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panrysownik replied to your post: Okay, now I’m WAY over you. Lately all I read from about 50% female artists I follow on Tumblr is just nagging about rape, sexism and other shit. I’m finally off. Not interested in the topic, rape not really my thing, have fun talking about it.

Thank god, he finally left!

Now we can talk about the things that really matter, like… whatever it is female artists care about besides rape, sexism, and other shit.

A little fan art of Terry Pratchett’s Granny Weatherwax from Discworld books.

She’s my favourite and Carpe Jugulum, as far as my list of favourite Pratchett books goes, is probably the closest to what I’d call “favourite”. It’s almost impossible to just choose one book as a favourite…

Internet, please, remember Terry Pratchett and never forget about his books - he’s one of the best writers we ever had…

Together with Cartoon Network Poland I did a small contest on my Facebook page. This is a little art I did to promote the whole thing.

Basically it’s Steven Universe related and you can win some CN stuff for making a photo of yourself in a mask of a Steven Universe character and posting it on Instagram with a correct hashtag.

Can’t wait to see what kids come up with and who wins, drawing the SU cast in a chibi form was a lot of fun, even if I had to be SONIC fast!

See? This is why I hate doing quick and fast thingies. I’m not that good with anatomy or I forget about logic and then suddenly you can see Peach’s ass and the left shoulder is huge etc.

But hey, I finally drew something for myself, yay me! I think I’ll try to draw something again, but this time make it good for a change.


Welp… This happened.

Intel decided to do a short movie about me and HOLY CRAP was that stressful and crazy! I had no idea things like that involve so much work, even if it looks like just sitting around and talking (or pretending to draw)!

I try to be open to people, but really, I’m usually pretty scared, so just imagine what it felt like doing this and then seeing it on the internet, for anyone to watch!

Still, I learned a lot and I’m happy how it turned out - have fun watching something about me, Pan Rysownik, or in english - “Mr Illustrator”!