Now that I’m on my own, it’s time to start studying for the PANCE. My school suggested taking a month to prep. Important thing to consider when signing up for the PANCE, you can only take it once every 90 days…meaning if you don’t pass on that first attempt you’re seriously pushing back that start date for your job (and missing out on thousands of $$$ in your pocket).

I decided to do tackle 1 topic per day, starting with the topics that are heaviest on the exam based on the PANCE Blueprint. Cardio (16%), Pulm (12%), GI (10%), Ortho/Rheum (10%), HEENT (9%) and OB/GYN (8%) together make up about 2/3 of the exam. Daily the plan is to take a practice quiz in the AM using exam master or PrepU. Study what I miss from the quiz (I mean why waste time studying what you already know right?). Along with my class notes I’m using the new edition of Step-Up to Medicine and the Comprehensive PANCE/PANRE Review.  I’ll be making some drug cards based on the day’s topic, and at the end of the day take a comprehensive quiz based on everything I’ve studied until that day. I also built in a couple of days just dedicated to H&P material (16%) and pharm (18%) since those are the two major skill sets aside from diagnosis (18%). I feel like as I read this, I sound overly ambitious and mildly crazy. But I mean if you’re doing to do something once, might as well do it right…right?

Aside from studying, I’ve planned for off days…the most important one being the day before the exam. My only task the day before is to sit on a beach.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve provided display of why I would have failed art school in about 4 seconds too.

Happy Studying!