Always Sunny in Watkins Glen: Take a Self-Guided, Virtual Tour of Farm Sanctuary

This weekend marks the end of the visitor season at our New York Shelter. As the temperatures start to drop, it’s vital that we turn our attention towards keeping all sanctuary operations running as smoothly as possible, no matter what challenges the upcoming season may bring. Shelter staff has been busy winterizing barns and organizing much-needed supplies to ensure our rescued residents stay as warm, safe, and happy as possible throughout the colder months. And while we’ll miss interacting with guests from far and wide, we’re thrilled to have hosted our humanimal friends throughout the course of the season for our public tours, events, and Bed & Breakfast program – and the memories we’ve shared will keep our hearts warm no matter how cold this winter may be.

However, it can be just as easy and fulfilling to connect with farm animals from the comfort of your own home – to learn about their incredible journeys, support their new lives at sanctuary, and advocate for improved conditions for countless animals just like them. Thanks to the Farm Sanctuary “360° Virtual Tour,” courtesy of Danish activist Jan Sorgenfrei, we can do just that!  Now, our flagship New York Shelter in Watkins Glen is just a click away at

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