. They get picked on, abused, bullied and all other kinds of mean stuff.

Boys should be able to wear flower crowns too, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity just because they want be pretty. Boys can be told they’re pretty, too.

If you’re reading this, you, yes, you! You are a beautiful human being and you deserve to be pretty! You can be the best flower prince (or princess uwu) ever! So go ahead and get or even build your own flower crown and express yourself in your own, beautiful way! Don’t let anyone stop you from being you.


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Hello! I’ve decided to talk about quite a controversial topic. I don’t usually do these kind of things, so please tell me if you would like me to talk about any other topic.

What does pansexuality/bisexuality mean?

The most common definitions are:

  1. Pansexuality: attraction to all genders
  2. Bisexuality: attraction to two genders, generally men and women.

Now, they sound similar right? That’s because they actually are the same thing. To understand it, first you need to acknowledge one thing: there are only two genders.

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Okay, I know that’s something you don’t hear often in tumblr. But before you murder me, let me explain.

We live in a society that only acknowledges male and female. Non-binary people exist, but they can’t live as non-binary. Gender consists of a political/sociological position rather than a feeling. That’s why, even if you feel or identify as nb, you are either a man or a woman. Being a woman means something really different than being a man. Society expects different things from them, they are treated differently and the gender binary system we live in is closely related to sexism. In a patriarchal society, such as the one we live in, there are the oppressors and the oppressed. Therefore, a third group cannot exist. The system only allows you to be female or male.

But, what’s the problem? Humans are much more complicated than that. We aren’t as different as they want us to believe, and it’s normal to not feel like you belong in any gender, that you belong to both or that you don’t always belong to the same one. That’s what being non binary means, it’s more like a personal experience of one’s gender. But it is not visible to others. This is really important. Others can’t feel what you feel regarding to your gender, we only perceive each other’s political genders. And that’s what we are attracted to.

Therefore, even if there are more than two genders, our attraction only works with female and male. You can’t be attracted to a nb person because they are non binary. If you were a straight male, and you met a nice girl and she told you she is non binary, that wouldn’t be relevant to your attraction to her. But, if she told you that she is actually a man (I shall use he/him pronouns then lol) then you would no longer feel attracted to him because you don’t like males.

Pansexuality and bisexuality are interchangeable terms but it’s better to use bisexuality since pansexuality invisibilizes bisexuality and, depending on the definition, it can be transphobic.

Wait, is pansexuality transphobic?

Many people say that pansexuals can feel attracted to transgender people while bisexuals can’t. That isn’t true.

In the previous example, the straight male liked the one he thought was a woman before finding out his real gender. That means the genitals don’t matter that much in the end, it’s the gender what ultimately defines who we feel attracted to. If a lesbian rejects a trans woman because she has a penis, that’s transphobia. She is rejecting her because she has a woman’s penis. It takes time to leave your prejudices aside, but it is definitely possible.

If you have any doubts, please ask me and I’ll reply as quick and well as I can❤


Misconception: Bisexuals/Pansexuals are difficult to date/Why don’t they just choose one?

There are a lot of people in the LGBT community. The groups we will be focusing on today are Bisexuals/Biromantic and Pansexuals/Panromantic people. As someone who is Bi, it’s really discouraging to hear when others say that people like me are difficult to date, because you never know if they will cheat on you with the other sex (for example, there is a relationship between a guy and a girl, and the girl happens to be bi. The misconception is that the girl will cheat on her boyfriend with a girl). 

Bi/Pan people aren’t going through a phase. In the case of a bi person, they simply find people of both genders equally as attractive, or even find different attributes of these different genders appealing for a potential partner. The same could be said for Pan people, except that they find everyone appealing, regardless of gender/sex/etc. Do not mistake this for Bi/Pan people for being open to a threesome or a polyamorous relationship, because everyone is different. Some bi/pan people aren’t comfortable with getting involved in a poly relationship, while others might be. It all depends on the person.

As a bi person who is dating someone who is pan, I find that it’s honestly a lot easier to be dating someone who is bi/pan! There are so many positives! You both can compare and contrast to see what people you find attractive (regardless if they are your friend or even just a stranger). You both can talk about celebrity crushes without worrying if the other person will be creeped out by it.

Don’t be afraid to date bi/pan people. We’re nice people and we share a lot of similarities as you despite our differences!


Some selfies after almost 1 whole month of college!! Trying to stay positive even though my pronouns are rarely used, I don’t have many friends here and am working to keep my grades high so I can have my service dog with me after thanksgiving as per my family’s advice. I miss her, my mom @jvrgrom @y2cady @zexthgil and so many others very very much. Hopefully I’ll see y'all at pride next weekend!!