it’s asexual awareness week!! 💜💟🖤

love to all my

- sapphic asexual and sapphic demisexual siblings 💕❤️💘

- sapphic aromantic and sapphic demiromantic siblings 💕❤️💘

- lesbian asexual and lesbian demisexual siblings 💕❤️💘

- lesbian aromantic and lesbian demiromantic siblings 💕❤️💘

- bi asexual and bi demisexual siblings 💕❤️💘

- bi aromantic and bi demiromantic siblings 💕❤️💘

- pan asexual and pan demisexual siblings 💕❤️💘

- pan aromantic and pan demiromantic siblings 💕❤️💘

- queer asexual and queer demisexual siblings 💕❤️💘

- queer aromantic and queer demiromantic siblings 💕❤️💘

feel free to add more!!

Happy ace awareness week to all pan a-spec lovelies!!!! You deserve so much joy and peace this week, now more than ever.

You deserve visibility and recognition.

You deserve respect and support.

You are allowed to want, find and create safe spaces for yourself and others alike.

You are allowed to talk about your experiences.

You can be loud and proud!!! You deserve it!!!!

Seriously, have fun!! Make friends and stuff if ya want.

I’m not good with words lol. idk just wanting everyone to have a good time. Have a good week y'all ❤💛💙

This User Supports

Gay People

Lesbian People

Bisexual People

Pansexual People

Polysexual People

Asexual People

Demisexual People

Greysexual People

Fictosexual People

Homoromantic People

Biromantic People

Panromantic People

Polyromantic People

Aromantic People

Demiromantic People

Greyromantic People

Fictoromantic People

Transgender People

Gender Non-Conforming People

Non-Binary People

Genderfluid People

Agender People

Bigender People

Trigender People

Polygender People

Pangender People

Demigender People

Greygender People

Androgyne People

Neutrois People

Polyamorous People

Intersex People

And the entirety of the LGBTQIPA+ Community

pan people are allowed to:

  • have gender preferences
  • not have gender preferences
  • be attracted to genders in different ways
  • be attracted to genders in the same way
  • experience attraction where gender is a determining factor
  • experience attraction where gender is not a determining factor
  • be in any kind of relationship
  • not be in any relationship at all
  • use gay/bi/queer/etc as personal umbrella terms
  • also identify as bi
  • not want to be referred to as anything but pan
  • be aro, ace, aroace, or anywhere on the ace/aro spectrums
  • have control over the terminology used to refer to them
  • have full control over their identity/label(s) in general

this has been a psa


Trans boys?? V a l i d

Trans girls?? V a l i d

Trans nb folks? V a l i d

Trans straight folk?

Trans gay folk?

Trans lesbian folk?

Trans bi folk?

Trans pan folk?

Trans ace/aro folk?

Trans demi folk?

Trans poly folk?

Trans folk of any sexual orientation and romantic attraction?