pansexual flag

I think of doing a serie like that. I dunno. But well, here’s the drawing/doodle of the night !

-Know your flags-

The Bisexuals                                                           The Aromantics

The Asexuals

The Polysexuals

The Transgender people

The Homosexuals


Pride flags for some of the more so-called “unconventional” genders and sexualities. This is for the people who don’t always feel like they are welcome or a part of the LGBTQ+ community. We may not receive the recognition and representation we deserve, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t here. 

If asexuality, bisexuality, polysexuality, and pansexuality aren’t going to be recognized as real sexual identities, then let’s just call them superpowers instead.

“I have a superpower.” “Oh really?” “Yeah, I find more than one gender attractive” “IMPOSS IBLE!” “Or IS IT????” *Sailor moon transformation sequence ensues* 

or “My power is that I DON’T experience sexual attraction!” *Batman theme plays*


In solidarity, I made some Pride crystals. I tried to cover some of the major ones I’ve seen. You’re totally welcome to save the ones I made to your computer for your own personal use, or if you’d like to make your own with your preferred colors and your flag you can download the file from my Gumroad. Just enter a “0″ and you can download it for free and personalize it as much as you like- and feel free to reblog this with your own image + added modifications to anyone else who may want to use them:

I’m proud to be Bisexual, though it’s only been a handful of years since I came into acceptance of that, and even more recent since I’ve become more open about it. Know that through all the hardship and hopelessness, you matter. You are not broken, you are valued, and you are wonderful.

I reblogged a post of helpful links and sources if you want to help or need support just below this one, and you can always send me an ask if you need. Keep fighting the good fight ❤

EDIT:: Someone informed me that the Intersex flag I made before is not the accepted flag, so I read up and made a new one ❤ I apologize for not doing extensive research and realizing this mistake sooner, I hope the new one is an improvement.
I was going to take the first one I made down, but I also read that there are some members of the Intersex community who feel most comfortable using it. So for now, unless requested otherwise, I’ll leave it up.


You Can Feel It In Your Bones. July 27th, 2015. Digital Painting.

It’s done! I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while now so here’s some transparent pride skeletons. If I get requests I might add more flags but for now enjoy these ones!



Matt and I just recently opened up an ETSY SHOP to sell these cute little things! THEY ARE CALLED PRIDE PAWS! 

  • PRIDE PAWS - Sexuality/Gender Expression Pride Flag Plush!
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