Today I had no plans whatsoever so I figured i’d head downtown and go for a walk. When I got off the bus at Michigan and Wacker I noticed a parade was going on. I’m a sucker for a parade so I caught the last 20 mins of the Memorial Day Parade on State St. Then I decided to walk to Northerly Island since I’ve always talked about going there, but have never been. By this time it was sprinkling a bit but i figured what the hell since i’ve never been before. After I walked around the island a bit it really feels like a hidden secret of the city because there was no one there but a few people and the island is 91 acres big. (Yes I read the all the information signed about the park that the city posted along the trail). I’m sure the weather was partly why there was not a lot of people there, but it wasn’t that bad out at this point. I walked around for about and hour. I really enjoyed it and would go back for sure! Finally I left and walked to Panozzo’s Italian Market on Michigan avenue and had a sandwich. Dave has raved about this place several times so I figured i’d go there since I was in the vicinity of the South Loop were Panozzo’s is located. He wasn’t lying. The sandwich I had was awesome! After that I headed home and dried off. In all it was a pretty good afternoon for a rainy day.

After spending the entire morning shampooing carpets in the basement, and having Fitz make a whole lot of dumb jokes involving carpets + drapes, I’m happy to report  that the furniture will soon be moved back into place…which means that our rec room, home office, and play room will once again be in functioning order (HELL TO THE YES, no more tripping over toys in the kitchen!).

Hard to believe that it’s been about 3 ½ weeks since I woke up to a flood and posted this (BTW? That necklace would make a swell birthday gift). Huge thanks to my Dad, who kicked serious ass at this rehab project and kept my spirits high every day. :) Tomorrow may be mother’s day, but everyday of my life is father’s day with a dad like him.

We ventured to Chicago around noon to take Theo to the vet, and get a referral for a specialist. My little woof continues to battle health issues that mystify doctors and frustrate me. Let’s just say that I look forward to one day having conversations in which the words ‘anus’ and 'rectum’ are used at an absolute minimum (yeah, that’s right, I went there). 

Post-vet, we went to Panozzo’s, a favorite spot in the South Loop and one of the best damn Italian markets in all of Chicago. I had a mushroom conserva cresentine (pictured) with whipped ricotta, balsamic onions, and greens, and I damn near made love to that sandwich, it was so good (yes, I realize that I’m giving you all sorts of visuals with my posts today; enjoy!).

Now I’m going to work on motivation for a run. I think I can…I really should…


Just throwing this out there for whoever. Just watched the mini film from the Kilroy Was Here tour and would like to seriously see this as a full length feature film! (And with the current band members playing their original roles - except the “newer” members replacing the originals’ roles because reasons…)

If I won the lottery I would try desperately to see this into fruition! Anyone else with me on this? (I would also like to see Gowan act lol. He would be perfect for the part of Kilroy!)

10 Baby Gifts that new mums will love and ACTUALLY use! | baby shower gifts

10 Baby Gifts that new mums will love and ACTUALLY use! | baby shower gifts

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