we were learning about spanish and hispanic people famous for being queer today, and i heard one person say, “pansexual, that’s like, attracted to everything. like that chair, or that table there.” 
hello yes pansexual people pls help explain why attracted to every gender or attracted regardless of gender does in fact not mean attracted to every object in existence

people attracted to multiple genders who identify as bi are super groovy! 🌟

people attracted to multiple genders who identify as pan are super groovy! 💫

people attracted to multiple genders who identify as ply are super groovy! ⭐️

people attracted to multiple genders, no matter their label, are super groovy n i hope you all have a nice day!! ✨

anonymous asked:

There's a thing that's making me sad...I really like this one show and in the most recent episode the main character said she thinks she's attracted to another female character and I got really excited because she could be pan!!!! But then I ended up seeing nearly every other fan of the show automatically labeling her as bi and saying it's canon. I don't really know what to do, it just made me really sad to see them ignoring the possibility that she could be pan.

did I ghostwrite this or what???? seriously anon, I am right there with ya. this will never not bother me.

nearly every time a character shows interest in multiple genders or might be multisexual, everyone starts saying they’re bi and demanding that the writers just use the word already. and every single time I’m sitting here, like?? okay?? cool?? apparently I, a pansexual, do not exist to y'all?? it’s so disheartening tbh. especially because people get angry when others never consider that a character could be bi, they just jump from straight to gay, yet people don’t seem to care that they’re ignoring and erasing pan people when they assume multisexual people are just automatically bi.

another thing I’ve noticed that kind of goes with this, is that people have no problem labeling/headcanoning any unlabeled character as bi. but the unlabeled characters that get labeled/headcanoned as pan are usually always the ones who say specific, “pan-like” things, such as "I like people". it’s like people need a little extra “proof” to even headcanon a character as pan. it’s extremely infuriating and disheartening.

i need to make a post about this because it’s really bothering me.

bisexuality = the attraction to more than one gender, or the attraction to two or more genders, or the attraction to genders same as and other than your own

pansexuality = the attraction to all genders or the attraction to people regardless of their sex and gender identity

bisexuality is not defined as the attraction to men and women. bisexuality does not exclude other genders. bisexuals aren’t any less open-minded and accepting than pansexuals or anyone else in the lgbtq+ community. bisexuality is a sexuality, not a way to reinforce the gender binary.

many people seem to think that bisexuals aren’t aware of non-binary people or that they think there are only two genders.

this is because

1. the term bisexual is older than the term pansexual, and at the time the word bisexual was first introduced, it was defined as the attraction to males and females, because the term non-binary wasn’t something people were aware of. fortunately, many people today understand what gender binary and non-binary mean and because of this, the definition and meaning of bisexuality have evolved. saying bisexuals are only attracted to men and women is the old way of thinking.

2. bi in bisexual means two, and people always like to rely on this and say that it literally means two, as in men and women. if you really have to use this as an argument, the two you’re referring to means same as your own gender and other than your own gender. that makes two groups without excluding any genders.

3. pansexuality is always thought of as the gender-blind label that includes everyone whereas bisexuality is seen as only including men and women, boys and girls, males and females. which, like i said, is not true, so please destroy this way of thinking. it’s not helping anyone.

you can identify as both bisexual and pansexual. you can identify as bisexual but feel like the word pansexual could also describe your sexuality accurately. you can identify only as pansexual. 

the difference between these two is slight but it’s there. so maybe instead of trying to tell others what their own sexualities are supposed to mean to them or what they should identify as, give everyone the freedom to identify themselves however way they feel is right for them. especially people who are neither bisexual nor pansexual can stfu and stop defining our sexualities for us thank you.

To the People Who Want to Reblog This...

Don’t. I posted the original post over a year ago, and I was never expecting it to take off like it did. However, in the past year or so I’ve seen why this post can be problematic. It made an unfair assumption that coming out is easier for certain people, that the people not included in this list somehow have it easier than the people who do, and though it was not my intent I realize how wrong it is. I thought of this post late one night, when I was tired and thought I was funny. But I realize now that it was a hurtful assumption to a lot of people. I appreciate the positive responses I’ve had to this, but I don’t want this post reblogged anymore. I’m incredibly sorry if I have hurt or offended anyone with this post. I’m sorry if I was a total jackass for not only posting this, but not saying something about it sooner. I’m sorry, and even though I understand if you don’t want to forgive me I hope that you do. I’m leaving what was originally said under the post, so that way you know what post this whole thing refers to. Once again, I’m sorry. And I hope this helps righting the wrong that I did. ——————–

Asexuals, bisexuals, and pansexuals all have a closet to come out of. Except it’s less of a closet and more like the wardrobe to Narnia.

‘Cause when they come out, no one believes them or the things they experienced.

things people don’t say enough:

- it’s okay to be confused about your identity

- if you change your label from bi to lesbian, you’re NOT contributing to the argument that bisexuality is just a phase. it’s totally okay to do that.

- pansexuality is real and valid and great

- if you’re a trans women you sure as hell can identify as sapphic. if someone says you can’t, ignore them.

- if you’re ace/aro (or in the spectrums) you can still identify as sapphic too

- there’s nothing wrong with being also attracted to men, it doesnt make you any “less” sapphic

- wlwoc exist and are SO beautiful

- you can find out you’re sapphic with 5 or with 50 years, it’s all fine

- you can have a fluid sexuality and still identify as sapphic (at least as long as you’re attracted to women)

- you can be non-binary and still be sapphic

pansexuals are not basically bisexual, or confused, or looking for attention/trying to be quirky/special, or slutty, or more likely to cheat, or more inclusive than bisexuals, or attracted to/want to have sex with kitchenware or anything else non-human, or disgusting, or pretentious, or part of a “brand new” sexuality, or inherently biphobic and transphobic, or “genderblind”.

pansexuals do not think they’re better than bisexuals, or find every single person they meet attractive, or want to have sex with every single person they meet.

pansexuals are real, and valid.

pansexuals have every right to identify as pansexual, and be in queer spaces.

pansexuals deserve love, and support, and respect.

pansexuals just want to be truly accepted and welcomed and supported by the community.


i wanna come out to my mom as pansexual but when ive hinted at me not being 100% straight, she’s said its not a thing and that im too young to know (im 19) what my sexuality is and it just makes me SO MAD bc i want my mom to accept me but i think i need some support

so, please reblog if you agree that pansexuality is real and that im old enough to know my sexuality.